Top 30 Highest Paying Refer and Earn Apps in 2024

July 12, 2024
refer and earn apps

Quick Summary

  • Several businesses use the referral program to advertise their goods to a larger clientele.

  • Focus on core audience, social proof and high-quality clients are the factors that contribute to the success of referral marketing.

  • Top 3 best refer and earn money apps are Paytm Money, Upstox and PhonePe.

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Making extra money through refer and earn apps is a fantastic idea. Referring friends or family to the apps is all it takes to start earning money. And you also don’t need to put much effort into it.

As word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective method of product promotion, several businesses use the referral program to advertise their goods to a larger clientele.

The market is filled with various best refer and earn apps, each of which has a special method for rewarding recommendations or incentivizing users to recommend their products to others.

As more and more people are using mobile phones and downloading apps, this is a good way to earn extra income. Experts believe that there will be a 25% increase in mobile app downloads worldwide. This will also increase revenue, and there will be a high commission on referrals.

The reward might sometimes be in the form of an additional discount when utilizing the service or purchasing, and it can also occasionally take the form of money on an app.

Here we have selected some of the best refer and earn apps without KYC that will help you earn money while sitting at home using a referral earning app.

Factors That Contribute To Referral Marketing Success

Referrals work well because they are based on trust and personal connections. Furthermore, satisfied customers are more likely to refer others and, in turn, companies provide them with incentives that serve as motivation for the customer to share their positive experience with others.

Following is a summary of the factors that have contributed to the success of referral marketing inside the market:

1. Focus on the Core Audience

The top applications for earning money through referrals try to speak directly to the user. As a result, the act of marketing on a small scale is directed directly at the consumer. If done correctly, products and services can get widespread recognition and generate a sizable number of conversions in few months.

2. Social Proof

A person’s recommendation of a product based on previous usage is among the most powerful persuasive tools. Due to the user’s ability to advance a specific product thanks to referral marketing, the base of customers is strongly affected.

3. Utilization of Social Media

In modern society, everyone participates in at least one social network. In the last ten years, social media use has enabled one to take advantage of the networks where individuals belong, especially with the appearance platforms of influencers.

4. High-Quality Clients

People are frequently shown to be more brand loyal when referral marketing is used. According to statistics, clients who are referred to a business are more likely to place repeat orders and use the product for longer lengths of time.

How does Marketing by Referrals Work?

A system that encourages word-of-mouth advertising of a good or service is at the core of any effective referral marketing network. People are more likely to purchase a product if a friend or acquaintance recommends it, which is why this technique works so well.

In the past, people promoted their goods through conventional methods, such as by providing discounts on customers’ subsequent purchases or additional discounts for cash payments. People no longer buy your goods today to receive a discount on their subsequent purchases; instead, they now hunt for the best offer and discount available.

Today, the use of digital payment services has also changed marketing by referral. It becomes one of the typical strategies used by the marketers to reward customers within the system. Most of the refer earning apps use this strategy to attract users.

It can be observed that word-of-mouth advertising is among the most economical ways to market a product when compared to other strategies. Referral marketing ensures the highest returns on investment (ROI) over time because no payment is given unless a purchase is made.

List of 25+ Best Refer and Earn Apps in India

There are many refer and earn apps available in India and the best one will depend on the specific needs and interests of the user. Here we have come up with some of the best refer and earn money apps which help you to earn handsomely.


Referral Cashbacks

Paytm Money

INR 300


INR 600

IIFL Securities

INR 500


INR 150

Google Pay

INR 150

Amazon Pay

INR 75


INR 100


INR 750


INR 50

Pocket Money

INR 160


INR 50


INR 75


INR 300


INR 1000


INR 551


10% of network’s earnings for lifetime


20% of network’s earnings for lifetime


INR 50


40% brokerage commission       


INR 50


20% of network’s earnings for lifetime


INR 50


INR 100


INR 100


10% of network’s earnings for lifetime

Fantasy Power 11

20% of network’s earnings for lifetime

CoinSwitch Kuber

INR 150


INR 15

Earn Talktime

INR 175


INR 15

1. Paytm Money

This broker application has an appealing pricing structure and a solid referral program. The finest thing that’s their fixed but moderately inexpensive brokerage appeals to day traders and speculators. When you are new to investing and know little to nothing regarding stock markets, Paytm Money might be a good place to start.

