Top 10 Effective Ways to Make Money Blogging

February 19, 2024
Make Money Blogging

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Blogging has become a powerful platform for sharing ideas, insights, and experiences. Beyond its role as a creative outlet, blogging has become a lucrative opportunity for those seeking to turn their passion into a career. As the digital landscape continues to expand, so do the opportunities for bloggers to monetize their content and generate income.

This article explores the top 10 effective ways to make money blogging, delving into proven strategies that successful bloggers employ to not only sustain their passion but also to turn it into a sustainable source of income. Whether you’re a experienced blogger looking to diversify your revenue streams or a newcomer eager to embark on a profitable blogging journey, this comprehensive guide will provide you with actionable insights and practical tips to monetize your blog effectively.

What is a Blog

Blog is the short version of the word “weblog” which means an online journal and informational website that displays and dispenses information about a topic in reverse chronological order. The latest posts appear first, the second post, and so on. Also, it serves as a medium for a person or group to write and share their knowledge, understanding, and skills about some discourse, place, or any topic of interest. People invested in any particular field chose this medium to showcase their learning and disseminate information. It makes the lives of other people easy, and a blogger earns money from it. Blogging is more like typing and earning in return. You can see how people are earning through typing here.

You might be wondering what a blog is all about on the web. Well, to make things easy for you, read out the most trending topics for blogging in 2022 by Wix Blog, a significant player in the blogging industry:

  • Food Blogs
  • Travel Blogs
  • Health and Fitness Blogs
  • Lifestyle Blogs
  • Photography Blogs
  • Fashion and Beauty Blogs
  • Personal Blogs
  • DIY Craft Blogs
  • Parenting Blogs
  • Music Blogs
  • Business Blogs
  • Art and Design Blogs
  • Book and Writing Blogs
  • Personal Finance Blogs
  • Interior Design Blogs
  • Sports Blogs
  • News Blogs
  • Movie Blogs
  • Religious Blogs
  • Political Blogs

Importance of Blogging

The major use of blogging nowadays is to promote business and entrepreneurship. Blogs are the medium through which you attract your target audience and eventually endorse your product. Without a blog, your personal or business website will remain hidden from your target audience. They will not have access to whatever content you have created or the business you plan to expand. A running blog will rank your website in search engine optimization, eventually granting you more clients. Once your blog is more frequent and better, it enables you to showcase your niche authority and creates a brand for your product on the web.

How to Make Money Blogging?

A few years ago, blogging was merely considered a hobby and not a source for having income from blogging. Most people use the platform to express their feelings, dispense their knowledge, and spread awareness about certain topics. It was more of an amusement to those who knew how to write and those who loved to write.

In recent times, however, making money by blogging is one of the essential opportunities to make money through blogging. It has become a profession and provides scope to make money by sitting in the comfort of our homes.

One of the most remarkable things about blogging is that it does not require any specialization or hard-end course to write a blog and earn money from a blog. You can do it if you’re slightly good at writing and have in-depth and authentic knowledge about a topic. All you have to consider is the choice of words and endorsing products you intend your readers to go through. The payments for a blog depend on how much traffic you get for your blog. The more viewership you get, the more you earn through the blog.

To make it easier for you to understand the ideal ways to make money blogging, we have jotted down a few tips:

  • Create fresh and updated blogs that contain ideally 1000+ words;
  • Make sure the blog has relevant do-follow backlinks as they generate commissions for a blog;
  • Make room for display ads on the blog. Also, you need to put them in the blog strategically;
  • Google AdSense is one of the unique platforms for this;
  • Use of affiliated links for the promotion of products you will be endorsing;
  • To add value-added products & services, tie-up with relevant and related products / services;
  • Selling of guest blogs and niche edits are also recommended.

Understand the Basics of Online Money-making Blogs

For your blog to invite a lot of traffic, you must consider some of the basics of preparing a blog. You will have many other rival bloggers who already have income from blogs. You have to outsmart them by mastering the art of blogging and appearing first in the search engine. Following are some of the critical considerations that you need to keep in mind while writing a blog:

  1. Construct catchy and attractive headlines;
  2. Inclusion of keywords in the blog;
  3. Reveal your knowledge as explicitly as you can without making it more complicated;
  4. Stick to the originality of your content;
  5. Understand the need and interests of your target audience;
  6. Make sure your content is based on the contemporary times;
  7. Appeal to the reader through a curious call-to-action (CTA) material;
  8. Keep in mind the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
  9. Keep the blog short, easy to comprehend, and reader-appealing.

How Does Blogging Earn Money?

Those who possess some unique arts or set of knowledge or specialization can start sharing it and earn in return. There are various niches where one can begin to work, collect information, and arrange it in sequence. Blogging is one of the best suitable jobs for housewives as there is too much flexibility in working hours. Check out some of the suitable jobs for housewives here. Some of the niches that are most vibrant in the blogging world are briefly summarized below:

1. Specialization in Skills like Music, Dance, Musical Instrument, Yoga, etc.

There is significant demand for courses among the masses as people love to do something unique to occupy themselves with. Dance, musicals, yoga, art and craft, and many other techniques are in great demand. Both young and adults prefer these courses. Writing about them and sponsoring the same on the web can be a good breakthrough for your money-making blogging career.

