Top 15 Apps to Earn Paytm Cash in 2023

December 7, 2023
earn paytm cash

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Earning some extra money by doing things we normally do in our day-to-day lives is pleasing to the ear. This article will focus on various apps you can use to earn Paytm cash by watching videos, playing games and performing various tasks associated with the app. All the instant Paytm cash earning apps listed in the article are free to download and use. However, the users need to be aware of the fraudulent activities in cyberspace. The moment an app asks for a payment for you to be able to earn money is the moment you should completely disengage with the app.

Earning Paytm cash will enable an individual to make online payments and work the same way as currency money. India has become digital, and almost all payments can be made online. You can find the best earning app Paytm cash, from the list below and start to earn Paytm cash today.

Synopsis of all Paytm cash winning apps

S.NoName of the AppDescriptionPerks/ Average Earnings
1WinZo Games AppGaming app- Earn by playing games.INR 50/- on download and up to INR 1500/- daily
2EWar Games AppPlay games, stream games, showcase skills, 1v1 and tournamentsINR 500/- by referring to friends and INR 200+ daily playing games
3CashNGifts AppWatch videos and ads, play games, spin the wheelINR 10,000/- or equivalent rewards monthly
4WinGo Quiz AppSolve quizzes of various categories, play games, spin the wheel, claim lucky cards, refer to friendsEarn Paytm cash INR 30/- on download and INR 100/- on referring to two friends
5Taskbucks AppLearn new things, solve quizzes and perform daily tasksINR 25/- for referring to a friend and INR 500/- for completing tasks
6Qureka AppLive quiz contests and shows; Quiz available every 30 mins;Earn Paytm cash up to INR 10,000/- by solving quizzes with all questions answered correctly
7Futwork AppOutbound telecalling app for companies at cheap rates;Train and earn for every successful call made;
8Player AppIndian music player app; Also earn by watching ads and videos and playing games;5000 coins on taking surveys;
9CashBite AppEntertainment and News app; Earn by signing up, referring to friends, and playing games and quizzes.Earn Paytm cash Up to INR 200/- daily
10InterMiles AppFuel your vehicle, Dine, book flight, shop, book hotels and properties and earn rewardsOffers and cash rewards for using the app daily

List of Paytm Earning Apps

Some of the best Paytm Earning apps are :

  1. Winzo Games App
  2. EWar Games App
  3. CashNGifts App
  4. WinGo Quiz App
  5. Task Bucks App
  6. Qureka App
  7. Futwork App
  8. Player App
  9. Cashbite App
  10. Intermiles App
  11. Zupee Gold App
  12. Paybox App
  13. InterVideos App
  14. Hyper Ball Brick App
  15. Moneybhai App

1.WinZo Games App

Winzo Games is one of the leading gaming apps that allows users to earn Paytm cash. One of the most special features of this app is that you can get INR 50 instantly on download and INR 10 on referring to a friend, which can later be transferred to your Paytm wallet. This app is owned and run by TicTok Skill Games Private Limited. It is one of India’s most widely played gaming apps, with over 70 million active users and prizes distributed over INR 200/- Cr. Users can play games and earn up to INR 1500/- daily.

Some of the most popular games played are-

  • Carrom
  • Fantasy Cricket
  • Bingo
  • Archery
  • Ludo
  • Pool

2. EWar Games App

EWar Games app is one of the best earning app Paytm cash in India. The USP of this app is that it is available in many vernacular languages like Hindi, Marathi, Bengali and so on. Users have the option of practising the game before entering into cash tournaments. Users can chat, stream and earn Paytm cash, which is easily withdrawable. You can earn up to INR 500/-by referring to a friend.

The aim is to give gamers a platform to compete at the same level at which larger sports are played through a skill-based gaming platform where people play to win cash and other prizes. The love of mobile gaming is taken to another level where winning is fun and profiting.

3. CashNGifts App

CashNGifts app is a mobile app and a website where users can earn Paytm cash and various other rewards, including offers in OYO, Goibibo, MakeMyTrip and many more. This app allows users to earn points with which they can shop online, recharge phones, or exchange them for gift cards and cash.


