NABARD Salary: Grade A Officer Pay Scale, Perks & Allowances 2024

February 21, 2024
nabard grade a salary

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD full form) is a government body that conducts the NABARD Grade A exam 2024. The aspiring candidates must clear three phases to qualify as NABARD Grade A officers recruitment 2024. Understanding the job profile in detail would help candidates make an informed career choice. The NABARD salary Grade A officer is around Rs 67,000 per month. It is a central government job that comes with various benefits and perks.

Candidates preparing for the NABARD Grade A Recruitment 2024  must regularly check the official website  of NABARD Bank or news for the latest NABARD Grade A notifications 2024.

So, to help aspiring candidates, this article will discuss the NABARD Grade A salary in detail, benefits, and career growth.

nabard grade a salary

Understanding the NABARD Salary: Grade A Officer Salary Structure 2024

The NABARD assistant salary is around Rs 67,000. This figure includes various heads like basic pay, Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Family Allowance, Special Allowance and more.

The NABARD Grade A officer job details includes to works on agricultural and rural development programmes mandated by the central and state governments. They carry out tasks assigned by the Chief General Manager of RO.

After standard deductions, approximately the NABARD salary of Grade A officer rounds off to Rs. 58,733.

Let’s now look at the detailed breakdown of the NABARD Grade A salary.

Basic Pay of Nabard Grade A officerRs 28,150
Dearness allowance (DA) in NABARD SalaryRs 27,154
LCA (CCA)Rs 1,408
Grade allowanceRs 6,000
Special allowanceRs 1,625
LCA (FA)Rs 1,126
Special Perq. allowanceRs 2,323
TotalRs 67,786
DeductionsRs 9,053
NABARD Grade A in-hand salaryRs 58,733

The NABARD Grade A in-hand salary slip contains the details of the above heads and more.

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Benefits & Allowances in NABARD Grade A Salary

A NABARD officer salary (Grade A officer) is provided with different allowances, perks and benefits for their service. Let’s look at them in brief.

NABARD Allowances

  • Dearness allowance.
  • Local compensatory allowance.
  • Grade allowance.
  • Special allowance.
  • Special Perq. Allowance.

Perks and Benefits included in NABARD SALARY 2024

  • Leave Travel Concession (LTC) is provided once every two years.
  • Book grant.
  • Newspapers, magazines, and journals.
  • Internet
  • Telephone allowance.
  • Pension.
  • Loans at affordable rates like housing, education, vehicle or personal loans.
  • Medical facilities for individuals and the family.
  • Government quarter facility at some job locations.

NABARD Grade A Job Profile

  • The Grade A officers are below the Grade B officers. Therefore, the salary of NABARD Grade A officers is comparatively less than Grade B Officers.
  • The Grade A officers are appointed as Assistant Managers. They are assigned to different departments in NABARD as per their skills. Grade A officer NABARD  posts and salary varies accordingly.
  • Some of the posts held by NABARD Grade A officers include:
    • Rural Development Banking Service.
    • Protocol & Security Officer.
    • Rajbhasa service.
  • The Grade A Assistant Managers report to the Chief General Manager of the regional NABARD office.
  • The NABARD Grade A officers serve two years probationary period after joining. NABARD may choose to extend it based on the candidates’ performance.

Let’s look at the job responsibilities of a NABARD Grade A officer:

  • The Grade A officer has to work on different government policies and programmes in agriculture and rural development.
  • The Chief General Manager assigns their tasks.
  • The officer’s responsibilities extend to all the banking and government duties related to rural development and agriculture. Multi-tasking is part of the job responsibilities.
  • The officer can get posted to any part of India. However, due to HR policies, officers are not given postings in their home states.

Career Development & Promotions

With increased experience, officers are entitled to job promotions and increments after their NABARD starting salary for Grade A officers. Let’s look at the different ranks that an officer can expect to get promoted to in the hierarchy:

  • Manager.
  • Assistant General Manager.
  • Deputy General Manager.
  • General Manager.
  • Chief General Manager.
  • Executive Director.
  • Director.


The NABARD salary per month for Grade A officer is around Rs 67,000. However, besides the salary, an officer can enjoy different perks and benefits. Different benefits include DA, LCA, LTC, Medical coverage, telephone, internet, books, special allowance, etc. Moreover, since this is a Central Government job, job security is one of the most significant advantages.

With increased experience and years of service, the NABARD Grade A Salary includes promotions, allowances & perks  to various levels within the hierarchy. If they perform well, the officers can expect to be promoted to Director.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

What is the starting salary of NABARD Grade A?

The starting salary of the NABARD Grade A officer is around Rs 67,000/month. There would be some deductions as per government regulations.

Which is the highest post in NABARD?

The post of Chairman is the highest in NABARD. The current Chairman is Mr Shaji K V.

What is NABARD Grade B salary?

The NABARD Grade B salary is around Rs 79,905/month. The final in-hand salary is around Rs 63,473/month.