2. Academic Subject Matter Expert

If you have a good grasp of an academic subject, you can start blogging about the website and make money through the blog. Creating blogs based on subject knowledge creates room for essential stakeholders like parents and teachers to invest gleefully. Think no more about how to earn money from blogging if you have a good grasp of content and about which you can write plenty. With subject content, not only will you be inviting real-time page viewers who will be ready to invest money, but you will also generate a lot of traffic overall. Also, find out the major players for online tutors.

People are curious about so many things that you can’t even imagine. Doing extensive research and writing about things that will invite the attention and curiosity of the general public will give your website due diligence and brand value. Not to mention a more extensive viewership hence a better commission for the advertisement you will be endorsing. All you need to do is be vigilant of the following trends and make sure your blog has catchy headlines and is accordingly Search Engine Optimization friendly.

4. Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing are essential topics of discussion regarding earning through blogging. There are hundreds of blogs and write-ups about nutrition, sciences of exercise, physiotherapy, treatments for disease and much more. Writing about these topics requires a comprehensive understanding. Once your page starts showing up in the search engine, and your blogs begin to make an impact, your target audience will appear more frequently.

5. Psychology and Emotional Intelligence

One of the major concerns of modern society is the degradation of emotional intelligence. Moral dilemmas, depression, anxiety issues and panic attacks are prevalent among people. These affect not only the personal relationships of human beings but also their productivity among them. Such topics also cover issues and concerns like attitude, personality development, creativity and self-discovery journey. Authentic online money-making blogs about them will allow you to discover people with real issues, and thus, eventually, you will have clients ready to buy from your websites.

6. “How to” Blogs

The “How To” blogs are also one of the best sources of making money blogs. You have to be creative about these blogs as you will be providing creative solutions to do things. They are a prevalent genre of blogs as Internet users frequently use search engines for creative ways to do normal things or look for suggestive solutions for daily happenings. You must be vigilant about the most common “How To” blog trends to seek the viewers’ attention.

7. Relationships

Writing blogs about human relationships are also some of the most creative ways to attract traffic on the web. Young men and women will be your target mainly. It would help if you let them explore different aspects and possibilities of a relationship. You can write about novel things like open relationships, monogamy, polygamy, intimacy, rebound strategies, and other topics of interest. Once you’re successful in making them read the blog, there are fair chances that they will become your clients and might also be a possible catch for the advertisements on your blog.
Money making through the blog will be then easier for you as you will have more viewership.

Get Paid for Your Knowledge

8. Tour and Travel

Blogs about travel and tourism are also a great source of making money through blogs. Such blogs have one of the highest rates of advertisements as you will get a lot of affiliate websites. You can write various topics on a tourism blog. Writing about tourist spots, affordable hotels, routes, financial knowledge, and so on will invite many readers. For such blogs, you will get affiliate websites for hotels, travel services, cafes, and services essential for tourism. A vivid and nicely written blog will get you a lot of commission on the advertisements.

9. Fashion

Fashion blogs attract great traffic as a lot of people look for the best combination of attire for a wedding, a carnival, or such events. The Internet is the best place to look up to for what’s happening in the world. You can write about traditional dresses in places, a combination of dresses, a color that goes with each other, and many other vibrant topics. You will also have the autonomy to explain the texture and specialty of the clothes. Money-making blogs for fashion also attract affiliated websites, so revenue generation becomes easy.

10. Book Reviews

Book review blogs are one of the most accessible blogs to write for a book lover. Your target audience is voracious readers. All you’ve got to do is read books commonly preferred by general readers and write about them. You have to reveal the intricacies of the book in a speedy summary of it and invite the reader’s curiosity. Book lovers are one of the most accessible audiences you can target through your income-generating blogs, as they are easy to fall for.

What are Some of the Ways to Make Money Through Blogging?

1. Advertisement Blogs

Selling products and services through advertisement blogs is a crucial platform for making money through blogging. As a blogger, your job is to write and display the product suitably and attractively to the page viewer. Using the suitable mechanism, you will develop the visitor’s interest. Making money blogging is directly proportional to the number of visitors you will have on your web page.

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2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also an important strategy to generate income through blogging. Here, the blogger works as a third-party product publisher and directs the blog viewers to the company’s products. Or this purpose, the blogger gets a piece as a commission on the sale of the items. The blog’s job is to generate traffic and provide leads to the company’s product. Affiliate marketing has been very vibrant in the blogging world as it has been key to selling products online and eventually paying the blogger in real terms.

3. Digital Products Like eBook Marketing

It is one of the ways to earn a handsome passive income. If you think you have a lot to share and can compile it in a structured format, it is a way to get money just by sitting on your couch. Several free websites can help you to design your layout of contents. For example, Canva, Kindle Create, etc. Some of the platforms to publish your book online are:

  • Amazon Kindle
  • SmashWord
  • Draft2digit
  • Gumroad

Some of the domains in which you can write an e-Book:

  • Any set of specialization that is common among the general public;
  • Guide to succeed in any area;
  • Fiction;
  • Non-Fiction.

