8 Best Online Tutoring Jobs for Students in India (2024)

July 8, 2024
online tutoring jobs for students

Quick Summary

  • To start an online teaching job first, choose a platform, create course content, plan for technical issues, and communicate well. 
  • Students as tutors offer relevant insights, fresh perspectives and build personal brands.
  • Chegg India is the most prominent online tutoring platform, offering diverse opportunities for student tutors.

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​Online or private tutoring was a relatively new industry in India pre-pandemic. With everyone stuck at home, enrolling in online classes and still excelling at schoolwork became easier. The one factor that has contributed majorly towards the shift to online tutoring jobs for students and other individuals is the tutors.

Teaching from the comfort of one’s bedroom, helping educate the future generation, making a good income and earning experience along the way, online tutoring comes with all these benefits. The pay rate for online tutors depends on the platform. While some offer a fixed amount per-question, others pay by the hour. 

online tutoring jobs for students

However, as a beginner, you can earn from Rs. 200 per hour to more than Rs. 500 as you gain more tutoring experience. Camera shy people can also choose to do off-camera tutoring by answering student questions. Not only are there many platforms to choose from but also options in subjects and types of online tutoring jobs.

Online Tutoring Platforms in India

Online tutoring jobs have been a constant in many foreign countries; even high school students earn money through these jobs. In India, the trend is slowly catching up, thanks to the pandemic. There are jobs not only for individual face-to-face classes but with a group of students. At certain online tutoring jobs, like Chegg, tutors receive payments for every question answered.

Let’s explore some popular online tutoring platforms in India.

​1. TutorBin

TutorBin is a platform to connect students seeking academic help with tutors worldwide. What better way to use free time after graduation than to teach the next student class? The range of subjects TutorBin caters to are Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Finance, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, and more.

Tutors can work from anywhere and withdraw their payments every week. Tutors can accept to not only do live sessions but also stay connected with the students to solve questions at any time. Students can keep upgrading their knowledge in a chosen subject area while learning new material. A quick search for TutorBin will show the link ‘Become a Tutor. Click it, fill up all the details and click submit. TutorBin will contact shortlisted candidates.

​2. Chegg

Chegg offers some of the best online tutoring jobs for students in a wide range of subjects. Students from across the world post their queries at Chegg. You can become a Q&A expert and answer the questions asked by students. These questions are related to subjects like engineering, maths, science, business and many more. By just answering subject-related questions and taking out three hours a day while sitting at home, you can earn a good amount of money.

Earn more to Help Students Learn More

​3. TutorDesk

A good online tutoring job platform for students is TutorDesk. The platform provides a comprehensive platform with multiple features for both tutors and students. Some of the features this online tutoring job for students provides is the virtual class with a screen share option and whiteboard option. Students can also contact the tutors directly through messages along with assessing student submissions.

The tutors at TutorDesk get to provide their online tutoring services easily. They can design their own lesson plans, make their own work hours, and work remotely, all while getting paid. For more information on subjects, payment and registration process, tutors must head over to the TutorDesk website.

​4. Upgrad

From India, another go-to place that also provides online tutoring jobs for students is Upgrad. This unique educational platform allows tutors not just to teach but also to network with fellow tutors. Through this online tutoring platform, tutors can provide their services without hassle. After choosing a subject, Upgrad tutors will design the lessons, take live classes, and mark assignments and submissions while answering any student queries. Upgrad is the perfect online tutoring job for students that can give international exposure to the tutors.

Upgrad has two profiles for tutors to choose from, Upgrad Fellow and Upgrad Expert. Both have different features and hiring guidelines. Payment options include per hour and per question basis. Upgrad Instructors are given certificates of recognition, get to interact with like-minded people, get more knowledge and build a successful remote tutoring career. Sign up after a quick search for Upgrad Instructor. Click on ‘Apply Now’ from the top of the page, choose the profile, fill out details, choose a course to teach, and click submit.

