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Campus placement or as most of us call it- campus drives is a process for sourcing, engaging, and hiring young talent for Full-time entry-level positions, part time roles or internships. Campus hiring was typically a process for medium- to large-sized companies with ample-volume recruiting requirements. 

Today, most of the companies are relying on campus recruitment or campus drives at Institutes for hiring fresh talent. Organizations also organize pool campus placement to attract major chuck of students from a specific region, this way they are not limited to just an institute.   

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Campus placement or campus recruitment often involves working with university career services centers and attending career fairs to meet in-person with college and university students and recent graduates and postgraduates looking for opportunities. Some industries participate in campus recruiting more than others. In conclusion, Finance, technology, business consulting, manufacturing, and engineering are a few of the most popular.

In the present times, campus hiring or recruitment drives are an integral part of every student’s life. Universities and colleges focus on providing the best placements to the students after completion of their course. Therefore, it helps a student by giving a kick start to their professional career ahead with ease in the real-world job struggle, peer competition.

Campus Drives for Students 

Campus placements provide the scholars with a foot-in-the-door opportunity, enabling them to start their careers right after completing their course curriculum. As a result, they get to interact with the industry professionals during the campus recruitment drives. Further this activity helps them lay a foundation for his or her prospective career within the future as they familiarize themselves with potential contacts from their chosen career field.

Campus recruitment as a function has evolved at multiple levels become crucial and essential for organizations to possess a scientific and effective hiring plan. At an equivalent time, various educational institutions have enhanced teaching methodology by imbibing a practical approach and making students market-ready.

Campus Drives for Organizations

Campus placement is the most crucial business decision as it is all about making long-term investments for stakeholders and organizations for future success. There are various traditional ways of utilizing campus placement by corporate, educational bodies, and students in India. To make campus recruitment simpler and meaningful, several models adopted by various corporates & academic bodies.

With the need to rapidly build a network of young talent, college recruitment has also proven to a vital process. Aptitude research partners found that companies using campus recruiting technology were 3X more likely to improve retention, 2X more likely to improve engagement, and 2X more likely to improve productivity.

Why campus drives?

1) Builds strong relationship

Organizations reach out to campuses as they get massive talent pool at one place with reduced cost and effort. Campus hiring also builds up strong relationship between the company and the university, and hence builds a strong pipeline for summer internships, training and small projects and most importantly building a strong pipeline for next year’s recruits.

2) Higher selection

Another reason is the number of students applying in the campus placement is much higher than the candidates applying through traditional methods of recruitment.

Organizations find more relevant crowd in campus hiring than in any other process of recruitment. Campus drives helps them in getting more candidates for one profile and hence give them options to choose from. This also increases selection to hiring ratio by default and so the company gets better candidate for the role.

3) Updated with latest knowledge

We all know as time passes; processes also change. New generation is always updated and fluent with the updated version of technology and knowledge. New generation will always be more skilled and welcoming in handling new changes and new projects and hence increases the work quality of the candidates.

Impact of the pandemic on Campus Drives

Coronavirus has drastically reshaped how worldwide educational training is conveyed. A huge number of students were influenced by instructive foundation terminations because of the pandemic, which brought about the biggest online development throughout the entire existence of schooling.

Hence, Colleges in India face troublesome years with disruptions in campus placement or recruitments because placement drives cannot be conducted in offline mode due to the widespread of covid 19. The pandemic has also adversely affected businesses worldwide because of which not many companies are interested in hiring. 

Generally, most organizations and universities conduct campus drives between December to April every year. Almost all the companies who hired during the pandemic had adopted online modes of evaluation for the college candidates.

 The shift from Offline mode to Online mode:

The Covid-19 pandemic situation has forced business as well as the education sector to shift from offline to online mode, even though the shift might have been a forced one due to corona outbreak but it was indeed a necessary one. It has brought some really good change in the current system of education, therefore proving a huge opportunity to rebuild the current methodology of teaching and learning all around the world.

As we all can see, the future of education and learning sector from now onwards will heavily depend on technology. This will be the new blended learning approach- this approach will combine the best of both worlds- Online and Offline. Every Institute/University/School is trying to be equipped with the best technology and is gearing up to using this technology not just for teaching and learning but also for placements, internships, and trainings. 

On the other hand, companies are also ready to offer the students and freshers a powerful yet impactful learning and earning experience.

Benefits of Online campus drives

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a lack of job opportunities; several universities and colleges have switched over to virtual placement drives as the need of the hour, keeping everyone’s safety in mind and helping students get employment.

1) Better employment efficiency 

Online recruitment drives give the candidates more time to prepare for the online interview and the online assessments.

