Use Smartphone as a Money-Making Machine through Work-from-Home Apps

March 18, 2024
work from home apps

Quick Summary

  • Learn how to utilize your phone to earn money from home with work-from-home apps.
  • Apps such as Google Opinion Rewards, Remotasks, Dream11, and others offer diverse avenues for earning money from home.
  • Experience flexible scheduling, additional income, and skill enhancement through these versatile earning platforms.
  • Explore the vast potential of work-from-home apps to transform your phone into remote work and income generation.

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Work from home apps on your smartphone helps you earn a second income from the comfort of your home. Clearly, working from home is similar to any other form of employment, except that the work being done does not necessarily have to be in an office.

Online job apps have become a source of side income for many individuals across the globe. Especially after the pandemic, work from home facilities, flexible working options like freelancing and part-time online work have grown enormously.

There has been a significant change in recruiters’ perspectives. Over 218 billion people use mobile apps today, which is also making businesses and individuals move to mobile apps to find people who can perform micro tasks for them.

In some cases, recruiters prefer hiring freelancers or contractual employees for special projects or tasks. In this way, they can reduce costs to the company. It is also beneficial for professionals as they can work on multiple projects and be the ones in command of their tasks.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top online work-from-home apps that will help you make a great side hustle.

List of Work from Home Apps

There are many part-time job apps available on mobile devices from which you can earn good money. Some legit apps include:

1. Google Opinion Rewards

As the name suggests, this app is owned and operated by Google Inc. Done through. This app is the best application because it is easy to use and earn money. Since it is owned by a well-established company that we all use in our daily lives, it is imperative to mention that the app is 100% authentic and trustworthy.

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the job apps online that require the user to cater to numerous surveys. Once the user downloads this app, they must fill out answers to the available questionnaires. The only requirement posed by Google to the users of this app is to be utterly honest with their answers.


  • The questions asked in this app are not of the intellectual category.
  • It entails questions from different forms of life and is completely opinion-based.
  • The app has been made to function in a way where one cannot game the system.
  • If you try to fill in random answers, eventually, you will receive fewer surveys each time. It is almost impossible to go undetected for any kind of malpractice.


Typically, a survey entitles the user to a Google Play credit of Rs 80 per survey.

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2. Remotasks

Remotasks is one of the best work-from-home apps in India. The app provides payment to people in a globally accepted currency, the US Dollar. You can earn money in dollars via this app.

The app is a platform where companies enlist some tasks. Once an individual is registered with the platform, they will have access to all of their tasks. They can choose whatever task they feel comfortable with. The submission will be evaluated on completing the task, and the entitled payment will be made to the individual if the task passes through.


  • This platform requires an individual to sign up and start performing the tasks.
  • This work-from-home app does not have any prerequisites- No prior experience, No master-level knowledge or skill.
  • The projects that can be found on this platform can be performed with the help of a phone.
  • Some projects like 2D and 3D annotations require an individual to use a PC or laptop.


Average earnings on this app can range up to Rs 3000 in 3 hours, depending upon the time and effort one puts in.

3. Meesho

Meesho is an online retail app. Just like Amazon and Flipkart, this app has its own pool of suppliers. But it is easier to be registered and start selling in this app, as compared to platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Unlike other platforms where the responses to a particular product search are mixed, the niche of this app is to provide customers with the best product at a very cheap rate.

Meesho is primarily a fashion brand. But with time, the platform evolved. Today, it caters to numerous segments of products like electronics, home appliances, beauty and health, footwear, watches, kitchen items, and jewelry and accessories. Indeed, the growth of Meesho over the years is commendable.


  • You can be a regular retailer or a person from any other spectrum of the profession.
  • Once you get yourself registered, you need to spend some time in the preparation of your inventory. However, this is different from actual retail.
  • You don’t need a huge investment. You can choose to have a minimum inventory level. Thus your investment level will be much lower than that of a full-time retailer.
  • Ultimately, you just need to click a few photographs of the products and put them up online with your selling price quote. Keep your margin and earn your side income from these work apps.


On Meesho app you can make up to Rs 25000 per month and more depending on your dedication and sales experience.

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4. Pocket Money App

This is one of India’s most unexplored yet best part-time job apps on Google Play today. Pocket Money app focuses on the target customers of young individuals. It provides a platform that can be fun to do with. It involves playing games and following a particular trail to earn money.

All you got to do is download the app and choose the most suitable offer for yourself. Then, the app will show you a trail you must follow. Ultimately you can avail your chosen offers and enjoy different entertainment sources with your hard work. Yes, hard work involves playing games.


