Top 25 Online Income Apps In India 2024 : Earn Cash Effortlessly

March 13, 2024
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Quick Summary

  • Discover the top 25 online income apps in India for 2024 and earn cash effortlessly!
  • Whether you’re a student, a housewife, or a professional, these apps offer legitimate ways to boost your income.
  • From completing simple tasks to participating in surveys and referral programs, these apps provide ample opportunities to earn real money. Get started today and turn your free time into extra cash!

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Online Income Apps have become trendy among people in today’s modern world. One of the reasons for this is the rising global inflation. The prices of each item are soaring high, be it food, clothes, footwear, ornaments or daily usable commodities. So, people need to have more money in their pockets to live a healthy and content life. Earning extra is a boon to any category of person.

It is very much possible through various online earning apps. Mobile phones are used widely in every section of society. The middle-class, financially weak society, mothers, and students possess a mobile in the modern tech world. As a result, it is feasible for any person to install an online income app on their phone and start earning legally.

Many people spend their time online on social media apps or games or browsing the Internet. So, hustling side-by-side while being a student, a housewife, or unemployed after graduation is extensively necessary. These money-earning apps are a progressive step towards productivity, time management, extra income, and becoming somewhat independent. They are hassle-free, easy, and quick, which allows earning money daily or monthly. Also, using the free hours of one’s daily life to make money that will lead them to fulfill their basic needs and wishes is very liberating.

How do Online Income Apps in India work?

The real money earning apps in India work on different models to generate cash for the users. They comprise affiliate marketing, referral reward program, and cashback reward schemes. However, most money making apps work on the proven model of a user loyalty scheme. They require the users to open the apps daily and complete the tasks given. But, every other app works differently to manage its user base and provide them with a way to earn online. As a result, operating the apps frequently offer substantial profits to the users in the form of cash.

The money earned through these online income apps accumulates in the app. The users need to transfer this money according to their preferences. The apps offer different options to transfer money such as directly transfer money to their Bank accounts, Phonepe, Paytm wallet or any other wallet.

These free money earning apps are worth the time and effort. The users can work on this as a side income. Most importantly, all these online income apps work and generate real cash for people. One should at least try them themselves and see the result.

25 Best Online Income App In India (2024)

The real money earning apps in India are in abundance. Everyone can earn through these online income apps according to their preference and feasibility. Moreover, these apps do not require any investment at any stage. Each app is flexible and user-friendly, with ample opportunities to earn decently. Finally, varied money earning apps in India get discussed in the article:

1. Roz Dhan

The app name means Daily Money when translated from Hindi. Rozdhan is a genuine and trusted online income app in the country. It has numerous tasks in its app interface for the users to choose from according to their feasibility. For example, installing and playing games, installing other apps, reading news and latest updates, completing surveys, inviting friends, participating in different contests, etc. Also, it pays the user to burn calories by walking and counting the number of steps within the app.

The app has frequent bonus activities available to users. Such tasks include reading daily horoscopes, solving puzzles and visiting popular sites. Hence, this app provides decent earning opportunities to everyone. Finally, after finishing all the tasks, the app uses the Paytm wallet of a user to credit the money earned. The process is simple and quick to transfer money in a few steps.

2. Meesho

Meesho is a reselling online income app available on the play store where one can earn by sharing products online. It is a means to become an entrepreneur and start a business online. It requires zero investment from the user. Moreover, the user gets commissions for orders placed and incentives after achieving the sales target.

Anyone like mothers, students, or graduates can signup without investing capital. Install the app and choose the category and product type. The user gets wholesale rates for all the items in this reselling platform. Also, to woo customers, users can upload images and write product descriptions through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The motive is to advertise the product and list the final price with marginal profits.

3. TaskBucks

TaskBucks pays cash to the users after they perform some simple tasks. It is a top free earning app. It is available in the play store only. So, only android users can benefit from the app. It is not available to iOS users as of yet. The best thing about this app is that users can earn Rs 70 daily through referrals. Also, the referrals can be chained together to get increased bonuses. Some of the simple tasks that the app pays for on its completion are:

  • Viewing Ads and Videos
  • Completing Surveys
  • Sharing Opinions
  • Participating in Contests
  • Visiting Websites
  • Downloading suggested Apps
  • Referring the app to friends and relatives

The money earned upon completing these tasks gets redeemed in the Paytm or Mobikwik wallet. The users can also do mobile recharges with the money earned in Taskbucks. In addition, users can earn extra coins upto 10000 points each day by performing the mentioned tasks. Then, these coins get transferred to the Paytm or MobiKwik wallet as real money. The app is popular because it gives free Paytm cash to the users.

