20 Amazing Product Testing Websites 2023: Compare Options

December 20, 2023
product testing

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The shift from office works to remote openings has fascinated individuals to gaze for other online money-making outlets. Enough curiosity is produced for online jobs like website development, content writing, and translation services, which can become a decent source of additional income. You can also get money to analyze products and get free stuff from well-known brands by giving your authentic view. Many individuals across the globe are becoming “product testers” for market exploration businesses.

While numerous funded product testing and review websites are accessible, not every website wages for testing products and amenities, thus, most individuals find it stimulating to categorize the best product testing sites. That’s because well-known brands either work with reliable corporations or run their product testing sites.

Product Testing Companies

Product testing corporations send merchandise to individuals who meet their demographic necessities, so you’ll require to fill out a bit of personal data for each testing platform. You won’t meet the guidelines for every movement, so you won’t be able to foresee precisely when you’ll have products to assess. Here are a few of the most common product testing jobs from famous corporations we’ve listed for you below.

1. BzzAgent

A consistent product is the studying stage for individuals with a significant social media following. The outlays come in the form of genuine products from well-known trademarks. In addition, you will receive points that you can convert into numerous gift cards. Note, BzzAgent does not reimburse in cash.

Recognized in 2001, BzzAgent is a market investigation stage based in Boston, USA. The alliances with some of the biggest brands globally and their countless compensation system have made BzzAgent one of the supreme options for product testers who work as a freelancer.

The company works by transporting its customers’ requests to “BzzCampaigns”. An invitation to a movement means you will get a genuine product, which you will examine on your social media. You will generate “buzz” for free product testing, where the name “BzzAgent” originates.

In reward for advertising a good you examine, you will get tips that you can use on My Points. You can convert such dividends easily into numerous gift cards from top online shops such as Amazon.

2. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research provides a few of the finest earning chances for remote product testers. On the other hand, it is an invite-only website that does not always consent to new associates. Bookmark the websites for providing sign-up links. Pinecone Research, in process since 1998, is one of the oldest product examining websites on this list. The corporation was originated by Nielsen, debatably the most renowned marketing research company in the world.

It is a consistent site with good earning choices for individuals observing to make a side income by performing surveys and free testing products.
However, it is an invite-only site, and you can only work with this company if you fit a precise demographic outline.

The sign-up procedure itself is modest and free of control. So, it is well worth a crash. Just don’t go in with any prospects of prompt work. Even if you get an invitation straight from Pinecone, you may have to wait for a thought. That is if you get an invitation at all.

3. Clicks Research

Clicks Research can compensate well, but it needs time to construct your portfolio before you can initiate testing products for free. You have to be enthusiastic to put your time into taking reviews. Clicks Research is a market and social research company with a widespread customer list comprising Marks and Spencer, Boots, and Body Shop. The organization provides freelance work internationally. As long as you are 18 years old, you are qualified to work with them.

You will admit to two types of freelance work on this website – finalizing paid reviews and doing free product tests. Finishing the assessments rewards users with reward points. A distinct survey will wage anywhere from 25 – 200 reward points. Once you have collected 2500 reward points on your profile, you can convert them.

With all this talk of reward points and paid assessments, Clicks Research is also a very compact choice to test products for free. They only work with trustworthy brands, meaning you will only be getting different kinds of stuff. Some of which are yet to arrive in the universal market.

4. Adidas

Open to men and women in America and Europe, the Adidas product testing course evaluates things like athletic shoes and apparel. Note that the determined foot size you can have for analysis is men’s 9. Therefore, many people who want to work with Adidas testing products in India are available.

5. Puma

The puma product testing India program for Puma in India is for people interested in athletic shoes and apparel. Testers label their precise running stress.

6. I-Say

One of the spotless review sites online, if you do not mind providing data about your customer experience through reviews, I-Say is one of the most consistent choices. I-Say is the third leading review-based research company in the world. Therefore, once again, we are searching for a website that will wage you to finish reviews. Sometimes, I-Say will also drive you to review products, but rendering to most commentators and our understanding of the site, getting products is exceptional. In its place, I-Say will instrument your beliefs on products, brands, and entertainment suppliers you know anyhow. Think of enormous brands like Starbucks, Colgate, Disney, Gillette, etc.