​5. Toppr

Toppr claims to have the largest online tutoring communities at 50,000 plus. True to its claim, Toppr provides over 2,000 jobs that all take place in a distance mode. Joining this community will provide good networking opportunities and help students get a taste of teaching. Not only are there multiple projects to work on, but there are timely payments, and one can also set their own schedule.

There are three primary ways that Toppr provides online tutoring jobs for students. There is a Content Builder where one designs and creates lessons and questions and writes up lesson concepts. Additionally, some tutors exclusively hold online classes and tutors that answer questions. After deciding on a profile to work as, sign up using the Toppr Community sign-in link. Once chosen by Toppr, login, choose the job to work at and start earning.

​6. Vedantu

Another portal to put in free time as a student is Vedantu. For students till class 12th who need extra tutoring in different school subjects, Vedantu is the place to go. This provides online tutoring jobs for students with high-earning abilities and an extensive community of like-minded people. 

Chosen tutors must put in at least 3 hours every day anytime between 4 pm to 10 pm. Sign up link is present on the Vedantu website under ‘Careers’. Fill out details, choose subjects, classes to teach, hours available, and click submit. Complete the initial screening, take a demo class and get started. Vedantu also provides training and a chance to earn certifications for teachers.

​7. Tutor India

TutorIndia was one of the first free tutoring services in the country. Currently known as TeacherOn, it is still an excellent website for online tutoring jobs for students. This is mainly a job posting website where students post online tutoring requirements across the country and worldwide. Subjects individuals can possibly teach are vocal, traditional subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Coding and languages etc.

Payment takes place on the platform after the tutor completes the service, and the platform deducts a small fee. TutorIndia tutors can apply to jobs from across the world, work at their own pace, get paid good money and get a chance to earn rankings. To register as a tutor at TutorIndia, contact the website using the ‘Contact Us’ link.

​8. eAgeTutor

To wrap up the list of the best online tutoring jobs for students is eAgeTutor. The courses at eAgeTutor are mainly to teach the spoken English language to succeed at school and the workplace. Teachers here also help students in preparing for IELTS to students preparing for international admissions. All classes take place online in groups or with a single student.

Prospective tutors must have a Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts degree. Final year students can also apply but must work anytime between 6 am to 11 pm every day. Applications are to be sent online from the official eAgeTutor website. Fill out details, submit references, choose subjects to teach and click submit. For students looking to make extra money, eAgeTutor is perfect as they would be working on their own time. There are not many technical requirements, and payment rates are undoubtedly high.

​How to Teach Online?

So with the list of online tutoring jobs for students, the next task to tackle is how to apply and start teaching. For students with no previous experience, this process could seem daunting. However, it is much easier than it seems. Each platform has its own technical requirements, but most require a computer and a stable internet connection.

​1. Pick a platform

There are several online tutoring jobs for students in India. These platforms are of both national and international origins. Both experienced teachers and students in their final year of studies can apply to these platforms. However, the requirement for students is that they must have a relevant degree. Look over all available platforms and understand the type of tutoring jobs available. Choose one that fits best based on pay and hours required to tutor.

​2. Select your software

The software requirements will depend on the platform, and the job one is selected for. Each platform has its own features for taking online classes, talking with students, grading assignments etc. Certain companies could require applicants to download extra software. Most need their applicants to have a running laptop or desktop computer with a camera and a fast internet connection. It is not necessary to have top-of-the-line equipment.

​3. Create content for your course

With the setup done, start with planning and preparing the content material. A couple of the platforms providing online tutoring jobs for students, do provide the course material and lesson plans. However, others give the freedom to the tutor to design their own lessons. Talking with fellow tutors on the platform and with the helpline present regarding this will help. Content for courses covers not only videos and written material but also face-to-face classes.

​4. Plan ahead for technical difficulties

As online tutoring jobs for students take place online, there are bound to be technical difficulties. The internet could stop working, there could be problems with electricity, and the laptop or the mic also comes into this category. There is no saying what could happen. All one can do is prepare for these situations. Preparing a backup plan and keeping a spare laptop or mobile with a power bank would be ideal.