4. Databuddy

Databuddy offers cashback to users when they shop on various e-commerce stores like Amazon, Jabong, Myntra and Flipkart. Also, this online income app provides decent money for finishing tasks. The users are required to download apps, share GIFs and videos on social media platforms and perform other activities. The money earned is stored in the Databuddy wallet, which gets withdrawn in the linked Paytm wallet.

The app also allows transferring Paypal money to one’s Databuddy wallet. In addition to this, the app provides other rich benefits like:

  • Additional discounts on a sale
  • Heavy cashback on a successful purchase
  • Get Trending Deals and Coupons on Items
  • Discover top cashback deals

5. PhonePe

PhonePe is the pioneer of the UPI transaction system in India. Its parent company Flipkart was the first to bring seamless UPI payments to the country. It is available on Android and iOS, which has made it the most used UPI app in India. The users have to signup after installing the app and link their bank account to the PhonePe wallet. Each referral made by the user will earn them Rs 100-200, which can later be credited to their bank directly.

This online income app offers users various cashback vouchers and deals upon making specific payments. For example, adding money to the wallet, DTH recharges, Flight Bookings, Mobile Recharges, Water and Electricity Bill Payments, etc. In addition to this, the app offers cashback deals on e-commerce shopping sites like Flipkart, Myntra and Jabong. Finally, the users can make quick and safe payments up to Rs 1 Lakh each day after verifying their KYC details to get heavy cashback deals.

6. MooCash

The signup and registration process is hassle-free in this online income app with Gmail Id or Facebook ID. The best thing about the MooCash app is that it rewards users for watching entertainment videos. Also, users can earn by completing surveys and playing games in the app. Another important aspect is that it allows users to win $5 daily through tasks.

The app pays the users in cash, pre-paid recharge vouchers and cryptocurrency. In addition to this, the app offers numerous gift cards from iTunes, Google and Amazon. Sometimes the users get free vouchers, free game codes and cashback on recharges. But, these free vouchers can only be redeemed once the user accumulates 3000 coins in the app through tasks. MooCash is famous money earning app.

7. Google Opinion Rewards

It is a paid survey app from Google on the play store only. So, iOS users cannot use this app. The users get paid to finish the surveys on the app successfully. The signup process is simple with a Gmail id after installing the app from the play store. The app pays the users with Google Play Credits. Hence, these Credits are redeemed to purchase games, music albums, movie tickets, online shopping and other paid apps on the play store.

The surveys on this app are random, based on public interest and search popularity. So, the users help Google to store data generated from the survey responses. As a result, Google pays the users for their time, effort and genuine data. However, if someone is not sincere and fakes the answers to earn money, the system detects it and will not provide the user with more surveys. The app has a questionnaire also, where users can win Rs 32 for each genuine answer.

8. Wonk

Wonk is online money earning app for tutoring students in India and the rest of the World. It is a platform where individuals with decent educational backgrounds earn money through teaching. The minimum criteria to teach in online mode through this app are:

  • Graduation Degree
  • Empathy for Students and a Good Listener
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Subject Matter Proficient
  • Expertise in Online Tools and Resources

An individual with all these qualities can register on this online income app. Accordingly, the Wonk Team will verify the credentials and certify the user as a teacher. The user will start teaching and earning according to his overall experience and qualifications. The approved teachers can earn around Rs 250-1000 per hour, depending on the student’s class, school board and the subject. In brief, it is a profession with ample money without any difficulties.

9. Loco

Loco is a popular online income app among school and college students. Users watch famous gamers of the Indian gaming community playing games. In addition, they get paid to answer quiz questions correctly and play games like Ludo, Pool, Carrom, Bubble Shooter, Knife Ninja, etc. But, the quiz has time limits and limited attempts to prevent fraud.

The app does not require any investments. The best thing is that users win money because of their knowledge. But, the only drawback is that it offers limited coins per day. The users have to win minimum eligible coins every day to win the minimum amount. Finally, the coins get redeemed as Google Play Vouchers.

10. Current Rewards

The app is a trustworthy earning app where users win gift cards by listening to music and playing games. It comprises more than 1 lakh radio stations on the app in every genre. Also, games of the highest quality and graphics are available on the app. It is a subscription-free app available on the play store. Register in the app with the Gmail Id or Facebook Id to earn easy money by listening and playing.

The earnings get claimed in the form of Google Play gift cards, Amazon gift cards, PayPal gift cards, Walmart gift cards, and Target gift cards.

