Top 20 Mobile Earning Apps For You To Make Money Online

March 12, 2024
mobile earning apps

Quick Summary

  • Mobile earning apps in India involve users performing tasks like referral programs, advertising, surveying, and affiliate marketing. 
  • They pay cash prizes or shopping vouchers for completing these tasks. 
  • To sign up, users must choose the best app, install it, and verify their details with an OTP. 
  • The top 20 apps include Swagbucks, Cointiply, Slide, Benefito, Vidmate, and more.

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Recent trends suggest that mobile earning apps have increased manifold. Every person is interested in having a regular passive source of income. It is due to the rising cost price of every item. So, there is a greater need for money by every individual in the world. Nowadays, many mobile earning apps are available on the phone that function through the internet. These apps help people to make decent money by performing tasks and activities inside the app. Besides, smartphones are available to the majority population in today’s modern technological world. All classes, types and gender of people use mobile phones extensively in their day-to-day life. As a result, anyone with a mobile phone can hustle and earn through these different trusted earning apps.

Without wasting time on the internet doing useless activities, people can earn real cash through these money making apps for android phones and iOS phones. These apps offer varied cashback, coupons and real cash prizes for completing tasks. Therefore, it is a step towards financial independence. Also, earning comprehensive money through these mobile earning apps will motivate the users to hustle and be productive daily.

How do Mobile Earning Apps in India work?

The revenue generation model and payment model of different mobile earning apps vary from each other. The vital aspect is that they make users perform numerous types of tasks. These tasks comprise referral programs, advertising products, surveying, affiliate marketing, watching ads and videos, etc. Therefore, the app pays the user cash prizes or shopping vouchers for completing specific tasks successfully.

The cash prizes and rewards get stored in the app. So, the users can transfer the money earned according to their preferences. There are numerous apps like Paytm and PhonePe. The users need to link their wallets to retrieve their cash prizes. Moreover, some apps reward their users with cashback vouchers and gift cards. All these get redeemed on varied e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal, etc.

How to Sign-Up with the Mobile Earning Apps?

Sign-up and registration process in these mobile earning apps is swift and convenient. Anyone with basic operating knowledge of a phone can sign-up in a hassle-free way. Hence, all the easy and quick steps on how to sign-up for such apps are:

  • Choose the best earning app for android and iOS phones accordingly. Then download and install the mobile earning app on the smartphone.
  • The users fill out all the details in the app throughout the registration process.
  • Then users have to verify their details with an Email Id or mobile number. Next, an OTP gets sent to the user on their selected choice.
  • Upon filling the OTP in the app, the Sign-up process is complete.
  • Establishing user accounts is necessary for getting customized rewards. Finally, every step is complete, so users can now use these real mobile earning apps extensively.

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20 Best Mobile Earning Apps In India (2022)

The mobile earning apps in India are user-friendly and convenient to use. Thus, there are no tedious processes involved in these apps at any stage. So, if the users are motivated enough to earn decent money regularly, everything is facilitated at a higher pace. Also, the question of which apps gives real money gets answered throughout the article. The users can choose any money earning app suitable to their lifestyle and routine. Besides, the payment model is sufficient in each app. As a result, the users feel content upon completing tasks. Currently, the top and genuine money earning apps available in India are:

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the famous make money android apps in 2022. Users must complete various tasks to earn cashback rewards and gift cards. The activities comprise:

  • Taking Surveys
  • Reading Latest News Updates
  • Playing Games
  • Watching Ads and Videos
  • Answering Quiz Questions
  • Surfing Internet

All these tasks accumulate Swag points in the user’s account. Thus, a minimum of 750 Swag points is required to redeem any gift cards. Also, the app does not pay in real cash. A variety of e-commerce store coupons get rewarded. These gift cards are valid on Amazon, Starbucks, Flipkart, etc. In addition, users who have invited their friends through the referral scheme get a 10% lifetime commission bonus on every purchase the friend makes.

2. Cointiply: Earn money in Bitcoin

On the play store, Cointiply has more than 1 million users currently. So, it seems to be a genuine earning app. It stands out from the rest of the mobile earning apps due to its payment system. Cointiply pays the users with the cryptocurrency after completing a set of tasks. So, users can earn money through Bitcoins and Dodgecoins as per their wish. Also, the users can win loyalty benefits 2x of the reward promised.

