NDA Salary 2023 | Job Profile, Pay Scale, Allowances, and Other Benefits

November 20, 2023
nda salary

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Candidates qualifying for the NDA exam are entitled to an NDA salary and a career that is prestigious in all terms. The Union Public Service Commission is responsible for conducting the National Defence Academy exam to select students for admission into the army, air force, and navy. However, the perks, allowances, and other benefits are not the primary motivating factors to join the Indian Defense Services. But, there is good to know that our Indian Government takes care of their professional development and offers reasonable compensation through the NDA exam process.

Soon after the 7th pay commission, the salary of the Naval Armies and National Defense Academy witnessed a significant change in the pay increase. The benefits of the pay start from the training period itself. Currently, the stipend to candidates during the training session is INR 56100. So, in this article, we will take you through the details of the NDA Officer Salary, NDA starting salary, NDA salary per month, and much more. Therefore, go through the article carefully.

nda salary

NDA Salary

Candidates willing to join the Army or Indian Air Force must be curious to know the NDA starting salary. It includes a detailed pay scale, perks, allowances, and monthly NDA salary (in-hand). Thus, the major highlights of the NDA salary are from trainees to different levels. Candidates are selected through the NDA exam and initially paid with a stipend of INR 56100 per month (at the pay matrix of level 10). The payscale is during the three years of the training period.

However, the training session is not treated as commissioned service and arrears because of admissible allowances for the training.

Rank-Wise NDA Salary

Soon after the successful training, the pay in the pay matrix of the officer commissioned is fixed in the first Cell of Level 10. So, here we have provided complete details of the NDA post and salary. Therefore, go through the information carefully.

NDA PostsNDA Salary Pay Scale (per month in INR)
LieutenantINR 56100 to INR 177500/-
CaptainINR 61300 to INR 193900/-
MajorINR 69400 to INR 207200/-
Lieutenant ColonelINR 121200 to INR 212400/-
ColonelINR 130600 to INR 215900/-
BrigadierINR 139600 to INR 217600/-
Major GeneralINR 144200 to INR 218200/-
Lt. General HAG ScaleINR 182200 to INR 224400/-
HAG + ScaleINR 205400 to INR 224400/-
VCOAS, Army CDR, Lt. Gen (NFSG)INR 225000/-
COASINR 250000/-

The fixed salary of Military Service Pay is INR 15500/-. The salary is paid to the officers from Lieutenant to Brigadier.

NDA Salary – Allowances and Perks

Besides the above-mentioned basic salary pay, candidates are offered additional allowances and perks. So, here is the list of the allowances paid to the cadets.

Perks and Allowances OfferedPayable Amount for NDA Salary
Dearness AllowancesIt is admissible to the same rates and under the same conditions as applying to civilian personnel from time to time. 
Kit Maintenance AllowancesINR 20000 annually along with dearness allowances. 
Para AllowanceINR 25000/-
Para Jump Instructor AllowanceINR 10500/-
Special Forces AllowanceINR 25000/-
Project AllowanceINR 3400/-
Para Reserve AllowanceINR 2625/-
Technical Allowance (tier-I)INR 3000/-
Technical Allowance (tier-II)INR 4500/-

Additional Allowances

Based on the rank and posting, the NDA cadets are posted in the field areas and are eligible for the following allowances.

Field Area Allowances

Field Area AllowancesAmount Payable (per month)
Highly active field area allowance – HAFAINR 16900/-
Field Area Allowance – FD AreaINR 10500/-
Modified Field Area Allowance – Mod FD AreaINR 6300/-

High Altitude Allowances

Cadets posted to Siachen get an allowance of INR 42500/- per month. Similarly, the NDA officers posted in the higher altitude region get the following allowances.

LevelsAllowance Payable (per month)
Siachen AllowanceINR 42500/-
Category – IINR 3400/-
Category – IIINR 5300/-
Category- IIIINR 25000/-

Counter Insurgency Allowance

AreaPayable Amount (per month)
Peace AreaINR 10500/-
Field AreaINR 16900/-
Modified Field AreaINR 13013/-

Transport Allowances

LevelHigher TPTA CitiesOther Places
Nine and aboveINR 7200/- + DA ThereonINR 3600/- + DA Thereon

Children Education Allowance

The Children Education Allowance of INR 2250/- per month per child is offered to the two eldest surviving children. However, it applies from nursery to Class 12th.

Hostel Subsidy

An INR 6750/- per month per child is offered to the two eldest surviving children. The hostel subsidy is admissible from the nursery to the 12th class.