  • Earn up to INR 10,000 monthly or equivalent rewards
  • Earn by watching ads daily
  • More than 100 games available to play and earn points
  • Spin the wheel and earn points

4. WinGo Quiz App

Wingo Quiz App allows users to earn Paytm cash by solving various types of quizzes online. This app is developed and run by Wingo studio. The main features of the app are:

  • Referring to a friend and earning Paytm cash
  • Spinning the wheel
  • Lucky cards
  • Earn INR 30/- and transfer to your account instantly as a new user
  • Available as a mobile app with a 100 % withdrawal facility

Some of the most popular types of quizzes are-

  • Bollywood quiz
  • 60 seconds quiz
  • Cricket quiz
  • Eat or drink quiz
  • Hindi quiz

The app provides various other games apart from quizzes which the users can play and earn Paytm cash-

  • 8 ball billiards classic
  • Archery King
  • City Racing
  • Space shooter
  • Super Mario Rush
  • Subway runs 3D

5. Task Bucks App

Task Bucks app is one of the greatest Paytm earning apps if one wants to make money while learning new things. Users can earn Paytm cash by taking a quiz or doing daily chores with the Task Bucks app. Users are rewarded with coins with every victory, i.e., every task completed successfully.

The main features of the app are-

  • Play games and earn Paytm cash
  • The simplest way to make money is to solve quizzes
  • Opportunity to earn up to INR 500/- Paytm cash daily by completing tasks
  • Watch ads daily and earn rewards
  • Referring to a friend will make INR 25/-
  • Earn INR 15/- by using digital services

6. Qureka App

Qureka is a fun-based trivia platform where users can play live quiz shows & other quiz contests in over 25 categories for free. The app features quizzes every half an hour from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM so that users can play at their preferable time. The platform offers loads of different quiz formats- Back to School, Memory Quiz, Trail Mail Quiz and much more.


  • Refer to a friend and earn 50% of their earnings
  • Earn up to INR 10,000/- by solving quizzes accurately
  • The money won is instantly credited to users’ Paytm cash account
  • Earn coins by watching videos and ads
  • Rewards of over INR 60 lakhs have been distributed so far

7. Futwork App

Futwork is a startup that helps corporations to set up distributed tele-calling teams on-demand. The platform is reimagining outbound tele-calling operations by driving output-based pricing, using technology to train and deploy tele-callers from over 100 cities and maintaining quality.

This app is one of India’s most popular platforms for work-from-home tele-calling jobs. With Futwork, users can get trained to start a career in telemarketing. From the comfort of your home, you can consider a career in customer service, sales, market research, and various other areas.

Features of the app

  • INR 6/- per minute charged to companies
  • No platform fee
  • Charged for only connected calls
  • Growth in the business objectives is observed for all the clients
  • Savings up to 40% on outbound calling costs
  • 1000+ active trained callers and actively hiring
  • Available in more than ten languages
  • Major clients include Zomato, Tata, Upgrad, Samsung and more

8. Player App

Player App is an Indian music player platform that is the only music player and money-making app that allows users to earn money by listening to their favourite music and playing games in the app to earn Paytm cash. There are plenty of money-making apps in India, but Player App is one of the favourite apps known to users.

Features of the app

  • Win every day by playing a free quiz.
  • Earn a daily bonus by playing games
  • Earn rewards by watching ads
  • Receive up to 1,50,000 coins by referring to your friends
  • Receive up to 5000 coins by taking quick surveys.

9. Cashbite App

CashBite app is one of the best Paytm cash earning apps that provides entertaining and Daily News content. Earn Money by signing up,  inviting friends, playing live quizzes, playing games, and using the app daily. This Paytm cash earning app pays the users INR 2/- on sign-up. This is one of the top free Paytm cash earning apps in India.

Perks of using the app-

  • Easy and instant transfer of money credit to your Paytm account
  • Earn up to INR 200/- daily
  • Easy quizzes to solve and earn Paytm cash
  • Receive credits on referrals to friends
  • 12+ categories of entertainment for users

10. Intermiles App

InterMiles is a loyalty, travel, and lifestyle rewards platform that rewards users for everyday activities such as dining, shopping, and fueling up, as well as any purchases made with Intermiles co-branded debit/credit cards, flight and hotel bookings, and much more. Learn more about the app and discover new ways to earn Miles daily.

Connections of the Intermiles app to avail credits

  • Book hotel stays across 15 lakhs+ properties
  • Dine at 8,000+ restaurants
  • Book flights across 250+ airlines
  • Shop from 2,500+ co-branded merchants
  • Earn credits by fueling your vehicle

11. Zupee Gold App

Zupee is a live gaming app with real Paytm cash awards. Gamers can compete live with other players for real money and choose from various tournaments. However, simple inquiries should be answered. Choose a tournament and earn real money by answering questions. The higher the score, the quicker gamers can offer the actual response.