All you have to use the app is create a Paytm app account, which is a fairly straightforward process. Then, to use the Paytm Money app, you must use similar login information. Then adhere to the KYC criteria so that you can engage in active market trading.

Method of Referral

  • A Code One application software should be downloaded and installed.
  • Make an account to register. Select ‘Brands’ by clicking.
  • To register for a Paytm Money account, select “Demat Account.”
  • Follow the familiarisation instructions and successfully respond to the inquiries that appear.
  • The URL will be generated when you hit the “Share Now” button.
  • The reward will be added to the recipient’s account once they register for a trading account on Paytm Money.

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2. Upstox

In India’s capital markets, mutual funds and stocks are traded using the Upstox software. You may also participate by enrolling in the Upstox referral link service and telling your friends about the referring URL. Among the top refers and earn applications available in India.

Each participant receives 200 rupees in referral commission from Upstox. Initially referred to get the cash on their account, the new trader must finish the procedures and open a trading account.

Method of Referral

  • Adhere to the instructions and upload the required documents to create an investment account in the Upstox app.
  • The user must go to the dashboard’s profile icon once they have created their account and uploaded all required papers.
  • The link for referrals is generated; send it to others.
  • The two hundred rupees will be added to the account once your friends click on the link you send them and sign up for a Upstox account.
  • The initial referrer is entitled to an additional 100 rupees for every amount invested in the new account.

3. IIFL Securities

Among stockbrokers in India’s Capital Markets, IIFL Securities is a market leader. Current customers advertise their referrals for extra cash as part of their referral program. For all other trades, there is a fee of Rs 20 but they offer their users free trading of equity shipment, hence no commission fees.

On each successful referral, they offer a reward of Rs 500, making their referral program quite lucrative.

Method of Referral

  • Log into the IIFL Securities account and navigate to the referral section.
  • Read the terms and conditions before proceeding.
  • Share a referral link or referral code given to their friends and family.
  • Once the referral opens an account and completes the account opening within 30 days, the referrer will get referral benefits.

4. PhonePe

Here is a fantastic refer-and-earn program with an intuitive UI that allows you to make a bank transfer to any account quickly. You may use this app to pay for many other things, such as bills, investments, in-game purchases, gold, and much more. Bank transfers are just the beginning.

The most popular UPI application in India is Google Pay, with PhonePe coming in second. Cashback and referral points are also good in PhonePe.

Method of Referral

  • The existing customer will need to open the PhonePe app and navigate to the referral section.
  • Click on Refer & Earn.
  • Select the channel through which the user would like to send the invitation.
  • Share the link with others.
  • Once the referral signs up for the app and completes the registration process, the referrer will be eligible for referral benefits.

5. Google Pay

Google Pay, formerly known as Tez, is one of the most successful apps on the market and is used by many people. It makes it possible for users to carry out simple financial transactions through mobile phones. There are many options available for money transfers. Transferring money between accounts has never been easier, thanks to this great app.

Google Pay offers scratch cards for any transaction that costs more than Rs. 150, and customers love it. It also pays well on each referral.

Method of Referral

  • Open the Google Pay app on your device and tap on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Tap on “Invite friends”.
  • Share your referral link with friends and family via WhatsApp, Email, SMS, etc.
  • Once your friend installs the app using your referral link and completes their first transaction, you will be eligible to earn a referral bonus.

6. Amazon Pay

The world’s largest online store, Amazon carries almost anything you can think of. It not only gives you points for referrals but also different cashback on purchasing items from their app. The checkout process on Amazon is quick and secure at Amazon Pay. Amazon has millions of customers globally who use it daily.

One of the best reference plans offered by Amazon Pay. You will get Rs 75 in payback in an Amazon Pay account if you introduce a friend to Amazon Pay and they sign up using your link.

Method of Referral

  • Get the Amazon App and register on it.
  • Link your bank account with Amazon Pay.
  • In the Amazon Pay option, select the Explore button, then Invite and Earn option.
  • Click on the invite link and share your referral code with others

Earn Online with Chegg No Investment Required


The CRED app allows users to manage and make payments with credit cards. You can choose Cred because it allows monitoring and tracking of all credit card transactions. This program is available for free download for use on smartphones.

