Best 5 Work from Home Jobs for Women


Around the corner, the world has come on the internet. With the ease of accessing the world, the ease of earning money has also increased. You can simply look out for online jobs or just start with some business ideas for women. And the best thing about online work from home jobs for women is that it does not need any investment. You can simply sit at home and make use of your minimum skill and free time. This will help you to earn that extra inch so that you don’t have to ask for money to tick off your Wishlist.

Though these work from home jobs opportunity comes with the silver lining of no investment, one thing to be kept in mind is to avoid scams. And the best way to know about genuine work from home jobs for women is through research. With an adequate amount of research, you will know where you should invest your time and skills. And whether the remotely available job you’re doing is fit for you or not.

List of Work From Jobs for Women

Following is a list of jobs in which you can work from home jobs for women without investing anything. These jobs can work for women especially mothers, who find it difficult to make time for themselves out of their busy schedule.

work from home jobs for women
January 19, 2022
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Table of Contents

Content Writing

Writing is the most basic element which we use in our day to day life. With the emergence of online platforms, there is a hype of content creators in the market. Many website developers constantly need a writer who can make their website or webpages interesting. They need creative writers who can enrich their websites with well-versed content.

As a writer, you will be expected to formulate articles, bring in new ideas to create content or maybe report to your seniors who will give you topics to write. These companies have large databases because of which they need to outsource their services. Here they outsource their content and hire writers. These writers need to have a device (laptop/mobile) with an internet connection.

The best thing about work from home jobs for women as a writer is that you don’t need any investment. You can be anywhere in the world, maybe traveling or at home, but you can always work remotely to meet your expenses. All you need to do is assemble your samples and start applying. The plus point here is you don’t need to experience to get a break.

All you need to have:

  • Internet connection
  • Proficiency of the particular writing
  • Ability to write in Search Engine Optimized (SEO) manner
  • Taking care of linguistic and grammatical

Content creation can be for any type of writing. This means you can write for creative content and technical content as well. All you need to do is a lot of research before diving into the topic. And of course, the ability to write. Depending upon your speed and the need of your client you can write about 1500- 2000 words in a day or two. The best aspect of writing jobs especially for women is that it does not demand any particular work hours. It is a time-flexible and skill-oriented job without any investment.

Potential earnings: Beginners earn Rs 8,000-Rs 10,000 per month. Experienced content writers can earn Rs 20,000-Rs 25,000 per month.


Blogging is the best pick for you if you don’t want any middleman. You can straightaway go and start blogging. Now, what is blogging? Blogging is like maintaining an online journal about things you do or you want to share. It could be related to food or going places or motivational life lessons. The key to becoming a blogger is patience.

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money without any investment. But before thinking to opt for this option. Take note that it is not for people who want quick results. It could take some time to popularize your blog so that it fetches you some money. Most of the unestablished bloggers may make zero money if they just tend to write. But at that the same time there are a lot of potential writers who captivate the audience through their content and make it a source of income.

While deciding to take blogging as a work from home jobs for women, you must know there are other ways also to monetize this opportunity. When opting to write a blog you can earn money by affiliate marketing that is selling affiliate products, posting advertisements, or by freelancing also.

The best thing about blogging is you don’t need any start-up capital or investment. There is no need to worry at all if it is a scam. No need to worry about rejections from the employer. All you need to do is present your skill to the target audience. The most frequently used host websites where you can make your blogs are or

Potential earnings: Ads can pay Rs 2,000-15,000 a month for a 2″x2″ space. But it also may vary from the reach and popularity of the blogger.

Virtual Assistant

If you have a spree for organizing and managing things, you can find ways to earn money by using this skill. A virtual assistant is someone who remotely works from home-office and provides all kinds of technical, creative, and administrative assistance. It is one of the best jobs to work from home jobs for women without any investment. It is like a corporate job which can be done from home. All you need to do is manage the client’s aspect of business which they are too busy to manage.

Some of the tasks to manage work includes email correspondence, scheduling appointments, taking or making calls, reading, writing, technical support, creating emails and business documents, managing customer complaints, etc.

The best thing about this job is you may not need any particular qualification to get through the job, all you need to possess is good communication skills and the ability to handle MS office. A multi-tasker is a go-go for this kind of work from home jobs for women.

Why this kind of job is all win-win situation:

  • It just needs a basic necessity: a device with an internet
  • You can work with multiple clients at a time to earn more
  • It does not need any specific qualifications.

Women who have left their studies midway and are looking for opportunities to earn an extra inch while sitting at home are a perfect match for this work at home job.

Potential earnings: The ideal rate ranges between Rs 500-Rs 4,000 on an hourly basis.

Online Tutor

Online tutoring jobs are something that can be done if you have knowledge about the subject and classes or grade you want to teach. Since COVID 19 has changed our lifestyle, people now prefer to take online classes and this will be for a due course of time at least.

Now to make use of the opportunity, if you have a college degree and skills to impart knowledge and tutor students in subjects of your choice then you are perfect fir for the job. Zoom meetings and Skype video calls are a boon to online tutoring.

There are websites that cater to platforms related to online teaching. For example, Chegg India is a website where you can register yourself as a subject expert, answer questions asked by the students, and get paid for every right answer given by you. Since teaching is now no more restricted to classrooms, these online tutoring sessions are helpful for various graduates and undergraduates who are facing a lot of unemployment issues now.

Potential earnings: Beginners can make around Rs 200 per hour, which can increase to Rs 500 as you gain experience and expertise.

Social Media Manager

With the advancement of the internet, the business has also found new ways to advertise themselves. The new age of social media has brought with itself an age where businesses can directly reach their customers. Social media has become a tool for this advancement. And this has brought in the job of Social Media Manager.

The task of a social media manager is to manage all the social media accounts of the business. The best thing which comes with a job is that there is no investment at all. According to Glassdoor, social media managers average $50,473 a year. It is one of the most upcoming fields also.

As work from home jobs for women social media managers, you will be expected to run social media campaigns, and advertisements through websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Working as a social media manager is like working as a marketing professional from home.

All you need to have is creativity to create videos, content, or post to enhance the value of the brand. And keep a regular interaction with your followers by updating the pages regularly. A device with an internet connection and a little know-how about apps.

Potential Earning: According to your experience and work you can earn up to Rs.350- Rs.2000 per hour.

Final Thoughts

Work from jobs is best suitable for women who want to restart their careers. According to a survey, about 84% of women work for their financial independence, and about “Three-fourths of women say they enjoy the work they do, and two-thirds say they enjoy the social aspect of working.” These jobs listed do not need any investment.

There is no commitment of time which makes it easier for mothers to work while staying at home. And this is why around 54% of women who have children below 18 years prefer options of work from home jobs for women. You can work freely according to your schedule juggling other engagements.

The best thing about these jobs is that you don’t need any extra qualifications, any specific degree. You can resume work at any time and anywhere you left without any commitment. Students who need an extra inch to their pocket money and full-time workers who need an extra source of income can try or work from home jobs for women without any investment.

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