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11. mCent

Mcent is one of the oldest online income apps that pay for using it as a default browser instead of Chrome or Safari. It rewards completing tasks like opening affiliate links, downloading specific apps, watching ads and movies, visiting other websites, doing surveys and reading the latest news updates. It is available on all the official app stores.

The app also pays for simply completing the referral programs. It is a quick and seamless experience. The users can claim rewards as mobile recharges or directly in the linked Paytm wallet. Also, the app sometimes rewards users with free data packs for all networks in India.

12. Shopsy

Shopsy is an affiliate program offered by Flipkart to sell items and earn commissions on each product sold. The product can be the ones bought from Flipkart. It is a seamless process of reselling Flipkart’s items to earn commissions.

The users get the money credited to them on the 20th of every month. They can earn more than Rs 5000 commission on each item sold. The app also offers additional cashback to users.

13. Swagbucks

Swagbucks users earn swag points on completing every activity inside the app. It is a quick and user-friendly experience. Members can earn daily by playing games, filling out surveys, browsing the internet, completing quizzes, watching promotional ads and reading the latest updates.

The app does not pay directly in cash. It offers numerous Amazon, Flipkart, Starbucks and PayPal vouchers. The app pays a 10% extra lifetime commission to users who have invited their friends to the app. The minimum number of swag points is 750 to redeem any prize.

14. AppTrailer

The app pays its users for giving genuine feedback on its videos. Each review allows the app to grow and become vital for other people to earn real cash. The app only requires the users to invest their time. Finally, users get paid well enough to make this app one of the best-earning apps in India. The users get paid in gift cards from different e-commerce sites.

15. Cointiply

Cointiply pays the user base in cryptocurrency for completing activities on the app. Activities like viewing ads, taking surveys, playing games, participating in contests and installing other apps. Also, the app offers loyalty bonuses up to 2x of the reward.

The most important aspect of this app is that it pays in Bitcoins and Dodgecoins. It further converts into hard cash through WazirX and Coinbase. In brief, it is a worthy online income app in which more than 1 million users are earning free coins through the app.

16. U Speak We Pay

The name of the app defines the function of this online income app. The users have to read messages displayed in the app to earn money. The company revenue model uses these voice messages as a database to train AI systems for voice recognition and speech abilities.

The user gets paid handsomely in actual cash upon reading the messages. More than 2 lakh registered users are currently earning through the app. The app offers bonus rewards to users for referring the app to others. Some vital steps to successfully use the app are:

  • Download and signup using the Gmail ID
  • Choose the preferred language from English, Malayalam, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Kannada.
  • Click the record button to speak the message on display. Make sure to pronounce each word correctly and clearly.
  • The users get paid directly into their money account by reading the displayed messages correctly.

17. Userfeel

The Userfeel app pays users to test and check different websites of different businesses. The app has a different concept from the majority of online income apps. The tests get conducted on Smartphones, Tablets and PCs. The organisations evaluate and improve the UI/UX of their app. Also, to enhance the performance of their website based on the feedback received through this app.

The registered users take the qualification test recorded for both voice and screen as they progress through the allotted tasks. Then, the video and voice are recorded and sent to the Userfeel servers. Finally, the users are paid directly in their wallets upon completing the tests.

Each test’s duration ranges from 10-20 minutes on average. These tests are completed on the system as asked to get paid an average of Rs 500 for each test.

18. Google Pay

Google Pay was formerly known as Tez. It is the most popular, secure and safe payment app in India. It offers various cashback and coupons in the form of scratchcards for completing money transactions of different amounts. However, the vouchers and cashback are uncertain and change often. The referral bonus is a sure-shot way to earn money through the app.

The coupons get redeemed on certain products, which give excellent value to the final price. In brief, it is a seamless experience of sending and receiving money directly into one’s bank account. Total app downloads exceed crores. So we can say it is the most trustworthy payment app in India.

19. Dosh App

The Dosh app pays the user for shopping and spending money. It requires users to link their Debit/Credit card with the Dosh app. It will detect payment through the card and would automatically pay in cashback or coupons to the user. The signup process is simple and free.

They offer rewards for different kinds of spending. But, the users will get extra cashback on booking hotels, shopping and dining. It is convenient to use, as users are getting paid for spending money in their daily life.

20. Skrilo

Skrilo is an android-only app based on the luck factor. The users get paid if they win lucky draws organised in the online app. The lucky draw system will pay the winner around Rs 10-1000. The app provides limited chances every day to win the draw. So, play intelligently and patiently to make every attempt count. Besides, the app periodically offers exclusive deals and rewards to its users. So, regular and daily users will benefit from these exclusive deals.

