SSC Stenographer Salary 2023: Structure, Pay Scale, Allowances & Benefits

October 4, 2023
ssc stenographer salary

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The SSC Stenographer salary is inclusive of not just the pay but also many allowances and benefits. You must update yourself with changes in the SSC stenographer salary after the 7th pay commission. The following are some details about the salaries offered to SSC officers:

SSC CGLRs 44,900 to Rs. 1,42,400
SSC CHSLRs 19,900 to Rs. 63,200
SSC JERs 35,400 to Rs. 1,12,400
SSC GD ConstableR. 21,700 to Rs. 69,100

The SSC exam stands for the Staff Selection Commission Exam. It is held to recruit staff for various posts in different Ministries and Departments under the Government of India. Every year, close to 25 Lakh candidates register for the SSC exam which makes it a highly competitive exam to appear for.

One of the biggest incentives people have for giving the SSC exam is the salary offered to them after their selections. This blog will walk you through the details of the SSC stenographer’s salary. We will also discuss the latest salary structure updates you may need to know.

ssc stenographer salary

SSC Stenographer Salary 2023: Overview

The SSC Stenographer Salary is paid as per the 7th pay commission. Their basic pay is around Rs. 25,550. In addition, a grade pay of Rs. 2400 is also offered to them. They are eligible for many allowances in addition to the SSC Stenographer’s Salary.

The SSC Stenographer Grade C salary is as follows:

Pay bandPB1
Pay scaleRs 5200 to Rs. 20,200 per month
Grade payRs 2400
Gross salaryRs 37,839 approximately
In-hand salaryRs 30,779 approximately

The SSC stenographer Grade D in-hand salary is as follows:

Pay bandPB1
Pay scaleRs 5200 to Rs. 20,200 per month
Grade payRs 2400
Gross salaryRs 33,839
In-hand salaryRs 30,779 approximately

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of the SSC stenographer salary and the divisions associated with it!
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SSC Stenographer Postings 2023 

The SSC stenographer postings 2023 include:

Stenographer Grade C1.Indian Foreign Services
2. President’s Secretariat
3. Central Vigilance Commission
4. Election Commission of India
5. Headquarters of Armed Forces
Stenographer Grade D: Group X1.Stenographer Grade D: Group X 1. Indian Foreign Services
2. ECI
3. Central Secretariat
4. Directorate of Forensic Science
5. Railway Board Secretariat
Stenographer Grade D: Group Y1.Comptroller and Auditor General of India
2. Subordinate Government Offices
3. Controller General of Defense Accounts

SSC Stenographer Salary Allowances

Stenographers receive a number of allowances and perks in addition to the SSC Stenographer Salary. These allowances are also given in accordance with the 7th pay commission. Allowances serve to secure employees against inflation in the economy and keep them motivated. The allowances received by the employees along with the SSC Stenographer salary include:

  1. Dearness allowance (DA)
  2. Traveling allowance
  3. House rent allowance (HRA)
  4. Medical allowance

SSC Stenographer Job Profile

Every candidate is curious about the job profile of an SSC stenographer and the SSC stenographer salary. This includes what they actually do as a part of their job. Their job profile is as follows:

1. Speech Writing: Stenographers jot down the speeches given by senior officials. Their work has to be as close to the spoken word as possible. Their transcriptions are later used for a number of activities.

2. Filing: They maintain and organize the files and documents for the more efficient functioning of the departments. The organization of these files saves time and ensures that nothing important gets lost in the sea of data.

3. Provides Assistance: Stenographers provide assistance in conducting meetings, conferences, and seminars. They provide support and resources for the management and administrative work that goes into organizing such events. Without them, it is hard to imagine conducting these meetings efficiently.

4. Build Public Relations: Stenographers take notes and provide them to the Public Relations Officers. They are Government employees in the end. One of their tasks includes helping in clearing the Government’s image in various matters. For this, they need to take down efficient notes for the PR Officers to use and execute.