Highlights of the app

  • Downloads of over 2 Cr users
  • Earn up to INR 10 lakhs
  • Distributes more than INR 10 Cr daily winnings
  • Ludo supreme
  • Ludo ninja
  • Snakes and ladders plus
  • Carrom ninja
  • Trump cards mania

12. Paybox App

Paybox app provides a payment portal where every time users spend with Paybox, they earn points that they can avail of as discounts at various well-known businesses. With each transaction, the users get points. Every brand has its own set of prizes that are based on a certain amount of points. Users can redeem the rewards immediately or save them for the future. The USP of the app is that the rewards stay valid in the app, with no expiry date.

Key features of the app

  • Earn Paytm cash by referring to your friends- INR 20/- for every successful friend referral
  • Opportunity to earn Paytm cash and rewards by playing games
  • Earn INR 50/- as a new joiner bonus

13. InterVideos App

InterVideos app provides a platform to earn Paytm cash with a simple and quick approach for no cost.

Earn money by doing these simple tasks

  • Sign in
  • Watch videos
  • Play games
  • Invite friends – Earn up to INR 100/- on every successful referral
  • Completing engaging and interactive quizzes
  • Using the app regularly – Spin the wheel and open treasure boxes to earn Paytm cash

14. Hyper Ball Brick App

Hyper Ball Brick app is one of the age-old brick games on the market for a long time. The app allows users to play the game and many others and provides an opportunity to earn Paytm cash. Simply tap the screen to shoot the balls and smash the bricks. However, you must break as many bricks as feasible to receive the surprise gift and pass the stages.

Perks of using the app-

  • Earn INR 10/- on completing levels
  • Earn double the amount by watching videos and ads
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is INR 500/-
  • Earn up to INR 50/- on scratch cards
  • INR 100/- for downloading and signing up as a new user
  • Earn daily Paytm cash awards by watching videos and daily check in rewards

15. Moneybhai App

Moneybhai is an app that is a stimulus of an actual investing environment. Users interested in equity investing and trading can use this app to confirm if their interpretation of the markets is accurate. You start with one crore rupees as virtual money and can start investing in your stock portfolio. You can understand how the market is responding to your investments and can perform similar activities in the actual market.

How to earn Paytm cash with the Moneybhai app?

  • Read the news and earn
  • Watch videos to earn daily
  • To earn extra rewards, check-in daily
  • Earn INR 20 by referring the app to friends

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Apps help to earn Paytm cash

Earning Paytm cash is an easy way to make extra money, and nowadays, it is very important to have alternate income sources. The apps are not an absolute way of earning income, but they can be very beneficial in aiding the income of the people. However, it is very important for users not to get addicted to these apps. As it is rightly said, excessive usage of anything can be bad. We often read the news and understand the various phishing incidents.

Choose the apps that appeal to you the most and earn Paytm cash in the comfort of your home by doing general things we do in our daily lives.

Suppose the objective is to earn a side income along with your mainstream job and diversify the portfolio of income sources. In that case, Chegg India offers a spectacular opportunity to interested people.

Chegg is a platform where students from all over the world enlist their doubts and questions in the platform, and Chegg hires Subject Matter Experts to answer such questions. Chegg India pays the Subject Matter Experts based on every question answered. There are no prerequisites that the candidate has to undergo except for a small set of questions in the particular subject that the candidate chooses to undertake.

Chegg India offers great prices to answer questions, and many subjects are offered to the candidates. If you think you are good at a particular subject and want to help others, why do it for free? You can enrol in our subject matter expert team and earn up to one lakh rupees per month.

Work from Home, on your Own Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How can I earn Paytm cash?

Ans. There are various earn money app Paytm cash, available in the play store and app store. You can learn more about such apps by going through the article. Find any app that suits you the most and earn instant Paytm cash by playing games, watching ads and videos and doing various other tasks.

Q.2 Can we get free Paytm cash?

Ans. By playing games, solving quizzes, watching videos and performing tasks, you can get free Paytm cash that can be transferred to your bank account and used as normal currency. There is various instant withdrawal earning app that we have discussed in detail in this article. Read through to know more.

Q.3 How can I earn 10000 free Paytm cash?

Ans. You can win 10,000 Paytm cash earnings by referring various apps to your friends and spinning wheels in one of the best Paytm cash earning apps, CashNGifts. Our article has discussed various instant Paytm cash rewarding apps in detail. Some of the other apps available in the play store and app store are-

  1. Winzo Games App
  2. Task Bucks App
  3. Wingo Quiz App
  4. EWar Games App

Q.4 Which app is best for earning Paytm cash?

Ans. The best daily Paytm cash earning app can be among Winzo, Zupee Gold and Moneybhai apps. However, many other apps in the market allow users to earn Paytm cash by playing games, solving quizzes, watching videos and performing tasks. Read our article in detail about the top 15 money earning apps in India Paytm as their UPI partner.

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