Best 32 Online Jobs to Work from Home for Students to Earn Rs 20K PM


As things currently stand, the majority of companies look for productivity in their employees rather than how much time they put in to produce the same amount of work. Productivity turns out to be higher when an employee is allowed to work in his/her comfort zone. Most of us opt for a work-from-home schedule, so that maximum time can be invested in work and personal can be taken out without any hassle. Considering this factor, many companies tend to open vacancies for online jobs to keep their work consistent without compromising the quality of projects. These work from home jobs for students not only offer you a handsome stipend but also unleash the path of tremendous career growth.

Though many professionals and housewives apply for these jobs, the major audiences applying for such fields are college students. College students are always likely to opt for such jobs so that they can manage their studies and work with the utmost flexibility.

List of 32 Online Jobs

If you are also a student and looking for similar online jobs for students to earn money, we bring you the Best 32 online part-time jobs for students to earn Rs. 20K PM from home. All you need is a PC/Laptop and an internet connection at home, and you are good to go.

  • Blogging

You might have come across many bloggers every day, some are part-time and some of them are full-time bloggers. You don’t need any special career requirements to become fluent in blogging. All you need is creativity and a fast internet connection. This work requires a minimum investment that makes it the best among home-based jobs without investment and is feasible for any regular college student.

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January 21, 2022
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Table of Contents

  • YouTuber

YouTube career might sound fancy and flexible, but it requires a considerable level of dedication and abundance of creativity. It is the most lucrative work from home for students that not only provides you great money but also stardom. It is the best fit among the online jobs for college students.

  • Translation Services

If you own a good hold on any language, even if it is your regional language. Utilize this skill to earn nice money by providing translation services from your home with the internet. This is an amazing opportunity for students to opt for online jobs from home without investment and do online work at home.

  • Content Writer

There is a huge demand for a variety of content in diverse domains. Today, every firm is promoting itself on the internet and for that matter, they need fluent content writers. A freelance content writer with the desired experience is the best suitable among most of the work from home for students and can help in making a huge amount of money.

  • Product Testing Jobs

Every month, many market research companies produce different products that are required to be tested by any user before publishing them. This is where the role of product tester comes into the picture. A product tester is supposed to look for drawbacks and a scope of improvement in a particular product. This is one of the best online jobs for students to earn money and provide a great experience in product development.

  • SEO expert

This sector is totally inclined towards technical fields but anyone with technical zeal can learn it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the major domain of digital marketing. SEO experts basically look for keywords that can help in uplifting the ranking of their website in a particular search engine. This is a lucrative career option among the other online jobs for students to earn money.

  • Web Designer

Web Designer is responsible for the design and layout of your webpages. If you like designs and creativity, Web designing is an apt field for you. The job of a web designer can be considered to be online part-time jobs for students that can be converted full time in the future.

  • Web developer

A web developer is responsible for coding and technical bugs behind your web pages. To become a web developer, you need to have a stronghold on basic programming languages. It is one of the productive work from home for students to earn money.

  • Social Media Marketing expert

Since the majority of audiences are on various social media platforms, ads over here reach huge masses of people. A Social Media Marketing expert knows these details and posts relevant ads. This job can be an impressive online part-time job for students that can be converted into a full-time career.

  • Video Editor

Many firms require creative video editors for the promotional purposes of their agency.  Video Editing is a promising career, not only as a part-time but even as a full-time domain. This is a demanding online job for students to earn money in the present status quo.

  • Content Creator

A content creator brings out ideas for entertainment and promotional purposes. Content Creator can work in many diverse domains and is one of the happening jobs among other work from home for students.

  • Online Teacher

Online teaching jobs can save you a lot of money and time. You are supposed to sit at home with a good internet connection to spread your knowledge and earn money out of it. It is considered to be flexible work from home for students. Good communication skills can enhance your teaching experience making it the best suit of online part-time jobs for students. You may like to read some pros and cons of online teaching.

  • Digital Marketing expert

You don’t need any technical degree to be good at it. Just experience, knowledge, and creativity will do the work. A digital marketing expert is responsible for promoting your work or product on digital platforms so that it can reach huge masses of people. The job of a Digital Marketing expert is hectic, yet the highest paying among the other online work from for students.

  • Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is responsible for the creation of posters and advertisement pages for various promotional platforms. This job is apt for the students interested in designing and looking for online part-time jobs for students.

