How to Make Money in India for Students - Special Edition

October 19, 2022
how to make money in india for students

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We as students of this age face more expenses than our parents did. There is not even a question on how expensive things are nowadays. Take it our internet expense or our routine expense. And thus it becomes necessary for us to earn money online in India. The majority of students outside India work while studying. To pay back their study loans or take care of their everyday expenses.

As a student, it is a dream to earn money while studying. And sometimes that dream remains a dream because of many reasons, be it in terms of investments, the earning potential or for some reason, it might work in India. It would be difficult to make huge expenditures before starting any work, and even more while studying. Students mostly contemplate if they can manage both their studies and a part-time job together. But let me tell you, you can! Time management is a doable and fixable problem. Thus if you find such jobs which does not take much of your time, require no investment, and interest you, Take it!

So, in this article, I bring to you some of the ways of how to earn money online in India. The ways mentioned in this article require less or no investment. Hence, they can be followed by any student easily whether studying at home or far from home.

Why do Students need to Make Money in India?

Students in India and all over the world need to make money. Its importance has been felt very strongly from the past few years with increased expenses. The world is changing and so should be the people with it. There was a time when studying through high school and completing a college graduation degree was enough. But nowadays to get a decent paying job the degrees are left as mere criteria. They require their employees to be more experienced in the outside world of their college. They want the students to be ahead of their time. The most expected skills by employers are communication skills. And extra exposure to the students plays a huge part in this.

According to a survey, students who work while studying in college are found to be more good at adapting to new situations. They can deal with things in a better manner. They can communicate better. Networking as a student becomes easy as a student. Besides all that learning new skills, technical or nontechnical is another advantage. A student learns the value of money. Also learns money management from a very early age. Having money for their extra expenses is just the cherry on the top. Hence if you are a student reading this, take out the chance to earn money online.

Ways on How to Make Money in India

It is imperative for a student to make money while studying. As a student not only helps himself in getting by easily but also learns money management. It was critically harder to earn money online in India in previous years. However, with the popularity and easy reach of the internet, it has become easier for students. The scope of earning money online in India is very vast. But unfortunately, most people do not know about them. Students nowadays can try out various non-traditional ways. These ways help in earning money online in India without letting the students miss out on their studies.

Blogging or Vlogging

Some people are good at learning while some have good oratory skills, but if you love writing and are good at it, then this option is best suited for you. Who had ever thought that expressing yourself could be a good source of income if you think you are good at it then here is your first option on how to make money in India for students.


With vlogging you don’t need that expensive equipment, all you might need is a smartphone or an affordable DSLR but smartphones can do the work. And some basic knowledge of editing but these days you have apps that can do half the work for you.

You can start your vlogging career with YouTube and earn money by posting related ads on your videos, or through some sponsored content.


Writing a blog can also be used as a passive income generating stream. You can create your blog with a click of a few buttons using popular forums like blogger, WordPress, etc. these forums can help you write/ post blogs, all you need to do to be a blogger is to possess basic computer skills, and start earning by setting up a Google AdSense account wherein the advertisements appear on the blogger’s website.

To start a blog you first need to find the target audience who would be willing to read your blog, once you’ve decided about who is to be targeted, then the need for a domain arises which is fulfilled by forums like WordPress, Blogger, etc. we can freely host on these forums and then you can start writing blogs, once after writing about 30-40 articles you can expect to have a good amount of traffic on your blog. This option is a bit time-consuming but is worth the wait and is best for earning.

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Earning through Survey Sites

I can expect that you might be done with your exams and that now have loads of time to waste upon. So why not use that time and do some surveys for the companies and earn some money online?

Well yes, you can earn money online by doing surveys, many companies need the user’s opinion for the client before they launch their product. This profile is best suited for students and housewives and can be a good source of online income.

You can earn up to $5 per survey completed and even more if you are the targeted audience.

Machine Learning Expert

It is another way through which you can learn how to make money in India for students and earn money online. You need to create bots and code them with some algorithms to make them perform tasks that would apparel the client’s needs. All you need to do is register yourself as a designer or a coder on websites like Upwork and look for clients who need bots for various platforms like for their website, a discord server, or even for some personal projects. This could be a means to earn part-time and are good for students for covering up their pocket money.