2) Better time management 

The ease of taking interviews from home saves a lot of time for the employer. With the advancements in technology, it has never been easier to schedule visual meetings, which are more personal and helps the employer to select the suitable candidate and have a more intimate conversation with the applicant.

3) Improve Talent Relevance

The most common hurdle in finding the right candidate or talent sourcing is the onslaught of irrelevant CVs that flood a recruiter’s desk. Even though campus recruiting brings slightly more relevant profiles against open vacancies, many great candidates are still lost in a pile. A virtual campus hiring or a virtual campus recruitment process brings relief in this department as well.

Companies do online campus hiring, wherein most of the companies give links to apply for the position. Students can register using the link and submit all the required details online. Employers use this virtual event platform to filter out the CVs using the Keyword searches to reach the most fitting candidate for the role and then call them for further rounds if required.

4) Easy interview scheduling

Virtual campus placement or recruitment events make it very easy for the employer and the student to schedule and conduct interviews. Right after the discussion, employers can engage with the candidate through emails, phone calls, zoom calls, live chat, etc.

What will you choose- Work from home or Work from the office?

When the pandemic forced companies in 2020 all over the world to send their employees home to work virtually, remote work had a big role to play.

There are a lot of advantages of working from home besides social distancing which is a mandate these days. 

1) Better work-life balance 

when working from home or remotely an individual gets more time in their hands. It enables them to spend more time with their family and loved ones which contribute to a better work-life balance altogether.

2) Time-saving 

Working from home saves a heap of time spent preparing and commuting to and fro from the office or the work location. A study shows that more than 30 minutes of daily one-way commuting is associated with increased stress and anxiety levels. And research shows that commuting 10 miles to work each day is associated with health issues like:

  • Higher cholesterol
  • Elevated blood sugar
  • Increased risk of depression

3) Impact on sustainability 

One of the easiest ways for employers and employees to reduce their carbon footprint. And help to reverse climate change is by reducing their commuting time. 

4) Flexible schedule

When working from home, you can make your own schedule suitable to your needs. And which caters to you and your deadlines. There are no fixed breaks or you don’t have to feel the rush to hang up on your family members when they call. And eat lunch at any weird time you want.

5) Custom environment

When a person is working in his/her preferred environment their productivity automatically goes up. And they can finish their work meet the deadlines on time. When you are working alone and from your own place you can set up the ambience according to your preference and needs.

6) No commuting times

However, travelling one of the major factors which most people spend hours commuting to and fro , when working from home commuting time saved and the employees can. Use that time and do other productive things.

7) No office spaces

When everyone will be working from home, there will be no spending on rents for office space. And hence it automatically saves money which can be used somewhere else.

Best earning opportunity: Work from Home Online Jobs at Chegg

Chegg India has just the perfect opportunity for students looking for work from home opportunities where they can earn while learning on their terms. Right from the comfort of their own homes. Our tagline, which says “Students First” says it all, It drives everything we do. From the way we build our network to the way, we connect students to opportunity. We give every student the ability to realize their full potential at the comfort of their home.

Online Tutor cum Subject Matter Expert at Chegg

Chegg India is hiring Online tutors or Subject Matter Experts (as we call it). We conduct campus hiring PAN India to hire best talent from universities and institutes. This is a great opportunity for students who would like to pursue studies with some extra income in their pocket. Not just this, even the students who join full time jobs, can also be the part of Chegg as a Subject Matter expert and answer questions online.

Chegg has an online portal called, Chegg Study wherein students outside India post subject related questions, Subject Matter Experts sitting in India must answer them from the portal online. A subject matter expert can choose any subject he wants and can work anytime and from anywhere.

Students who become SMEs also get an opportunity to increase their knowledge and become independent at a very young age. As a subject matter expert, you work only for a few hours daily from your home with no restrictions. The role is entirely remote and flexible, which allows you to take as many holidays as required.

Covid-19 has shown us that online work-from-home jobs are very high in demand and a perfect opportunity to earn. Such opportunities are a means to start your career and get some exposure in your subject area. Top students who answer regularly also earn upwards of INR 80,000 a month just by answering questions online.

Who can apply?

If you are a student enrolled as in Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate programs in the respective field of study then this might be the perfect opportunity for you to earn while learning right from the comfort of your home.

You can be a subject matter expert for Business, Mathematics, Engineering, Health Care, Science, and Earth Science. To check the entire list, click on this link – LINK

As a subject matter expert, you also need to inculcate some basic qualities like Knowledge management, Communication, and Time management to earn maximum out of this opportunity.

Chegg India has a dedicated team that hunts for the right students from campuses who can join the army of subject matter experts. We would be thrilled to host a campus placement at your Institute. And offer your students this opportunity to help them grow in every stage of their life.

You can write us at and check this out (website link) to know more about us.

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