​5. Set up your video equipment

As the first class or tutoring session schedule comes up, it is time to prepare the set-up. Ensure there is enough light and the camera is clear enough to show the face. Test the mic and prepare the lesson handouts, presentations, homework etc. Ensure the internet is working and keep a backup power bank for emergencies. It is normal to feel nervous for the first class, so it takes a few minutes to gather thoughts and calm the mind.

​6. Make sure you’re camera-ready

For teachers and online tutors, it is important to look presentable. It is not necessary to put on a full face of makeup or be in full formal wear. However, cleaning up a little bit will help. Make sure to wear formal casual or as per the platform’s guidelines.

​7. Talk to people!

Finally, it is time to switch on the camera and start talking. Take the time to get to know the students better. This will help in understanding how to educate them best. All platforms that have online tutoring jobs for students provide a messaging and email service to the students. Be sure to respond to these messages on time, and provide any assistance necessary to the students.

Students as Digital Learning Mentors

While there may be perceptions about experience, the younger generation often excels in areas influenced by the digital age. Here are a few considerations and advantages of having students in the online tutoring business.

1. Digital Natives

Students are often considered digital natives, having grown up in an era dominated by technology.
Their natural familiarity with digital tools, social media platforms, and online communication methods makes them adept in related fields.

2. Relevance to Peers

Students can provide insights and guidance that are highly relevant to their peers. Sharing experiences, tips, and strategies that have worked well in a similar age group can foster a relatable and effective learning environment.

3. Fresh Perspectives

Younger tutors bring fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to problem-solving. They can introduce the latest trends, tools, and techniques, especially in fields that evolve rapidly, such as social media management or digital marketing.

4. Specialized Knowledge

In certain fields influenced by the digital age, such as social media or content creation, students may possess specialized knowledge that even experienced professionals might not have.

5. Building a Personal Brand

Offering tutoring services allows students to build their personal brand and professional portfolio.
Successful experiences can be highlighted on resumes and during job interviews, showcasing valuable leadership and teaching skills.

6. Supportive Learning Environment

Peers may find it more comfortable to seek help from someone closer to their age. The tutoring relationship can be less intimidating, creating a more supportive and collaborative learning environment.

The digital age has empowered students with unique skills and perspectives. By emphasizing their strengths, staying up-to-date with industry trends, and continuously honing their expertise, students can position themselves as valuable tutors in fields where their digital proficiency shines.

Get Started with Online Tutoring

Today’s internet provides many earning opportunities, right from the comfort of home. Students in their final years and looking to explore a teaching career must explore online tutoring jobs for students. They can start their own online tutoring business and earn money. Besides online live classes answering student questions to designing online course material, the options for online tutoring work are endless.

Limitless learning. Limitless Earning with Chegg

You can get started by writing a job application for teaching.

​Frequently Asked Questions

​Q.1 How can a student become an online tutor?

Ans. To become an online tutor as a student, one must meet a platform’s eligibility criteria. Most educational platforms require a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the chosen subject area, while others could require prior work experience. Applicants will undergo an interview process or an online test to judge their knowledge of the chosen subject.

​Q.2 Can college students do online tutoring?

Ans. Yes, many websites like eAgeTutor and Chegg accept students. However, the applicant should be in their final year of studies or could be waiting for their final year examination results. Students can work both online, answering questions or taking live classes.

​Q.3 How can I become a tutor online?

Ans. To start teaching online, one must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in any subject. After choosing a platform and deciding on which subject to teach, an application must be submitted online. If shortlisted, an interview and/or a written test is scheduled. For the final stage, the applicant’s technical equipment like the computer and internet speed is checked before they are brought on for the first class.

​Q.4 Is online teaching safe in India?

Ans. Yes, Online tutoring is a safe way to make good money. Online tutoring is worth exploring for both students and working professionals to make an extra income on the side. There are many platforms, both Indian and international, that provide competitive rates and other attractive features. Most platforms also provide a helpline for any help, and all communication is done online on the platform only.

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