Scope of Subject Matter Expert Jobs in India

March 18, 2024
subject matter expert jobs

Quick Summary

  • Delve into the promising landscape of subject matter expert positions in India.
  • Must-Have Qualities For a Subject Matter Expert include deep expertise, clear communication, analytical prowess, and adaptability.
  • The scope of Subject Matter Expert Jobs in India spans across education, healthcare, information technology, and finance sectors.
  • Subject Matter Expert Roles and Responsibilities include research and analysis, guidance and support, content development, and team collaboration.
  • Becoming a subject matter expert offers recognition, career growth, influence, and personal fulfilment.

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One who is perfect in this imperfect world is who you can call a Subject Matter Expert. Yes, you read that right!

Subject Matter Experts are professionals having an advanced understanding of a particular field/subject. They are ideally qualified to provide directions and strategies related to their domain. These experts are not just confined to the academic field, as one can see these experts in different sectors.

It is notable that here ‘subject’ can be anything. So, a subject matter expert can be an expert on a job, function, department, process, material, software solution, piece of equipment, historical information, etc.

In today’s dynamic world, where technological advancements are happening every now and then, numerous subject matter expert jobs are available. While one can be academic assistance, the other may seek them out to meet difficulties or solve specific crises.

Therefore, the SME role is not just limited to a school, college, or university, as it may sound, but also covers company opportunities. A few examples of subject matter expert jobs are:

  • The Data Management Specialist helps understand the extraction and formation of data for a project.
  • The Social Media Marketing Expert can strategise the social media campaign for a brand.

Must-Have Qualities For a Subject Matter Expert

For a person looking for the subject matter expert online jobs, the following are the must-have qualities one must possess:

  • The person should have extensive education and rigorous training in their chosen field to be an expert. Having a strong educational background with considerable work experience and professional competencies is important.
  • Having a strong background alone will not help in making the cut for online subject matter expert jobs. One also needs analytical skills and an innovative mindset to give unique solutions to complicated issues.
  • Another essential quality is being passionate about the subject. It is the advanced knowledge and its application that makes them an expert. Therefore, to continue to be one, he/she needs to have passion.

Scope of Subject Matter Expert Jobs in India

In today’s world, where everyone relies on online technology, there is a huge scope of subject matter expert jobs in India. Moreover, they have the leverage to work in both the public and private sectors. For instance, working as per their preferences, at a decent monthly income, depending on their level of expertise and experience.

Therefore, being a subject matter expert is an extremely reliable and profitable profession one can go for.

Career Growth Opportunities for a Subject Matter Expert

One can avail a lot of opportunities by becoming a subject matter expert and working for a few hours daily. Moreover, with the freedom to work in the sector of their choice, one can gain a lot of experience and income.

Some of the sectors with plenty of subject matter expert jobs are:

  • Computer technology
  • Health
  • Law
  • Education
  • Accounting
  • Public Affairs
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Customer service

Moreover, there are multiple opportunities after becoming a subject matter expert, as one is not constrained to any one type of work. They can answer queries, offer advice, and write books. For instance, SMEs from the technical sectors like digital technologies concentrate on developing and providing advice on technology innovations to an industry’s difficulties.

A Part-time Job that Pays like Full-time

Job Description for Subject Matter Expert

The job description is completely subjective and depends upon the company, and niche one is applying for as an expert. However, a basic job description for subject matter expert jobs can be:

  • An exceptional track record in assessing organisational needs and developing technical solutions.
  • Identifying loopholes and suggesting solutions for the same, ensuring constant growth personally and professionally.
  • Assessing the needs and suggesting appropriate technical solutions to the issues. They might also need to supervise software solutions’ creation, evaluation, and application.
  • Enhancing organisational effectiveness using their in-depth and updated knowledge.

Subject Matter Expert Roles and Responsibilities

The role of SME is to ensure that all the facts and particulars are accurate, keeping them in line with the expected standard. Though the SME’s roles and responsibilities are completely subjective and are dependent upon the company and niche one is applying for as an expert, these typically involve:

  • Examining the processes to ensure optimum technique is adopted.
  • Communicating the performance and developing information for particular organisational processes (if any).
  • Transforming and breaking down complex issues and problems into something that is more easily understood.
  • Developing and improving procedures to assist the organisation in enhancing consistency.
  • Helping the leadership team integrate their beliefs into the strategic vision.
  • Recommending hardware, applications, and infrastructural facilities for growth and innovation.

Who Can Become a Subject Matter Expert?

The position is open to all. A freelancer, a teacher, a university student, a homemaker, or even an entrepreneur is eligible for subject matter expert jobs. But you do need a command of the subject matter with a strong educational background in the same.

Whether Full-time or Part-time?

The subject matter expert jobs work from home can be done full-time as well as part-time.

If you hold a permanent job, you can utilise your free time each week as an expertHowever, if you are working as a full-time subject matter expert, you need to devote at least 10 hours a day to honing your skills and serving to the best of your potential.