4. Consultation Services

Consultation services include Marketing Consulting, Financial Consulting, HR Consulting, Compliance Counselling, Legal Consultancy Services, Information Technology (IT) Consultancy, and many others. Online blogging about them will generate a lot of traffic and endorses more viewership. For money-making blogging, writing about them can change a blogger’s fortune.

5. Skill-based Services

Blogging about the provision of skill-based services and promoting them through catchy headlines and intelligent content is one of the ways to create money-making blogging. The benefits include art and craft, health and wellbeing, psychological empowerment, and so on. Promoting them on an online platform through blogs is a hassle-free technique.

6. Works with Online Advertisement Networks

Blogging in connection with online advertisement networks and creating content for them is also considered the most innovative way to generate income through blogging. A blogger can try to connect with their target audience, utilizing online advertisement networks and promoting the target product.

Path to Become a Successful Blogger

From affiliate marketing and sponsored content to digital product creation and online courses, the possibilities for income generation are as diverse as the content you create. The key lies in understanding your audience, delivering value, and implementing monetization methods that align with your brand and resonate with your readers.

As you embark on your blogging venture or seek to elevate your current strategy, remember that success in the blogging world is often a combination of dedication, adaptability, and a genuine connection with your audience. While the methods discussed in this article provide a solid foundation, it’s essential to stay informed about emerging trends and continually adapt.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Q.1 How many views do you need to make money on a blog?

Answer: There’s no direct answer to how much money you will make through a blog as it depends on many factors. The traffic, SEO friendliness, views, and so many others play a crucial role. The money you will make through blogging also depends on the type of content that you create. The more urgent and user-friendly your content has, the better chances it will attract a larger audience hence the income you generate. Learn more about how to make money through blogs at Chegg and start earning today.

There is, however, a general trend that follows regarding the payment, which finds that upon getting 1,000-page reviews a month, you will make about $10-$25 per month. The number goes up as it attracts more readers every month.

Q.2 Can you make money blogging?

Answer: The world has changed a lot after it has become a global village where information is abundant in both time and space. One can have access to information about anything and learn about almost any topic. The world is at your fingertips. That is where the money-making blogging at Chegg comes into play.

If you have the skill and talent for blogging, you can easily make money sitting in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is do extensive research about a topic and display or write about it, and you will get paid for your work. There are tons of people out there who are making a lot of money sitting at home. They are dispensing information on different topics and earning hefty amounts from blogging.

Q.3 What should I blog about to make money?

Answer: While blogging you need to make sure your blogs are about something very user-friendly in nature. Nobody will pay heed to a blog written about trivial topics. There is a wide range of topics about which you can write. It can range from health and fitness to fashion, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, technology, gaming, travel, camping, tourism, finance and investment, and many others. People love to know and explore things, which is what a money-making blogger needs to optimize. Once you deliver what you want to know about, you will attract a lot of traffic to your page, and in return, you will be paid for your content.

Q.4 How will you receive blogging payments?

Answer: The payments for blog writing and making money are usually done through various sources. PayPal, Payoneer, Payza, Wire Transfer, and Western Union are some ways to get paid for blogging. PayPal though dominates the market for its far-reaching service. However, PayPal is not available in many countries, so bloggers look for alternate payment methods.

The blogging payments for Google Ads are done through Google AdSense Account. It is more like a gateway to the payments for your blogging and payments that you will have further. You will also be asked to add the bank details under the Electronic Funds Transfer column. The process takes a few weeks to initiate, but it is worth the wait as a world of excitement awaits you.

Q.5 Do bloggers make money?

Answer: The process of publishing an earning through the blog and getting the payments for it has become a very hassle-free process in modern times. Bloggers make money by writing about topics that people are interested to learn. Bloggers mostly make money through advertisements. So every time a viewer pops in the link on your site, the viewers are directed to the affiliate’s site and decide to buy the product you have endorsed, and you will be getting a commission from the sale.

Q.6 How do you start your blog for free?

Answer: Before you start a blog of your own, you must understand the whats and why’s of your blog. Once you have a clear idea about it, you need to find a suitable blogging platform where you will be choosing a domain name. You will also need to create a web hosting account to serve as a platform for your blog writing. Upon installing WordPress on your blog, you can start writing and publishing your blogs.

Blogging with WordPress is both free and easy to publish the write-ups. Start your blogging career with WordPress today and embark on your make-money blogging.

Answer: WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, LinkedIn, and Medium are the most popular blogging platforms. Among them, however, most bloggers use WordPress as it is easy to use and reader-friendly. Wix is usually preferred for writing professional blogs. Squarespace is chosen artists and designers for the promotion of their work. As for LinkedIn, it is the best platform for networking and making connections with the target audience quickly. Medium, on the other hand, is preferred for a built-in audience.

Chegg has been one of the platforms where you can learn areas to work and earn money online. All the platforms are equally important as they serve a purpose for a blogger in different ways throughout. It’s up to the blogger to utilize the venues for his interest and make money.

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