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online earning sites without investment
February 4, 2021
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Online money making in India tips are not formed chronologically but in a scattered format. Starting up a business or doing a full-time 9-5 job requires a lot of investment in time as well as money which is not only a cumbersome process but involves a lot of risk factors. People nowadays are coming out of these old traditions and are sticking to various online platforms to earn money where they get the flexibility of work, convenient environment and at the same time recognition for their hard work from the worldwide audiences. There are various sites for online money making in India without investment that will probably help an individual to look into such opportunities. Here are some of the tips that can prove to be valuable and provide an enriched piece of information for online money makers.

online money making sites without investment

We will discuss a lot more than four.

Ways to Earn Money Online


Today, people from all walks of life manage blogs to share analyses, instruction, criticisms, product information, industry findings, and more. There are many popular blog formats such as The Pillar Page Post, The Newsjacking Post, The Infographic Pos, and many more.

online money making sites without investment

It is one of the most evident ways of making money online. Since it is a long process of making money one needs to gear up and start writing on various issues and themes. One can easily create his/her blog without spending a single penny on various mediums like blogger or WordPress. The most important aspect of blogging is the traffic, which is responsible to earn money. One can also cast money through a blog by selling marketing and products.

Although it is a long process but the easiest and costless one.


Online tutoring nowadays is getting immense importance, people are moving towards technology breaking the set traditional norms of face to face education. Thus, making this business all the more productive and money creating. One can easily start his/her career in this field just by making your profile and applying it on different platforms with different companies and organizations that require freelancers for the same. It is an easy form of creating money, it is more convenient, affordable and at the same time one can set up the schedules according to his/her flexibility.

Many websites provide an opportunity to act as an online tutor such as Chegg India, it is one of the major websites that hire such freelancers for their services in the respective field, Chegg assists the students in varied courses and subject matters, hence it requires a lot many online tutors to execute the task. The online tutors of Chegg are known as subject matter experts, they are expected to answer the questions asked by the students. The online tutors are paid per question answered, they also get an experience certificate at the end of the tenure. It is one of the most comfortable job opportunities with a flexible time schedule, one can earn an average of INR 30000 to INR 80000 per month without any investment. Anyone who is enrolled as a student in diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate in the respective fields of subject matter can easily get into it. There are various subject options that an aspirant can choose for online tutorings such as business, engineering, science, mathematics, health care, and earth science. Chegg’s student’s hub makes education affordable and accessible, if one thinks that being an online tutor is your thing then you are being rightly covered by Chegg.


One can also make money by selling one’s knowledge. This process requires some extra and exceptional knowledge and at the same time an ability to be able to make others understand and convince them to buy your product through some core competitive skills. One needs to be more experienced in this field, for instance as a career counselor one can create his/her website to attract various sections of the society such as students, colleges, or graduates and can easily update them on various issues and queries.

One should be honest with his/ her strengths and expertise. Maybe the person consists of a landscaping side hustle with enough client demand to take it full time, he/ she can be a Technology consultant, Legal consultant, Public relations consultant, or maybe a Marketing consultant.


In today’s scenario, many people are interested in making money with an internet-based “side hustle” so that they could supplement their regular income or even start an online business to replace their income entirely. The sites for online money making in India without investment surely help an individual to earn easy money.

Thus one can try its luck on affiliating marketing to make money online. Through Affiliate marketing, one can make money online, even if they don’t have a blog, website, or any products of their own.

It is the most convenient and easy process of running a retail shop online. One needs to sign up with various retailers all over the world such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal based on your preference and can start the procedure of selling products online. There are various ways within affiliate marketing to make money such as one can create a list of books or cosmetics and can easily link it to any online platform listed above to make sales and can earn an affiliate commission. One can also promote its products and services via links which one can provide on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.


The startup culture offers an opportunity for those who want to try but just can’t get their business off the ground. The fact is that many of the entrepreneurs don’t know how to take their business from point A to B. where point A is the brilliant idea in the mind of the entrepreneur. And point B is the point where it gets started.

Hence a startup is one of the easiest and an experimental way for an individual to make money online. It is a profitable method of running an online business. One needs to gear up and work for the development of his/her product and service to make it a customer choice. The complete process of indulging in a startup is a fun ride that an entrepreneur experiences as he/she is equipped with the additional skills of business. Moreover one can provide people with credit limits and loans in this occupation.


Social media marketing was first established with publishing. Various businesses were sharing their content on social media to generate traffic to their websites which also includes sites for online money making in India without investment. But social media has not only reaped the social content but it has also provided a platform to generate easy money. Today, businesses are using social media in a myriad of different ways. It has also become vogue.

The highest percentage of applications usage in one’s smartphones has to be these social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook. Hence it can be viewed as one of the most important ways to earn money. One can easily earn about 10000-20000 rupees through a single tweet or post on Facebook. Social media users act as an asset for those people who are in this entertainment business. People who are into this business can easily cast money through their Instagram and Facebook pages. Moreover, various companies are benefited from such platforms that want to advertise on such pages.


