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SBI SO Syllabus 2022: Exam Pattern, Books & Preparation Tips

January 19, 2023

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

SBI SO Syllabus for 2022 has been released. We will be covering each aspect of the exam for your better understanding and helping your prepare for the same. Once you understand the SBI SO Syllabus, we will help you with some preparation tips for SBI SO Exam 2022.

SBI SO Exam Pattern Highlights 2022

  • Students will be able to take the SBI SO Exam 2022 only online.
  • The exam will be in English.
  • There will be multiple choice question answers.
  • A total of 200 questions will be provided to the candidates having 5 options each.
  • The subjects that will be included in almost all courses are Reasoning, Quantitative aptitude, English and General Knowledge.
  • There will be four sections in the exam – English language, Reasoning, Professional Knowledge and Quantitative Aptitude.
  • Read on to get insights about SBI SO Syllabus 2022

Basic Information

The specialist officer in SBI will recruit for both on a regular and contract basis.

  • Relationship Manager,
  • Relationship Manager (Team Lead),
  • Customer Relationship Executive
  • Investment Officer,
  • Central Research Team (Product Lead),
  • Central Research Team (Support), Manager,
  • Deputy Manager
  • Executive posts

Interested candidates can fill in the online application form for SBI SO Exam. By using the link provided below before the late date.

SBI SO Exam Pattern Highlights

1. Mode of the exam Computer-based (online) exam
2. Total Number of Papers 1
3. Sections Total 4 (3 for Deputy Manager Post)
4. Questions Types Objective type – Multiple Choice Questions
5. Total Questions 170
6. Duration 135 Minutes

SBI SO Exam Paper pattern for Deputy Manager Post

The paper is divided into three sections: English language, reasoning, and a professional knowledge test. Therefore, there are 70 questions in Reasoning and 50 questions in English and Professional Knowledge. The maximum marks are the same that is 220.

Post Number of Sections Number of questions Time
1. Deputy Manager 3 170 135 minutes
2. Others 4 170 135 minutes

SBI SO Exam Pattern – Key Points

These important points about the SBI SO selection procedure must be going through by candidates.

1. The Bank’s Shortlisting Committee will determine the shortlisting parameters, and a sufficient number of candidates will be invited to an interview.

2. A candidate’s right to be called for an interview is not dependent on meeting the minimum qualifications and experience.

3. Bank will only call candidates if you are final.

4. The selection merit list will be compiled in descending order based solely on interview results.

5. In the event of a tie, candidates will be ranked in descending order in the merit order based on their age.

SBI SO Syllabus 2022

The SBI SO Syllabus for 2022 for English, Reasoning Ability & Quantitative Aptitude is provided below:

English Reasoning Ability Quantitative Aptitude
1. Articles & preposition 1. Number series 1. Data interpretations based on various arithmetic’s theories
2. Cloze Tests 2. Arithmetical Reasoning & Classification 2. Boats & Streams
3. Reading comprehension 3. Alphabet Test 3. Clocks
4. Sentence correction 4. Data Sufficiency 4. Decimal & Fractions.
5. Fill in the Blanks 5. Clocks & Calendars 5. HCF & LCM
6. Para substitution 6. Passages Deriving Conclusions 6. Data sufficiency
7. Para Jumble 7. Inserting The Missing Character 7. Logarithms
8. Vocabulary 8. Direction and distance Sense Test 8. Mensuration
9. Synonyms/Antonyms 9. Time sequence test 9. Mixtures & Allegations
10. Choosing the appropriate word 10. Analytical reasoning 10. Compound Interest
11. Spelling check 11. Cause and effect Input and output arrangements 11. Time, Speed and Distance
12. Idioms & Phrases 12. Coded inequalities 12. Profit and Loss
13. Completion of a Sentence. 13. Seating arrangements 13. Permutation and Combination
14. One-word substitution 14. Decision making 14. Probability
15. Sentence arrangements 15. Logical Sequence of Words 15. Interpretation of Data and sufficiency (will include Line graphs, Pie charts, Data table, Bar Graphs, , Mixed graphs, case study etc.)
16. Subject-Verb Agreement 16. Logical Venn Diagrams 16. Permutation & Combination
17. Tenses 17. Statement – Conclusions 17. Problems on Ages
18. Theme detection 18. Theme Detection, Alphabet numbers 18. Problems on Trains
19. Voice change 19. Series Test, Syllogism 19. Roots
20. Verb. 20. Analogies/Decision-making 20. Simplification
21. Direct and indirect sentences 21. Coding/Decoding 21. Time and Work
22.        – 22. Statement and assumptions 22. Volume & Surface
23.        – 23. Odd one out Number 23. Area
24.        – 24. Passage and conclusion test 24. Number system and simplification
25.        – 25. Blood Relations 25. Unitary Method
26.        – 26. Course of action 26. Problem-based on numbers27.
27.        – 27. Ranking 27. Ration and Proportion
28.        – 28. Assertion and reason Statement and course of action 28. Partnership

