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The year 2020 was challenging for every job seeker. There was a significant drop in the employment rate in India. With the upcoming challenges and uncertainty of the Covid situation, it is hard to say how long the employability rate will come to normal. India is again going into a lockdown phase, and people are still recovering from this devastating situation. But this lockdown situation doesn’t mean there is no availability anymore in any field. Every company is shifting to an online paradigm. There is an increase in demands for work from home jobs in India. To get your career started, even in this situation, you need a reputed job search platform. Various best job sites in India can be proved as the best tool in finding your dream job. If you are looking to kick start your career, you have many options for the best job sites in India for freshers. Best job search sites in India have widely used portals that fulfill the desire to meet the dream job and pay scale.

As soon as the nation faced the pandemic, work from home jobs was implemented by most of the private and some government sectors. Work from home jobs acts as the best thing that happened to most of the employees. The operational cost, traveling cost all were reduced to zero, and some companies focused on hiring as many candidates for their work-from-home jobs.

best job sites in india
January 27, 2022
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Things to look for in the Best job search sites in India.

When you look for some best job sites in India, you can expect specific trends to help you greatly to get an offer letter. Some features that you can expect from the best job search sites in India for experienced and fresher candidates.

User-friendly interface

Job search sites are designed such that they are easily operated and easier to use for job seekers. User friendly allows them to hunt for their respective field easily without facing any delay and software bugs. If you’re looking for a particular role in a company, you should filter out various options.

The best job sites in India provide you with various features that easy to use and easily accessible by the user. User-friendly job portals assist users in multiple ways. If you are going through the platform and don’t find things that can be helpful to you, then most probably, the user will lose focus. So look for those best job sites in India that have user-friendly features.

Free resume uploading services

Most of the job portal gives this support of uploading certain essential documents. A resume, cover letter, and various other things are necessary to hold a good job. All most all the recruiters ask for your resume. You don’t have to upload whenever you apply to a particular company. Various best job search sites in India give you a feature to keep your latest resume uploaded on the platform. When that time arrives for you to apply, you already have your resume uploaded. This will save you a lot of time.

Suppose you feel any trouble writing a resume or cover letters. In that case, some job sites offer you this facility to share resumes with experts and edit your resume as per your choice. These resume and cover letter writing services cost certain charges.

Keyword search for your desired job

This is one of the best features to help you search for your desired job without taking any time. The job sites that offer such features are focused on giving you the best result for your search. The search engine on these platforms is such that they will filter out all the unnecessary jobs.

Technological advancements have taken a great leap, and because of that, now you can look at your preferred jobs with just a single click. It is just not limited to this. You can also set your salary range and location filter. It would be best to choose that platform that offers you all such features. Use this keyword searching correctly to filter out the best job for yourself.

The faster response rate from the employer

The time taken by the recruiter to respond depends on your profile. Still, to some extent, some job search sites also play a significant role in the response. If the platform is famous and reliable, most companies will prioritize responding faster on that platform. To get a good overview of all this, you should consider some of the reviews of that particular job search site.

Different career enhancement features

Various best job search sites in India offer you features that build up your career growth. If you are looking to do some specialization courses in your field, you can refer to such platforms. Nowadays, the best job search site in India is considered based on job offering rate and giving you all-round features for the betterment of your career. Different certificate programs you can choose from. These job sites platforms collaborate with a various online educational platform that provides you some free and paid courses of your choice.

It’s a significant step to consider as it will help you in getting your suitable job. This also boosts your resume as you can show another certification. Another career-building feature you can avail of is the resume-building software. As mentioned above, most job site platforms assist you in building up your resume according to industry standards.

Registration policies

Go through all the terms and service agreements by the platform. When you register on the various job sites in India, then keep in mind the necessary details they mention in it. There are regular changes and multiple updates in the policies. They guarantee you the transparent service for the whole time.

Most of the best job sites in India for freshers don’t ask for any registration fees. All the platforms all the services for free. Except some career-building features are paid rest everything is free of cost.

Easy application process

While applying for a job, all you need is to be quick and accurate. This applying process depends on the platform also. Suppose a platform is convenient and easy to operate. In that case, it will be beneficial for users to fill up the application and apply for it without any delay. Due to the high competitiveness in the job sector, you don’t want to delay filling the application process. The sooner you apply, the better it is. So look for the online job site that has an easy applying process, not a complicated one to enjoy the hassle-free application for your various online jobs.