Become an Online Tutor

You can help people learn new skills in return you can also earn. Well, Chegg India is one best example for such means as you can help as an expert in subjects like Business strategies, Engineer, Science, Mathematics, etc with each subject having its own sub-branch, in this way you can help other students learn as well in return you can earn up to ₹ 500 per lesson. These websites not only help you teach but also help you to learn as well. Thus, it could be considered to be an option to earn money online while you are learning the same language and have others practice it as well giving you an advantage.

This is also a budding option as it aims at teaching new skills to others as well as help you earn a good amount of money. Chegg is an online platform that gives knowledge to hundreds of students outside the classrooms. Thus they put their students first and takes care of their online tutors or should I say subject matter experts too. Chegg pays their subjects matter experts according to the number of answers they provide. It not only helps the students but also the subject matter experts. As a subject matter expert, it broadens your knowledge horizon. You get an active income according to the work you have done. Thus it becomes a very attractive option to earn money online in India for students. The registering to it is very simple and can be done easily.

How to get started?

  • Get yourself registered
  • Take a subject test
  • Adhere to the guidelines
  • Take a guidelines test
  • Upload your documents for document verification.

This is also a budding option as it aims at teaching new skills to others as well as help you earn a good amount of money.

Online Selling

Online selling is a practical option for those who want to earn money online and is one of the easiest earning options. In this option, a person involves himself with e-commerce to sell the goods and services to the end-user. They are commonly known as the customer.

Well, what is online selling?

The most practical way of online selling is through an e-commerce marketplace. The term appears to be heavy but it is not, it is so simple that even a kid can set up his own business. The e-commerce marketplace involves a person selling his or her products or services on e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, and many more which are third-party sellers. Therefore it is one of the practical options to earn money easily. One of the best ways to set up an e-commerce business online.

The setting up of the online selling business is fast and very simple. You just need to register yourself as a retailer with those third-party e-commerce websites which were earlier discussed, and boom, you are ready, ready to get yourself customers who might be interested in buying products or the services you produce.

User Testing Partner

You can work as a user testing partner to many companies like cisco, user testing, and earn a large sum of money online. It is a good opportunity to earn about ₹ 12000 per month.

This job does not require much all you have to do is provide the company with the details like your PAN details as well as your bank account details and ADHAAR card as identity proof. And a good experience in coding.

Content Writer

In this option, you can earn money online by writing your novels on platforms like Wattpad, and publish them as e-books, and for the rest of all you have to generate some level of pre-order so that your write-up could be purchased. And later you can earn about ₹100 as profit per e-book that’s been sold to the readers.

You can even write content for companies and can earn up to ₹500 per article you write.

Become An App or Website Developer

You can start your projects and develop an application upon it. You can also upload it on various startup websites and be backed up on your projects. All you need is skills and experience in coding with a knack for understanding how the consumer thinks.

Later when that application is booming you can sell that application and can make millions.

Investment in Crypto-currencies

Note: do not think of the option if you do not possess any knowledge about what cryptocurrency is and how it functions.

You can either purchase or earn cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Etherum, etc. at lower prices in the market. You can later sell them when their prices are high. Though it requires high speculation but might be worth the wait for you. But first, you need a clear perception of whether it will work for you or not else you can suffer huge losses.


Here’s another best and easier option than the above one which can help you earn money online. The option is known as Dropshipping. In this option where the store does not directly keep the product with itself in places. Like in warehouses where the products are stored in bulk. But, instead, the store sells that product by purchasing that item from a third party. You can ships it directly to the consumer.

Also in this business option, the retailer is not concerned about the quality or the handling of the product. This is one of the best practical options to earn online. All you might need is a Shopify account, a website, a supplier( you can contact several suppliers on Alibaba). And the Shopify account handles the rest.

Write Subtitles/ Captions for Videos

Subtitles and captions are used in movies, T.V. shows, YouTube videos, etc., and for many videos, there aren’t any subtitles available. So this has now developed into a profession where you transcribe the entire video and get paid for it.

The more time you spend on converting it into text the more is your salary. In this way, you can earn up to ₹ 25000 for converting 5 hours of video. It is a very easy option among the list of how to make money in India for students. You can instantly start by registering yourself on websites like rev, etc.