You receive multiple benefits for making on-time credit card payments, it’s among the finest refer and earn apps. These points are redeemable for a number of the items that the app has mentioned.

Method of Referral

  • Download the Cred app and register yourself on it.
  • Share the given referral link with others.
  • Earn rewards for every 10 referrals.
  • The rewards can be in the form of Uber vouchers, Flipkart gift cards, Amazon vouchers or get cashback on credit cards.

8. TaskBucks

TaskBucks is the most famous and established refer and earn app. When compared to other money-earning applications, this one offers more opportunities for earning money online, making it the ideal app for anyone looking to do so.

Using this app, you can earn free Paytm money by answering questions, downloading, using various apps and gaming platforms, completing simple tasks, referring friends and earning the referral bonus.

Method of Referral

  • Register on TaskBucks.
  • Select the Invite option in the app to invite others.
  • Share the given link with them.
  • Once they use the link to download, the users will get paid.

9. RozDhan

From RozDhan users may earn free Paytm money by playing games, watching videos, reading articles, making referrals to friends, and doing other activities. They offer customers fresh, interesting content every day in the form of articles or movies that go viral.

In addition to paying RupeRsto sign up, they receive a free app for their first login worth Rs 50 only when they possess a balance of at least 200 Rupees. The money is redeemable. You have Rs 12 in your RozDhan account for every successful referral. And the best thing is that you get paid each time your referral uses RozDhan to make a payment.

Method of Referral

  • Get RozDhan app on phone.
  • After that sign-up with a new account.
  • Click on the Login to Earn option in the app.
  • Get a referral link and share it with others. Once they download it you will get the cash in your bank account.

10. Pocket Money

Having downloaded more than 10 million times and a favourable rate of 4.2 in the Play Store for Android. Pocket Money is among the most trustworthy, best-recommended, and earn apps. With this app, you may complete basic activities to earn cash and telephone recharges worth up to Rs. 500.

Pocket Money pays Rs 30 for each referral who installs the Pocket Money app. The daily earnings are Rs160. By using the coupons, they provide, you can save money on great discounts and promotions offered on travel, e-commerce, and dining.

Method of Referral

  • Download the Pocket Money App and verify your account.
  • Click on refer and earn option.
  • Get a referral link and share it with others.
  • The maximum earning from referrals is Rs. 160 in a day.

11. Cubber

This program offers more benefits than just referral bonuses. For example, you can use it to recharge your phone or pay bills and receive cash back. Cubber is a versatile and socioeconomic payment program that you may use to shop, buy, reserve bus tickets, and pay for a variety of utility fees online.

Intending to turn this app into a flexible online payment system, the D&K group launched it in 2016. This app needs to be downloaded before use. Then, the application should be launched, and you should enter your information—including your name, cellphone number, username, email, and referral code—to create your account.

Method of Referral

  • Download the Cubber app and create an account on it.
  • After creating the account, verify it.
  • Users will get the chance to spin the wheel and earn up to Rs. 1000.
  • Go to the Refer & Earn section and get the referral link to share it with others.

12. MobiKwik

MobiKwik is an online app that allows users to invest in digital gold, stocks and mutual funds, as well as make online bank transfers and bill payments. Recently, they started a referral strategy where they give Rs. 50 as a sign-up bonus and Rs. 20 for each referral. If your referral starts recruiting friends. Additionally, if you refer your friends to transfer money from your MobiKwik wallet to their banks, you will get a Rs 100 payback in your wallet.

Method of Referral

  • Download the MobiKwik app and link your bank account to it.
  • Click the “Refer & Earn” option on the “deals for you” menu.
  • Get the invite URL, then share it with others.
  • You will receive cashback after the network makes its first UPI payment.

13. Groww

Using this investing app, you may trade BSE and NSE-listed equities in the stock market for very little brokerage on stock orders and build a free Demat account. The Groww program allows you to put money into mutual funds, the stock exchange, and virtual gold. With them, opening a Demat account is simple and takes only a few minutes.

