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December 5, 2023
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Before starting with the work from home jobs discussion, take note according to The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), India’s overall unemployment rate is still at 17.6%. The urban unemployment rate stands at 18.7% and rural at 17.1%. This represents how struggling it is right now to get a job in 2020. Many companies have laid off a huge number of employees, making this even a more pressing concern on top of the existing unemployment rate. As coronavirus has taken over our nation, many companies under the major serving sectors of India have to lay off a considerable number of employees or had to slash a huge chunk of their incomes. Sectors like Travel and Tourism, fashion and clothing, hospitality, and tourism, and the food industry is facing the brunt of this pandemic.

In a time where you need to be a skilled professional in your field, or otherwise, you won’t be able to climb the ladder and reach the top of the hierarchy. I know getting a promotion, or a raise feels exhilarating but you should understand that this is not a weekly thing. Work from home jobs in India has witnessed a major increase since the lockdown. Now for the people who have been laid off or have experienced a salary cut or are unemployed and wanting to do something productive, we got you covered.

How to search for work from home jobs in India? is a very popular question these days. When you hear the term work from home jobs in India, you might feel that it’s a joke. Trust us, we are serious. Work from home jobs in India is now a serious trend, whether there is a pandemic or not. Thousands in India are looking for online jobs, that pay them a respectable income that could help them pay their bills, walk their dogs, and whatnot. India is the 2nd most highly populated country, which makes it a compulsion for every citizen to not only have a job for the sake of survival but to maintain a certain living standard too. For that, we have genuine work from jobs in India now that don’t require any registration.

List of Work from Home Jobs in India

You don’t need any proper skills or a degree to do most of these jobs mentioned on the list. You can start these, work from home jobs by either registering for free or making an account. Here is a list of the best online jobs in India:


You can start this online work from home jobs anywhere. Blogging is one of the best ways to earn a handsome amount of money online.

You can start by making a website on WordPress or a free one at

With very little investment you can start hosting at It is very cheap and you don’t have to worry about learning how to design a website, as you can take your blog online in just a few clicks through WordPress.

People make a living out of blogging and it is considered one of the best work from home jobs in India. You can either write about topics that intrigue you or quench your conscience, or maybe something that is trending online, fitness-related, mental health, and much more.

Once you are done with setting up a website and hosting your domain, you now need to have a niche to attract the right kind of audience to your blog. Now once that is done, all you need to do is register to google AdSense or Media Vine to start getting ads on your website, for payment.

You can also start affiliate marketing on Amazon associates or at ClickBank. Affiliate marketing requires you to promote other people’s products, services, or content, and earn a little commission on every successful transaction. Guest blogging is another option, where you write and publish on a blogpost on a third-party blog/website. This is one of the best online jobs in India.


YouTubers nowadays are rolling in their Lamborghinis, Cadillacs, Mercedes, Tesla, and all those natty clothes from Cucci and Armani. To name a few, you must check out Mr. Beast, Logan Paul, JackSepticEye, Dude Perfect, and PewDiePie to get an idea about their lifestyle. In India, you can see how well Ashish Chanchlani, Bhuvan Bam, and Carry Minati are doing.

When people ask about genuine work from home jobs, then this comes to the top of every list because being a YouTuber not only gets you money but you also get to meet like-minded professionals with whom you could witness phenomenal growth in your career.

Your main source of income is advertising and product or service endorsements. You will start getting that once you have reached 10,000 subscribers.

Social Media Manager

Social media management is a growing field that requires you to handle social media accounts of small, medium, and big companies. Even celebrities and public figures need social media managers. So if you are pondering how to work from home jobs in India, this is one of the best ways.

Now you must be wondering, why don’t people only do it themselves, if it’s just handling social media. See, companies and celebs don’t have the time and energy to manage their social media, plus they need someone who can post on their behalf.

Your job is to that for them.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn are going to be your full-time job.,, are a few websites that can help you start your social media management journey.


Knowing your own native language, or a third language can now benefit you a lot.

If you consider yourself to be fluent in Hindi, English, Spanish, German, Tamil, Telegu, etc then you can utilize your skills on these freelance websites. You can go to Fiverr and Upwork to start today.