Free Ration

The allowances for free rations are applicable for two stages, which are –

  • Defense Officers who are posted in the peace area.
  • Continue in Field Area to all Defence Officers.

Major Points on NDA Salary, Perks, and Allowances

  • The Dearness Allowance is payable per the revised pay scale, which goes up by 50%.
  • Physically challenged personnel are paid at a double rate, with a minimum INR 2250+ dearness allowance.
  • The transport allowance is not permissible to someone who has already been provided with government transport.
  • Higher TPTA cities include Hyderabad, Patna, Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Kozhikode, Kanpur, Ahmedabad, Surat, Bangalore, Ghaziabad, Kolkata, and Kochi.
  • A special facility is provided to the officers in pay level 14 or above entitled to use the office car. These officers can get the car facility and benefits from the government or draw the transport allowance at INR 15750+ dearness allowance.

NDA – Monetary Benefits in Case of Mishap

If any candidate of the National Defense Academy or Indian Navy meets any unfortunate accident, they receive the following benefits in such cases.

Compensation of Disability

  • A monthly ex-gratia amount of INR 9000 per month.
  • Also, an ex-gratia disability award of INR 16200 per month is provided in case of 100% disability.
  • Constance Attendance Allowance of INR 6750 per month for 100% disabled (on the recommendation of Invaliding Medical Board).
  • Lastly, a no-disability award, where the degree of disability is 20%.

Compensation in case of death

  • An Ex-Gratia amount of INR 12.50 lacs is paid to the NOK.
  • Ex-Gratia amount of INR 9000 per month is paid to the NOK.
  • In addition, the ex-gratia awards to cadets (direct) or NOK is sanctioned based on eligibility, and the same is not treated as a pension for any purpose.

Insurance Policies

While receiving the NDA salary, several insurance policies can benefit the cadets in various ways. They are as follows –

  • Army Group Insurance Fund – It is a compulsory contributory group scheme that provides insurance cover of INR 15 Lacs on the one-time non-refundable premium of INR 6400 for three years paid from the date of joining NDA till completion of training.
  •  For less than 20% disability, only an ex-gratia grant of INR 50000 for the initial year of training. In addition, 1 lac during the last year of training will be paid.
  • For officers with more than 20% disability, an ex-gratia amount of INR 50000 (in the initial year of training) and 1 Lac during the last year of training will be paid.

NDA – Promotion Opportunities

Candidates who have opted for the Indian Defense Services get promotions based on their performance and years of service. Hence, here is a list of all designations offered during the promotions.

Minimum Service Required for the promotionIndian ArmyNavyIndian Air Force
On being commissionedLieutenantSub LieutenantFlying Officer
After two years of serviceCaptainLieutenantFlight Lieutenant
After six years of serviceMajorLt. CommanderSquadron Leader
13 years of serviceLt. ColonelCommanderWing Commander
On selectionColonel CaptainGroup Captain
26 years of serviceColonel (time scale)Captain (time scale)Group Captain (time scale)
On selectionBrigadierCommodoreAir Commodore
Promotion on selectionMajor GeneralRear AdmiralAir-Vice Marshal
On selectionLieutenant GeneralVice AdmiralAir Marshal
On SelectionGeneralAdmiralAir Chief Marshal

NDA Retirement Benefits

After retirement from the respective designation, one gets their pension, gratuity, and casualty pensionary award with the rules in force from time to time. A leave policy is also applicable, following the rules from time to time and after retirement.

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What is the salary after NDA?

The NDA starting salary offered to the candidates during the training session is INR 56100 per month. However, besides the fixed salary, the officers receive various perks and allowances, such as high altitude allowance, field area allowance, free rations, counter-insurgency allowance, children’s education allowance, hostel subsidy, etc. In addition, a dearness allowance is payable per the revised pay scale that goes up by 50%. In addition, disability cadets also get additional benefits in specific crises. However, the salary varies for each post.

Which is the highest paid post in NDA?

The highest pay scale in the NDA post is INR 250000 (2.5 Lacs). The paid amount is offered after reaching the highest post in the Army, Navy, and Air Force as the necessary amount. The fixed salary of Military Service Pay is INR 15500/-. The compensation is paid to the officers, from Lieutenant to Brigadier. In addition, based on the rank and posting, the NDA cadets are posted in the field areas and are eligible for various allowances and perks.

Which is better, IAS or NDA?

Well, each of them is unique and respectable in its way. However, according to the experts, the comparisons can be made through specific situations. For example: If a candidate wants a better family life with responsibilities towards the nation, then IAS is the best-recommended job. On the other hand, if an applicant wants a better professional life, then opting for NDA services is the best. Thus, both contribute to the nation equally.