Method of Referral

  • Once they sign up using the link and activate their stocks account, the user gets their cashback in their account.
  • Register and activate your account after submitting all the details.
  • Click on share and earn cash rewards from the profile icon.
  • Share the link with others. Once the network completes its Groww profile, you will receive the cashback.
Things to Know Before using Refer and Earn Apps

14. Meesho

It’s among the best Indian app for earning money through product reselling and referrals. Meesho is also referred to as India’s top reselling app; you can make money by reselling goods and referring other people. The drop shipping of goods is possible through the reseller app.

You can make money off of their purchases by referring your friends to Meesho. You can sell Meesho products and makeup for 25,000 rupees each month in addition to performing daily tasks for pay.

Method of Referral

  • Download the Meesho App and create an account.
  • Select “Account” by tapping it. After that, select the “Refer & Earn” option.
  • Just select “Refer a Friend” and send your Meesho invite link to a friend.
  • The user will receive 25% of sales for the first 3 orders once the network signs up using your link and begins buying or reselling.

15. My11Circle

With this fantastic fantasy sports game, you may play rummy, football, cricket, and carrom. If you enjoy fantasy sports, you are probably familiar with this game program. The My11Circle app instantly transfers Rs 551 in cashback to your account.

My11Circle offers money that you can withdraw from your bank account whenever you want, making it a superior program to other fantasy apps that only pay bonuses on referrals.

Method of Referral

  • Download the My11Circle app and make a profile on it.
  • Now Select “Refer & Earn” and copy the invite link.
  • The first-time network plays, the user will get Rs 51.
  • The user’s network can also get a cash bonus of Rs.100 in their wallet after using the referral code.

16. EarnKaro

Join their affiliate network if you’d like to work from home because it has a quick approval procedure and a variety of products you may sell to make a lot of money. You must seek approval before you can join their affiliate program. With EarnKaro being among the best refer and earn apps, you won’t have to wait long to acquire the clearance, which typically happens within minutes.

Method of Referral

  • Download the EarnKaro app first, then register on it.
  • Select “profile” and go to the “My Referral” option, then click “Refer & Earn Lifetime.”
  • Share the unique referral link with the networks.
  • The user will receive 10% of the revenue generated by the network.

17. Vision11

This one is among the greatest refer and earn money applications for fantasy sports fans. You can engage in sports like football, cricket, baseball, basketball, handball, and more on this fantasy cricket app. Also, you can engage in gaming and earn money from them. You can also earn money by recommending the Vision11 app to your friends. The app offers a Rs 100 bonus that can be used to buy gaming credits.

Method of Referral

  • Download the Vision 11 App and register on it.
  • Click on the “More” link and select “Refer & Earn”.
  • Get the Vision11 Invite link and share it with others.
  • Users will receive 20% after network sign-up using that link.

18. Batball11

Another fantasy cricket game that you could play and win money on is Batball11. They offer many fantasy game levels with intriguing offers and distinctive features so that you can engage in gaming fantasy sports. A 50-rupee welcome bonus is also given, which is put into your wallet from Batball11. Additionally, by recommending your loved ones and friends to this program, you can earn money.

The reason people like this app is that it rewards 50 rupees each in association with the referred user when they get the app and make a minimum deposit of 20 rupees. The option of Paytm and bank withdrawal is also available on it.

Method of Referral

  • Download the fantasy baseball game BatBall11.
  • Select the Share option in the profile section.
  • Share the referral link or code on social media with others.
  • The user will receive Rs. 50 for each eligible offer.

19. 5Paisa

It is an investment firm service that bills a single flat brokerage cost irrespective of the product, size or trading venue. There is no account creation fee, but each completed mutual fund order investment is subject to a fee of Rs 10. They have a great referral program that allows you to earn up to Rs 500 for each referral and a lifetime brokerage fee of up to 40%.

The many advantages of the 5Paisa platform include a Demat account, which enables traders to transact in stocks, futures, commodities, currencies and MCX commodities.

Method of Referral

  • Open the 5Paisa app, select “User” and then open “Refer and Earn”.
  • Copy 5Paisa’s unique referral code.
  • Now share the code or referral link on social media.
  • The user will receive the incentive after their network completes their profile and opens a Demat account.