  • Coder

If you are a tech- enthusiast and fluent at coding, you can opt for the online job of a freelance coder. If you love logic and are good at mathematics you can be a skillful coder and earn money from it. There is a huge demand for coders nowadays and you can for these online part-time jobs for students that can become a profitable full-time career in the future.

  • PHP/HTML expert

PHP, HTML, and CSS are common languages used for website designing and development. One with great knowledge about these can indulge itself in the Core sector of the web development field. PHP experts are high in demand due to a sudden boom in the IT sector and it is one of the most opted online part-time jobs for students.

  • Sales

If you possess impressive communication skills, the sales field can help you earn great money by pitching customers. Any college student can use his/her spare time to invest here as it is easy to work from home students.

  • Online mentor

Everyone needs a mentor in today’s complicated lifestyle. It is hard for people to take out time from their busy schedule and invest it in a mentorship. Most people nowadays prefer online mentorship to save their time and money on traveling. Online mentorship can give you a heck lot of experience in mentorship making it one of the most desired online work from home for students.

  • Online Yoga instructor

Online Yoga Instructor can help everyone to manage a hectic lifestyle and health along. Yoga is one of the most popular Hindu traditions in the entire world. Becoming an online Yoga instructor can help to make nice money and is as beneficial as work from home for students.

  • Data entry

Data entry job requires you to keep a database of a particular agency updated. This job is easy and no complex skill is required. It is one of the best options for students to work from home for students without investment.

  • Market researches

Market researchers analyze the entire business and look for loopholes and flaws in business plans. Being market research enhances the flexibility of your brain and your mind becomes open to new and diverse ideas. It is considered to be befitting online part-time jobs for students belonging to a commerce background.

  • Game Developer

A game developer creates and develops new and exciting games according to the preference of the Gamers. The job of a game developer requires immense technical knowledge and creativity that makes this online part-time jobs for students more demanding.

  • Influencer

The Job of the influencer is to create and publish content that huge masses of people would like. Companies approach these influencers for promotional purposes and pay them for the same. This is supposed to be the most comfortable work from home for students to earn money.

  • Travel reviews

You may create a blog or a webpage to write travel reviews so that people can get an idea about the details of that place before visiting there. This work from home for students is an apt job for wanderers and travel freaks.

  • Animation services

Animated advertisements and short videos are essential requirements for most firms. The job of an animation services provider can be fun and flexible. It is one of the amusing work from home for students.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing helps you to earn money by promoting products of other people on the platform that belongs to you. For example, promoting other articles on your personal blog by taking money from the writer. It is one of the most affordable online jobs for students to earn money.

  • Sub-broker for Stocks

This is the most amazing field for the students belonging to finance and economics students. Anyone with good knowledge of stocks can opt to work here. This job is a legitimate answer to ‘how to earn money from home for students’ that provides college students an amazing experience.

  • App Developer

An App Developer is responsible for the development of an application and needs to have great technical and programming knowledge. This is supreme among the other online part-time jobs for students and can turn out to be the most promising full-time career.

  • App Tester

Every year, a huge number of applications are produced and developers need to get it checked by an experienced user before launching it. The app tester analyzes the entire application and gives genuine feedback and reviews on it. If you are looking for ways on ‘how to earn money from home for students’, this online work from home for students might turn out to be fruitful for you.

  • Game Tester

Game Testers are expected to look for bugs loopholes and scope of improvement in a particular Game. Game Testers are expected to have a creative imagination. If you binge over trendy games, this field is apt for you. Game testing is forever entertaining online work from home for students looking for online jobs to earn money from home.

  • Network Marketing

Network Marketing business is associated with building a network of independent business professionals. It depends on person to person sales and is often work from home. It might sound tricky, but with experience, you can ace it. It is one of the desired part-time online jobs for students from home.

  • Online fitness instructor

In today’s hectic lifestyle, many people are looking for an easy way to manage their health and work hand in hand. The job of a fitness instructor is online work without investment.  One needs to be a fitness enthusiast to opt for it among other part-time online jobs for students from home.

Final Thought

Such online jobs for students from home provide them the desired experience and knowledge of a particular field while they manage their studies. Later, they have an option to convert it into a full-time career as per their preferences. Moreover, the money they earn from online work part-time helps them to manage their college expenses comfortably. Companies offer a variety of work from home for students with flexible working hours and a considerable stipend.

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