9 Part-Time Business Ideas You Can Start Today


Are you looking for an opportunity to earn? Do you want to have an extra income while doing a job? If yes, then definitely, this blog will help you. If you want to earn extra money, here comes some good news. Informingly, it is possible to earn decent amount of money in your free time. You don’t need to leave your full-time job instead. If you want to start a part-time business, you will be glad to know these best part-time business ideas in India.

Starting a part-time business along with your full-time job can be possible. Even if you are a student, homemaker, or retired person, you can still make it. Besides, part-time businesses take flexible timings. For which most people love to do it. In addition, a little effort along with proper planning can make you earn well.

Further, you can start the business ideas at any time. Not only this, your part-time business can give you more income if you do it with complete dedication. However, part-time businesses have their own set of merits and demerits. To clarify, hard work, proper planning, and the know-how technique are vital here.

Part Time Business Ideas You Can Start Today
May 18, 2022
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Table of Contents

Below are 9 part-time business ideas that can inspire you

1. Photography

Some people want to make their hobby a source of income. Photography is the best option for them. With the touch of modern technology, a photographer can earn well. By using smartphones, one can click awesome photographs. You can follow your passion by enjoying the outdoors. Apart from this, your clients will pay you big.

If you are a professional photographer, you can start with a Studio. Additionally, skilled photographers get orders from their customers regularly. During festive seasons, people search for good photographers. At marriage ceremonies, birthday parties, and various events, the demand for photographers rises. So, you can pick photography as the best part-time business.

Lastly, you can earn money by selling your awesome photographs online. There are different websites where you can get good money by just selling pictures. One other thing, commercial photography stands as the highest paying service in modern days. Here are the tips for chasing which you can get more clients.

  1. It would be best if you properly understood your client’s needs.
  2. Make a portfolio of yours and showcase your skills
  3. Create your online presence by using social media
  4. If possible, take reviews from people about your photography

2. Tuitions

Tuition comes as the best part-time business in today’s world as every child is willing to do well in his studies. Parents are searching for good teachers for their child’s academic growth. In other words, offering tuition will always work. No matter if you are a job holder, student, or a homemaker, you can go for tuition.A

Moreover, by sitting at home, you can get an extra income. But you need to do one thing. It would be best if you had expertise in any subject. Tutoring only requires a good knowledge of a subject. Even you may give online tuition classes. You don’t need to go anywhere. Nowadays, many online platforms exist. If you have potential, then definitely you should go for it.

Moreover, some benefits of choosing tuition as a part-time business include:

  1. Flexible time table
  2. You are the master of your own
  3. Good profit with little investment
  4. You will get clients regularly
  5. Tax-free income
  6. Work from home

3. Salon Service

Nowadays, every person shows interest in grooming. Certainly, today’s youth wants to be fashionable. In metro cities, people give a lump sum amount to salon service providers. So, if you are planning for a part-time business, the salon won’t go wrong. Make-up, hairdressing, and skincare are the things you have to do.

You may take professional training. You have to take a room for opening your salon. Further, in festive seasons, you can earn a huge. However, you need to provide quality service to your customers. There are several ways following which you can attract more clients. Your Salon should have

  1. Honesty principle
  2. A helpful and cooperative staff
  3. All required types of equipment
  4. Social media advertisement
  5. Well maintained hygiene

4. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing stands as the most popular part-time business idea. The demand for digital marketers is increasing. Many companies readily hire candidates for digital marketers to perform tasks. Even a digital marketer can earn at the beginning level. All you want in this part-time business is a laptop. You may get professional courses instead. Things that a digital marketer needs knowledge of include

  1. Email marketing
  2. SEO knowledge
  3. Social media marketing knowledge
  4. Blogs
  5. Video channels

5. Tailoring

Tailoring comes as one of the best part-time businesses in India. If you are looking for an opportunity to earn at home, this business will work. To get high profits, you need to do tailoring courses. If you offer more designs, then your clients will assuredly pay well.

Another thing, every Indian home needs a good tailor for their basic needs. People search for a variety of designer clothes in times of some occasions. Therefore, tailoring as a part-time business will surely work. Following are the advantages of being a tailor.

  1. You will feel low stress
  2. You can work in comfort
  3. Huge income with minimal investment can be possible
  4. Flexible time table
  5. Tailoring as a part-time business will work on all occasions
  6. You don’t need a high degree to start this business
  7. You can work from home as well

6. Content Writing

When you think of the best part-time business ideas, content writing will undoubtedly stand out. If you like writing, then this platform will assuredly build you. To be a content writer, you need to have certain qualities. Good command over writing and reading are the skills that you need. Many business organizations actively hire content writers. Companies also search for them to write for their blogs.

