CTET Previous Year Question Paper: Get Downloadable Pdfs with Solution

February 13, 2024
ctet previous year question paper

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

CTET stands for Central Teacher Eligibility Test. The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) sets the guidelines for the CTET qualification. However, students need to prepare with CTET previous year question papers before taking the exam as it helps to comprehend the exam format better.

As many as 6.65 lakh candidates out of 27.73 lakhs who applied passed the exam. The format of any competitive exam requires a lot of preparation. And we’ll talk about the role of previous year papers in that!

ctet previous year question paper

CTET Previous Year Question Paper

Examining a CTET question paper allows students to get an idea about the exam. This not only helps in being prepared but also boosts confidence.

There are two levels, or papers, to the Central Teaching Eligibility Test (CTET). Candidates who want to teach classes 1 through 5 attempt Paper 1. While candidates who wish to teach classes 6 through 8 attempt Paper 2.

Candidates can take both CTET exams if they want to be eligible to teach grades 1 through 8. There are 150 multiple-choice questions in CTET Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Preparing with a CTET paper will help you in the following ways:

  • It assists in comprehending the questions’ structure.
  • It is one of the most reliable methods for revising all textbook material.
  • It will assist students in practising the time management skills necessary to succeed on an exam.

Steps to Download CTET Previous Year Paper PDFs

To prepare for the competitive exam, a lot of material is available these days. You can easily download or attempt previous year question papers and mock tests.

To avail of material on the official website, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the official website of the Department Of Higher Education for CTET – https://ctet.nic.in/
  • Next, search the website for candidate activity.
  • You’ll see a list of things, including admit card, results, and the candidate portal.
  • Here, click ‘Mock Test.’
  • After you choose the option, you’ll be directed to a new page.
  • Enter the required credentials to attempt the test.
  • You can also download CTET previous year paper PDF at – https://ctet.nic.in/previous-year-final-answer-key/

CTET Previous Year Question Papers: Download PDFs with Solution

The official website of the Department of Higher Education offers easy access to the previous year’s CTET papers. The archive also has answer keys that can be downloaded and viewed.

The below table contains CTET solved question paper last 5 years pdf. And you can visit the site for more information – https://ctet.nic.in/

CTET previous year question paper Link To Answer Key
CTET paper pdf –  2018CTET paper – Answer Key
CTET paper pdf –  July 2019CTET paper – Answer Key
CTET paper pdf –  Dec 2019CTET paper – Answer Key
CTET paper pdf – Dec 2021CTET paper – Answer Key
CTET paper pdf – Jan 2021CTET paper – Answer Key

The CTET question paper 2021 can also be accessed by entering your credentials on the official site.

Earn more to Help Students Learn More

Benefits of Solving CTET Previous Year Question Paper

There are many benefits that students will encounter if they prepare using the previous year question papers. The CTET question paper has a specific format each year. And while the questions differ each time, the pattern is more or less similar.

  • Understanding Format: Exam pattern, question types, and scoring scheme can be noticed from CTET previous year question papers. Candidates can learn about the weights given to various topics.
  • Enhance speed: Through practice, candidates can practice time management and improve their speed.
  • Spot Mistakes: Candidates can learn about their strengths and areas that need more practice by solving CTET question papers from previous years.

How to Practice from CTET Previous Year Question Paper

One must devise a strategy to practice using the previous year’s papers. This goes for revisions as well. It can be done as follows:

  • Once you can access all previous year’s papers, it is important to notice commonalities.
  • Pick questions that are repeated most times, and work on similar questions.
  • Notice how much time you need, or if you’re exceeding the time limit, work on that.
  • Analyze the pattern of multiple question papers and try to resolve them with accuracy.
  • Also, use the answer keys to mark yourself. Work on getting a better score each time.

Important sections from CTET Previous Year Question Papers

CTET Paper 1 consists of five sections – Maths, Environmental Science, Language I and II, and Child Development and Pedagogy. The CTET Paper 2 is divided into four sections – Kid Advancement and Teaching method, Language I and II, Math/Science or Social Examinations.

Important Sections include

Child Development and Pedagogy:

Cognitive Theories, Intelligence & Its Theories, Cognition & Emotion, Govt. Norms & Their Impact on education are some of the important topics from the subject.


Some major topics include basic literary vocabulary, including active and passive, fillers, narration, synonyms, and antonyms.


Techniques, Logical Reasoning, Curriculum, and Kothari commission are some of the frequently asked topics. However, each topic in the exam is just as necessary.


CTET is one of the many higher education exams that take place in the country. And while exploring different fields is a great idea, earning through them is just as important.

CTET is held twice a year by CBSE at the central level to verify teachers’ eligibility for Class 1-8. The CTET previous year question paper is easily available each year, which can be a great way to practice.

It is one of the many ways to revise before the exam and gain confidence. So, if you’re prepping for CTET, practice through the PDF links shared in this article!

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

How can I download the CTET question paper?

You can download the CTET previous year paper PDF at the official site of the Department of Higher Education.

Is CTET Paper 1 Difficult?

The overall difficulty level of the CTET Paper 1 is easy to moderate.

Do questions repeat in CTET?

Questions don’t exactly repeat in CTET; however, the pattern can be similar.

How can I prepare for CTET in 15 days?

You can pass the CTET exam by creating a timetable to study every topic in the CTET syllabus. And spend the last few days solving CTET question papers and sample papers.

Can I pass the CTET without coaching?

Yes, you can pass the CTET without coaching. Additionally, practising using CTET previous year’s question papers and taking mock tests is always helpful.

What is the salary of a CTET teacher?

A primary-level teacher with a CTET makes an average salary of Rs 35,000 to 37,000. The salary of an upper-primary teacher ranges from Rs 43,000 to Rs 46,000.