The demographic outline selects the brands you will fill in as you link the site. If you are concerned about junk mail, then know that, by far, the prevalent power of I-Say is how to filter both the app and the site. Anyone who has ever strained their hand at compensated online reviews knows the hindrance of working through pop-up after pop-up of spammy reviews that pay next to zero.

Well, I-Say offers their assessments straight from Ipsos, so the spam issue is resolved – in the I-Say review, you will never be transmitted to third-party sites of substantial eminence. As you finish your review, you will get your reward points. Sometimes, you will also receive reward points for achieving Membership Milestones, such as continuously being an energetic member for three months. Such reward points are readily convertible into cash, numerous gift cards, goods, and even generous contributions.

7. Influenster

The king of product testing India in the beauty vertical. Influenster is the most incredible opportunity to start directing remote product tests if you are curious about self-care and have a significant social media following. However, Influenster inclines deeply towards the beauty vertical. If you are not concerned about beauty stuff, this is not your particular site.

Recognized in 2010, Influenster is possibly the top product analyzing platform in the beauty vertical. But, despite its traditional inspiration and consistency, this site is not for everyone. For one, Influenster is all around social media. So, if you are not live on any social media stages, your probability of getting and reviewing free products is close to zero.

Second, regardless of being promoted as a stage that organizes tests from products of all groups, Influenster has decisively recognized itself in the beauty vertical. So, if these kinds of goods do not concern you, we recommend selecting a different testing-free product site.

For those fascinated by becoming a product tester at Influenster, consent us to explain how the platform works:

  • Firstly, download the Influenster app.
  • Then, sign up and submit all the required details. As always, the more information, the better. Note that you can also update a profile picture on Influenster. You should use this chance, as a profile picture will raise your probability of getting a free sample.
  • Always fill your snaps. Snaps are short surveys that further help Influenster get data about you. Always complete these questionnaires on time and be as precise and truthful as possible.
  • You can connect Influenster with all your social media accounts. The more followers on a different number of platforms you have, the better your probability of getting free high-quality items.
  • Fill out your commentator profile. Again, be as precise as possible about the products you use and would like to test.

As far as pure economic value is valued, Influenster is still one of the most significant product testing sites in 2022. That being said, this website is the finest for a precise demographic vertical – a social media savvy early individual with awareness of beauty and self-care.

A Part-time Job that Pays like Full-time

8. Toluna Influencers

A website is what collects your thoughts on brands by directing online assessments. The site structures an excellent reward system – you can collect tributes by directing assessments, playing games, and contributing to public content. Toluna is the only testing product website providing cryptocurrency as a potential reward.

Toluna Influencers, a well-known existence in online assessment websites, originated in France in 2000. At present, Toluna works with a few leading brands worldwide, counting the likes of Sony Music, Amazon, and Fiat. With over 21 million operators from more than 50 countries, the firm also has an enormous user base. Yet again, we have a site that collects your choices on numerous products, brands, and facilities by directing online assessments. You offer a truthful response on the products and get Toluna points in return. You can convert these reward points into cash, gift cards, and vouchers.

At a first glimpse, Toluna might look like your run-of-the-mill assessment site. But, some of the benefits of this website are significant. The leading positive point is that the recognitions come unexpectedly fast – not only is the stream of assessments reliable, but the website also awards points for contributing to public content and even playing games.

Also, you can short your URL with “URL shortener” tool by T2M.

We were also pleasingly astonished to see that Toluna provides Bitcoin rewards. As far as we know, this makes them the only product testing website that provides cryptocurrency as a possible reward. All things measured, Toluna Influencers is one of the few survey websites worth inspecting in 2022.

9. PINCHme

A consistent product testing website for someone who wants gifts yet does not want to devote ages to the examining procedure. The response to the stuff sent is collected via 5-minute assessments. In action since 2013, PINCHme is an Australian-born firm that has silently developed to become one of the most prevalent free product testing sites globally.

To become a product tester at PINCHme, you must sign up by offering the website some details about the ingesting habits of your household. Once you are in, PINCHme will start proposing to you, numerous tasters. You will get these tasters as per your profile. For example, a passionate dog lover might get a chance to illustrate new gourmet dog food. A mom with three kids might get a chance to sample numerous toys.

