Online Jobs for Students from Home - 10 Unique Ways


Online jobs for students from home are increasing day by day, there are hundreds of jobs available online, but the question is about their credibility. There are many online part-time jobs for students that offer a handsome amount of income but end up being scams. Now how can you be sure about a certain website, when it is offering you quick ways to get a fat paycheck.

We live in a time where you can get your college degree online and even sell and buy things online easily. So it is even easy to work from home online and earn online without investment for students. Earlier students used to be present physically to the place for their part-time jobs. But now things are different there is no need for you to search for an offline job. There are various online jobs for students in India that you can get on the internet. It is a pool of jobs with the proper skills you can hit the bull’s eye. 

There is no such high qualification required to get your career started. Just a general qualification and proper skill set are required to do the job. Since you are a student and you are looking for a part-time job for students to earn money so you will be developing skills in the meantime. We have formed a list of online jobs for students from home in a way that does not require any higher qualification or degree. Keeping in mind from the perspective of a student. They just require a skill that you learn in a month or while working. 

online jobs for students from home
January 13, 2022
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Why do students require to work an online job at home?

This is the question everyone should ponder upon. If you are a student and you want any motivation to start earning just by sitting at home then these points will change your mind. Every individual at a young age should start working as it will give you exposure to the industry or market at a young age. This will make you prepare for your coming year when stepping into the real world. You can even make these online jobs for students to earn money full time and see this as your future career path. In India, it is not a trend that students working from their early 20s but now students are learning how important it is to earn and set their foot in the real world. When you earn online without investment for students then you also feel independent financially. 

Building a profile is also the most important thing to start in the early phase of your career. The skills you develop while working will stick by your side for your whole life. Developing a different skill set will favor you no matter where you head towards your life.     

The answer is you can’t! but the silver lining is that you can earn a decent amount of money working online daily by going through our top 10 list of jobs for students from home.

10 Genuine ROI providing jobs

Consider these 10 ways, or online jobs for students from home to earn money, a holy grail handed to you. By just spending a good 2-4 hours daily you can expect great returns. According to Forbes, a student’s lifestyle can be completely modified by just investing time in online jobs for students from home, so after thoroughly scrolling through the various webpages for daily online jobs for students from home to earn money, we finalized these.

Social Media Manager

Being a social media manager doesn’t require you to have a degree or some serious skills. You just have to know how to use social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. This way to earn money by doing online jobs for students from home is easy. And most importantly,  you don’t have to spend the whole day doing it.

Now, to answer who needs you and why? Big companies, celebrities, influencers, models, artists, and businesses need people who can handle their social media and keep them updated there.

  • You can expect a pay of Rs 1000- 2900/ hr

You can start by sending CVs to various companies through social media apps. Or you can register on Fiverr and Upwork.

If you have experience in using platforms like Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn you have a very high chance of getting hired.

You can consequently, earn an average income of around- ₹70,000-1,66,000 from Fiverr, and ₹75,000 -2,20,000 from Upwork

Resume Writers Jobs

Yes, you heard right, resume writing is a job that requires assistance. As a result, students hire people who can properly put together resumes in order to add the required appeal to it.

With good English proficiency, you can help professionals draft an overall appealing CV.

  • You can expect to make Rs 1100-1500 per resume you make.
  • And doing that daily for people can help you earn a great deal of money.
  • You can start your resume building career on ResumeEdge or WriterBay.

You can earn an average income of around ₹85,000 -1,92,000 from WriterBday, ₹81,000 – 1,65,000 from Fiverr and ₹1,30,000 -10,00,000 from Upwork.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine evaluation is a very important task, major players like Google, Bing and Yahoo are in constant need of search engine evaluators. If you are a search engine evaluator your job is to optimize search results, which means that you have to clear and improve search results according to the type of audience the intended search result is for.

  • In this field, you can expect a pay of Rs 900 – 1100 per hour


Being a blogger is a great way to earn money and mostly for every search you make mentioning “online jobs for students from home to earn money” you will find blogging listed there. Now, why is blogging considered a great way to earn to have deeper pockets, and that also so easy? It is because it requires a minimum investment in terms of money. Moreover about a good 3 to 6 hours to write blog posts. So, if you build a large audience of around 25,000 daily viewers you can expect to get an income good enough to pay your bills, manage your expenses, and have a luxurious lifestyle.

Eg Create and go blog made $203,457 which is Rs1,53,61,725 this April.

All you need to do to start blogging is to buy a domain from Hostinger, GoDaddy, or BlueHost.

  • Then host your website through WordPress and start posting.
  • You can expect a monthly income of Rs3.77 lac – 6.79 lac after a year.
  • Some established Indian bloggers are –,, and
  • According to the Times of India, top Indian bloggers can earn up to ₹45lac per month

Content Writer

Content writing is a very vast term, It is an umbrella term for article writing, story writing, blogging, product description, copywriting and much more.

These jobs are required by a lot of businesses and companies. This is a great option among the online jobs for students from home to make a decent amount of money and that also by giving 2-6 hours to it daily, based on the type of work.

It is a very lucrative career and an excellent way to improve, explore and utilize your writing skill, style and give it a direction.

  • You can expect a pay of up to Rs3000 per article, depending on length, quality, topic, agenda and the company.
  • Professionals can charge up to ₹38,000 per article and beginners can start from anywhere between ₹790 to ₹2,600.