5. Press Work: Stenographers need to attend many press conferences and briefings. They need to make notes of what has been said and done in every such event. They are also tasked with providing inputs for press releases from the Government. These press reports made by the stenographers are then extensively used for a number of things. Sometimes, they are used to assess public opinion. At other times, it helps to know how to tell the media about the activities of the government in the most efficient way possible.

6. Documentation: The stenographers are required to have very good typing skills. They are supposed to type out a number of important administrative documents. These require both speed and accuracy. Therefore, a stenographer should be fast and precise with the keyboard.

The SSC Stenographer Salary is paid to the stenographers based on these and other tasks that they are required to perform.

SSC Stenographer Salary After Promotions

After joining SSC, it is possible to progress in one’s career through a number of means. The SSC Stenographer salary also increases with these promotions:

1. Promotions: SSC Stenographers may be promoted to higher positions within their department. These positions include Senior Stenographer, Private Secretary, and Personal Assistant.

2. Departmental Exams: Many departments of the government conduct departmental exams. They serve the purpose of providing career progression to the employees. SSC Stenographers can sit for these exams in order to be eligible for higher posts within their departments.

3. Inter-Departmental Transfers: SSC Stenographers may apply for inter-departmental transfers. This gives them the outlet to explore other departments. It also helps them expand their skill sets and experience.

4. Higher Education: SSC Stenographers can pursue higher education which helps them in upskilling themselves. This opens new doors for them to grow further in their career. This education can be in the form of postgraduation, diplomas, and certificate courses among others.

5. SSC Departmental Competitive Exams: The SSC also conducts departmental competitive exams. These exams are for the employees working in various departments of the Government. These exams provide employees with ample opportunities for progressing in their careers.


1. What is the starting salary of an SSC Stenographer?

The in-hand salary of SSC Stenographer Grade C employees is Rs 50,628. The Grade D Stenographer’s in-hand salary is Rs 37,515. In addition to this, there are a number of other perks and benefits that they enjoy.

2. Which Stenographer has the highest salary?

The highest post in the SSC Stenographer hierarchy is the Private Senior Secretary. They draw a national average salary of Rs 82,600. Additionally, they enjoy several perks, benefits, and allowances.

3. What is the salary of an SSC Stenographer per month?

The in-hand SSC Stenographer salary in 2023 for Grade C is Rs 50,628 per month. For Grade D employees, the in-hand salary is Rs 37,515 per month. In addition to this, these employees also enjoy a number of perks and benefits. These benefits keep them secured against inflation and other economic ups and downs.

4. Is SSC Stenographer a good job?

The SSC Stenographer’s job is a very flexible career option. It allows you to make use of multiple skills. You can even switch departments from time to time to escape the monotony. Stenographers are deployed in various settings. These settings range from the President’s secretariat to the Armed Forces. Needless to say, stenographers have a dynamic job that is miles away from monotony.
For somebody who might like to switch up things a bit in their career, being an SSC stenographer is a good option. The salary of SSC Stenographer is also quite decent. It comes with its own perks and benefits. This is a great incentive that many who people who aspire to be SSC Stenographers are after.

5. Is Stenographer tough or easy?

The job of a stenographer involves doing a variety of tasks. This includes typing out press briefs and taking notes of conferences and meetings. They also transcribe official speeches and assist in other administrative work. They help out with organizing meetings, conferences, seminars, and the like.
Therefore, it depends on the individual whether they would find this job tough or not. If you are dedicated and skilled enough, you can easily navigate through this job and lead a satisfying professional life.

6. Is stenography a stressful job?

The level of stress in this job depends on a few things. It is determined by the amount of work the stenographer has. The kind of work the stenographer has to do can also predict the stress levels he or she will face.
On average, it is not as stressful as some of the other jobs out there but still carries a fair share of stress with itself. One needs to learn good time management and stress management skills to combat the challenges that come with this job. But, it is definitely worth the SSC stenographer salary that one receives!