21. SquadRun

The SquadRun app pays the users for being productive for varied e-commerce platforms. The app is available on Android only. The users run errands and act as a workforce for the companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Ola and Snapdeal. They get in Squad coins, and profits get expanded by completing referrals. The earnings are withdrawn into the Paytm wallet directly.

22. Dream11

Dream11 is a cricket fantasy league. It is famous among cricket lovers of India. Also, other games like Football, Kabaddi and Hockey have been added recently to the app. The users decide on a team according to their performance and skills. If the players in the fantasy team perform well in the real-world game, then users score points and eventually money.

The users with the best team and highest scores win decent money. So, it requires strategies and planning to decide on the best possible team. However, some investment is made in each match to play this fantasy game. But, the winning money is credited seamlessly into the bank account.

23. HealthyWage App

The app pays to complete challenges created around the health condition of a user. Many people have health goals to achieve but lack motivation and confidence. As a result, the app acts as a motivator by giving cash rewards of around Rs 50000 on completing a challenge. The challenges can range from Weight loss, Fitness, Running, etc.

The app has a monthly subscription fee for competing in the challenges. If the user wins, he can keep the money and win rewards. Otherwise, the money goes to the company profits.

24. Freecharge

The Freecharge app rewards cashback for making mobile recharge transactions. Other activities in the app include money transfers, bill payments, rent payments, etc. Each task rewards the users with cashback money. The referral scheme pays Rs 30 on every successful referral.

25. EarnKaro

Earnkaro app works on the concept of affiliate marketing programs. The users have to promote, advertise and share deals with their friends and followers on social media apps. Also, they have to switch the product link from an e-commerce store to the EarnKaro link to get commissions. When someone shops through these links, the user wins real cash commissions on each product sold. The money is credited into bank accounts directly. Also, it is feasible for any person, like students, mothers, etc.

How to Sign-Up with the Online Income App in India?

The sign-up process is simple and user-friendly for every person. There are no such hiccups or tiresome methods to enrol in these online income apps anymore. Hence, following these simple steps will allow the users to sign-up very conveniently:

  • Download the best earning app according to one’s preference from the Playstore on an Android smartphone or the Apple Store on an iOS phone.
  • Fill in all the required credentials and information the apps ask for to check authenticity.
  • Sign up and register with the email id or the mobile number, then fill out the OTP to complete the registration. Nowadays, varied options are available to create an account, like Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail and others.
  • Polish the profile within the app interface by filling in all minute details to establish the account in a better way. Finally, the account is ready, and one can start earning through these top earning apps.

Top Money Earning Apps 2024

The recent online income market has grown manifold in India. People are searching for ways to earn remotely and easily through their smartphones from the comfort of their homes. As a result, many top money-making apps have risen to the foreground for such people. The only major thing is to examine an app carefully for its authenticity.

The article clearly states all the legitimate online income apps currently working in India that pay decent money and actual cash. Individuals interested in passive income and freelance online work who want to answer questions or be subject matter experts can apply to Chegg. They provide time flexibility and skilful work, which gives decent corporate exposure. Just enroll in the hiring process. All you have to do is sign up!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are money making apps safe?

Yes, the majority of the money making apps are safe. Also, these earn money apps are available in numbers with different concepts. However, some can be malware and unsafe. But, with proper research, one can choose the best app according to their preferences.

What are the best apps for making money fast?

Some apps that allow earning money fast are Swagbucks, HealthyWage, Dream11 and SquadRun. These are one of the best online money making apps in India.

How can I earn money daily?

The best method to earn money daily is doing freelancing work, becoming online tutors, use Mcent and Loco apps. Moreover, daily earning requires effort and skills also.

Which app is genuine for earning?

Google pay, PhonePe, and MobiKwik are some of the apps that are genuine for earning money. Other genuine apps to name are Freecharge, EarnKaro and Wonk.

How can I earn money with Google?

The Google Adsense scheme will help anyone to earn money online. Individuals need to connect an Adsense account with their website. When someone clicks on an advertisement on the website, ad revenue gets credited to the individual.

How can I earn money by mobile?

There is various online income app in India which helps individuals to earn money by mobile. Just download any app from the 25 apps discussed in the article to earn money through the smartphone.

How can I earn through PhonePe?

PhonePe is an earning money app that offers cashback rewards and numerous coupons to its users who make different money transactions through the App. So, to earn money, users have to make varied bill payments, recharges, flight bookings, etc.

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