Future of Interning: A List of the Best Work-From-Home Internships

November 3, 2023
Work from Home Internships

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The model of work from home internships and jobs has gained momentum in today’s post-pandemic era. Students and full-time working professionals find and try to learn new skills and earn some extra income from internships. And as remote and hybrid working is prevailing in the current scenario, nearly 20% of postings are for remote internships. Making now the best time to learn and earn from the comfort of your home.

The best part of internships is that they are useful not only for students but also for working professionals, homemakers, and part-time workers. Students can take up internships during their semester breaks and other long holidays. WFH internships are suitable for students with regular classes and people with busy schedules.

But the question is how and where anyone can find work from home internships. This article will answer all your queries related to remote internships, making your path to a successful career easier.

What are Work from Home Internships?

Work from home or remote internships are internships in which interns work from their homes. In such internships the interns don’t go to the workplace, instead, the workplace comes to them as a virtual setup. During the remote internship, the interns are supposed to work remotely and interact with their mentors and colleagues through video and conference calls.

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Types of Work from Internship

Now that you know what are WFH internships and how they differ from in-office internships, let’s have look at the types of remote internships.

Paid Online Internship

As its name suggests these are online internships in which interns are paid for the work they do. Internships are for learning new skills, gaining knowledge of industry workings and scoring credits too. And if all this comes with earning some extra cash then what’s better than this? Paid online internships are chance for intern to not only learn job skills, but also the skill of managing their earnings.

Unpaid Online Internship

Unpaid work from home internships is similar to paid internships in the sense of doing work and gaining experience; however, companies don’t pay interns in such cases. In lieu of a stipend, the interns are given experience certificates and recommendation letters based on their performance during the internship.

Benefits of Work from Internships

Learn Professional Skills

The central motive of internships is to provide real-life experiences to students and freshers. Doing online internships teaches professional skills to interns. You can learn essential skills like time management, teamwork, project management and maintaining a work-life balance.


This is one of the biggest benefits of work from home internships. Such internships give interns the chance to work from anywhere they want. This freedom makes it possible for learners, housemakers or full-time professionals to do their daily tasks along with internships.

Work with Experts

Remote internships allow the interns and company seniors to have more one-on-one conversations, making the learning procedure much more engaging. This way you can observe industry practices more closely and hone your skills.

Increase Global Exposure

In office internships you can work only with local or national companies; however, WFH internships give you chance to gain global exposure. There are several MNCs and international organizations who offer internship opportunities to international individuals.

Gain Remote Work Experience

As today’s world is adopting new digital evolutions, it is becoming apparent that remote work culture is here to stay. Doing work from internships makes it easier for interns to be ready for full-time remote work. Remote internships help in gaining digital skills that are necessary to survive in remote work culture.

Teaches Financial Literacy

Whether you work for a paid online internship or an unpaid internship, you will gain some new skills and experience during your internship period. Internships teach you how to value your work, and how to save and manage your hard-earned money. All these lessons help you later in your working life.

Virtual vs Office Internships

Where to Find Work from Internships?

Now that you know how beneficial work from home internships are for your career growth, the question arises is where one can find remote internships. So here is the list of best sites for internships.


LinkedIn is considered the world’s largest professional networking site on the internet. This platform offers several features, you can find remote internships, full-time job opportunities, professional courses and much more.

What you need to do is create your professional-looking profile on this platform and start looking for internships. LinkedIn is also a great place to network with your future recruiters, colleagues and important professional individuals, where you can learn more about your desired profession and career prospective. 


Naukri.com is an Indian employment site, which primarily works on providing information regarding vacancies in various companies and organizations. It is one of the best platforms to find work from home internships or full-time jobs located in India. You need to create your profile on this platform and upload your updated resume or CV. After that you can search for companies, you want to work for and apply.


Internshala is one of the best internship and training platform, dedicated to providing college students, freshers or anyone looking for work experience with a paid online internship.

Here you can find thousands of internship opportunities, filter out the ones you want to work on and apply by writing an application letter. Once you get selected the recruiters will contact you, as this platform is dedicated to internships, interns can expect to learn and grow their skills and career.


