25 Proven Ways to Earn Online Income in India

February 4, 2021
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online income in india

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During these unprecedented times of Covid-19, the impact on the primary source of income of people is disastrous. People need to think of secondary ways to earn money. These secondary sources of online income in India are highly based on the interest and expertise of people.

Plethora of ways to earn online income in India

  1. Online content creation

Writing enthusiasts need the right platform to showcase their talent. During the Covid-19 crisis, life has given such an opportunity to people who have a passion for writing and to earn online income in India while eating their favorite snack. All they need to do is make a blog post account and write a blog on the topic of their choice with keywords that attract people to their blog and then earn money through adverts and banners placed in the blog post.

  1. Online fabric designing

A designer’s mind can design anywhere. Many teenagers, housewives, or fashion designers have got a golden chance to implement their skills and to have a source of online income in India They can create logos or do designing on t-shirts, bottom-wears, foot-wears, etc. All you need to do is find the textile company where you can work or also can create your website and sell your products directly.

  1. Stock photography: an easy online income in India option

People with a zeal to capture beauty through their camera lenses can earn pretty well by using online picture platforms like Shutterstock, Getty. These images can be used for a wide variety of operations for educational or professional purposes. These picture platforms will pay photographers for their submissions. Thus, photographers can earn passive income just by having a good camera with zeal to capture the world through the lenses.

  1. Online payment apps for online earning

During the covid-19 crisis, people are using online methods of payment for everyday essentials. You can choose a plethora of online payment apps like Google pay, Phonepe, and Paytm to earn various cashback offers. Apps like these partner with websites and stores to offer cash-back to customers if they purchase goods up-to some specific amount. You can pay various bills through such apps and gain cashback and earn online income in India.

  1. Online earning through tutoring courses
online income sources in India

The online education industry is booming during this pandemic as students and professionals have an urge to up-skill and keep up with the growing technological capabilities. You can sign up to online tutoring platforms like Chegg as a tutor or managed network expert according to your educational expertise and teach students willing to learn and grow. Platforms like Chegg India provide a good amount of money and you can easily be productive with Chegg. This is one of the most genuine sources of online income in India.

  1. Earn money through Pinterest

Pinterest is a great platform to share images of everything from nature, fashion and food. You can put images of your crafts or products on Pinterest and provide them a global reach.
You can sell affiliate products at Pinterest and people interested can contact you and you can have online income in India.

  1. Easy money through Mobile App creation

Mobile apps are an integral part of our lives these days; people are always surfing through mobile applications for various purposes. You can take advantage of this opportunity and create a mobile application for day to day needs of people and earn passive income through adverts placed on the app. Earn through pay per click adverts on such apps.

  1. Stock music creation
online income without investment in India

You can earn money through stock music creation and selling it to video creators who can use your music and tones for transitional effects and background enhancements. Stock music creation and selling is similar to stock photography. Your tones can be purchased by presentation creators or YouTubers and you can earn a hefty amount through it from your home during this pandemic.

  1. Asking and answering questions to make money

People ask millions of questions over the internet daily so you can take advantage of this and answer a few to the questions on different Q&A platforms like Quora and earn followers who upvote you for your right answers. Later Quora can ask you to post valuable questions and then you can earn passive income sitting at home through them.

  1. Reference programs a good source of passive income

Reference programs are a golden opportunity for people with a vast network to earn money just by referring products and services online. Digital marketing is the talk of the town these days and reference programs are a small but vital part of it. People with influence and greater reach can be good referring agents. All you need to do is be a part of big network and sign up to reference programs.

  1. Real Estate: A door to substantial online income in India

Real estate could be your golden door to large sums of money passively. You need to get a good deal with suitable prices and value of money land with high yielding capability.

First, you have to buy it and then sell it at a better price which can get you a good amount of money. Have an eye for good deals and hefty passive income is yours.

  1. Sell Affiliate products and earn money online

Affiliate product selling is one of the easiest ways of earning money sitting at home and sharing unique links of products. You just need to join affiliation programs from Amazon or Flipkart and then sit back and share unique links throughout your network.

