About Us

Chegg India Pvt. Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of USA based Chegg Inc. Developing content as well as offering a host of educational services for our parent company, we have positioned ourselves as a name to reckon with in terms of expertise, experience and knowledge. Our skills and capabilities to address the educational issues of a challenging and growing academic market is unparalleled. We are equipped with a team of experts in each subject, analysts, business professionals and of course IT specialists who pool diverse talents into one solid amalgam.

The parent company Chegg Inc has emerged as an academic hub in the United States. Taking education to the next level, Chegg offers 24×7 support to students, online answers to queries, access to archives and step by step textbook solutions garnered from over 1000 books.

Our educational solutions created by experts, from the students’ viewpoint, to help him/her acquire in-depth knowledge in an easy and enjoyable way. Our experts compile material from hundreds of books and present it all in an easy to understand electronic, multimedia format.

Chegg heralds a new dawn in the life of students and revolutionizes higher education. We foresee a future where study is not an insurmountable and Herculean task but a pleasurable knowledge acquisition process.