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Need for Career Guidance Today

Career guidance is a crucial part of everyone’s life. It is the first step in heading toward the accomplishment of determined goals. Proper career guidance and counselling enable students to draw their career paths and fulfil their ambitions by setting realistic goals.  

Due to innumerable career options, students get perplexed regarding their choice. Also, the interest and goals of students vary. Hence, making the right career choice is very significant for success.  

In a study, 70% of individuals stated that proper career counselling has resulted in the improvement of their careers. Career guidance not only directs a person towards their dreams and aspirations but also provides end-to-end support in all the steps involved in attaining it. It acts as a chaperone for students in their journey.  

Be it a student or a working professional, everyone wishes to progress further in their careers. They seek the information that can help them make informed decisions about their career and ultimately lead to greater satisfaction and success in their professional and personal lives. 

Grow your Career with Chegg 

Our complete career guide covers different aspects of a person’s career path and offers them online guidance for career improvement. It involves explaining the varied choices in career options, job search, interview tips, life skills, and resume & cover letter tips.  

Career Options: A plethora of career options are available today. We’re here to help you choose the right career with our free career guidance and advice.  

Job Search: After determining the career path, the next important part is the job search. Performing an effective job search is highly essential to achieve the desired job.  

Interview Tips: The key to getting a job is the interview. Acing the interview is the solution to procuring the job.  

Resume and Cover Letter: The first thing an interviewer looks at during an interview is a person’s resume and cover letter. Hence, the resume and cover letter must be intriguing enough to catch the interviewer’s interest and be relevant to the job. 

Life Skills: Perfecting life skills adds significantly to a person’s personality and improves their chances of getting success in various life situations.  

Chegg for Students 

A student’s life is complicated. Chegg is here to guide you at every career step. From having the solution to all your queries and round-the-clock help in subjects like mathematics, engineering, science, social science, accountancy, and many more, Chegg provides 24×7 help to students with their homework. Also, you can clarify your doubts and get help with complex topics. Our experts provide an easy-to-understand explanation with the help of definitions, diagrams, presentations, illustrations, etc. Or, if you need help with clearing a competitive exam, we help you gear up for your exam preparation. We also offer support in writing and citation for college students and writers. 

Career Guidance- Get free career advice from experts in the field and make informed career decisions as you step into the corporate world. 

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