The financial value of the stuff differs significantly – the primary element sent comprises anything from distinct cans of cat food to hybrid bicycles. As always, you need a bit of luck to get the more luxurious stuff. If you do get in, all you need to do is fill out a 5-minute assessment on the stuff, and you can think through the reviewing procedure to make it. In a nutshell, PINCHme is not ground-breaking by any means, but it is still a consistent option for someone observing to try out the product testing performance.

10. TryIt Sampling

The TryIt Sampling organization examines various products such as dog treats, shampoo, pharmaceuticals, shoes et al. They have different curriculums for the UK, France, the USA, and Germany. Try it as it is one of the most well-known product sampling websites and often provides lots of stuff at a time. You can learn more about how to review products in this Facebook group, where members deliberate and post pictures of the test substances they’ve established.

11. Gathr

The company provides a wide range of product classifications. If designated for a test, you’ll get a mailbox comprising one or more items. Each box consists of a QR code to scan. Upon glancing over it, you’ll be asked to be engrossed with content about the stuff you get. At times it comprises answering questions, viewing short videos, and scripting a review. Gathr is both a testing and marketing course, as it uses your commitment to endorse products.

12. UserTesting

The most famous and consistent website for analyzing digital products. You will have to go through an example test, but once you get in, imagine to start getting invitations to tests in a few weeks—one of the most product testing sites that wage in cash. It is next to dreadful to write about the top product testing sites without counting UserTesting. This usability testing stage has been in process since 2007 and has an enormous pool of business customers. It means that they are also constantly employing samples for freelance work.

UserTesting is mainly testing the usability of apps and sites, which is where you probably start. But, as your position on the site rises, you can also assume to get invitations to product tests. Becoming a product tester at UserTesting will get you to take an exercise test first. In the exercise test, you will go through a set of duties that will see whether your statement skills and the hardware you use act following the UserTesting criteria. The rate for the routine exam on UserTesting is USD 10 per 20-minute exam. This rate will go up for video discussions and product exams. You will get payment precisely seven days after your exam is complete. All things measured, UserTesting remains the exceptional standard for anyone concerned with digital testing products.

13. Daily Goodie Box

If you’re into free product testing, you’ll like Daily Goodie Box. This business sends out boxes full of free trials and full-sized products centered on accessibility. If you’re one of the fortunate associates to get a Goodie Box, you’ll need to assess the products you get.

14. Tellwut

Tellwut is a marketplace research and questionnaire firm. While they don’t have products they lead you to test, you can receive money through Tellwut by providing your skill about products and services you’ve previously used. You’ll merely sign up and fill in your details. Then you’ll be able to take a questionnaire based on your profile data. You’ll earn points for each questionnaire you take. You can cash out for a USD 10 Amazon gift card once your account touches 4,000 points.

15. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost provides paid assessments, product testing, and other ways to get points like viewing ads. You’ll first need to sign up and submit all your details. Be sure to completely and accurately submit all your details, as this will be the origin for the rest of your chances. You’ll be notified whenever there’s an assessment or product test you will be eligible for. However, you’ll earn points for any assessments you take, which you can cash out for gift cards.

16. Vogue Insiders

If you’re conversant with Vogue magazine, you may be engrossed in linking their community. Vogue Insiders offers community members the facility to provide experiences, win prizes, and test up-and-coming goods. On the other hand, product testers are not paid in cash and get to have the products they experiment with.

17. Red Robin Panelist

Want to assess a few new menu stuff at Red Robin and earn money for doing it? You need to build a profile simply, and Red Robin will connect with you when they need you to try a new menu item. You can do assessments at your local Red Robin. These tests usually last an hour, and the reward is based on numerous aspects.

18. Social Nature

Social Nature permits its members to examine and review up-and-coming goods from eco-friendly trademarks. You can access their sites and go through their accessible trials to start with the process.

Get on the “I Want In” option when you realize something you’re concerned about. You’ll answer a few queries to see if you’re a decent match for the product. If you are, they will refer the trial to you, and you’ll need to analyze the product and segment it on social media. While you won’t earn cash from this course, you do get to retain the free products you assess.