SBI SO Syllabus for Other Streams

SBI SO is a specialist role, hence SBI conducts knowledge tests for the specific domain. Candidates are expected o showcase command of these technical subjects. Selected candidates will be handing an important portfolio to the bank.

Finance Officer Law Officer System Officer
1. Accounting Standards Banking Regulated Laws Information Systems(IS)
2. Foreign Exchanges Regulatory Frameworks etc. Data Base Management Systems
3. Mutual Funds Compliance and Legal Aspects, Security Types Basic concepts of Software and Hardware
4. Direct and Indirect Taxes Electronic Banking, Loans and Advances Data Structures
5. Management Accounting Concepts Financial Analysis Network Programming
6. Cost Accounting Concepts Ethics and Corporate Governance in Banking Computer Organization & Algorithms
7. Auditing standards Negotiable Instruments Digital Electronics
8. Auditing Banking Operational Laws Basic Programing Languages (C, C++, Java) & Basic System programming
9. Basic Accounting concepts and principles Banking Security Laws Web Technologies & Compiler design
10. Indian Capital Market Banker-Customer Relations Computer Networks & Operating system

Chartered Accountant Statistician
1. Accounting Standards Basic Statistical Methods and Inference
2. Share, Business valuation Variance Analysis
3. Share-based Payment Forecasting Portfolio
4. Accounting Guidance Note Simple Regression
5. Indian Accounting Standards Time-series forecasting
6. Accounting and Reporting of Financial Instrument Sampling Concepts
7. Financial Report Standards Bi-Variate Data
8. Liability Valuation Banking-Insurance
9. Mutual Funds Financial Market
10. Foreign Exchanges Foreign Exchanges
11. Indian Capital Market Multiple Regression
12. Inflation Accounting Sampling Distribution
13. Auditing Estimations Theory etc.

SBI SO Books 2022

Subject Important Books Author Description
1. Reasoning Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning R S Agrawal This book helps in developing the basics of verbal and non-verbal reasoning.
Non-Verbal Reasoning Arihant Publication This book has a lot of practice questions to master the different topics asked in the test of reasoning.
2. Quantitative Aptitude SmartBook by Testbook Testbook With over 4000 multi-lingual questions, this book helps SBI SO Exam aspirants with enhanced preparation. With its smart answer keys, questions created as per the TTAs, & detailed analysis, this is a must-have.
Fast Track Objective Mathematics Rajesh Verma A very good book for practising low to high-level multiple choice-based questions.
Quantitative Aptitude R S Aggarwal This book is a very important substitute for learning the basics of each chapter of mathematics.
3. English Language English Grammar Wren and Martin A very good book for mastering the basic grammar rules.
Objective English R S Aggarwal This book is very good for practising objective based questions.
4. General IT Knowledge Management of Information Technology Sasikala Parimil This book helps to brush the basics of information technology.
Information Management System Suman Mann Sima This book has a lot of practice questions to master different topics related to IT and computers.
5. Interview Banking Interviews Gautam Majumdar This book contains a lot of previous year banking questions asked in the banking interviews.
The Secrets of Getting Success in Interviews B S Sijwalii This book talks about the basic principles and body language relevant to banking interviews. The book also has a lot of secret tips to tackle bank exams with ease.

Job Responsibilities of Specialist Officer in SBI

There are many specialist roles in SBI. Job responsibilities of some of the specialist roles are given below.

Manager (Digital Marketing)

1. A digital marketing manager’s job description includes developing, implementing, and managing marketing initiatives that promote offers and campaigns. They collect business requirements and distribute briefings to the appropriate parties.

2. Managers in the field of digital marketing are hired to conduct a brand sanity check, maintain the design brand and aesthetic, and obtain creative permission. They also ensure that the products are delivered and launched on schedule.