The crypto rewarded is a fraction of bitcoins upon completion of the task. Besides, the currencies can convert into real hard cash through the Coinbase app (Globally) and WazirX app (India). As a result, it gets regarded as one of the top 10 money earning apps. The set of tasks consists of for winning these rewards are:

  • Install Different Apps
  • Play Games
  • Watch Ads
  • Participate in Varied Contests
  • Fill out Surveys

3. Slide

The slide is an Android-exclusive app, available on the play store only. Apple phone users cannot take advantage of this exquisite mobile earning app. It is effortless money earning app available in India. Users get money just for unlocking their phone by sliding on the screen through the app interface. But, there is a limit on it for each day. Otherwise, the earnings will be substantial and out of bounds.

The app works by sliding the creative lock screen shown by the Slide app. Moreover, the money accumulated each day is redeemed easily. It gets transferred into the Paytm wallet or Mobikwick wallet, as per the user’s preference.

4. Benefito

The Benefito app requires the user to download varied types of Apps from the Playstore, to pay the users with cash in return. The app interface is creative and simple. It makes it a seamless experience for the users to register and use the app. So, the more app downloads made by the user, the more money is rewarded.

The cash withdrawal process uses Paytm wallet only to cash out the money earned. Also, this is available for android smartphones only. It is not available to iOS users in India.

5. Vidmate

Vidmate is a micro-task-performing app that entertains users and pays them to perform tasks. There are various options in the app interface to earn money through different methods:

  • Daily Check-in – Users open the app daily to get a daily check-in bonus, ranging from 2000-8000 coins.
  • Watching Ads and Videos – The app gives coins to users watching ads and videos inside the app. Any youtube video watched through this app will enable the user to earn.
  • Installing Apps – There is a long list of apps that users need to install and use for a specific duration. As a result, coins get rewarded to users. It can earn them Rs 100 daily.
  • Inviting friends through referral codes -Friends installing the app using referral codes rewards the users with money. In addition, the user also gets 10% of whatever income the friend makes through the app forever.
  • Coin Collection -This is a collection system in the app where coins get accumulated in a jar. Users click on it to transfer the coins into their wallets.

Users get huge money upon completing these tasks. All the money is hoarded and stored in the Vidmate wallet. The users can withdraw their money if the coins are more than 50000, with a quick verification process into the wallet of their choice.

6. 4Fun-Lite Mobile Earning App

The app rose to fame last year due to a new funky trend of watching short videos and GIFs. It became the national pastime activity in India and Global. The app pays the user to share different kinds of unique GIFs, videos and posts.

A joining bonus of Rs 100 gets paid to each new user who installs the app. Moreover, users also earn money by bringing new individuals to the app through referrals. It is a fun and simple way to make decent money.

7. LopScoop

The app is android exclusive and available on the Playstore only. The app pays users in cash to read news and the latest current affairs and check varied blog articles and posts of different genres. Also, users may get paid through referral bonuses available in the app.

It is an earn money mobile app available to the Indian public. Besides, a lucky wheel is present inside the app, which rewards money to the winner. If users are brave to try it and luck favours them, they can make some extra money through the app.

8. My11Circle

My11Circle is a fantasy gaming app in India. People play various games available on the app to win prizes and cash rewards. It is a legal app, and there are no chances of fraud. Different games like Football, Cricket, Hockey and Basketball are available in the app. The app has more than ten lakh downloads in India.

The users make a fantasy team through strategy and plan. The motive is to match the performance of their fantasy team with the real-life team when a match gets played live. The fantasy team owner gets points depending on the actual player’s performance throughout the game. Hence, the higher the points scored in a match, the more will be the cash prize won by the user. The users get a bonus for registering their profile. Also, users get referral bonuses for inviting their friends and family to the app.

9. Rush

Rush got launched by Hike, which is a well-known, trusted company. The app has different kinds of games available for users. They have to play varied games to earn money in return. Upon signing up on the app, users get credited Rs 60, which enables them to play games of their choice. Moreover, the mobile app earns money characteristics are enticing for the users.