Free registration and these genuine work from home jobs can help you pay your bills and rent.

You will receive a lot of opportunities from Indian and western businesses, and even authors.

Work from Home, on your Own Schedule

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant helps keep track of a business’s data, by doing administrative tasks and keeping everything organized. Virtual assistants are basically freelancers working at home or remotely. You have to handle various tasks like composing emails and responding to them. You also need to create business documents with PowerPoint and do data entry in Excel.

You are also responsible for responding to business inquiries, managing blogs, websites, sales data, and more.

Being a virtual assistant can fetch you a decent income, help pay your bills, and cover all basic requirements.

Websites like Elance, Fiverr, Zirtual, and Upwork can offer you this work from home jobs.

Travel Agent

Have a knack for suggesting the best places to go on a trip? Do you know about the best honeymoon packages in Hawaii? Or you know how to travel to Rome? Then you can consider the option of becoming a travel agent online. This is one of the best online jobs you can get or at least a great work from home jobs India offers.

Websites like Monster India, Timesjobs, and yatra can offer you this benefit to work from home jobs.

Your mission should you choose

You can start your own website too for very cheap by buying and hosting a webpage and domain. GoDaddy and Hostinger can help you get the cheapest starting options, while Wix can help you build your own personal website to get started in just a few clicks.
e to accept it is booking flight tickets, hotels, reservations, trip packages, and much more. As clients don’t have the time to do all this, you can do this for them by charging a fee.

Content Writer

Content writing includes a lot of styles and forms of writing and producing write-ups. It can article writing, blog writing, webpage writing, copywriting, product descriptions, poems, stories, etc.

If you have a penchant to express yourself with words, then consider this the best part-time/full-time work from home jobs in India.

So, the thing is anybody can write, what makes you special. I will tell you. It’s your way to express yourself and influence others. If you believe that writing is something you have been willing to do for a long time and is maybe your career choice or some title on your bucket list then this might be a great option for you. This is the best genuine work from home jobs India has to offer.

You can start working at Upwork or Fiverr, to earn a decent income. You can choose from a large category of writing niches, eg website, and blog, news, creative, and much more.

A content writer has numerous opportunities and mediums to work and earn. Bloggers can earn more than 1,00,000 dollars a month. Eg Create and go. Being a Poet or a writer can get you fame, money, and respect. Technical writing, news writing is also a good online job option. These days a lot of game writers and scriptwriters are getting paid well and recognized for their work, software like Celtx can help you start your journey as a scriptwriter.

Web Developer

This is one of the most common online jobs available for anyone. They have become dime a dozen and are losing value if not competitive. You must be wondering if the profession is losing its value, then how is it in the best online jobs in India list.

I will tell you something, a top-notch web developer is what your aim should be because if you want companies to set a search bounty on you to offer a job position, then being the best in class can help you deepen your pockets.

Web developers online earn around 1.5 lakh – 2 lakh a month.

You can start earning now at Upwork or Fiverr.

Online Tutoring

Another work at home and a high paying job is online tutoring. If you are skilled enough or have mastered a field, for eg digital marketing, cooking, contemporary dance, martial arts, stock market, etc you can start your own online tutoring sessions.

You can start by making an aesthetic website from, buy a domain or start earning instantly through Chegg, where you don’t have to set up a website or anything, and just start earning by simply registering. There is no limit to the buyers you can get for your course.

Get Paid to Help Students Across the World - Earn With Chegg

Call Center Jobs

Considering a call center job which you can do at home? Then you can go for this option. Work at home, and earn a decent amount of money for answering telephone calls, verifying information, and interviewing. Call Centre Representative

Websites such as Upwork, SimplyHired, and FreeLance can offer you work opportunities in this field. You need a decent PC, phone equipment, and software linked to them.

Final Thought

So, here is a list of the top 10 work from home jobs in India that pay well, and they require a minimum skill set and knowledge only which makes it suitable for everyone. Be it college students, professionals, homemakers, semi-skilled workers, and dropouts. Jobs like Data Entry, Call center representative, web developer, content writer, travel agent, virtual assignment, translator, social media manager, YouTuber and blogger are the 10 best ways to earn money online from home in India.

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