19. Tomoson

Whether you have a substantial social media following or are trying to form one, you can practice your accounts to contract free products to review from Tomoson. Once you have a considerable following, you can earn cash as you endorse product campaigns. Though, user reviews of the stage grumble about deprived customer service and the burden to review products even if they aren’t provided.

20. Ripple Street

Previously House Party, Ripple Street started by directing free samples to testers who would horde a house party to promote the sponsored products. The business fully emphasizes intoxicating beverages and promotes other product classifications like pet food, beauty, and snack items.

Choose the Best Product Testing Site for You

We have tried to cover the best product testing websites that recompense liberally for finishing reviews and product testing. You should sign up for qualified websites to raise your probability of creating extra income. We advise you to produce an email devoted to product testing invites, so you’ll not miss a chance to test products.

So, if you’re willing to work with any of the brands listed above, you can work with them by signing up on their website. You can learn more about how to review products by connecting with us. Drop your questions below and our members deliberately answer your questions to help you with the best answers possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 What is a Product Testing site?

A1 – Product Testing is also known as a consumer or comparative testing. It is a procedure for determining the belongings or performance of products. However, it is any procedure utilizing which the investigator procedures a product’s enactment, protection, feature, and compliance with recognized standards. The critical component of establishing an unbiased comparative test course is the range to which the investigators can execute tests with liberation from the products’ builders, dealers, and vendors.

Q.2 What is Involved in Product Testing?

A2 – Product testing provides your target viewers with various choices and asks them to offer opinions on each. With product testing, you can relate metrics like purchase intent, excellence, and value to determine which product concepts consumers like best.

Q.3 How to become a Product Tester?

A3 – To get money testing products, you’ll want to register with numerous websites that provide paid product testing engagements. Each site will enquire you to fill out a short survey form with your primary details, which helps businesses match you with significant products to analyze. However, the number and types of agendas you select to join determine how much you earn testing products. The more agendas you join, the more traditions you’ll be able to produce income-testing products.

Q.4 Do Companies Pay for Product Testing?

A4 – Unless you contribute to an emphasis group or take paid assessments, payment for product testing is generally in the form of free products. Testing so many products you receive is a fun way to get free stuff, but it’s not generally a super-high paying gig, and sometimes, it can be hard to discover reliable product testing prospects.

Q.5 How Do I Get Involved in Product Testing?

A5 – Product testers are usually selected based on a precise set of demographics. To raise your odds of being chosen as a product tester, you’ll need to sign up with numerous firms.

Q.6 How Do I Become a Product-based Business Tester?

A6 – To become a product-based business tester, firstly, you’ll be required to sign up with a market examination company that provides product testing at home. Once you do this, the market examination company will send you screener emails to fill out to see if you’re skilled for their existing product test jobs.

When you fill out their screener questionnaire, they’ll let you know at the end if you’re qualified or not. For instance, let’s say the company is searching for individuals to try out their new makeup; if you don’t use cosmetic stuff, you won’t be eligible. If you do, you’ll qualify for the product testing job.

Once you get the endorsement to trial the stuff, the company will ask for your address to deliver the stuff to assess for a week or two. Then, they’ll track up with you with an email asking for a response about the product you’ve verified. When you will complete it, you will get money!

Q.7 Who Pays the Most for Product Testing?

A7 – How much you get paid for a product testing service varies from brand to brand. You’ll get anywhere from USD 3 to USD 500. It depends on how in-depth the testing procedure is. So when you register, ensure to complete your profile with the correct details. That’s a serious step to your achievement in testing products. You’ll get the proper product testing chances that fit your profile.

Q.8 What Companies Pay You to Test Their Products?

A8 – You can get compensated to test goods for FREE! Top companies require individuals like you to assess their new products not yet on the market. And, for your response, you’ll get:

  • Cash
  • Gift Cards
  • Merchandise

Remember that getting paid for your response is always free and appropriate to become a product reviewer.

Q.9 Does Amazon Have Product Testers?

A9 – Consumers who are passionate about writing Amazon reviews have the chance to turn out to be Amazon product testers for articles accessible on the site. Below, look at some methods by which Amazon shoppers can try out products accessible on Amazon.com.

  • Amazon Vine
  • Amazon Reviewer Trader Sites

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