The most convenient feature is that it allows withdrawing money starting from a minimum amount of Rs 2. Besides, all kinds of games are available on the app, like Carrom, Ludo, Quiz, Pool, etc. So, users can play these games and earn money quickly. The money won gets withdrawn to the linked Paytm account of the user.

10. Coupon Duniya

The app facilitates an indirect way of saving money through coupons on varied e-commerce platforms. For a fact, the app is not an earning app technically. But, the offered coupons enable the users to save sums of money. Indirectly, getting products at discounted prices does count as money management and savings. So, it is a useful and convenient mobile earning app available to android and iOS smartphone users.

First-time users get special coupons on registration. All the coupons available majorly target the products on Amazon and Flipkart. Also, users earn Rs 25 on every successful referral. The deals are such valuable that nobody can deny their worth.

A Part-time Job that Pays like Full-time

11. Mcent Browser

Any task performed using the Mcent browser will reward the users with money. So, the tasks list comprises:

  • Watching Ads
  • Downloading Apps
  • Taking part in Surveys
  • Opening Affiliate Links
  • Surfing the internet through the default Mcent browser and visiting different websites
  • Reading the latest news updates.

All these activities performed through the app get returned as cash prizes to the users. Also, the app gives a referral bonus to invite other friends and family. The money won through the app can be sent directly to the Paytm account or used as a free mobile recharge coupon. Lastly, the app is available on the android and iOS app stores.

12. PhonePe

PhonePe is the premier UPI transaction app used extensively throughout India. Flipkart launched the app to enable seamless transactions and quick payments. Money can be earned through referrals and making different transactions. On every transaction, users get cashback money and product coupons. These coupons are of substantial value. And, on each successful referral, users make Rs 100-200 easily.

The transactions include Hotel Bookings, Merchant Payments, Flight Bookings, Adding money to the Wallet, and making varied bill payments. Finally, the cashback received on transactions gets directly transferred to the linked bank accounts verified at the time of registration.

13. MooCash

Moocash is among the top mobile earning apps in India. Users can make money by doing various tasks available on the app interface. Also, the app rewards users for watching entertainment videos for a set time. Other activities include playing games and filling out surveys to win cash.

The app offers users to earn $5 every day through these tasks. The money won is rewarded as cashback, vouchers or coupons. The cash prizes won in the app can be withdrawn directly to the linked bank account, or users can redeem it as mobile recharge coupons. However, these vouchers and coupons get redeemed once the user wins and accumulates a minimum of 3000 coins.

14. Google’s Opinion Rewards

The app contains a lot of surveys for the users to participate in regularly. Google uses all the data produced through surveys in numerous ways. In return, the app pays the user for honest answers, effort and time.

It is one of the best mobile earning apps in the country. However, it is available on Android smartphones only. The UI of the app is seamless, and earning money is hassle-free. All the user-generated data helps Google make its platform more appealing and enticing for people overall. Every survey on this app gets based on popular searches and recent trends in the global world. The users are awarded Google Play credits in their account on completion of a survey. As a result, these credit points get used to buying different games, books, apps, music, online shopping and movie tickets on the Playstore.

15. Scoopshot

The Scoopshot app has a different concept of working from other mobile earning apps. It pays the user for taking photos of significant events and anything trendy happening in any area or part of the country. Then, these photos are taken up or bought by different journalists and websites, small or big, to use as digital media. It is how the revenue model works to pay the registered app users.

A crucial feature is that it accepts photos of anything that attracts people or becomes a trend on social media platforms. So, users need to be ready every time to capture any crucial moment in their daily life or if they are attending an event. The app gets linked to the bank account, so any cash received will directly get credited.

16. Pact – Health Mobile Earning App

Pact is an interesting mobile earning app available to people. Here, the users make money if they achieve their set health goals. Otherwise, failing to complete the set goals will incur a money loss for the user. They have to pay other users who have achieved their goals. It is a fair method of earning money legally and with health benefits.

Lazy people should not install this app, or they would incur huge losses regularly. The app is available to both android and iOS users. The wise thing is to set goals upon one’s capacity and capability to achieve a goal. In this way, individuals earn significant money without facing any losses. The bank account is linked directly with the app, so money is credited to the bank account as required.