Virtual Assistant job

Do you like keeping things organized and in the proper format, making time schedules, and effectively communicate with clients, then this is the job for you.

A virtual assistant’s job is to keep track of a business’s data, by doing administrative tasks and keeping everything organized. Virtual assistants are basically freelancers working at home or remotely. You have to handle various tasks like composing emails and responding to them.

One also needs to create business documents with PowerPoint and do data entry on Excel.

You are also responsible for responding to business inquiries, managing blogs, websites, sales data, and more.

Refer to this video to get more idea about this field

  • You can expect an income of Rs3 lac a month
  • In India as a beginner or intermediate, you can earn between ₹37,750- ₹2.64lac
  • You can start on Fiverr and Upwork.

Transcriptionist Online

This student job is quite simple. Moreover, it requires some listening skills and that too carefully to the audio and typing down what you hear. For anyone looking for online jobs for students from home to earn a decent amount of money, this will fit into your schedule. For instance, a glove fits a hand and the best part is that no prior training is required for this. Indians can get paid anywhere between ₹1,100- 1,900.

How you can get started:

Check out the mentioned sites by

  • TranscribeMe
  • Rev
  • TigerFish
  • Quicktate

You can always expand or take it to another next level, by introducing your own transcription business online. This also gives you the leverage to choose your client. You can start on the website Transcribe Anywhere. Moreover, they offer free introductory tutorials that can set you in motion.

Online Tutoring

If you are an expert or a master in any field, for eg digital marketing, cooking, contemporary dance, martial arts, stock market, etc you can start your online tutoring sessions. Therefore, this is the best example of online jobs for students from home. Subsequently, there is no limit to the buyers you can get for your course.

You can get started by registering on Chegg India, Chegg India offers you the best way to become a subject matter expert as the process is easy and you don’t need to be very skilled. You join Chegg India as an SME, subject matter expert. Your role as an SME is to answer the questions asked by the students about a particular subject. It is such a vast and most used platform that every student looks forward to it. Since you are a student and looking for online jobs for students from home it helps you in polishing your knowledge related to any subject. While working you do not even earn a great sum of money but also learn a lot about your desired subject.

To become an SME first you need to sign up here and provide some of the required documents for verification. In the meantime, there are guidelines and screening tests that you need to undergo in order to prove your knowledge. When everything is done and you pass the requirements then you can start answering the questions and earn per question. If you are thinking of what subjects you choose from then there are various subjects. Some include Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Healthcare, Business, and much more. 

If you want an estimate, then you can earn approximately about Rs1500 every hour.

Indians can earn up to ₹900-3775 per hour depending on their expertise in this field.

PowerPoint presentation jobs

Yes, making PowerPoint presentations can fetch you ample money. You just need a laptop and internet for this job. You can list yourself of Fiverr and Upwork, to begin with.

Being a college student you must have made like a thousand presentations, have you ever wondered you can earn something out of it.

  • Therefore, based on the level of your presentation you can earn anywhere between Rs370 – 15,000.

yes, it is a very big margin but it totally depends on the company that’s going to hire you. Therefore, what matters is the quality, appeal, importance, relevance, product, and a couple of more things. Salary ranges between ₹370- 15,100 per presentation.

If you are considering this, then also consider your question “how to earn money as a student in India” answered because this is one of the best, easiest and quickest ways to earning online for any student.

Online Hiring for Companies

If you are interested in doing some hiring work for companies as a recruiter, then this a great opportunity for you to earn a decent amount of money.

This is one of the quickest ways of getting online jobs for students from home. As a recruiter, you play an important role in being a connection between the potential employee and the company.

  • Your job is to review resumes/CV, posting job availability status on job sites, agreeing on salaries, and hosting interviews.
  • This example of online jobs for students from home can offer you up to Rs 37,50,000 if you are working for Rs 1500 to 2250 per hour.

And the best part is you don’t need any prior experience or a previous job or a degree for this. You can easily get started by applying on Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, Simply Hired, Why do Work, and career builder. These websites can help you start your job as a recruiter.

Final Thought

We live in the best time where every company is looking for candidates that can work from home and give quality work in a limited time. When you are getting started just keep in mind what niche you will be starting with and research about your audience. Your first step should be improving your portfolio and utilizing your free time in developing relevant skills for the job. Perfectly showcase your previous work to the client. Keep hunting for work even if you are working. Work on your soft skills as they will never go out of fashion. Some skills are necessary to build for the betterment of your future. Communication skills to communicate and present your idea in a better way.  

Finding jobs for college students is not that easy, a truckload of assignments and exams are always welcoming you with a red carpet. And on top of that, you have classes, clubs, and maybe internships, but you also have expenses to be taken care of. You want some money for you to invest, buy gadgets, treat yourself to good food, take your significant other out for dinner, and whatnot. If you love traveling and want to work while traveling then these above-mentioned jobs are a must to look out for. These online jobs for students from home are the best way to earn money and build a career out of it. At your young age as a student, there will be a lot of websites that will offer you work in exchange for money. Stay aware of these types of sites as they are scams running in the name of providing a job. Report the job if you find any suspicious activity related to it. So keep hustling and it will take you to the next height of your career. Others also read genuine part-time jobs for college students.

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