  • Spend and shop via the PayTm app, and this app will help you earn money with your spending.
  • Spread happiness and gift Talktime to your beloved ones for free.
  • Avail of attractive offers, free unlimited mobile recharge, and wallet cash by downloading this app and playing games.
  • This app allows you to book cabs, movie tickets, shop, and more.


On Pocket Money app you can make up to Rs 7000 per month.

5. Loco

Loco is one of the most unique work from home apps that allow you to earn income by playing games from the comfort of your home. If this is something that you were unaware of, it is one of the best and highest-paying gaming work from home apps in India right now.

This app is best if you aspire to become a live streamer in the gaming segment. Top streamers have followers of up to 1 million users, and earnings for such streamers can be over the roof. You can chat, make friends, play games, earn money and much more with the help of this work from home app.


  • Loco is one of those apps that takes the premise of an earning online money app in the gaming sector.
  • You can earn money based on the number of quiz questions the user gets right.
  • The best part of the app is that it is also available in vernacular languages like Bengali, Marathi, etc.
  • The quizzes the user might attempt are timed, and only a fixed number of attempts are available to cover up the correct answers.


On Loco app you can earn Rs 2 to 4 per watch hour.

Work from Home, on your Own Schedule

6. Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan app is one of the best work from home apps in the to earn money. It is best known for its money earning opportunities that it provides to its users. This app in the entertainment industry provides income-earning opportunities to its users by inviting friends, reading news and latest updates, installing other apps, participating in contests, playing games and completing surveys.

This app entitles the user to earn money while burning calories. One can earn money while using this app and working on their fitness goals. Roz Dhan is one of the many apps that use Paytm wallet to pay you the money that you are entitled to earn. Roz Dhan provides a good entertainment platform besides providing an ocean of money-making opportunities.


  • The app has a feature of recording the number of steps walked.
  • With different levels the user completes, the user is entitled to earn rewards and money.
  • Also, some tasks other than walking that can help earn bonus money include checking daily horoscope, visiting famous sites and solving puzzles.
  • This app can be easily translated into Hindi and other vernacular languages.


On RozDhan app you can easily make over Rs 200 per day.

7. MyEdge (WONK)

Myedge is one of India’s first tutor discovery and class booking apps. This app was formerly known as Wonk, the mirror image of the word ‘Know.’ This app aims to bridge the gap between the students and potential experts in the form of tutors.

This platform allows students to access the tutor’s reviews and ratings and get verified staff to learn their subjects per their budget and requirements.


  • If you are good at any subject, you can register as a tutor on this platform and quote your price of the hour.
  • This will help you to attract more students, and once they leave the reviews in the apps, this can become a good earning side job.
  • Here you will have a pool of highly talented young students of all classes. This makes myedge or wonk one of the best work from home apps.


On MyEdge app you can easily make over Rs 300 per day.

8. Google Task Mate

Google task mate is another app owned by Google Inc. This is one of the most renowned work from home apps. It allows users to complete small tasks, such as taking photographs of storefronts, answering survey questions, or transcribing text, in exchange for monetary rewards.

It is very easy to use this app. The application can be downloaded from google play or the app store. The tasks you will be required to perform can easily be done with the help of a smart mobile phone. The app aims to provide users with an easy way to earn money in their spare time and help businesses outsource the small tasks.


  • The application is very user-friendly and has a nice interface which can be easily used by any age group.
  • One can download the app and find two options. Get other people to do a job for you and earn money by doing the job.
  • The payment is made to the individuals based on the tasks performed. The application does not provide a flat rate for tasks.
  • The income from tasks may vary concerning the time required, skills and intellectual talent.


You can earn Rs 10 to Rs 70 for each completed task.

9. EarnKaro

The EarnKaro app allows users to earn cashback rewards on their online purchases. It partners with various e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Tata CliQ and others to offer cashback rewards to users who shop through the app. The app also has several features that allow you to earn cashback rewards by also using affiliate links.

The app also provides an affiliate marketing feature where users can create their own link and share it with others to earn money. Users can earn additional cashback rewards by sharing their referral links with friends and family. It is one of the apps for work from home because of its easy interface and good cash rewards.


  • Users can earn additional cashback rewards by sharing their referral links with friends and family.
  • The app also provides price comparison and price tracking features.
  • It also has a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily navigate and find the products and earn on it.
  • There are multiple payment options. Users can redeem the cashback rewards through bank transfer, gift card or Paytm.


You can make up to Rs 50000 per month.