17. Pocket Money

The app allows users to make a side income through playing games. The app interface is simple and works like a charm. So, after playing and winning a game, the app pays the user real cash prizes. So, users can make money by playing games like Tombola and Lucky draw.

There are various other games for individuals of different types in the app. The account gets linked with the Paytm wallet during the sign-up process. As a result, users can withdraw their earnings directly to the Paytm account.

18. Payzapp

One of the well-known mobile earning apps is Payzapp. It is associated with HDFC bank. Users can earn by making referrals or making different transactions through the app. In return, the app gives numerous cash prizes and cashback. If people ask, which apps give real money, we point towards this app.

People can do mobile recharge, DTH payments, and transfers and Receive money through the app. The users can then earn money if they make a minimum transaction of Rs 75 through the app. Then only cashback and rewards are credited to the user. Also, on each successful referral, the user earns Rs 25 directly into their bank account. It is among the top mobile earning apps currently in India.

19. Perk App

Perk is among the famous mobile earning apps in India. It pays money for completing activities mentioned in the app. There are varied types of tasks available on the app. For example, playing games on the app, visiting websites, surfing the web, etc.

The most vital aspect is its video-watching ecosystem. The users get paid to watch videos on their smartphones through the app. As a result, the app is among the top mobile earning apps. The reward points and gift cards are for varied e-commerce stores.

20. Skrilo

When someone asks, which app gives real money, we can safely point toward this app. It is among the leading mobile earning apps present in India. However, the concept of this app depends on luck. But, the money won through this app is cash and withdrawn effortlessly. The users have to participate in the Lucky Draws held in the app.

The prize money ranges from a minimum of Rs 10 to a maximum of Rs 1000. Also, users get limited attempts at the lucky draw in a day to save the app from any fraudulent practices and exploitation. Daily users get exclusive offers and deals occasionally. It is the only app on this concept among various mobile earning apps.

Make Money With Android Apps

Recent trends have suggested that mobile earning apps are useful on a larger scale. The app companies are doing profitable business by running ads and selling user-generated data. Also, general app users are profiting too from such apps. It has become a source of income, be it passive or side. It benefits a large population of students, college goers, mothers, unemployed youths and others. As a result, these mobile earning apps have risen to prominence and grow with each passing day.

A vital factor is the availability of smartphones to everyone. People can earn using their phones from the comfort of their beds and couches. It has become a rewarding passive income for many people. Any individual who is interested in answering questions can apply to Chegg. It has time flexibility and offers decent money. To gain corporate exposure and enhance knowledge, enrol for the hiring process. All you have to do is sign up!

Get Paid for Your Knowledge


Which app is best for earning?

Various mobile earning apps are best in their way. The popular ones are PhonePe, Google Opinion Rewards, Swagbucks and Moocash. All these apps are good for earning significant money.

Is the Make Money App real?

Yes, the Make Money app is legit and real. However, sometimes the credits can be missing upon completion of a task. But, customer care executives solve such issues if it happens.

How can I earn real money from mobile?

Various apps help individuals earn a passive or side income. All the different mobile earning apps get discussed in the article. The basic concept is to complete various tasks inside the app to make real money.

What mobile apps make money?

All the mobile earning apps mentioned in the article help individuals make money. Some major important ones are Vidmate, Lopscoop, My11circle, Mcent, Rush, etc. Also, these are some of the genuine earning apps.

How can I earn money daily?

Individuals can earn money daily by using numerous mobile earning apps. Users have to download and install apps that provide a daily withdrawal scheme. The users can watch ads, play games or participate in lucky draws to make money daily.

Is the Daily Cash app safe?

No, the Daily Cash app is a big scam busted recently. It is a fraudulent app which promises money. But, there is no way to earn money through the app, not a single rupee. So individuals should not think that most mobile earning apps are safe.

How can I make $100 a day?

There are numerous genuine ways to make $100 a day. For Example, Paid Surveys, Google Adsense, Freelance Writing, Sponsored Posts, Coaching, Creating Online Courses, etc.

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