20. EarnEasy

Being able to earn money by completing numerous tasks makes it one of the best refer and earn money apps. They provide plain and easy jobs, and if you possess few hours, you can utilize this app to earn money. For each referral, you can receive Rs. 15 through their referral program.

There isn’t a minimum withdrawal amount requirement; withdrawals can be made to a bank account, Paytm wallet, or UPI account. You must get the EarnEasy app, and register for an account by entering your number, name, and email address before you can participate in their referral program.

Method of Referral

  • Download the EarnEasy app.
  • After opening the app, select the refer & earn tab to get the Earneasy referral code.
  • The user will find the referral code on the referral page.
  • Copy and share this EarnEasy promo code with others.

21. 11Challengers

11Challengers is a fantasy game app that provides a variety of games to play whenever and wherever you want. You can earn money from this app by playing online games and recommending them to friends. Since it is an exceptionally well-designed application, they strive to offer the best gaming experience. Football, cricket, basketball, and other sports game genres are available.

Method of Referral

  • Download the 11Challengers app and register on it.
  • Click on the Invite Friends option to get the link.
  • Tap on WhatsApp Invite, then share the link.
  • The user will receive 20% of your network’s commission once they participate in a cash game.

22. Winzo

Users of this entertaining gaming program can participate in games and compete to win a variety of rewarding prizes. It is surprising to learn that they have over 70 games available to pick from, including fantasy cards, arcades, casual, racing, action, and many more. Winzo is one of the best refer and earn apps, where players have to participate in a challenge or tournament and answer all the questions truthfully within the allotted time to win.

Method of Referral

  • Download the Winzo app.
  • Click the “Refer” tab in the WinZo App.
  • Then select Winzo Superstar from the menu.
  • Click “Register”, and enter your details to receive and share the code.

23. Zupee

Users of this software can select any topic, compete in tournaments with other users, and earn money. Topic categories include things like Sports, Math, Hollywood, Bollywood, Hinglish, Capital, and other subjects. You can accept challenges and respond to straightforward questions in the allotted time to win the competition.

You must first get the Zupee app, and register by providing your phone number. Additionally, you will have to enter some basic information like your name, email address, bank account information, etc.

Method of Referral

  • Open the “Refer and Earn” option in the Zupee app.
  • Copy the Zupee referral code and share it with others.
  • The user also gets a welcome bonus by playing in-app quizzes.
  • The referrer will get up to Rs.100 if the network uses the referral code and makes their first deposit.

24. BigCash

Because users pay Rs 10 to play games on their app, it’s a make-believe gaming app and among the top refer and earn apps. It implies that playing games on BigCash have the potential to earn you a respectable sum of money. You may also gain money through their referral program, which pays Rs 15 for each referral.

Before you start earning big cash, you need to download the app, sign in using Facebook and get Rs.10 incentive. Enter your number on the next page to get Rs.10 on Paytm. You can also redeem the earnings from your Paytm Wallet.

Method of Referral

  • Go to the BigCash app’s dashboard.
  • Select the “Earn and Invite” option from the Menu.
  • Users can click on their referral link to share it with others.
  • For each successful referral, the user will receive Rs 15.

25. OneCode

OneCode is among the greatest refer-and-earn apps in India. It allows you to make an endless amount of money by simply introducing users to the app. Every user also receives a unique promo code from the app. As a result, you receive a certain proportion of sales made using your discount code.

Since there is no membership cost, this is a without investments refer and earn app. And the good news is that there is no limit to your earning potential.

Method of Referral

  • Download the One Code application.
  • Use email, mobile number, and OTP to sign up. Also, verify KYC.
  • Select the “Share Now” option from the “Profile”.
  • Share the code with networks and get incentives in Paytm or a bank account.

26. Fantasy Power 11

The fantasy app is well-known and has very little competition. You can refer friends to this app, which is just for playing video games and get a lifetime 25% referral commission in addition to a Rs 100 cash bonus.

The best part is that you get 25% of the money that is deposited through their account each time you win. Both a bank account and a Paytm wallet are options for withdrawing your money.

Method of Referral

  • Select the “Refer & Earn” option from the menu.
  • Share the exclusive referral code with others.
  • When the network uses the referral code to sign up, the user will receive Rs 100.
  • Each network will also receive Rs 100 using the referral code.

