NIACL Assistant: Exam Syllabus, Pattern, Books & Preparation Tips

September 9, 2022

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

NIACL Assistant exam pattern and syllabus: Get detailed information about the NIACL Assistant syllabus and exam pattern for both the prelims and mains. Similarly, check out the suggestions and strategies for preparation.

NIACL Assistant exam syllabus

The examination pattern and syllabus for NIACL Assistant are set by the NIACL. The exam is divided into two levels.

  • Preliminary Exam
  • Mains Exam

The NIACL Assistant Syllabus for the preliminary level consists of 100 marks and it is a one-hour duration exam. Moreover, after qualifying, the candidates will move forward to the main exam. Besides, the Mains level consists of 250 marks and it is two hours examination.  Hence, the cut off marks for each examination varies in a different set of question, and different year of examination. After achieving both the cut-off marks, the candidate will proceed to the mains exam. It is to be noted that the achieved marks in the mains examination will be compared in a parameter of 35, and the candidates will be judged based on the accumulated score in the mains exam only. Finally, after the mains exam, candidates will have to appear for the language test, it will not carry marks.

Answering system for NIACL Assistant:

The online exam system has a system that is required to be followed by the candidates. If the candidates are confused about the system, there are chances that the answers are not being recorded or recorded in the wrong way. To avoid these unpleasant scenarios the candidate must go through the instructions which are provided in the system before the commencement of the exam.

Steps to answer a question:

  1. First and foremost, select the question which you want to answer.
  2. Click on the button of the option which is correct according to you.
  3. To save the answer, you must click on the “Save & Next” button. Failing this procedure, the answer to the question will not be recorded.
  4. If you want to change the answer, click on the “Clear Response” button and then select a fresh option.
  5. Finally, to mark the question for review, the candidate can click on the “Mark for Review & Next” button.

Symbols in online exam

Generally in an online exam, there are five specific symbols visible on the screen which can be used while answering the questions. Therefore, the Candidates need to have a clear idea about those symbols to record the correct answer for every question.

  • Firstly, “You have not visited the question yet” this symbol will appear in grey color which will suggest that the question is not seen by the candidate
  • Secondly, the “You have not answered the question” this symbol will appear in red and it suggests that the candidate has seen the question but has not recorded an answer to it.
  • Thirdly, “You have answered the question” this symbol will be green in color. This symbol will suggest that the candidate has recorded an answer to this question.
  • Fourthly, the “You have marked the question for review” this symbol will appear in purple. It will suggest that the candidate has seen the question and has not marked any answer to it, but the candidate wishes to record an answer later.
  • Finally, “You have answered the question and, marked for review” this symbol will be purple with a small green circle in it. This symbol will suggest that the candidate has marked an answer for this question but wishes to have a review on this question.

Preliminary exam pattern

NIACL Assistant preliminary level exam has three sections of questions: English language, numerical ability, and reasoning ability. Also, every section will be allotted separate time slots and the candidates have to finish the section in given time slots only. In the preliminary round, there will be 100 questions and each question will be awarded 1 mark. The highest mark can be obtained by a candidate is 100.  Likewise, the Candidates must keep in my mind that for every wrong answer, there will be a penalty of 0.25 marks. If the candidate decides not to choose any answer and leaves the question blank, there will be no negative marking for that question. The question pattern is multiple-choice questions and hence, the candidates need to choose one correct answer from the given options. To brief up, the detailed format of the preliminary level exam is discussed here.

No.Name of TestsNo. of QuestionMaximum MarksTime allotted for each test (One test at a time)
1English Language303020 minutes
2Numerical Ability353520 minutes
3Reasoning Ability353520 minutes
 Total10010060 minutes

Main exam pattern

NIACL Assistant’s mains level exam syllabus consists of five sections: Computer ability, general awareness, general English, logical reasoning, and quantitative aptitude. Also, the exam pattern is a bit different from the preliminary level.  Likewise, the  Candidates can answer any question at any time. In the mains round, there will be a total of 200 questions and some of them will consist of 2 marks each, and the rest of them will be consisting 1 mark each. The highest marks can be obtained by a candidate in the mains round is 250. Undoubtedly, the question pattern for the mains exam is similar to the preliminary round of the exam. Also, the marking system is similar to the prelims level exam. Same as the 0.25 penalty for the wrong answer and no marking for blank answers. To conclude, a  the detailed description of the mains examination is given below.

SerialName of Tests (not in the given order)No. of QuestionMaximum MarksTime allotted for each test  
1Computer Ability4050    2 hours
2General Awareness4050
3General English4050
4Logical Reasoning4050
5Quantitative Aptitude4050

NIACL Assistant syllabus

NIACL does not provide any specific syllabus for NIACL Assistant online exam. Moreover, it just mentions the categories in which candidates have to answer. Based on previous year’s question papers some subjects are considered as important and can be suggested as the syllabus for the NIACL Assistant examination. Obviously, there are chances to get questions from topics that are not mentioned over here.

NIACL Assistant Syllabus for Prelims:

English language: Vocabulary, Grammatical error correction, comprehension, sentence arrangement, jumbles

Numeric ability: Number series, Equation, Data interpretation

Reasoning ability: Puzzles, Coding, Blood relations, arrangements, verbal reasoning.

NIACL Assistant Syllabus for Mains:

English language: Fill in the blanks, sentence error correction, word arrangements, cloze test.

Numeric ability: Quadratic equation, Percentage, Profit and loss, mensuration, ratio, and proportion.

