8 Best Online Teaching Apps for Effective Online Classes

May 1, 2024
Online Teaching Apps

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Online teaching apps have become a necessity for educators in the last few years. In 2020, when the pandemic struck, it was noted that 83 percent of Indian teachers used Learning Management System (an online teaching tool) to distribute learning materials for online classes. (Statista)

Since then, the growth of the Indian Edtech sector has been enormous. In today’s age, the demand for online teaching apps, virtual classrooms, and advanced online teaching tools for teachers is at an all-time high. This helps teachers remain available to students 24*7 and improve their understanding with the help of innovative tools and teaching methodologies.

8 Online Teaching Apps to Ease Online Classes

There are various online teaching apps for teachers available in India. Some of them are free to use, whereas some premium features are usually paid.

Below are listed some of the best free and innovative teaching apps that can be used for students’ betterment.


Zoom is one of the easiest and most free platforms where you can connect to as many students simultaneously. It has helped many teachers and students in delivering quality education. It is a video conferencing app that allows you to go live with the students and interact with them in real-time.


  • Meetings can be planned for a specific date and time
  • Gallery View options
  • Change video backgrounds

Google Meet

Google Meet is another great online teaching app which is beneficial in teaching or conducting one-to-one sessions with the students. It is a competition to zoom as it also offers video conferencing. Many teachers and students in India acquired this app for conducting classes without any trouble.


  • Live sessions; you can share or present documents to the students. 
  • Talk to them by using the messaging feature. 
  • Top-notch privacy and security

StudyBlue Flashcards

This unique educational tool is useful for both students and teachers. By aiding with the creation of digital flashcards, notes, and other study information, it contributes to making learning interesting and helps teachers ensure that instruction is effective and successful.

Among other things, this online teaching app enables you to monitor your progress, create reminders, and take quizzes. Using images and videos also aids in the customisation of learning materials.


  • Computerised flashcards
  • Offline mode
  • Customise the learning materials


This is a novel mobile whiteboard app for teachers. Like the others we’ve covered, it makes life easier for instructors. It helps educators and teachers create tutorials that are user-friendly for students. The cherry on top is that you may keep and post your videos online.


  • With animation, graphs, and other visual assistance.
  • Adding images and videos is very straightforward on this app. 
  • It has simple cloud syncing, and information sharing, and is a feature-filled teaching app.


The adjustments that come with the shift from offline to online are a big reason why many professors struggle when they transfer their programs online. A software package called Teacher Kit helps instructors to automate routine chores like recording grades and taking attendance.


  • Adding behavior comments and keeping track of kids’ progress so you can focus on what matters most.
  • Notes for pupils’ behavior 
  • Reports on development and more


 The Microsoft Office program family includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, also includes OneNote. OneNote is a digital notepad that enables note-taking, drawing, and audio and video recording. Due to its versatility, OneNote is well-liked by instructors in India.


  • It may be used to make lesson plans, record lectures, and take notes in class.
  • User-friendly design and is very simple to use.
  • Create books and exchange comments with students. 
  • Distribute notes and other information to their students.


Prodigy is a math program that helps kids develop their mathematical skills. It is a free, adaptive math game. It is one of the best online teaching apps for primary students.


  • It covers games that have embedded math problems. 
  • The program is run by AI, which generates questions based on how well pupils perform as they go. 
  • Teachers utilise it to enhance their lessons and aid pupils in learning. 
  • The program has several functions, including arithmetic games and tests.


Teachers may utilise Kahoot to add more life and excitement to their online lessons. A tool that helps teachers make instructional games is called Kahoot!


  • Create games easily
  • Sharing and organisation
  • Host games using videos and reach students outside the classroom

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Online Teaching Apps Benefits

Student Interaction

Online teaching apps are the best option to interact with a student as most of the students of this generation are on mobile phones or tablets. These teaching apps look fun to them and engage them in various activities.

Online teaching apps allow for interaction and make teaching fun by using the various interactive online teaching tools available online.

Engaging students during free time

When the children are free from their regular classes, they tend to move on to some activities that do not help them grow. When it comes to online teaching apps, then this can be very effective in making them hooked to academics for an extended period. 

Online teaching apps for teachers in India can make teaching fun and engage students contrary to offline teaching, which can get a bit monotonous for students. 


These apps are easy to use as well as available for teachers and students 24/7. If you are a teacher looking to upload some of the assignments or tests, you can do it at your convenience. Online teaching apps have windows that are available all the time. Students can go through the content at any time making online teaching way more accessible than offline classes


Online apps provide teachers the luxury of making content on the go. Both teachers and students  can view the content as many times as they want, wherever they want. Since mobile phones, laptops all these things are portable and can be carried easily to any place.

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Key Takeaways

The difference between online teaching and physical classroom teaching is that in online teaching, the teacher can deliver more accessible content through different methods like webinars, videos, etc. The content can be made more interactive by including quizzes and online exercises with various online teaching apps and tools. The content is accessible for the students any time they wish to view it. 

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Which is the best app for online teaching?

There are several apps in the Edtech industry focussing on online teaching and virtual classrooms, some of which are apps like Teacher Kit, OneNote, Prodigy, zoom and GoogleMeet among others, which provide teachers with online teaching tools and video conferencing making teaching easier and more fun and convenient.

What are some free online teaching apps?

There is no dearth of free online teaching apps on the market, some of which are apps like Zoom, google meet, YouTube, etc, providing features such as video conferencing and whiteboard features for teachers providing an opportunity for teachers to impart knowledge to students all over the world and making content accessible from anywhere at any time.

How to earn money with online teaching apps?

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