Indian Army Salary 2022: Job profile, pay scale, Allowances, and other benefits

December 1, 2023

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The job of an Indian army is one of the most prestigious and well-paid jobs in India. The Indian army is one the world’s largest armies with 10 lakh troops and nine hundred thousand men in reserve. Each year, thousands of candidates from various fields, backgrounds, and families apply for this job and only some get recruited based on their physical fitness, presence of mind, and leadership qualities. The threat of death casts over the minds of every Indian soldier but their duty towards their motherland, to secure her borders and keep her people tranquil is even greater. The candidates recruited in the army have to go through compulsory training regardless of the position they were appointed to. Indian army salary can also provide you with financial security along with some benefits during your services.


The basic pay in an Indian army is a general employee base salary which is given according to your job title. It consists of 35-50% of total compensation, eliminating allowances, bonuses, and deductions. It is a fixed sum.

Whereas grade pay is the payment made based on your class, category, and pay band in the army. It is estimated according to the 7th pay commission applied to your employment posts.


After the introduction of the 7th Pay Commission, the salaries of Indian soldiers have been revised according to their ranks and posts in the Indian army.

The stipend scale varies from RS 20,700- RS 2,50,000, with grade pay ranging from 3-18. The table is shown below:

Indian army sepoy3INR 20,200/-
Lance Naik3INR 20,200/-
Naik4INR 20,200/-
Havaldar5INR 34,800/-
Naib Subedar6INR 34,800/-
Subedar Major8INR 34,800/-
Lieutenant10INR 56,100/-  – INR 1,77,500/-
Captain10BINR 61,300/-  – INR 1,93,900/-
Major11INR 69400/- – INR2,07,200/-
Lieutenant Colonel12INR 1,21200/-   – INR 2,12,400/-
Brigadier13AINR 1,39,600/-  – INR 2,18,200/-
Major General14INR 1,44,200/- – INR 2,18,200/-
Lieutenant General15INR 1,82,200/-  – INR 2,24,100/-
VCOAS/Army Cdr/Lieutenant General (NEGS)17INR 2,25,000/- (FIXED)
Chief of Army Staff18INR 2,50,000/- (FIXED)


Cadets for the Indian army are recruited only after they complete their training period, only some of them are recruited directly through NDA or CDS exams. All the ranks are divided into three criteria, Non- Commissioned Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers, and Commissioned Officers. The job profile and retirement period for each rank are different according to their respective rank and course of duty:

SEPOY OR RIFLEMANA sepoy has a rank 3 and has the lowest salary in the Indian army, yet it plays a vital role in the security of our lands. A sepoy retires at the age of 42 with approx 19 years of service.
LANCE NAIKSepoys are upgraded to the rank of Lance Naik. The retirement age is 49 years with approx 24 years of service.
NAIKLance Naik is upgraded to the level of Naik and is recognized by two chevron patches on its arm. The retirement age is 49 years of age with approx 24 years of service.
HAVILDARHavildar has a level 5 in the pay matrix and its retirement age is 42 years of age. Three chevron arm patches recognize them and you can directly get appointed to this post
NAIB SUBEDARNaib Subedar has level 6 in the pay matrix. You can get promoted to this rank after Havildar. The retirement age is 52 years of age and this post is recognized by a shoulder patch
SUBEDARSubedar has pay level 7 in the pay matrix. This rank is achieved by promotion and is not appointed directly
SUBEDAR MAJORSubedar Major has level 8 in the pay matrix. They get retirement after 54 years of age with 34 years of service approx
CAPTAINThe captain has a pay level of 10. A person who has been as Lieutenant for 2 years and is found eligible for this promotion.
LIEUTENANTLieutenant has pay level 10 and they get retirement after 52 years of age.
LIEUTENANT COLONELThe pay level of a Lieutenant Colonel is 12A and he has to serve till he achieves the age of 54 years.
LIEUTENANT GENERALThe rank of Lieutenant General is one of the highly-paid ranks and belongs to the level 15 pay matrix.
HONORARY LIEUTENANTThis rank is provided to honor the services of JCOS. A Subedar or Subedar major both are eligible for this post.
COLONELThe colonel has 13 level pay matrix and gets retired at the age of 54 years. A lieutenant colonel is eligible to apply for this post after completing 15 years in their service
BRIGADIERThe Brigadier has a pay level 13 A pay matrix with a retirement age of 56 years of age.
MAJORThe pay level for a Major is 11 pay matrix. The retirement age is 52 years of age. Promotion to Major rank is only given to you if you have six years of experience in the Indian Army.
MAJOR GENERALMajor General has a pay matrix level of 14 and has a retirement age of 58 years of age
GENERALGeneral has a pay matrix level of 18 and has a retirement age of 3 years as Chief of Army Staff or 62 years of age
FIELD MARSHALIt is the highest honorable position in the Indian army and has no rank hierarchy system based on appointment. The salary received for this post is lifelong even when the soldier is no longer serving his nation.


Apart from salary allowances allotted from specific ranks and House Rent Allowances, the Indian Army gives you other allowances and some benefits. These benefits lure young minds to join the army and help them and their family to uplift financially:

  • Allowances for transportation – ₹ 3,600
  • Dearness Allowance (DA) – ₹ 7,200
  • For military service (From Lt. Post to Brig) – ₹15,500
  • Uniform Allowances – ₹ 20,000 per year
  • Counterinsurgency – ₹ 6,300
  • Allowances for Field Area – ₹10,500
  • In Siachen – ₹ 42,500 per month (Parachute Pay – ₹ 1,200, High Altitude Allowances – ₹ 5,300)
  • ₹ 9,000 per month for Special Forces
  • ₹ 25,000 for flying pay
  • Casual Leave of 20 Days Encashable Leave of up to 300 Days of Last Pay Drawn Study Leave of up to 2 years with Full Pay and Benefits
  • Pension for Life
  • Death, Cumulative Retirement Gratuity, and Foreign Postings: same as civilian personnel.

The post of an army officer is not just for salary and allowances that benefits you. It is all for the love and sacrifice that you offer for your motherland. The security that you promise to its citizens and the liability of your presence that we all enjoy. Hence it takes a lot of courage for one to even opt for such a prestigious and glorious post when you part with your life and service in return for the love and respect from the people. If you are planning for a post in the Indian Army you need to have a precise idea of the salary structure, salary allowances, and other benefits, along with the training course that you will go through once you are eligible for the job. Soldiers and officers are rewarded with handsome salaries along with medals and trophies which they receive during their training or for their bravery during their service. For this job, you have to put in a whole lot of effort and dedication towards your duty. Punctuality and loyalty towards your nation will prove how much have you been able to build yourself as an Indian soldier and to submit yourself to the security, harmony, and love of your nation.



The starting salary of an army officer is that of a sepoy with a stipend of INR 20,200/- according to the recently revised salary set by the 7th Pay Commission.


The highest salary of an army officer is that of Chief Army Staff with a stipend of INR 2,50,000/- according to the recently revised salary set by the 7th commission of India.


The pay scale range of an Indian army officer varies from INR 21,700/- – INR 2,50,000/- with grade pay levels 3-18. The lowest rank was that of a sepoy and the highest that of a Chief.


You can join the army after qualifying for your higher secondary examination. For being eligible for a permanent commission you have to join NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY or the INDIAN MILITARY ACADEMY through the NDA entrance examination.