Best KPSC Books to Prepare - List of Subject-wise important books

November 20, 2023
kpsc books

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

KPSC KAS Exam 2022 requires all candidates should have the top books. The best books to use in the exam assist applicants in passing the prelims exam, main exam, and interview round.

  • The dates of the KAS Exam for 2022 have not yet been released by KPSC. Candidates should begin preparation in the interim by using the top helping Books.
  • The exam candidates can use this period to study for the test. There will be three stages to the exam: the preliminary, the major, and the interview. These stages cover SSLC-level studies mostly centered on general knowledge and foreign languages.
  • The questions in the optional topic part of the KAS Exam will be on the candidates’ areas of specialization.
  • Here is a selection of the top KPSC KAS books, including those for the main exams and the interview, to help the candidate prepare for the wide range of themes and topics covered in the exam. Candidates can use the list to find the top books that would enable them to succeed in the exams.

We have gone into greater detail about the KPSC KAS Books for the next exam in the article below. Therefore, interested applicants should learn more about the best books counseled by professionals to pass the preliminary, main, and interview rounds.

kpsc books

KPSC KAS – Top Books to use in Preliminary exam

Two papers make up the KAS Prelims exam:

  • State Affairs
  • Humanities in General

The following are the greatest books the candidate can read to prepare for the 2022 preliminary exam.

  • For General Studies – Arihant’s GK 2020. It will provide in-depth information on both national and international events. For many more practice questions, the candidate can also use the book from Disha.
  • For GK – Lucent’s book is adequate. Due to its popularity and yearly updates, it is widely recommended. Politics, literature, science, and other disciplines are all included.
  • For Humanities – NCERT books for the diverse and concise information in the humanities.
  • For Indian Politics – Laxmikant’s book on Indian politics has clear notes specifically tailored for KPSC exams.

KPSC KAS 2022- The Top Books to use in the Mains Exam

The table below lists the main books for 9 papers for the exam. 2 of them are language-related, and the other 7 are focused on general topics and elective courses, according to the KPSC KAS Syllabus. The finest books for the Mains Exam can be found in the sections below:

General Studies 1Modernised IndiaSpectrumImportant details after every topic that aid in revisionTopics are grouped into groups.
 Past of the state of KarnatakaPhalakshaA thorough chronology of Karnataka.Two volumes have been split up for the student’s convenience.
General Studies 2KarnatakaPhalakshaIncludes details on society and political climate of Karnataka.
 India’s PolityLaxminathComprehensive knowledge of Indian politics.
 India’s GeographyNCERTeasily accessiblestraightforward details with facts and additional crucial material underlined
General Studies 3India’s EconomyRamesh SinghCreated for the Indian Civil Services Examinations.
 Administration for the PublicLaxminathA lengthy survey to aid pupils in preparing for the competitive exams.
General Studies 4EthicsG Subba RoyThe ideal guide for individuals making their first effort.Case studies are used to illustrate certain points.
 Ethics in govt.Ramesh K AroraProvides information about the abuses that afflict India’s govt.
 Glossaries for Integrity, Ethics, and SkillChronicle PublicationsInstructs applicants on how to approach the cases ethically.Detailed knowledge of general management.

KPSC Books to use in Interview

The candidate should use these books for interview topics for the KPSC KAS Exam 2022.

  • Geographical texts include Physical Geography by Dr. Ranganath and Karnataka Geography by GC Leong.
  • History: Samagra Bharatha written by K. Sadashiv or any of the class XI and XII NCERT books for Indian chronology.
  • D. Basu and PS Gangadhar’s Indian Politics.
  • Dr. Ranganath and VS SomaShekar, environmental and ecological studies.

KPSC Preparation tips

The following KPSC preparation advice can help the candidate pass the KAS Exam 2022 effectively and without much difficulty:

  • Review frequently and as per the exam’s actual syllabus.
  • Observe a schedule
  • Solve several exam series, old articles, and exercise problems.
  • Leave no subject unattended.

Take breaks and quick naps between study sessions to reduce stress.


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