UGC NET Books 2023: Best Books for Paper 1 & Paper 2

August 23, 2023
ugc net books

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Candidates can spearhead their UGC NET preparation with the help of these UGC NET books and get ahead of the competition. The books will help the candidates boost their understanding and knowledge of each topic.

The latest UGC NET Books have updated information on the exam syllabus, pattern, and question types. It also comes with previous year’s question papers to acquaint candidates with what they can expect from the paper. Instead of losing yourself in the maze of information, it is better to focus on a few books and master the practice question papers. It is crucial for aspirants to study the tougher concepts and topics covered in the exam from books written by subject experts.

In this blog, we will cover the best books UGC NET paper 1 and Paper 2 book, and their pdf free download options.

ugc net books

The UGC NET (National Eligibility Test) is a national-level exam organized by the University Grants Commission for the post of Assistant Professor. The exam also identifies candidates for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF).

UGC NET is held online in two stages: Paper 1 & Paper 2.

  • Paper 1 is a common test based on teaching and research aptitude.
  • Paper 2 is subject-specific and is based on the candidate’s chosen subject.

It is one of the most challenging and competitive exams in India.

Top UGC NET Books 2023

UGC NET books enable the candidates to improve their overall understanding of the subject. The ideal book stack for this exam should save the candidates time and offer a structured approach to a vast subject.

Here’s an overview of some of the most popular UGC NET books.

SubjectPaperName of the BookAuthor
Teaching and Research AptitudePaper 1Trueman’s UGC NET/SET General Paper IM. Gagan, Sajit Kumar, and Suman Shukla
English LiteraturePaper 2UGC NET English LiteratureB. P. Panigrahi
HistoryPaper 2UGC NET/JRF/SET HistoryRam Sharan Sharma
Computer Science and ApplicationsPaper 2UGC NET/SET Computer Science & ApplicationsPawan Sharma and Sameer Mishra
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How to Select the Best UGC NET Books

Selecting great books with the appropriate syllabus, practice questions, and the latest updates is crucial to your success and exam performance.

Here are four important factors that you must consider while selecting UGC NET books:

  1. Syllabus: The books should cover the entire syllabus, as verified by the UGC NET website.
  2. Author: The author and their expertise matter when selecting a course book, as they are experts in selecting the important course materials. And because they add their own knowledge to the book.
  3. Reviews: You should always go for books with good reviews among your peers and seniors. You can collect recommendations from your mentors as well.
  4. Practice questions: The coursebook should have enough practice questions from the widest range of topics and difficulty levels. They should also have model questions and last year’s papers.

UGC NET Paper 1 Books 2023

UGC NET Paper 1 book covers candidates’ basic teaching abilities and research aptitude. The questions in the paper can be split into these main categories:

  1. Teaching
  2. Research aptitude
  3. Comprehension
  4. Communication
  5. Mathematical Reasoning and Aptitude
  6. Logical Reasoning
  7. Data Interpretation
  8. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  9. People, Development and Environment
  10. Higher Education System
Teaching Aptitude, Research Aptitude, and Logical ReasoningTrueman’s UGC NET/SET General Paper IM. Gagan, Sajit Kumar, and Suman Shukla
People, Development and EnvironmentUGC NET Paper 1 People and EnvironmentArihant Experts
Higher Education SystemUGC NET/JRF/SET Higher Education System, Governance, Polity and AdministrationSurendra Kumar

UGC NET Paper 2 Books 2023

UGC NET Paper 2 is all about the subject chosen by candidates. The subjects can vary from economics, science, history, sociology, commerce, etc.