10. Dream11

Dream11 has revolutionized the fantasy cricket market, establishing itself as the leading online platform for enthusiasts seeking to capitalize on their sports knowledge. With a widespread user base on mobile application, Dream11 provides a genuine opportunity for individuals in India to earn real cash rewards. Dream 11 has also acquired the Team India jersey lead sponsorship rights from 2023-27.

If you’re keen on exploring the potential financial gains within Dream11, here’s a guide to get you started:

1. Match Selection: Choose an upcoming Dream11 match and click “Create Team” to start.

2. Crafting Your Team: Strategically select 11 players within a 100-credit limit, based on your sports knowledge or favorite players.

3. Match Follow-up: Stay updated on match progress, enjoy the game, and track your fantasy scorecard updated every two minutes.

Dream11 has reshaped the landscape of fantasy cricket, opening the door to real cash winnings for Indians. Approaching the game thoughtfully and staying informed can significantly elevate your gaming experience, increasing your chances of securing victories and cash rewards on Dream11.

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Benefits of Work from Home Apps

Work from home apps in India not only helps in earning additional income but is also beneficial in many ways.

Let us understand the benefits of work from home apps.



No Investment

Supplemental income sources cannot be generated easily, as every business requires investment. Work from home app empowers people to have an additional income source to make their life easier and financially more fulfilling.

Avoiding Commute Hazards

The time and money involved in commuting to and from any office are immense. Working from home makes it possible to overcome such difficulties and provide a better work environment.

Positive Environmental Impact

When people work from home, they don’t need to commute to an office, which can result in fewer cars on the road and fewer emissions from those cars. It also reduces the energy used in office buildings.

Better Work-life Balance

This allows people to spend more time with their families and less time off. In addition, it provides more flexibility in terms of work schedules. People may be able to set their own hours or work at times that are more convenient for them, which may lead to a better balance.


Work-from-home apps have a motivating effect on people as it empowers them to be independent of their expenses. Moreover, the decisions made during the job depend on the individual and not on any superior authority, giving professionals a sense of independence.

Work from Home & Earn with Chegg

Chegg India offers a spectacular opportunity to earn a side income by working from home. The Subject Experts are paid for every question answered. There are no prerequisites. You only need a good internet connection, graduation, and expertise in one of the available subjects.

If you think you are good at a particular subject and want to help others, you can enroll as a subject expert and earn good amount of money each month. All you have to do is sign up.

Earn in Six-figures with chegg


  • More than 12 subjects to choose from
  • User-friendly interface
  • Opportunities to network with experts
  • Large pool of questions to choose from
  • Flexible working
  • Work from anywhere

Online Job Apps – Summary

In this digital age, there are many ways to earn money using mobile phone. There are many work from home apps that give you an opportunity to earn a side income from the comfort of your home or anywhere, as long as you have a mobile device and internet.

With the right apps and tools, it’s not only possible to be productive, connected, and organized while working remotely but also earn a good amount of money. Some of the ways to earn money from job apps online are online surveys, gig economy apps like Uber, Lyft, online marketplaces, online tutoring apps, etc.

Despite the growth of such applications, users must be aware of fraudulent activities involving apps as there has been a significant increase in cybercrime. Fraudulent apps can be identified especially when they ask for a small amount and promise a huge source of income to the user. Users should avoid using such apps.

Dive in to our guide to explore all about online jobs to fit any lifestyle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which app is best for work from home?

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the best work from home apps. One can simply download the app and fill out surveys available to make some extra money from the comfort of their home. This is a legit app developed by Google. You can use it to take online surveys and earn multiple rewards. You can also use these earned points to buy any paid apps on Google Play.

How can I make money from home apps?

There are many online job apps which will help you to make money from home. Remember to choose only genuine apps. Here are some of the best work from home apps that will help you earn money.

1. Google Opinion Rewards
2. Meesho
3. Loco
4. Roz Dhan
5. Google Task Mate
6. Chegg

You can easily make a good side income using any of these top apps.

Which app is best for earning money?

There are many part-time jobs apps through which you can earn money. One of the most apps is Google Opinion Rewards. An app that gives users to fill out some surveys and offers monetary benefits in return. In terms of earning money easily, this is one of the best work from home apps.

How can I work from home with my phone?

In today’s age of technology, any gadget is capable of helping you earn money if worked with hard work and dedication. There are many work from home apps that can help you earn from your mobile phone.

Some of them are:

1. Meesho
2. Sheroes
3. Google Opinion Rewards
4. Loco

It’s important to make sure your phone is secure and your work data is secure when working remotely.

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