27. CoinSwitch Kuber

CoinSwitch Kuber is a cryptocurrency trading application that gives its customers Rs 50 signup incentives and Rs 50 for each referral. This one is among the safest and most dependable cryptocurrency apps for trading in India. You may trade in more than 100 cryptocurrencies on it at the cheapest prices and with the most liquidity.

Simply download the app, enter your mobile number in the registration form, and you’re ready to use this platform.

Method of Referral

  • Register on CoinSwitch Kuber.
  • Get the referral link from the Referral Program.
  • Share the link with others.
  • Get paid when the network makes its first transaction.

28. Frizza

Frizza is among the top refer and earn applications in India, particularly to earn Paytm cash. You can perform a variety of actions to earn money, like viewing movies, answering surveys, recommending your friends to the program, and a lot more. They pay you Rs 25 for every digital assignment and Rs 15 for every referral you complete. However, you have to complete 7 offers before the money is credited to your account.

Method of Referral

  • Install the Frizza app.
  • Register with a mobile number.
  • Enter OPT and complete the in-app offers.
  • Share the given referral code with the networks.

29. Earn Talktime

You can earn Talktime by using the Earn Talktime app daily. By downloading the app, taking surveys and referring friends to do the same, you can earn money from the app in the form of an ETT balance. Additionally, you can use the Earn Talktime app to get live information from cricket events and their scoreboards, recharge your phone, and DTH and pay post-paid bills.

Method of Referral

  • Download the app using.
  • Click on the “Invite and Earn”.
  • Share the given referral link with others.
  • The users can make up to Rs 175 through referral.

30. CashBoss

It is one of the best platforms that allow you to monetize your content as well and earn a good amount of money. You can also refer to it with others to earn money. By referring your friends and family to download the popular app CashBoss, you can earn free recharge and other incentives. Each referrer gets a bonus of Rs15. You can also participate in the Wheel Spin, which gives you a chance to win anything from Rs. 1 to 20.

Method of Referral

  • Download the Cashboss app.
  • Open the app and select “Refer to Earn.”
  • Share the given code with others.
  • The users will get paid once the network download CashBoss app through the given link.

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Refer and Earn Money – Summary

Refer and earn apps are a great way to earn money by referring friends, family, or acquaintances to products or services you use. By sharing your unique referral link, you can earn a commission or referral bonus for each person who signs up or makes a purchase through your link.

The people you refer also benefit from discounts or special offers. This is a great way to earn money while helping others find great products or services. However, it is important to refer to genuine apps only to maintain transparency and trust.

You must also read all of the independent application’s terms and conditions to get a better understanding of the services being provided. To learn more about this subject, undertake in-depth online research.

Overall, a referral-earning app is a great option for those looking to supplement their income or earn side money as it does not require any investment.

Dive in to our guide to explore all about online jobs to fit any lifestyle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which app is best for refer and earn?

There are numerous refer and earn apps that help people to gain a descent earning online. Paytm Money, Upstocks, Google Pay, and PhonePay are some of the best refer and earn apps that give you good earnings.

Which app gives 100 rupees?

You can refer and earn money through Cred Apps. This helps in detecting any unauthorized withdrawals from your account that you would otherwise have overlooked. For every referral, you get 10 Credit Coins, which you can exchange for gift cards to Uber, Flipkart and Amazon. These apps pay Rs 1000, 500 and 150 with each voucher. This is one of the popular refer and earn money methods.

How can I make money by referring?

You can earn free recharge by asking your friends and family to download other apps and share popular apps with them. Each referral gets an incentive of Rs.15. Earning also depends on which app you are using. You can also participate in the wheel spin. It gives you a chance to win anything from Rs1 to 20.

Is refer earn real?

Yes, there are several apps that pay you on refering. Some of the top apps are Paytm Money, Upstocks and PhonePe.

How to earn 1000 RS per day?

With the help of CRED apps, for every referral, you can get 10 Credit Coins, which you can exchange for gift cards to Uber, Flipkart and Amazon. These apps pay Rs 1000, 500 and 150 with each voucher. This is one of the popular refer and earn money methods.

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