Freelancing is another box of ideas, skills, and creativity that can help an individual to make money online sitting at home as well as provides an opportunity to polish one’s skills. If a person has decided to become a freelancer we can prove that he/she is on something good you’ll need to arm yourself with knowledge, determination to learn and improve, and lots of patience.

It is an easy process that starts with signing up or creating an account on some top earning websites in India. Uploading a resume, browsing different websites, and acquiring a job. It requires various sets of skills and knowledge to be able to express oneself. There are various fields within freelancing such as content writer, graphic designer, digital marketing, web designer, SEO, and data entry. Here are a plethora of activities that one can do to create money. Websites such as, Upwork, and many more helps an individual to excel in his/her respective fields and earn money.

Hiring freelancers has become more acceptable and attractive to many businesses. Through this incredible opportunity, people with useful skills can start to earn easy money, and eventually grow that into a sustainable self-employed career. People can easily look into this opportunity through various sites for online money making in India without investment.


Starting a Youtube channel from scratch and growing it into something is not a big deal for the starters.

Youtube is one of the easiest and most accessible media platforms and one of the best sites for online money making in India without investment. It helps an individual to become a YouTuber by posting content according to one’s preferences and choices. It requires creating one’s channel, posting content, and lastly signing up for Adsense. There Are various activities for YouTubers such they can become a youtube partner,  can gain audience attraction, interaction, they can set up Google Adsense, and many more. Youtube content involves videos relating to fashion, recipe, career advice, comedy stuff which is useful for people. Once an account gets likes and subscribers he/she can apply for youtube partners. On approval, people can see ads in your videos and a youtube gets the money on each view their video will receive. Many YouTubers have done better.

However, it is impossible to create an engaging video without a genuine passion. Passion is infectious that is why potentially boring topics can become successful.


Earning money through photography skills requires harnessing that sense of creativity by heart and applying it to monetize your skills and passion. One can easily turn into an entrepreneur through this business of photography through various sites of online money making in India without investment. All it requires is the passion and photography skills to promote one’s ideas and attract millions of customers. To make it a successful business an individual needs to find his/her niche needs to create several sources of income and needs to build a strong customer base. By taking high quality, candid pictures of anything such as nature, dishes, home, occasions according to one’s own choices a person can submit pictures on various online websites such as Fotolia, iStockphoto, Shutterstock and Photobucket which helps to bridge the gap between the customers and the sellers. Whenever a customer purchases your photo, you will get paid for the price you fix.


Content Writing is a dream work for many people. There are a lot of sites for online money making in India. Some prefer to write newspaper content, blog writing, or report writing. Content writing is one of the lucrative careers and seems to be the most popular thing to do. More than half of the population are getting into this business

It is incredible to see a good number of people who can make a decent living through this business are on a successful path. The need of expressing one’s opinion and at the same time reading others’ views are fueling the demand for online freelance writers thereby making it one of the most successful careers.

Enterprises are well aware of the fact that the best way to connect with the majority of people is to publish intelligent and sensible web content. They make a point of integrating views and opinions of people and for that, they badly need the services of content writers. This occupation requires a good command of language and writing skills. Since writing an article is a cumbersome and time-consuming process that requires a strong state of knowledge and searching skills one can also work for a paid website and can earn money. The aspirant needs to add three major factors i.e. Topic, Idea, and View and it is good to go. While the topic and idea are already decided because before starting the content. Revamping a content piece is what makes the article or blog stand different from others. This unique angle is necessary to gain a reliable audience.


People who are “Logophile” thus who like to write and to know new words have a good deal by writing an E-book to earn money and at the same time to live their passion. Amazon’s kindle direct publishing (KDP) provides an opportunity for writers to showcase their interests and work. It is a fast, convenient and cost-free platform for writers and publishers to issue their books worldwide. They can reach millions of readers on amazon through self-publishing Ebooks and paperback editions. The whole process requires a lease of more than 5 minutes and the book is published in 24-48 hours.

One can start writing based on their interests and can fund the website that will buy your book and can pay you. The book written needs to meet amazon’s quality guidelines and one should have an Amazon’s KDP account to sign in to KDP. A proficient author can sell many numbers of copies. It is, therefore, the best sites for online money making in India without investment.

Final Thought

Online money making in India without investments could be an excellent idea to start making money online by practicing various new things or the ones you are already proficient in. Earning money without any investment not only helps an individual to showcase his/her skills but at the same to polish his/her knowledge and making oneself proficient in the business.

But it should be done without any spam or fraud, there are several sites for online money making in India without investment which can surely help in this matter. The above-listed ways are proven ideas or methods which can help an individual to excel in the field. One can also take it up as a part-time business to earn money and experience. Making money can help you to earn some extra side hustle money improving your financial security and an inch closer to one’s dreams.

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