Project Development Manager (Technology)

1. A Project Development Manager’s primary responsibility is to manage partnerships with technology partners.

2. The majority of their time is spent understanding and communicating business requirements to the IT team and technological partners.

SBI SO Preparation Strategy 2022

SBI Specialist Officer Exam 2022 is one of the top recruitment examinations conducted by the State Bank of India. The candidates who have applied for the examination can also follow a well-versed preparation strategy to ace the examination. The preparation strategy of the SBI Specialist examination should be such that it contains all the resources viz SBI SO Selection 2022 Books, test series, schedule etc.

The key points of the SBI SO Syllabus preparation strategy are given in the space below:

1. Cover all the basics of IT 

The candidates who have applied for the SBI SO Selection Process 2022 have to cover all the basics of IT. Since this recruitment process is done for the IT and computer domain. Hence, the candidates should be well versed with all the major concepts related to Information Technology. The candidates can follow the to prepare all the topics asked in the written examination.

2. Follow the syllabus for important topics 

There is a fixed syllabus for all the major topics asked in the SBI Specialist Officer Exam. The candidates can check the syllabus released by the bank for getting knowledge of all the topics asked in the exam. The students should mark important chapters as per the syllabus and base their preparations on it.

3. Prepare with the latest Books

SBI SO Exam for Selection 2021 Books are one of the important tools that help in the preparation. The candidates can use all the books mentioned on this page for better planning of the exam. These books cover all the topics in the most precise manner. In fact, there are a lot of practice books and question banks that can also help in covering the syllabus of Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning.

4. Use Test Series for Practice 

Test Series are one of the most important tools that a candidate should use for excelling in the exam of SBI SO. In fact, there are three major subjects i.e. Mathematics, Reasoning and English that is asked in the exam. A student has to practice enough so that he is able to hold command on all three subjects. Thus, the candidates should always use a test series from a trusted source.

5. Last moment Revision 

Whatever a candidate studies during his preparation has to be retained by him for a long time. Last moment revision is the best thing a candidate can do to memories all the concepts he has learned while preparing for the exam. The candidates should also make short notes for all those topics that are hard to remember or learn. In this way, he can give an edge to his preparations and increase his chances of selection.

We would urge you to follow the SBI SO Syllabus  and Exam Preparation Tips in order to increase your chances in the exam.Check Out Other Banking Exams :

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Q. How many attempts are there in SBI SO Exam?

A. There is no attempting limit for candidates as long as they are under the maximum age limit. And it’s applicable for all the categories.

Q. Is there an interview in SBI SO Exam?

A. Yes, there is an interview round in SBI SO Exam. Candidates who successfully clear online tests and score under the cut-off merit list will appear in the interview.

Q. How many times SBI so the exam is conducted in a year?

A. SBI SO Exam gets conducted once a year. However, as it’s a specialist role, SBI keeps on announcing the vacancies as per the requirement within a year for IT, Marketing, Law, and Finance manager, etc.

Q. How can I prepare for SBI SO exam?

A. SBI SO Preparation 2022: Tips For Professional Knowledge
a) Develop a habit of preparing notes.
b) Revise often.
c) Make a study timetable.
d) Do not go overboard.
e) Never go for rote learning.
f) Clear your concepts before starting off with any topic.
g) Practice previous year’s papers.
h) Take mock tests.

Q. Is SBI SO exam tough?

A. No doubt SBI SO Exam is a hard nut to crack; not just due to the difficulty level of the exam but also due to the high competition. For SBI SO Exam, around 3,00,000 candidates applied for 1599 vacancies, which shows a clear picture of the tough competition.

Q. What is the in-hand salary of SBI SO?

A. The whole SBI SO Salary 2021 structure and its breakup is given below. The in-hand SBI Specialist Officer salary after all the deductions for each post ranges between INR 42,000 to INR 65,000 per month for SBI SO.

Q. What is the role of SO in the bank?

A. Specialist Officers (SO) is the banking personnel that take care of all background activities in the bank in their respective specialized areas. These officers are appointed by banks for very specific roles as per their expertise and educational & professional background.

Q. Which is easy, IBPS PO or SO?

A. It is often accepted that the difficulty level of these exams is more or less on the same level, but candidates find IBPS PO to be more competitive in nature because of a higher number of people applying for the same.