When your contacts click on those links and buy those products then you get a sure shot commission price for each product.

  1. Make money from money by investing money through app

Ever wonder how can you make more money through your money, well online investment of small amounts of money in stock markets. Stock market investment can be done through specialized apps like Groww app that lets you invest your tiniest amount of money and track it through ups and downs and generate revenue for mutual benefits. All you have to do is gather knowledge about the principles of investing money and then make an informed decision for greater profits sitting at home.

  1. Passive money through E-Book publishing

Learning has no limits and e-books give the utility to study anytime, anywhere, anyhow so people today prefer e-books more so you can also get benefits from this by writing your own e-book. You can choose any topic of your expertise and write an e-book with appropriate knowledge and content.

After writing a book you can publish it online by listing it on a prominent website with millions of users. Readers will look at your book and purchase it and then you will get good revenue from the book sales.

  1. Create Podcasts and earn money

Podcasts apps are the go-to apps today for people of every sector as people tend to listen to entertainment, educational, storytelling or peace of mind podcasts while traveling or in their free time. You can create podcasts and upload them on social platforms and put adverts in between so that you can earn passive income through them when people hear out your podcasts.

  1. Renting out stuff

There are many things in daily life which we don’t use such as bicycle, old books, furniture, mobile phone, laptop, vehicle etc. Many people are in search of these items especially students or people staying out. Therefore, there are many websites and apps such as Rentomojo, Furlenco where buyer and seller can meet out each other requirements.

  1. Interest generation through Bank account

Today having a bank account is the primary need of everybody. There are a lot of monetary transactions that happen throughout the day which one can do through the same. From child to old citizen everyone collects money which they can deposit in their bank account and increase their amount provided a fixed rate of interest.

  1. Instagram influencing and easy money

Instagram is the go-to app for everyone these days, celebrities to leaders and normal citizens all are on Instagram scrolling down and sharing their day to day activities. You can target your audience and set your business up on Instagram mainly fashion business is trending and growing.

So you can set up a business account and start earning well on Instagram easily by sitting at your home.

  1. Investment through Demat account

Buying and selling of stock & shares can be done online through the Demat account. As there is risk in the stock market, one needs to study well about the market and gather a lot of information before investing their money. But later with experience and the right knowledge, one can earn passive income through the share market.

  1. Uploading videos on YouTube

YouTube is an online video sharing platform where one originally creates & upload the videos based on their personal choice. It can be on education, entertainment, cooking recipes, general awareness, sports & more. You can earn passive income on YouTube through monetizing your videos by Google Adsense and promote as well as advertise others’ products & services.

  1. Small scale business in India

Every business doesn’t require investment to start up. You just need to have the right plan that you can execute. You can earn passive income through various businesses such as baking cakes, making projects, doing art & craft, wrapping gifts and so on by sitting at your home.

  1. Through Government Schemes

Our government is to the people, by the people & for the people. There are various government schemes for girl child, widows, people below the poverty line. Being aware of such schemes and by applying to it, one can get monetary & other benefits.

  1. Earn money through social media

Social media has changed everyone’s life. From normal people to urbanization everyone is on social media.  So you can sell stuff, influence people or retarget the audience just by posting a link to your product or service. All you need to have more & more verified followers.

  1. Code to earn

Lines of code have changed the world. Everything on the web even a small application is made up of code. If you are a brilliant coder, then implement your skill into small utilities of the internet & sell them and earn passive income.

  1. Providing Online Services

Services can be of many types. You can provide online services such as email-writing, editing, graphic designing, online coaching, assignment completion, & many more. These are some of the best ways through which one can earn passive income during the Covid-19 crisis.

Final Thought

Sources of online income in India are prevalent as everybody is on the internet and somehow gaining something over the web. People communicate, entertain, start with business ideas as well as study online during this widespread technological revolution. You may start using your creative skills and figure out a way to showcase your talents and skills to the world and earn passive income with the least or no investment at all by sitting at your home during this Covid-19 pandemic. Internet is a tool and it is upon you whether you make with it or break with it.

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