Here are our recommended books for Paper 2 subjects:

EconomicsTrueman’s UGC NET EconomicsSriniwas Shirur
EconomicsUGC NET/JRF/SET EconomicsUpkar Prakashan
PsychologyTrueman’s UGC NET PsychologyDr. Swati Maharshi
PsychologyUGC Net PsychologySiddharth Mittal and Naroj Kumar Sahu (Arihant Experts)
Political ScienceTrueman’s UGC NET Political ScienceK.A. Babu, Sajit Kumar
Political ScienceUGC Net Political ScienceRukmini Bhattacharjee (Arihant)
SociologyTrueman’s UGC NET SociologyS.Hussain
HistoryTrueman’s UGC NET HistoryPromod Singh
AnthropologyTrueman’s UGC NET AnthropologyA.M. Tripathi
CommerceTrueman’s UGC NET CommercePraveenKataria, Anshu Kataria, and M. Shivani
EducationTrueman’s UGC NET EducationGagan Manocha
Social WorkTrueman’s UGC NET EducationYogendra Pal
Defense and Strategic StudiesUGC-NET-JRF Defense And Strategic Studies
Home ScienceTrueman’s UGC-NET Home ScienceAnju Khosla & Ruchi
Home ScienceUGC NET /SET (JRF &LS) Home ScienceSuchi Rastogi
Public AdministrationUGC Net Public AdministrationDeepak Swain (Arihant)
Public AdministrationTrueman’s UGC NET Public AdministrationSajit Kumar

Benefits of Choosing the Best UGC NET Books

From There are plenty of benefits in choosing the right UGC NET books for studying. Here are some of them:

1. Constrained studying

The UGC NET syllabus is almost infinite. You can never learn it all. So, you need to stick to the important topics if you want to clear your exam. A good book allows you to stay within the important areas and enables you to study in a structured manner.

2. Quality of study material

The quality, readability, and comprehension of the book make a vast difference in how information students are able to retain. A good book breaks down complex topics into understandable lessons.

3. Latest Updates

The syllabus of UGC NET is subject to plenty of changes every year. The latest books have updated course materials that allow students to get the best studies possible. The UGC NET books pdf available online has the latest additions to the syllabus.

4. Leverage the expertise of the author

The best books are those written by talented and experienced authors and experts in the field. Along with the coursework, they also add their personal expertise and experience to the book, which adds to the flair of the book and gives candidates an edge.

How to Study From the UGC NET Books Efficiently?

Here are some tips on how you can study the right way and retain maximum information from your UGC NET books:

  1. Adopt a systematic approach: Don’t dive into tough topics headfast. Start by learning the basics first, and then get into the weeds.
  2. Make notes: You must make plenty of notes and explanations alongside your studying session. This will help you in breaking down and grasp complex topics yourself.
  3. Solve previous year’s papers: Allocate enough time for the previous year’s papers and attempt them on a timer.
  4. Revise: Revise everything you have learned during the day at night and make a consistent study schedule that you can follow to avoid severe burnout.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Which books are best to prepare for UGC NET?

Trueman’s UGC NET/SET General Paper I and Trueman’s books on various subjects for Paper Two are some of the best books to prepare for UGC NET.

Which book is best for UGC NET’s first paper?

The UGC NET Paper 1 book is Trueman’s UGC NET/SET General Paper I by M. Gagan, Sajit Kumar, and Suman Shukla. You can get the UGC NET Paper 1 books pdf free download online.

Is UGC NET very tough?

UGC NET is one of the most challenging and competitive exams in India. More than 12 lakh students register for the exam in one of the year’s two sessions, of which only 4% clear the exam and become assistant professors.

What is UGC’s NET salary?

UGC NET’s salary depends on the allotment. The salary in private universities ranges from INR 30,000 – INR 70,000 per month. At the same time, government universities’ basic salary falls at around INR 55,000 – INR1,05,000 per month.

What is the passing mark in the NET exam?

Here are the passing marks in the NET exam:
General: 40% aggregate marks in Paper 1 and Paper 2
Reserved: 35% aggregate marks in Paper 1 and Paper 2

What is the age limit for the NET exam?

There is no age limit to apply for the UGC NET Assistant Professor or Lecturership post. There is an upper age limit of 31 years for Junior Research Fellowships.

How many attempts are there for the NET exam?

There is no limit to the number of attempts for the NET exam. You can keep appearing for them until you are 65 years of age.

Can I pass the NET exam without coaching?

Yes, you can pass the NET exam without coaching with the right UGC NET books, but it requires lots of self-discipline, hard work, and dedication. You can also join online coaching and use free resources to score good marks.