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Recent events

BVRIT, Hyderabad
This is an all-girls engineering college which attracts some of the best students of the city.
Shaheed Rajguru, DU
This campus event was focused towards hiring Subject experts for different engineering branches.
BITS, Vizag
Thrilled to be the part and the main sponsor for the Tech Fest of BITA Vizag.
Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology - Hyderabad
Chegg expert hiring event open for all the streams, having participation of around 1000 students of the campus from different parts of India.
Andhra Loyola
Andhra Loyola, Vijayawada
Chegg expert hiring event at Andhra Loyola College in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh for students of engineering background in post-graduation course.

Previous events


Campus event in this multi-disciplinary university having students of Science, Engineering, Computer applications, business management, etc. Event started with an introductory session of Chegg followed by the online test for the Chegg expert role. 


Chegg expert hiring event specifically for students of science stream. This event was attended by the final year students of B.Sc registering for physics, chemistry and biology subjects on the Chegg portal.  


Campus event for the students of engineering, science, mathematics, management, nursing, and computer science background. This event saw the participation of more than 2000 students from the campus for the role of Chegg expert.  


This campus event was conducted for the students of engineering background for hiring Chegg Experts for Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical and Civil engineering subjects.  


Chegg expert hiring event open for all the streams, having participation of around 1000 students of the campus from different parts of India. 


Chegg expert hiring event at Ramanujan college for the students of mathematics, science and management background followed by business quiz open for all the students of Delhi University.


SME hiring event for students of management and entrepreneurship along with a caselet competition conducted for Post Grads. This event was conducted on 12th of October where students presented different solutions for a case study using different techniques.  

Shaheed Rajguru

Organized a campus event for acquiring Chegg Experts from the Institute for Mathematics, Science, Statistics and Probability Subjects. One day event started with a pre-placement talk followed by some ice breaking activities for the students. Students were then asked to complete the online process for expert hiring and ended the day watching the girls doing preparation for the upcoming cultural fest.


Recruitment event for hiring Chegg Experts which was conducted in the college premises on annual fest of the college where students from colleges across Madhya Pradesh participated. This event was spread across 2 days, first day was dedicated to all the competitions and second day was blocked for Chegg’s SME hiring process.  

This campus event attracted a lot of students across all the engineering and management colleges of Nagpur. It was a pool event, having more than 10 colleges in the campus for Chegg Expert hiring event.  

Why collaborate with Chegg?



Give your students an early-start to their career. 


Enhance their subject knowledge with international academic exposure.


Payment for every question answered. Top experts earn up to ₹1 Lac a month.


Flexible work schedule allowing them to work as per their own convenience.

Know more about the opportunity

Multiple subjects available

Accounting, economics, finance, and operations management.

Chemical, computer science, mechanical, electrical, and more.

Earth Science
Astronomy, environmental Science, meteorology, and more.

Calculus, other maths, basic maths, statistics and probability.

Advanced physics, biology, chemistry, and physics.

Anatomy and physiology, nursing, psychology.

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Voice of placement officers

Dr. Rihan Khan Suri
I am pleased to say that Chegg has given an opportunity to our students to grow academically while they are in college along with a chance to earn. The position of subject matter expert equips them with enhanced subject knowledge as well as prepares them for a flying career start. I thank Chegg and looking forward to a long association.
Dipti Lodha
It is now two years that Chegg India has been visiting Poornima Group for recruitment of Subject Matter Experts. Our students have greatly benefited from this opportunity and we look forward to building a long and fruitful association between Poornima Group and Chegg India.
Prof. B. Saravanan
A unique opportunity for students to learn and earn while they are still in college. The job role of Subject Matter Expert provided to students make them better in their areas of interest and more importantly creates a healthy competitive learning environment in the campus!
Saad Hameed
I am proud to say that hundreds of AMU students are earning a decent income in the field of education through Chegg India. They have become financially independent and that too working from the hostel / home. I found Chegg India to be a dynamic and a professional organization working for a noble cause.
Nagesh Puranik
Many students from our college participated in selection process of Chegg (online test) of which 103 students qualified. Chegg platform has helped candidates to continue to share their knowledge with others by solving their problems and thereby they are also paid a good remuneration.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an opportunity for your students to join Chegg as Experts. It is a part-time opportunity for students to learn, earn and grow with Chegg. 

We do not restrict this to final year students only but students from previous semesters can also apply. Since it is a part-time offering, your students will be able to pursue other full-time roles along with.

We are confident that your students will find this opportunity academically fulfilling. 

A graduate degree holder with a specialized knowledge can apply for becoming a Chegg Expert.

A Chegg Expert is a person who specializes in a particular subject and is expected to solve questions from that subject. Experts are paid for every question answered. They can work anytime, anywhere. 

Yes! If your college has any of the following streams, you can register your campus for Chegg’s Campus Event.

Streams are:

  1. Engineering
  2. Management
  3. Science
  4. Nursing
  5. Earth Science
  6. Mathematics
  7. Business

You can do so by filling-up the form on top of this page. Our team will reach out to you over email and phone. Details of the event shall be discussed thereafter.