General Awareness: Current affairs, news, awards, history of India, banking, Indian polity, national budget, and insurance.

Computer: Fundamentals of computer, computer software and hardware, networking and operating system, keyboard shortcuts.

Reasoning ability: Mathematical reasoning and puzzles, alphabetical series, decision making, Statements and conclusions, syllogism, distance, and directions.

List of recommended books for the NIACL Assistant Syllabus

NIACL Assistant is one of the toughest exams in India because the numbers of aspirants are much higher in comparison with the number of vacancies. As a result, the Candidates need to be careful while choosing the study materials to achieve success in such a competitive exam. Therefore, the Candidates need to pay equal attention to every section of questions as it is required to get the cut-off marks in every section of questions. It is to note that there is no specific syllabus declared by the NIACL, and hence there are no selected set of books to be recommended for preparation. To sum up, here is the list of recommended books.

NIACL Assistant question sectionNIACL Assistant SyllabusAuthor of the books
  Reasoning AbilityLogical and analytical reasoning (1st edition)A.K. Gupta
Verbal and non-verbal reasoningR.S. Agarwal
    Quantitative AptitudeQuicker MathematicsM.Tyra
Guide to Quantitative AptitudeR.S.Agarwal
Book of Quantitative AptitudeArun Sharma
    English languageEnglish GrammarNorman Lewis
English GrammarS.P.Bakshi
Word Power Made EasyWren & Martin
  Current affairs and General knowledgeManorama Year BookPhilip Mathew
Banking, Financial & General AwarenessI.K. Pavel
  ComputerComputer AwarenessRani Ahilya
Objective Computer AwarenessSomya Ranjan Behera

 Some preparation strategies based on the NIACL Assistant Syllabus:

For the NIACL exam candidates must keep in mind that they need to get as many correct answers as they can and must avoid wrong answers as there is some penalty for wrong answers. In addition, here are some general suggestions for the aspirants to prepare themselves in a better way.

  • First of all, the Candidates need to make a schedule for studying every section of questions. They should follow the schedule and invest their time regularly.
  • Equally, they must collect different sets of questions, previous year questions, and practice to solve them within the time limit. As time progress, the difficulties of the questions must increase.
  • It is to be noted that there are penalty markings. The Candidates need to be careful about incorrect answers as the incorrect answers will cost negative marking which will subsequently affect the scores.
  • Candidates must figure out what section of the question is their strong point and also try to increase their strength on that subject to get as much score as possible. Also, the candidates must not forget that they need to qualify for every section of the question. Hence all the sections need equal attention.

Here are some tips for specific sections of questions. Candidates can follow these strategies to improve themselves in specific areas.

Quantitative Aptitude for NIACL Assistant Syllabus :

  • First, try to understand the formula instead of mugging it up. After learning a new formula, practice similar kinds of questions with increasing levels of difficulty.
  • Similarly, increase the speed of calculation but also keep in mind that there is no mistake while calculating. The incorrect calculation will lead to an incorrect answer. Thus leading to negative markings.
  • Last but not the least, practice as many questions as possible.

English language for NIACL Assistant Syllabus :

  • First and foremost, the Candidates can try to read English newspapers daily and understand the grammatical structure of the passages. Also, they need to pay attention to the details and make comprehension questions to prepare for these types of questions.
  • Also, the Candidates need to try to increase the grammar score to solve the grammatical question.
  • Finally, try to learn new words every day to strengthen your vocabulary.

Logical Reasoning for NIACL Assistant Syllabus :

  • First and foremost, try to solve puzzles and arrangement questions which involves the action of interpreting the provided data to get the answers. Indeed these questions are often found in the NIACL Assistant question paper.
  • Subsequently, Coding decoding is another common question for this exam. Candidates need to practice these questions to understand the pattern of codes with different levels of difficulty.
  • For verbal reasoning, candidates need to pay attention to the details of the question to make a conclusion out of the given statement and find the connection among them. Similarly, the Candidates can also try to assign some abstracts for every element of the question and compare them to get the solution.
  • Finally, the Candidates must remember that they must keep calm and approach these questions because if they are confused then they will not be able to figure out the logical connection of the question.

General Awareness for NIACL Assistant Syllabus :

  • Candidates need to be aware of social, political, financial incidents which are going on all over the world. Also, try to be informed about the issues which trigger massive incidents.
  • Similarly for general knowledge, the candidates must go through static GK and revise it regularly.
  • Overall, the candidates must keep a note of upcoming important events as a part of current affairs.
  • Also, try to remember the important personalities and their contribution in specific areas.

Computer knowledge for NIACL Assistant Syllabus :

  • Candidates need to understand the fundamental functioning of a computer and the system of running a computer.
  • Also, try to enhance your knowledge by attempting to solve various questionnaires with different ranges of difficulties.
  • This section has very selected questions; the range of questions is not as vast as other sections. Hence, candidates can target this section to score as much as possible.
  • Moreover, try to study a new topic every day about this section. There are some specific topics which can be considered as important.
  • Importantly, there is also a chance of repeating the previous year’s question in this section.

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Q. What kind of organization is NIACL?

Ans: It should be noted that the NIACL is a general insurance bank belonging to the public sector.

Q. How many months will it take for the NIACL preparations?

Ans: It can be cleared within 2-3 months of preparation if the candidates show maximum focus and strategy. Consequently, the syllabus and exam pattern is provided for that purpose.

Q. Are the Prelims mark taken in the final score?

Ans: The preliminary examination is just a filtration process. Therefore, the scores are not counted.