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Frequently Asked Questions

Busuu is a personalized language learning platform owned by Chegg. It is also available as an app on both iOS and Android. Busuu offers interactive and detailed lessons for 14 most popular languages from across the world.

To start learning any language on Busuu, you only need to create a free account. The free version covers the basics while premium membership offers benefits like grammar units, certificates, etc. 

You can learn upto 14 languages with Busuu including English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, Polish and Korean. 

Yes, Busuu allows you to take up multiple languages at once. However, it is recommended to focus all your energy on one language and then proceed to another. 

Busuu Premium allows you to access specialized lessons and courses without any interruptions or ads. Moreover, with Busuu Premium, you can unlock all the lessons and also earn a certificate once you complete a level. 

These courses are self-paced with short but focused lessons to help goal-based learning. 

Absolutely! Our user-friendly platform allows one user to enroll in unlimited courses at once, irrespective of the career paths.

Our testimonials

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-18 at 12.01.29
Busuu has been a game-changer in my language-learning journey. The interactive lessons, real-life conversations, and supportive community have made learning Spanish not just effective, but also incredibly enjoyable.
As a frequent traveler, I needed a language-learning platform that could adapt to my busy schedule. Busuu's mobile app allows me to practice French anytime, anywhere. It's convenient, and the structured lessons have significantly improved my conversational skills."
Nikhil Singh
I've tried various language apps, but Busuu stands out with its cultural insights and personalized feedback. Learning German has been so smooth, thanks to the engaging content and the encouragement from my fellow learners. Highly recommended to gain proficiency in any language!
Sachin Das