NIACL AO Salary 2023: Check out the latest In-hand Salary, Perks and Allowances

June 27, 2024
niacl ao salary

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

If you’re interested in a career in the insurance industry, the NIACL AO offers a good package. The in-hand salary, perks, and allowances are among the best in the industry. Thus, making it an attractive option for job seekers. A NIACL AO receives a monthly base salary of Rs. 32,795 and an in-hand salary of about Rs. 60,000. The NIACL ensures that its employees receive various benefits such as House Rent Allowances, Medical Benefits, Dearness Allowances, and more.

Moreover, NIACL AO provides growth opportunities to its employees. Through training programs and promotions, a person can advance his career. With a supportive work environment, NIACL AO is an excellent place to start your career.

The NIACL AO Job Profile helps the candidates determine their skills and aptitude. This article provides detailed information about the NIACL AO Job and its expectations.

niacl ao salary


The NIACL AO salary for 2023 may vary for employees based on the job location. The annual NIACL AO salary is approximately Rs. 6,50,000. The responsibilities may include managing insurance policies, handling claims, underwriting, and marketing. The post contributes to the growth and development of the organization. The official notification of the NIACL AO exam 2023 contains the salary structure and job responsibilities.

NIACL AO stands for New India Assurance Company Limited Administrative Officer. It is a coveted position in the insurance industry in India. The exam conducted by NIACL offers a selection of candidates for various branches. Based on the previous year’s stats, you can expect 300+ vacancies for NIACL AO 2023 recruitment. The benefits and allowances given to an Administrative Officer apart from salary include:

  • House Rent Allowances,  
  • Medical Benefits,
  • Leave fare concession and;  
  • Dearness Allowance.  

The candidates should check the official website of the NIACL for any updates on the NIACL AO exam. It is best to verify the latest updates on these aspects with the official website.

NIACL AO Salary Slip 2023

The NIACL AO exam is not conducted annually, and the number of candidates appearing for the exams is high. The NIACL AO salary is one major reason for the interest of aspirants in the job.

The table below gives details about the NIACL AO Salary:

Basic SalaryRs. 32,725
Pay Scale32795-1610(14)-55335-1745(4)-62315
Total SalaryRs. 60,000 (approx)

The salary for the post of NIACL AO also differs for a candidate based on the job location. NIACL AO Salary Structure for 2023. The candidates can clearly and thoroughly understand the NIACL AO salary structure.

Check out the complete details regarding the NIACL AO salary by referring to the table.

NIACL AO pay scale₹32795-1610(14)-55335-1745(4)-62315
NIACL AO basic pay₹ 32795
NIACL AO gross salary₹ 51000/- per month
NIACL AO CTC [Excluding housing/quarters]₹ 650000/-
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NIACL AO Salary Benefits

In addition to an attractive NIACL AO salary slip, candidates are eligible to receive a variety of allowances.
This enhances the appeal of the NIACL AO job profile and salary. Details of these allowances are:

  • Allowances such as Dearness Allowance, HRA and Transport Allowance. Other sets of allowances are regularly updated at the time of settlement.
  • AOs can also receive reimbursements. Such items include newspapers, briefcases, furniture (subject to eligibility), and medical expenses.
  • AOs can get loans and advances at lower rates for housing, vehicles, computers, and other items.
  • AOs are also covered by the NPS scheme by NSDL thus gratuity is also provided to the employee.

NIACL AO Job Profile

Along with a very lucrative NIACL AO salary, their job profile has a stellar reputation, further drawing applicants and raising the level of competitiveness for the exam. Further, the post of NIACL AO can be categorized into two positions Generalist and specialists AO.

Let’s explore the NIACL AO job profile and the numerous roles New India Assurance Company Limited offers.

NIACL AO Generalist

Take a look at the specific information of the Generalist position, as well as their duties. To set yourself on the path to realizing your dreams, you can develop your talent and build these qualities.

  • A NIACL AO’s job entails administrative and authoritative tasks. The officer acts as the First entry-level officer.
  • Managing the issuance of insurance policies and resolving insurance claims, among other tasks.
  • An AO is also in charge of reviewing terms and details. Other work includes confirming risk authorizing claims and submitting official returns and statements. Such work needs communication with higher regional offices.

NIACL AO Finance & Accounts

Besides the salary, one can get all the necessary information about the Financial and Accounts Officer at NIACL AO by going through the work profile.

The NIACL AO job profile of the Finance and Accounts Officer includes the following:

  • Addressing the company’s billing problems. Management of the business’s financial records.
  • The officer needs to send invoices to clients. Further, he has to handle the refunds by coordinating with collection firms.
  • Creating balance sheets and reconciling daily, monthly, and yearly transactions.

NIACL AO Legal Officer

The legal Officer handles all legal issues. You can check out the complete details about the job description of legal officer:

  • It entails managing all of the Company’s legal matters, producing legal documents for various procedures and supporting the Company’s legal requirements.
  • Maintaining the validity of the Company’s agreements and contracts. Further, the officer has to keep an eye on the mistakes.

NIACL AO Company Secretary

The duties of a company secretary include effective administration. The idea is to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Take a detailed look at the Company Secretary job profile as described by NIACL AO:

  • The role of the Company Secretary includes compliance with laws and regulations. Further, the officer must ensure that the decision of the Board of Directors is carried out.
  • Also, you will be required to sign a Guarantee Bond. Under this one has to affirm that he will work for the Company for at least four years, including the probationary period.

Increments and Career Prospects

The NIACL offers many chances to advance and succeed in the industry.

  • The authority provides advancement based on work performance and internal exams. The NIACL Administrative Officers get constant career advancement and promotion opportunities.
  • After practicing for more than three years, one can qualify for the promotion. For the same one has to pass a few internal exams.
  • The candidates will be promoted to the Scale II Officer position if they do well on the internal exam.
  • An officer at NIACL AO post qualifies for promotion after 5 years of service. The parameters for the same are seniority together with the internal tests. With an employee’s advancement, the NIACL AO salary, positions, and duties rise.

You should thus put in a lot of effort and excel at work if you want to advance to higher-level positions.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Is NIACL AO a govt job?

NIACL AO is a government position as NIACL is a firm entirely owned by the government.

What is the salary of NIACL AO 2022?

The basic salary of NIACL AO 2022 is Rs 32,795.

Which is better: Bank PO or NIACL AO?

Neither the NIACL AO nor the SBI PO position can be deemed to be a superior position.
Making a professional decision depends on your interests and skills. As a result, you should base your decision on factors that examine how much and what this employment can truly offer you.

How good is the NIACL AO job?

Candidates who are searching for a secure and progressive career coupled with an interest in insurance will find the NIACL AO position to be a wonderful opportunity.

NIACL AO v/s Bank Po – Which is better?

Take an account of the differences between the AO and PO’s work profiles. To understand the work profile, get in touch with the points listed here:
1 In contrast to a bank PO, the AO still has a well-defined work profile. An officer in a bank does all clerical, cashier, and other tasks assigned to him.
2 A bank PO is under higher work pressure than a NIACL AO.
3 In most banks, the probation period is two years; for AOs, it is one year. Both occupations offer good benefits and perquisites.
In conclusion, the NIACL AO position is ideal for those who desire a life that is stable, comfortable, and simple.