10 Proven Ways to Make Money Online in India


Earning money has always been associated with going out of the house and earn money in offline mode. That was a time when only a very few people had access to the internet. But now, the world is changing. Almost every person in India has a good internet connection. People have switched to online mode for their business, tuitions, marketing, promotion, and sales. This pandemic in 2020 has given us many ways to make money online in India.

The school and college students are affected by this pandemic the most. They are the ones who should know how to deal with this situation and how to earn money from home. This article is not only for the students but for the housewives who want to have an income of their own, for retired professionals who are having a hard time adjusting at their homes without a job in hand, and simply for those who want to quit their 9-5 jobs and spend more time with their families. Basically, it is for anyone who is in need of money and wants to know what are the best ways to make money online in India.

Proven ways to make money online in India

There are numerous ways to make money online in India and it is not as complicated as it seems. You cannot expect to earn a huge amount of money in the beginning, it may take many years for you to reach a regular income level. So it is advisable that adopting ways to make money online in India should be kept as a part-time thing, especially in the beginning.

ways to make money online in india
September 1, 2021
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Table of Contents

YouTube channel and podcasting

YouTube is a platform where you can showcase your skill best cooking, gaming, video editing, and memes making anything! For this, all you need to do is create a YouTube channel, make a video, and post it on your channel. If you are a traveler, you can post videos of exotic locations sharing your experiences and tips. Foodies, can post about different food locations. Gym freaks,  can post their workout schedules and tips. If people start liking you and you gain a good number of likes and subscribers you will get paid based on every thousand views.

Just like YouTube, you can showcase your talent by hosting podcasts if you are not comfortable in posting videos. You can talk about science, meditation, political issues, horror stories, etc.

For this, you need to find your interest and skill, grow an audience, and then find and connect with sponsors. Some apps for podcasts are – BuzzSprout, PodBean, and Transistor.

The difficult part of YouTube and podcasts is attracting an audience. You must know how to market your channel and how to extend the reach of your product. Finding an audience is difficult but if you are talented and likable, you’re all good to go.


Freelancing sites help you in making a large network. It is the most popular platform to earn money online because of its diverse options. Along with your core skill, you need to be good at marketing too to make yourself a good profile.

You can sell your grammatical and editing skills on the platform like Elance, outfiverr, freelancer. For editing, you must remember that in the beginning, you will have to work with different editors and get an idea of the skills required for the job, and then you will be ready to find the right gig for yourself. It includes photo editing, web editing, manuscript editor, script editor, copy editor, and assistant editor.

For proofreading, it requires somewhat the same skillset as an editor but the career paths are distinct. If you are new, then it is advised to first get a good idea about how it works and get a proofreading course. Apps – Proofread Anywhere

Become a Subject Matter Expert

You can become a subject matter expert at Chegg India. There are subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, nursing, engineering(related), accounting, finance, statistics, etc. Choose the subject of your expertise and you can solve questions for students and earn for every question.

Working hours are flexible. You can work any time for any number of hours. The more you spend time, the more you can earn. In your initial days, it may take you a while to understand the format and how and when to solve questions. But as you keep working with it, you learn that there is a high potential in this work to make money online in India. Just remember that you will have to stick to guidelines and answer the questions with accuracy. All you need to do is sign up and get yourself registered, clear the online subject tests and guidelines test, get your documents verified, and start answering the questions!


People generally blog as a hobby. It is a platform where you can share your thoughts and talk about your experiences.

But, it has the potential to become a career option. All you need to have is something interesting to talk about and an idea on how to express your views.

There are two ways to do so

a) If you can afford and willing to invest, you’ll have to spend around Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 per year on your domain name and server hosting

b) If not, you can take help from sites like WordPress, and you can start a self-hosting blog.

Sponsored posts

Are you a social media freak and have so many followers? If yes, then this thing is for you. You can boost the popularity of products and get paid by the company. Since the competition is rising, companies are coming up with innovative ideas to reach out to more and more consumers. Social media influencing is one of the ideas they have come up with. You will need to post about the product on your social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to influence people and gain more and more views.

Creativity and consistency are the two most important skills you must-have for this field. So you need to stay active and interact with your followers on a regular basis.


If you are an expert in any field and have the potential to counsel people, you can start counseling online and get paid. You need to keep your core skill sharp and your name out in the market.

By consulting, you will be able to sharpen your own skills too. Moreover, engaging in the online consulting business will enhance your marketing skills as you will be selling your profile on different platforms. You can set up a website describing your work in detail, your past experience, and recommendations from former clients.

You can update your LinkedIn profile from time to time and add relevant details about your work and experience.

Language translations

This is for those who are comfortable with two or more languages. Many people who do not have enough time and knowledge take the help of websites to do their work. Websites

like upwork.com, worknhire.com, fiverr.com hire people like you to translate their data from one language to another. You can be paid around Rs 1 to Rs 5 per word. It can go up to Rs 10 for some languages which are more in demand.

Moreover, languages other than English like German, French, Chinese, Spanish are in high demand.

Game reviews

If you are too much into gaming and are willing to spend some time and energy in analyzing games, this can be a part time earning money source for you. Play games – review – earn money. It is as simple as that. But, it does require significant time and energy. Most tests are time-limited and project-based. In the beginning, you can earn around $20 to $50 per hour but you can reach as high as $50,000 per year. It all depends on your work and skills. You can refer to the keywords Studio app for this purpose.

Attending online surveys

It is one of the best ways to make money online in India. You need to find the right platform and spend a lot of time. Individual surveys take around 20 to 30 minutes and you are free to take as many as you want. It will not provide you a lot of money, but if you are free, it can become your side income source.

Some of the apps for this purpose are Survey Junkie, Opinion Outpost, and Swagbucks.

Google Adsense

There are ads everywhere, from websites to YouTube channels for no good reason. If you have a website/channel/blog, you can make very good use of Google Adsense. You need to sign up for a Google Adsense account. The Google do the rest of the job. It will track your number of views, traffic, and earnings on your behalf. The amount you will earn from Adsense will depend

on your website’s reach and a number of views. There are many ways to monetize this which you can learn from YouTube channels. Meanwhile, this is genuine among other ways to make money online in India.

Final Thought

Above were the 10 proven ways to make money online in India. Therefore, earning money is a time and energy-consuming process. You must remember that there is no shortcut to earn money. Also, in the beginning, these ways are not full-time businesses. Start it as part time work and once you have spent some time on these platforms, become habitual to the new way, you will be able to see the right potential and can start it as a full-time business.

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