Indeed is another one of the employment sites with over 200 million users. It is a great platform to pick your internship work from home, you can upload your resume on the platform, apply for jobs or internships and get scouted if your resume gets selected. Not only this, Indeed is a great platform to interact and create professional connections with other individuals in the same field as yours. 


Monster.com is a platform which connects people with their professions, making it one of the best sites for internships. On Monster, you can find any work from home internships that you wish to apply for. The best part is that they collaborate with big companies to hire employees for their organization, by selecting the best candidates. So, if you want to do remote internships you can positively look at this platform.


WFH.io or the Work From Home platform provides remote internship opportunities to students and recent graduates. Here you can work not only for national but also for international companies. The platform has a wide range of internship opportunities in various fields such as technology, marketing, finance, and more.

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Work Anywhere, Anytime Hassle-free Earning

10 Best Work from Home Internships

Today you can find any kind of internship to apply for WFH internships, however, there are some fields and positions which are considered best for work from home internships. Here are some of the best remote internship options that anyone can apply for.


Stipend (per month)

Content Writing

INR 12-15k

Graphic Designing

INR 10-20k

Social Media Management


Web Development

INR 12-15k

Online Tutoring

INR 5k-15k

Online Translation

INR 20k

HR Recruitment

INR 10-13k

Data Analysis

INR 18-20k

Virtual Assistant

INR 21k

Virtual Bookkeeping

INR 8-10k

Salary Source: Ambition Box

1. Content Writer

“Content is king” you might have heard this term often, making content writing one of the best choices for work from home internships. If you are good at writing and know how to create magic with words then you can positively try this field. There is always demand for good content and copywriters, so you can easily find remote internships for this.

Pro Tip

Practice your writing skills by writing on any topic which draws you. You can use it as proof of your work and skills while applying for internships.

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2. Graphic Designer

Who doesn’t like to look at enchanting visuals which tell stories and draw emotions? Companies use these visuals to promote their products and services, but to create such graphics they need skilled graphic designers. Companies hire intern graphic designers to create their ad campaigns, social media posts, product videos or graphics. So, if you know how to use Photoshop, edit videos, create digital illustrations etc.

Pro Tip

Practice your designing skills by creating logos, social media posts and reels etc.

3. Social Media Manager

Social media presence is everything in today’s time, times are gone when the platforms are used only for communication and entertainment. Today companies need social media to make themselves present to their customers, and for that they need experts. Working as social media manager for a company means bringing organic traffic to the company’s page, replying to customers’ questions, posting consistently and keeping their social media presence active.

Pro Tip

Do courses related to SEO, Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing to enhance your skills to become better at you work.

4. Web Developer

Web development is another best option for doing work from home internships, as you can create websites and code from your home if you have a laptop or PC and a stable internet connection at home. As a web developer, you will be working on developing attractive websites, checking it’s functioning and resolving issues if there are any.

Pro Tip

Learn coding languages like HTML, C++, JAVA etc to gain knowledge about web development before doing internship.

5. Online Tutor

This is one of the best options for work from home internships if you possess good knowledge of any subject matter. You can start teaching online either independently or by working with a company. This is a suitable internship for those who want to go into the education or teaching field. It is a great way to gain hands-on experience in teaching, online communication, and developing certain skills.

Pro Tip

Learn about the subject matter you are going to teach, and create online learning content to share with students, if necessary.

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6. Online Translator

Are you multilingual? Then your expertise in language can get you selected for work from home internships as an online translator for MNCs. Working as a translator is interesting and responsible work. As a translator, you will be working on translating business documents, live telephonic conversations and recorded conversations. This task requires you to have a strong grip on your language and its every aspect.

Pro Tip

Do the language course for your desired language and earn Certificate. It will show your credibility and knowledge.

7. HR Recruiter

Every organization works because of its employees who can uplift it through hard work and dedication. And it’s the HR recruiter’s job to select the best employees for them. If you are interested in this field then you can positively apply for remote internships as an HR recruiter. As an HR recruiter, your task will be to update job posting on the company’s site, go through resumes, organise interviews, onboard selected candidates and much more.

Pro Tip

Work on your communication, interpersonal skills, and critical and analytical skills to be successful in this field.

8. Data Analyst

Working as a data analyst is one of the best work from home internships option. You can apply for a data analyst in any organisation, as every organisation needs data analysts who collect, sort and refine raw data into usable data. You will also be working on presenting your collected data so that others can also understand what the data represents.