It all depends on your capacity to augment your existing income with more income while working as a part-time subject matter expert. However, working as a subject matter expert part-time or full-time usually does not matter until and unless the person is dedicated enough to render the best services.

How much do Subject Matter Experts Earn?

Although there is no fixed salary for subject matter experts, subject matter expert jobs can range from ₹3,00,000 to ₹18,00,000 per year.

It is very important to note here that the salary for a subject matter expert depends on the kind of work a subject matter expert delivers and whether he works part-time or full-time. Full-time subject matter experts often earn more than the average salary, while part-time subject experts manage to earn an average salary with experience.

Benefits of Becoming a Subject Matter Expert

There are multiple benefits for one to consider while applying for the subject matter expert jobs, including:

  • One can work on hourly bases in various companies and earn an extra source of income after becoming a subject matter expert.
  • The experts get to pick the place of work. Whether it is working in an office or at home, they can choose this based on their convenience.
  • Experts interact with people all over the globe due to their subject expertise and advanced knowledge. This increases their ability to perceive a larger picture that enables them to explore new opportunities for themselves.
  • Subject experts not only address the present generation. It subtly contributes to founding new grounds and lines for the future generation, therefore moulding young brains for a brighter vision.

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to admit that there are many opportunities after becoming a subject matter expert.

So, if you are looking for such opportunities, Chegg is hiring for subject matter expert jobs. Hiring subject matter experts for diverse subjects, Chegg operates as an online tutor for students worldwide. Whether homework assistance or online tutoring, expert subject matter experts at Chegg provides solutions to all questions.

Moreover, one can post questions from the comfort of their home. Respective subject experts with high qualifications and expertise can provide answers to the questions. These experts serve as teaching assistants and are available 24*7 to answer questions online.

Who is a Chegg expert?

A person with exceptional proficiency in a particular subject can be a Chegg Expert. There are multiple students from all over the world who are serving as online tutors at Chegg. Therefore, anyone interested in applying for Chegg expert hiring can apply for free.

Chegg employs independent subject matter experts who can respond to questions. These questions are of a particular subject posted by students worldwide and are paid per response! An individual can earn up to INR 80,000 per month if the work is up to the mark.

Available Subjects

Chegg subject matter expert covers the following subjects:

Operations Management
EngineeringCivil Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Computer Science Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Advanced Physics
MathematicsBasic Mathematics
Advanced Mathematics
Other Mathematics
Statistics and Probability
Anatomy and Physiology
Earth ScienceEnvironmental Science

Role of SMEs at Chegg

An SME’s primary responsibility at Chegg is to ensure the accuracy of the answers or information posted or shared by them to the questions related to their area of expertise.

  • When acting as a subject matter expert, SMEs must consider questions from the student’s perspective. Read the questions carefully, research them, and determine precisely what the student is requesting before responding.
  • They are the ones who can make responses engaging and simple. For the students to comprehend answering in their own writing style by including examples, illustrations, diagrams, pictures, and other details.
  • They are actively engaged in creating, evaluating, and using technological solutions.
  • They check to see if solutions satisfy the required specifications.
  • A good subject matter expert’s roles and responsibilities include scheduling productive hours to ensure maximum output.

Subject Matter Expert Registration Chegg India

To register as a subject matter expert with Chegg, follow the below procedure:

1. Sign-Up

Sign-up and fill in the registration details. A person must present:

  • At least two forms of identification, like a student ID card
  • A copy of the diploma or copies of their academic records.
  • Online Screening​

Earn Online with Chegg No Investment Required

Clear the Online Subject and Guidelines Test.

The Subject Test is an MCQ-based test where you are expected to score more than 90%. If you cannot score 90%, you will have another attempt to pass the test.

Q&A Guideline Test is a subjective test where the applicant is tested on how efficiently he/she can answer.

2. Verification​

Once the applicant has passed the screening test, all the documents are verified.

3. Start Answering​

Once the verification process is done, one can start answering as a subject matter expert at Chegg.

If you also enjoy answering questions and want to earn money, sign up and earn for every answer, every time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a subject matter expert do?

Subject matter experts provide businesses with highly specialized knowledge about a particular field, procedure, practice, technical approach, or piece of equipment. Others seek them out to meet challenges or solve specific problems. Their responsibilities will include assessing organizational needs and suggesting appropriate technical solutions.

What is the salary of a subject matter expert?

The average salary for a technical subject matter expert in India is INR 7.1 lakhs, with salaries ranging from 2.7 lakhs to 18.0 lakhs.

How do I become an SME?

To Become an SME, you need to have expertise in a subject matter. Having extensive education and rigorous training with considerable work experience and professional competencies is important to be a subject matter expert.

Is SME a job title?

Professionals with an advanced understanding of a particular field are known as subject matter experts or SMEs. They are ideally qualified to offer direction and strategy since they are an authority in a certain field or subject. So, yes, it can be considered a title.

Is it good to be a subject matter expert?

Being an SME gives you the chance to acquire a new perspective on your subject and interests. They are the ones who know what has happened, what is happening, and probably what might happen. So, yes, it is good to be a subject matter expert.

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