Thorough knowledge of SEO, English language, and grammar can make you a better content writer. However, you must remember some points. To deliver good content, you have to understand your audience first. Instead, doing tasks within a given schedule seems important. Here are the advantages of making content writing your part-time business.

  1. You will be able to get an honourable position in society
  2. Through content writing, one can earn decent money
  3. With a zero investment, you can get more profit
  4. You may get fame if you create good content
  5. You can work from home

7. Tiffin Center

Yes, you can turn your cooking skills into your part-time business. If you want to start a Tiffin Center, you must observe one thing. In other words, you have to note the choice of food of the local people. Keeping this in view, you can sell your food. Students and job holders search Tiffin Centers in their areas regularly. If you serve hygienic and quality food, people crave your servings.

Instead, you can make your Brand. By Tiffin Center, you will be able to earn huge. Before starting it, you may need a valid certificate. Finally, keeping good relationships with your customers also matters. To attract more clients, you should take note of certain things.

  1. Keep your Tiffin Center clean
  2. Appoint skilled Cooks
  3. Maintain healthy relationships with your customers
  4. Serve good quality and hygienic food
  5. Always keep observing people’s liking in the matter of food
  6.  Try to set your Tiffin Center at a prime location so that you can easily get customers

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8. Jewellery Business

If you are interested in Jewelry, then here comes a better option. Starting a Jewelry Shop can be the best part-time business idea. In modern days, people love to wear fashionable jewellery. If you know how to make jewellery items, this platform will help you earn. Similarly, you can showcase your talents and earn huge.

The demand for artificial jewellery Is growing day by day. Women prefer to beautify themselves. Artificial jewellery comes at a low price. These jewellery items look fashionable on all occasions. You can run this business even online. You have to create an online store. But, you have to consider certain things before starting this business. You have to

  1. Maintain good quality
  2. Remain up to date with the latest fashion
  3. Keep all the tools ready for jewellery making
  4. Sell your products in the best marketplace

9. Reselling Business

If you plan to build your part-time business, here comes another opportunity. By staying at home, you can earn good margins. You have to sell new products or unused items in successful marketplaces. You should sell the items which people search for most. Selling products at a reasonable price and getting a good margin are the keys instead.

Another thing, you can create your online store. For getting maximum benefits, you can buy things from wholesalers. You can get a flowing income by selling those items at a reasonable price. With a very small investment, you can grow well. Reselling businesses have a flexible schedule. You can do it at your convenient time with ease.


We may finalize the topic in brief. The part-time business ideas mentioned here can be started at any time. Besides, these businesses are hassle-free. That is to say. If you possess appropriate skills, then you should pick this up. Along with this, most part-time businesses can run well if you operate them wisely.

If you lack funding, you don’t need to worry. You can take a loan too. If you want to become financially free, you can choose any of the above ideas. Above all, you can get great profit if you do it full time. Doing these businesses part-time can also give you a good amount of money. Another thing, it’s totally up to the efforts you put into it—your skills, interests, and hard work matter a lot here.

However, other business ideas also exist. Don’t restrict yourself to these nine part-time business ideas. You can put your creativity and start any new business. All in all, you should keep one thing in mind. Knowing the requirements of people and starting accordingly can give better results.


Q.1 Which part-time business can I start with less money?

Ans. Yes, part-time businesses like Tiffin Center, Tailoring, Content writing, and Tuitions require less or zero investment. So, you can plan to start those ideas if you lack funding. In addition, there are many other part-time-based businesses you can start. By browsing the internet, you may easily find those ideas.

Q.2 Which part-time business carries growth potential in the upcoming days?

Ans. All the mentioned part-time businesses have chances of growth in the future. Your business will grow well if you focus on people’s requirements. The location, people’s preferences, and economy do matter a lot. Apart from this, keeping friendly relationships with your clients will surely give you better opportunities.

Q.3 Can I quit my job to do a part-time business?

Ans. No, you needn’t leave your present job. You can run both your job and your business smoothly. Most part-time businesses are hassle-free. You can start a part-time business with ease. You can start your business in your spare time. After coming from your full-time job, you can do the business at any time.

Q.4 Why do I need to start a part-time business?

Ans. Part-time businesses always hold priority in today’s world. If you want some extra income, it will be a great option. The advantage of part-time businesses is that it is very flexible. You can make your passion an earning source. Not only this, you can do part-time business with ease and comfort. In today’s digital world, everyone wants to be financially free. So, properly doing a part-time business, we may get good extra income.

Q.5 What are the benefits you can get from part-time businesses?

Ans. Following are the benefits of working in a part-time business. You will have

  1. More time to chase other works
  2. New opportunities for your growth
  3. Great earning potential
  4. Hassle-free work
  5. Flexible time table
  6. More time for your family
  7. Low stress



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