User preference search

Some platforms are designed so that you can find a separate section for work-from-home jobs created after this pandemic. This makes it easy for the user that is looking for work from home jobs. There are several searches features an individual can use, like location. Suppose you are looking to work from any metro location after the lockdown gets lifted, then search for such in their filter search bar. Want to go for your preferred salary, you can use the expected salary filter and target the jobs accordingly.

Some of the best job sites in India for experienced candidates can turn out to be the exotic platform to build some links with reputed alumni and even contact the employer directly. Below mentioned are some of the best job sites in India for experienced and freshers both.

Some of the best job search sites in India

If a pandemic has made a significant impact on your career and you want to make a fresh start. Even if you are freshly graduated and looking for some ideal job opportunities, these are some of the best job sites in India that can be of the best use to you. one of the oldest and most popular job search sites that were founded in 1997. It has a great hold on the hunting market and covers 60% of the market share. is not an old job company anymore. The services it offers now are more premium and exotic. Users can now build an online resume and search for online jobs hassle-free. It provides various preference searches when you visit its site. It’s an entirely free platform that never charges any money from the users. But they have expanded the range of features they give, and that comes with a subscription or paid features.

LinkedIn Jobs

If you are a big fan of mobile phone apps, then you must have heard of LinkedIn. Linked In is a professional social networking site that helps you connect to your colleagues and expand your network. It serves as the leading best job site in India for freshers as they can find internships and work in their initial stages of work.

As a student, you can enjoy spending time on such apps as their interface is similar to other social media. Anyone can use this platform to find work-from-home jobs and even internships in their respective field. You can send a connection request to the designated person, and with the help of that, you can achieve specific goals in life.

For instance, if you’re looking for a job at your dream company, you can search for the employees working there. Once you get connected, you can ask them about the procedure and other help in getting into that company. LinkedIn is turning out to be the most famous and best job search site in India within a short period.


Indeed is a US-based job search site in India that allows you to find any online job and other jobs in your respective field. Unlike other job portals in India, Indeed is a platform that is very simple and easy looking. This is considered the best part of this job site. No fancy interface even a person with basic knowledge about handling online platforms can access indeed. It is easily accessible, and its features are simple to operate.

All you need to do is visit the site, or you can download the mobile application for it. Once you make an account, you quickly search for the role you are looking for. It is that simple. It is one of the best job sites in India for experienced people and freshers both. You can rest assured your application is seen by the company you desire.

Monster India

Another US-based job site and popular in India for a very long period. It is still among the top and popular job search engines. This job portal is mainly famous because of its international connections. If you are a fresh graduate and want to get a place in a multinational company, then Monster India is the best job site in India for freshers.

Whether your first preference is work-from-home jobs or full-time, this job site takes care of your preferences and choices. Overseas jobs are easy to find in any region; this platform is designed for users who can access the content and filter their job choice. You can entirely rely on this job search site in India to verify the company that posts a job on the Monster job site.

All the company here is trustworthy. It also focuses on every category like Government jobs, walk-in interview jobs, and much more.

Another platform for online jobs: Chegg India

If you are on your job hunt and looking for a part-time work-from-home job, then Chegg India is an excellent platform to start. It is a great place to work certifies and leading brand that helps students all over India. It provides an educational platform to students where they can learn and grow in life. You can be a part of Chegg and earn a tremendous amount of money just by sitting at home working on your terms. You can join us by becoming an SME, Subject matter expert. A subject matter expert is an expert on a particular subject of their choice. SME’s job is to answer the various subject-related questions asked by students from all over India.

To get started, you have to visit Chegg India and signup with providing some required documents. After signing up, there will be a screening test. Once you clear the test and the team verifies your documents, you can start working and earn some side money through this online job.


All the famous and best job search sites in India are easy to acess. Job portals are not only the source of you getting a job in your dream company. It would be helpful if you put some serious effort into landing an offer. Work on your resume and try to attach the cover letter with every application you submit. Try to complete some online courses that provide you an upper hand when applying for the job of your choice. Various job sites offer online certifications such as LinkedIn. Try to put maximum effort into your application, and your desired job will come your way.

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