Top 10 Ideas for YouTube Channel- Get Started as a YouTuber

November 3, 2023
ideas for youtube channel

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YouTube is one of the most trending applications in the digital world. There are almost 4.67 million YouTube users in India. After Google, YouTube is considered to be the second-largest search engine. Having a YouTube channel not only exposes you to a huge audience but it can also be a source of earning extra income. There are many successful YouTubers in India such as CarryMinati, Ashish Chanchlani, Amit Bhandana, Bhuvan Bam, Madhulika, Technical Guruji, and lots more. They are the owner of some of the popular YouTube channels. These personalities make huge amounts of money through their YouTube videos. An average YouTuber can earn up to 3 Lakhs per annum.

Various tips and tricks can help you make your YouTube career successful. The different YouTube video ideas can act as a guide in your YouTube journey. Let us discuss the best ideas for YouTube channel .

Top 10 Ideas for YouTube Channel in 2023

There is a plethora of ideas for YouTube Channel. You can create content on any topic and grab the viewers’ attention. People like to watch video content that is interesting and valuable. You can take up any topic for your channel based on your niche.

Some of the most popular ideas for YouTube channels are:

  • Tutorials
  • Vlogging
  • Educational Videos
  • Videography
  • Dance
  • Cooking
  • Tech
  • Gaming Channel
  • Travelling
  • Craft & Work
  • Unboxing Video
  • News Channels
  • Product Reviews
  • Book/Movie Reviews
  • Comedy
  • Life Hacks
  • Fitness & Yoga

We have sorted the ten best ideas for a YouTube channel. Let’s have a look.

1. Educational Tutorials

Educational Tutorials Youtube Channel Idea

There is no easier way than a YouTube video to learn something new. Watching videos is one of the most practical ways of understanding a subject. You can start making educational YouTube videos if you have a good knowledge of certain subjects and a passion for teaching. Plenty of people take help from YouTube for their studies. You can upload recorded sessions for students of various classes.

The word ‘tutorial’ is an all-time favourite keyword of searchers worldwide. So, when your videos contain this word, they are more likely to get higher views. As a result, your subscribers would increase, and you can earn a high income from YouTube. Making tutorial videos and teaching online is one of the best ideas for a YouTube channel.

2. Cooking

Food is a vital need of humans. Cooking, therefore, is one of the most popular hobbies of people worldwide. But no one likes to eat the same kind of food every day. So, people search for new and different food recipes on the internet. And nothing is better than watching a YouTube video to learn to cook at home. Henceforth, this craze for new recipes has increased the demand for cooking videos on YouTube. This makes it one of the best ideas for YouTube channel.

Four steps to make great cooking videos for YouTube:

Step 1 – Planning and Scripting:

The first step is to pen down your recipe and prepare a script of what you are going to say throughout the video.

Step 2 – Shooting:

The next step is to shoot the video under appropriate lighting in good quality.

Step 3 – Editing:

Once you have shot your video, edit and modify it to make it more attractive.

Step 4 – Captions and Subtitles:

Mention clearly what you are saying in the video through captions and subtitles.

3. Travel Vlogging

Travel Vlogging Youtube Channel Ideas

Humans are naturally inclined towards nature. Because of this, travelling to distant lands recharges our bodies and refreshes our minds. Accordingly, before you visit that city of your ancestors, you are more likely to research it beforehand. That’s where travel videos stand as one of the top ideas for YouTube channel. Hence, if you are a travel freak, recording your travelling ventures is a great step toward building a successful YouTube channel.

Add the following key elements to your travel Vlogs:

  • Start by giving a brief introduction to the place and its specialties.
  • Record the interview of locals.
  • Include other Travelers and their experiences.
  • Add some humor while you are speaking in your Vlogs.
  • You can end by adding a small piece of travel advice based on your experience.

4. Record Product Reviews

Product Reviews Youtube Channel Ideas

Suppose you need to buy a new phone. What will you do to have knowledge about which phone to buy? Ask friends and family or do a quick Google research. A single YouTube video clarifies all the doubts. Yes, that’s how much product review videos are valued these days.

