National game of India - Cricket , Hockey or Kabaddi?

April 3, 2024

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The national game of any nation is very symbolic. Every country has a national game that holds a lot of respect and pride both within the country and worldwide. It is often said that India was the place where cricket was first played. It has often been a topic of debate whether India is better at hockey or Kabaddi. But the matter of fact is that the national game of India does not exist, i.e., India does not have an official national sport.

National Game of India: Overview

India does not have an official national sport. No matter how good India plays in sports like cricket, hockey or kabaddi, it would be completely unfair to state that any of the sports is India’s national game.

  • India is the only country to win all three formats of the ICC World Cup (60-over, ODI and T20)
  • Eight Olympic medals have been won by India in the game of hockey
  • India has won the Kabaddi World Cup six times

The most common answer for the national game of India is hockey after the centre prompted that it was the national sport of the country. However, it was later cleared that India, to date, does not have a national game.

Is Hockey the national game of India?

If we look into the history of Indian sports, the hockey team of India has been the most successful side ever in the Olympic forum and hosts the world’s most prestigious global sporting competition. In the first half of the 20th century, players like Dhyan Chand and Dhanraj Pillai ruled over the sport. Yet, the government of India never announced any sport as its national game, but hockey is the most common answer to the question.

India has other aspects of establishing the country’s identity, legacy and heritage. For example:

  • National Flower- Lotus
  • National Animal- Tiger

Importance of a National Game

An outdoor sport is a great deal to do some physical activity, which keeps the players fit and helps them get stronger, faster and sharper in life. One does not have to be a professional in a sport to gain its benefits. Another benefit of playing a sport is improved mental health as this is a form of recreation. A few points of importance of a national game are-

  • Symbolic in nature.
  • More participation from the citizens means better health and productivity.
  • More emotional connection with the sport.

Why does India not have a national game?

Apart from the number of India’s achievements globally in various sports, she does not have an official national game. Some RTI (Right to Information) have been filed to get answers to the question. Either asking what the national game of India is or making hockey the national sport. However, it has always been dismissed by the concerned court. This is because, till the time the government does not come out in public and announces hockey or any sport to be its national sport, the country has no official national game.

There was an instance when a lawyer filed a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) that asked the Supreme Court to command the government to announce hockey as the national sport of India. However, the request was completely dismissed by the apex court.

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What is the national game of India?

India does not have an official national sport. India has been a global champion over the past few years in sports like cricket, kabaddi and hockey. However, the government has not officially declared a national sport.

Is Kabaddi the national game of India?

No, Kabaddi is not the national game of India. The government of India has not yet designated Kabaddi or any sport to be its national game. National sports are a symbol of a country’s heritage and prestige. However, India promotes its pride in heritage and culture via other means, like having the lotus as its national flower and the peacock as its national bird.

Why is hockey the national game of India?

Hockey is not the national game of India. Hockey is the most widely answered question of what India’s national sport is. However, this is not true. India was the most dominant side ever in Hockey in the early 20th century. Players like Dhyan Chand and Dhanraj Pillai ruled over the game globally. This is why hockey is mostly misunderstood as India’s national game.