Student Photographer

If you are good at taking pictures and know the concepts as well as the functioning of the ISO, shutter speed. You got a simple solution on how to make money in India for students earning money online.

You can post an online ad for the requirements of a photographer, or contact people for collaborations/pictures for events. Or else you can upload them on websites like Unsplash, Freepik, etc. as stock photos and generate revenue over them.

Local Jobs in the Area

You can search for local jobs for college students like typing, ordering and arranging things, cleaning, etc. in your area. The local newspapers are the best source of finding one. But if you have the confidence to direct asking about the positions available it might be the opener for positions.

In the beginning, it might be a difficult one which is decent but with experience, you might get one that helps handle your student expenses.

Freelancing on Fiverr

This job can be a great answer to the question, how to make money in India for students.  it is very helpful in terms of time flexibility as one can work on his/her timings. All you have to do is to register yourself on platforms like Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, etc. It would be your virtual workspace where you can easily create your account for free and start earning easily.


It was last summer that friends started their startup in the college hostel. They sell food to the students at night and during exams. That was the time their business was at a stage of boom. You could even do such kind of businesses or even better like creating decorative crafts and selling them online/offline. You can have your bakery and sell your goods online and offline. Therefore, it is a good way for earning money online.

Improve Family Business

If your family has a business and kind of deals in retails and wholesale. So you can register their business with services like Shopify or amazon seller services. This can prove to be a very helpful in creating a larger reach.

If you think of maintaining it for a longer period then I would suggest setting up a website. And you can run the entire e-commerce business online.

Social Media Designer

Do you love fiddling with new crafts and designs? Well, this option might be the one who understands what designing is really about. This option can help you discover how to make money in India for students. You can earn money online without any difficulty. Also up to ₹ 3000 for 15 posts you design, that is you earn about ₹200 per post, crazy right. Even I didn’t believe it in the beginning but this option is legit.

What all you need to do is to register yourself as a curator on websites like dribble or ping different social media pages. Various artists on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit can be approached. The rest of your job is just about creating posts and thumbnails online.

In the beginning, you can use apps like Canva to create posts and later can switch to heavy elements creating software like Adobe illustrator, Vectornator, photoshop, and so on.


A translator is a person who translates different documents, letters, subtitles, mails, or files in some other language. There are many companies out there who pay a decent amount of money for this work. They want to hire young people who can translate their documents and make their work easy. They are willing to pay you for this. So if you are bilingual or are studying a different language in your college or school, you should definitely try out for this.

Although you need to aware of the fraudulent sites that can con you by not paying you. Do not accept any job that requires registration fees. As mostly theses type of jobs is fraudulent.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also known as grapevine marketing or word of mouth marketing. Grapevine marketing is a method of marketing in which companies and people market their products through people to people.

How to make money in India with affiliate marketing?

This kind of marketing is done offline and online. It helps people especially students to earn money online in India. They promote a traceable web link on their websites, social media sites and blogs etc. The person involved get the payment according to the number of sales of the product through the web link.

Students can apply for it on various sites like Flipkart, Ajio, Amazon, Myntra etc. They all have an option called “affiliate”. Just sign up as an affiliate and get access for every product available. And it is done. Every sale through your web link will bring you commission.

Data Entry

Data entry jobs are the best jobs for sitting at home and earning extra bucks for student. All it requires is penchant for accuracy and some qualitative skills. Organizing skills also come in handy with this type of job.  It usually goes like this, you receive a email, or a link to the data and its source. The you are given a set of instructions. And all you have to do is follow the instructions and do the work that is required.

Final Thought

Anyone can get a job but a job that gives the level of quality of satisfaction is very few. You need to invest in yourself by doing courses and have experience in how things work. This will not only boost your confidence but also improve your skills. These are some of the options that might help you learn how to make money in India for students and earn online with the flexibility of working at your own leisure.

Thus, a student should always try on new things. So that it increases the skills and improves personality. As with the growing reach of the internet earning money online for a student has become very simple. Therefore, students should take advantage of this bundle of opportunities presented to them. It will only help them with their present and future prospects.

You can either choose to do nothing when in college or to take up new experiences. Trying out new things and persevering your interests and talents will always be a plus point for your career. It will nurture your personality, mental capabilities, and skills.

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