Right from a toothbrush to a new car, you can find reviews of almost everything on YouTube. This makes reviewing products one of the most common yet highly profitable ideas for YouTube channels. Indeed, it requires some investment as you have to buy different products to make a review video. But once your channel starts running smoothly, this has the potential of letting you earn huge profits.

5. Entertaining Content

Funny videos are one of the most searched topics on YouTube. Besides, when motivation and inspiration don’t seem to work, humour brings you out of the darkest times of your life. This is the main factor that makes comedy content one of the top 7 ideas for YouTube channel.

The kind of puns you use while speaking in the video should be on point to make your audience laugh their hearts out. Whether in the form of Stand-up comedy or something as simple as making fun of some scene in a movie or TV series, comedy YouTube channels carry a great potential of becoming a huge hit.

6. Gaming

Not only kids but adults are also driven toward gaming. Gaming videos are widely preached among audiences across the world. Many people are passionate about gaming and hence look for playthrough videos of different games on YouTube. This makes gaming one of the exciting ideas for YouTube channel.

Some of the reasons why people desire to watch gaming videos are:

  • It helps them understand the game better.
  • They can learn new hacks.
  • Tactics for how to move past a tough level can be learned through videos.

Gaming simulation videos are quite popular nowadays. There is a great craze for gaming among the ideas for YouTube channel. People’s growing interest in gaming videos will help your channel grow higher. You can gain a huge number of viewers and subscribers on your channel by creating such gaming content.

7. Fitness Videos

Fitness Videos Youtube Channel

In the present world, people have become more concerned about their health. But hiring a personal trainer is quite expensive. People also feel confused about going to the gym and using the equipment. These factors make them search for a solution at home.

If you are an expert in fitness and health, you can start a fitness channel on YouTube. You can create home workout videos and upload them on your channel. Fitness videos are one of the interesting ideas for YouTube channel. People also look for dieting suggestions. You can create such videos for a particular goal, such as weight loss, reducing fat, etc. Making such informative videos can help you earn a good income from YouTube.

8. Meditation / Self-help Videos

Mental Health is an important element in people’s life. After all the hustles throughout the day, people seek to cherish their minds and refresh themselves. The best method to calm one’s mind is meditation.

You can create meditation or self-help videos on your channel. It is one of the enticing ideas for YouTube channel. You can consult people regarding various mental turmoil through your videos. You can suggest ways to deal with anger, anxiety, depression, etc.

9. Vlogs

Vlogging has become one of the most popular ideas for YouTube channel. A huge number of vloggers are there throughout the world. People enjoy watching vlogging videos as they are made on diverse topics. The interesting content intrigues people to look for vlogging videos.

If you love adventure and like interacting with people, vlogging is your best option. You can record your vlogs on any topic. Some of the popular topics are:

  • Lifestyle
  • Food
  • Travel

You can gain many views by making such interesting and innovative Vlogs and earn well. Vlogging tends to be one of the sought-after ideas for YouTube Channel.

10. Book / Movie Reviews

If you have a fondness for reading books and watching movies, you can take it to YouTube and earn a decent amount of money. You can review the latest books and movies and share your experience with the audience. Your videos will act as a guide to the audience. It helps them to infer if it is worth it for them to take the book or movie.

Book/Movie review videos are one of the best ideas for YouTube channel. Your channel can thrive across the platform.

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A Successful YouTube Strategy

Now that we have covered how you can set up your YouTube channel, it’s time for you to know some basic tips and suggestions that will help increase the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel.

1. Choose your Audience

Before getting into any field where you have to present your content you should do some proper research about targeting the audience. The niche you opt for plays a major role in deciding the prospecting audience. The target audience is dependent on the type of niche you choose. Determining your target audience would help you effectively frame your strategy

2. Look for the Best Equipment Setup

The next step is one of the important points for your YouTube journey. You should target to make your videos crisp and top-notch in quality. The video and audio quality of your videos should be capable of attracting an audience. The more organic traffic is going through your video the more chances it gets to come into the trending list. As a beginner, you can surely proceed with your smartphone. Once you start earning, develop a great equipment setup for your channel.