Pro Tip

Learn to use tools like Microsoft Excel, SQL, Google Sheets, Tableau, SAS etc.

9. Virtual Assistant

Doing online internships as a virtual assistant is also a good way to gain professional experience and earn a few bucks. A virtual assistant is a person who assists senior-level individuals virtually. If you apply for this job, your responsibilities will include scheduling meetings, organising documents, creating presentations and doing the daily task to lessen the burden on seniors.

Pro Tip

Learning skills like communication skills, time-management, analytical skills and hard skills like computer knowledge working on various software is also important.

10. Virtual Bookkeeper

These work from home internships are best for those who are good with numbers and like to know about taxes. If are someone like that then you can work as a virtual bookkeeper for companies. Your responsibilities as a bookkeeper will be to record transactions, generate invoices, run payroll and much more.

Pro Tip

Learn the use of tool like Excel, Tally and gain knowledge of Quickbooks.

Tips to Make Virtual Internship Successful

A virtual internship can be challenging in many ways, such as lack of communication, feeling of isolation, limited access to resources, etc. But with your dedication, you can make the most out of it. Here are some tips that will help you make your virtual internship a success.

  • Be sure to establish clear career goals and expectations with your supervisor to ensure you work on the right tasks and complete internship requirements.
  • Keep track of your tasks and deadlines to help you complete your responsibilities and assignments on time.
  • Communicate effectively with your supervisor to establish a regular schedule for check-ins and professionalism.
  • Be proactive and take the initiative to ask questions and seek guidance when needed.
  • Be open to feedback and ready to adjust your approach if necessary. This will help you to improve and grow as a professional.
  • Enjoy a virtual internship experience and reach out to other interns, professionals in the field, and seek mentorship opportunities when needed.

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Chegg is one of the leading EdTech companies which hires Q&A experts to answer questions from students across the world. The best part is that you can work at your own pace and earn money for each question you answer. As an expert, you also enrich your subject knowledge and help students excel in their studies.

Benefits of becoming expert at Chegg:

  • Ease to work from home
  • Flexible schedules
  • Professional development
  • Great side-income
  • Exposure to education industry
  • Networking opportunities with experts

If you have good knowledge of subjects like business, engineering, maths, science, healthcare etc. then you can start working part-time at Chegg and earn a good extra income.

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Get Started with Your Remote Internship

Increasingly popular in recent years due to the flexibility and convenience remote internships provides allow interns to gain valuable work experience while being able to manage their personal and academic commitments.

Now that you know all about work from home internships, it’s your time to start your career journey by applying for one. Online internships not only boost your career but also give insight into industry specifics. And the best part is you will be gaining experience and money from the comfort of your home.

So, don’t hold up, start applying and sending your resumes to your dream companies. And you never know you might get scouted for the position you were eyeing for.

Dive in to our guide to explore all about online jobs to fit any lifestyle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which company is best for online internship?

If you want to learn, enhance your skills and gain industry knowledge you can learn from anywhere. However, there are some companies which are considered industry leaders and working with them makes your career shine. Getting recommendations from these companies will also increase the credibility of your work.

Some of such companies are:

1. Google
2. Amazon
3. Chegg
4. EY
5. LinkedIn

What do you do in a remote internship?

Remote internships are similar to in-office internships in terms of responsibilities. However, all your work will be done virtually. You will be interacting with your seniors and colleagues via email, messages and conference calls, making the experience more engaging and learning. Duties and responsibilities vary depending on the company and internship program.

Which internship is best for freshers?

Selecting an internship is not an easy task. It depends on your interests, skills, and career goals. So, it is important to know your interest and in which field you want to make your career.

Some of the paid online internships are:

1. Content writing
2. Graphic designing
3. Web development
4. Online tutoring
5. Social media management
6. Virtual recruiter

Are online internships worth it?

Yes, online internships are totally worth it, many people say that online internships are not worth it just because you work from home. However, post-pandemic this perspective has changes. There are several for reasons why you should do remote internships.

1. To gain industry knowledge
2. To boost your career
3. To learn from industry experts
4. To earn while learning
5. To network with new people

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