3. Learn Editing Software

Editing your videos properly is very vital in delivering your story to your audience. The audience prefers quality content. The transition and effects in your videos make them more interesting and creative. The software and your editing skills ensure the level of your videos and influence your earnings greatly

You don’t need to jump directly to final cut pro or any other professional editing software. You can begin with the basic software such as Power Director, Kapwing, OpenShot, etc. Once you know the basics, it is easy to purchase different software and use it to its full potential.

4. Work for every second of your video

Now we understand the role of editing software and other equipment required to make a high-quality video. Let’s hop on the tips regarding producing great content. Each second of your video matters when it comes to producing great content.

While compiling all the clips, ensure you only use the best clips from them. Don’t lose your efforts on any part of your video. Always watch your video after exporting it. This is very useful as it will help you to assess and identify the areas where you can improve. Your audience is very volatile in terms of content. The audience and traffic generated will impact your overall YouTube income. So, make sure you give them every second to enjoy.

5. Plan your Video

Planning is like a foundation for any of your work. Working without planning is not a good practice. When creating content, you should make a full plan about what to include and how things will be shown. Since you are aware of what kind of genre you are choosing, now all you need to do is keep your audience busy with your unique and quality content. For such content planning and plotting for your video is a must.

We have covered all the points you should remember while creating a YouTube channel. Now it’s time to understand some methods by which you can start YouTube channel earnings.

How to Monetize your YouTube Channel?

There are different ways from which you can get YouTube income. As soon as you cross a mark of 1000 subscribers and have a certain watching hour, you will be eligible to get paid by YouTube. After which, you can avail of YouTube income per view.

1. Monetize your Channel and Earn from Ads

In the beginning, you will have to work a lot to build your audience. As soon as your subscribers count increases you can monetize your channel and for every certain view, you will get paid. There will be various ads that will play before your video starts. It is your main source of income and is called ad revenue.

2. Promoting your Merchandise and Products

Another source to generate YouTube income is selling products. You can advertise products in your videos and even create your own merchandise. This is one of the best marketing strategies you can use to increase YouTube channel earnings. Publicizing the products in your videos will help in generating brand awareness among your subscribers. You can earn a great amount when they shop for it.

Get Started as a YouTuber

With patience and effort, you can surely achieve your goals . These were some of the top YouTube channel ideas. All you need is a creative mind to produce interesting content. You don’t need to incur heavy expenses to begin as a Youtuber. You can start with the available resources and drive the journey ahead. Effective planning and strategy-making will help you reach your target soon.

Make your videos in your regional language. Using your native language helps you connect with your audience in a relatable way and gives you a wider reach. Add captions in a language that is easier to read by the masses.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started as a YouTuber and fulfil your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular topic on YouTube?

Entertainment is the most popular topic on YouTube. There are a huge number of YouTubers who make comedy videos and procure lots of subscribers. Amidst stressful life, people find ways to entertain themselves. That’s where works entertainment videos. Comedy videos are widely popularized across the internet. You can grab a firm position on YouTube by creating such content.

What is the best content for YouTube beginners?

Entertainment is the most popular topic on YouTube. There are a huge number of YouTubers who make comedy videos and procure lots of subscribers. Amidst stressful life, people find ways to entertain themselves. That’s where works entertainment videos. Comedy videos are widely popularized across the internet. You can grab a firm position on YouTube by creating such content.

What is the easiest topic for YouTube Channel?

The easiness of a topic generally depends on your interests and niche. However, the simplest topic for educational tutorials. You can carry out this work from your home itself. All you need is a good knowledge of certain subjects and an ability to teach. You can mentor kids from various classes through your recorded YouTube videos.

How do I get Subscribers?

Quality is all that matters in YouTube videos. The more interesting and high-quality content you produce, the more subscribers you gain. Practice following the trending topics and make videos on the same. Videos on the latest topics attract more viewers and ultimately increase your subscribers. Keep your channel updated and share your videos with your friends, family, etc. Promote it on your social media handles.

How do I pick a YouTube name?

The name of your YouTube channel depends on the nature of your channel. It should be related to topics you cover under your channel. Based on the niche of your channel, design an interesting name for your YouTube channel which also catches the eyes of viewers. You can refer to the internet for creative YouTube channel names.

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