7 Top Platforms To Hire Freelance Web Developers for Your Next Project

December 28, 2023
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Web developers are professionals responsible for creating websites and applications on the world wide web. They help businesses improve their business visibility and spread information. A freelance developer for a website is a freelance professional that helps businesses.

The core role is to make intuitive, user-friendly, simple interface websites. Businesses are always looking to hire freelance developers for their website needs. These freelance developers have a professional degree that includes subjects like HTML, JavaScript, and more. They can also integrate graphics into the website to create an impactful website.

In order for businesses to function effectively, websites must operate optimally. A competent freelance web developer for a website helps the website perform with high efficiency. Having a good web dev freelancer is a must for any business. Enhancing the website’s performance and integrity lies with the freelance web developer.

Types of Websites for Hiring Freelance Web Developers

In order to make the right kind of website, clients need to know about the types of web developers available. The functionality these developers bring to the table varies based on the role. Depending on the role, clients can opt for a website developer of their choice.

Back-end web developers

Back-end web developers are responsible for creating the core website structure. This involves writing the website code and verifying it to check its functioning. In addition, they also manage access points required for others who may manage.

Front-end web developers

These are the front-end warriors of the website. They are responsible for checking the page visitor, overseeing the layout and implementing graphics. Therefore, they need to be aware of HTML and JavaScript.

Full-stack freelance developers

Full-stack developers are responsible for a more holistic approach. They have complete knowledge of both the front end and back end. These developers are ideal for businesses as they bring complete knowledge. Organizations that don’t invest in separate members choose full-stack developers for complete commissioning.

Depending on the extent of website requirements, firms can choose website developers. For instance, businesses that use e-commerce may need all three. However, businesses with stagnant websites may need a backend developer for basic maintenance activity.

1. Bidding Websites

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Choosing the right web developer for a business requirement can be tricky. However, this task is made easier with biding websites. When businesses are looking at posting one-time requirements, bidding websites are a great option.

Bidding websites are ones where clients can post a requirement. Various freelance web developers can bid on the project by stating the following:

  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Budget Negotiation
  • Skills
  • Timeline Adherence
  • Previous work Success

This requirement includes adding complete details about the project. It includes:

Project Description

This could be a short description that helps the freelance web developer understand your requirement. It can also include details like static website, e-commerce website, one-time maintenance work etc.


The best part about hiring freelancers for website development is that client decides the basic budget. Biding websites allow both freelancers and businesses to find the perfect match basis their budget and experience.

Timelines/ Deadline

Find some for an ad hoc project that needs to be completed on short notice. Or choose someone for a more long-term hiring role. Bidding website offers flexibility.

Rules & Regulations

Unlike the general hiring of freelancers, bidding websites extend more control. It allows the freelance to choose the role only if they are up to service the client by adhering to rules.

Eligibility for application

Businesses/ individuals can decide the eligibility basis requirement. For instance, years of experience, niche of experience etc.

Approval criteria

Freelance websites for developers that offer to bid can decide the approval criteria for the project. For instance, page load speed and SEO ranking can all be factors.

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2. Order-based Websites

This is similar to bidding websites, the difference being it depends on the project basis. For instance, the client can chalk out their requirement on a project basis. For example: Create one static website + one mobile application. Set out a fixed amount based on the amount of work that is predicted.

The volume of these projects is much smaller than the bidding website. Those looking for an order-based website can look for web developers in freelancing websites for developers. First, freelance web developers must register themselves on any best platforms for freelancing. This is followed by filling in basic details. After that, clients can find quick solutions by looking for single-project solutions or order-based websites.

This is a great option for freelance website developers looking to use their creativity and technical skills for this job. Freelancing sites for web developers offer a wide variety of order-based website tasks. Order-based websites are excellent for clients looking for solitary work or website refurbishing.

Hiring a website developer freelancer for long-term projects using order based model isn’t recommended. However, order-based websites are great for clients who may already have web developers but need to outsource one part of the work.

3. Vetted Talent Websites

Companies sometimes look for third parties who can vet the performance of freelancers. Vetted talent websites are great for choosing high-performance freelancers for website development. Vetted Talent websites are a strong community of talented freelancers. In order to be on such websites, the talent needs to undergo a high-level vetting process.

This process is aimed at assessing the skillset of freelancers. Therefore, every freelance website developer on such a website is well qualified for the job.

How does it benefit the client?

–      Less time spent on the vetting process

–      Direct access to qualified, experienced professionals

–      High confidence level on the job completed

–      Saves energy invested in the lengthy hiring process

On various occasions, freelancing websites for web developers already have their own internal quality test team. Once clients connect with such websites for their website requirements, they get a full in-depth specification of client requirements. They may also match the qualified, experienced freelance who fits the job well.

Clients, therefore, expect a high level of results considering the quality of freelance web developers offered here. Therefore, choose an efficient website developer freelancer for your website development requirements.

Top 7 Websites to Hire Freelance Web Developers

Looking to hire trusted, reliable and top-tier freelance developers? Listed below are prominent freelance sites for web developers that allows clients to choose for best developers.

1. Flexiple

Flexiple is an excellent website for those looking to hire freelance web developers. The community at flexiple[1] offers premium web developers as the onboarding step is a carefully vetted one. Therefore, it allows only the most qualified, experienced and expert developers on board. Clients can choose web developers with their desired range of experience.

Clients, too, have a simple onboarding process. This process is a simple one and takes just a few steps complete. Flexiple also helps clients by assisting them with the administrative process without charging additionally. In addition, the client gets to decide if they approve the project as long as it is in line with their requirement.

A simple process is available for freelancer web developers, which makes it simple for good freelancers to onboard.

Who can post at flexiple?

Clients looking for application development for both web and mobile can choose flexiple for hiring freelance developers.

Pros of working with flexiple?

–      Intense vetting process

–      Recommendations based on project output expectation

–      Risk-free trial

–      Excellent customer care

–      Among the top-tier website developers

Those looking for the best platform for freelancing can choose Flexiple.

2. Toptal

Toptal, as the name suggests, offers the best talent available. As the website suggests, they are here to offer clients the Top tier talent for clients. They accept only 3% of the total applications they receive. Therefore, Toptal completes vetting the best freelance website developers for clients.

The screening process includes:

–      Language and personality test

–      In-depth skill review

–      Live Screening

–      Test project

–      Continued excellence

This is how Toptal arrives at the top 3% of freelancers of the talent from all the applications they receive. In addition, clients can change their expertise if they don’t feel comfortable with an existing freelance web developer. Then, within three weeks, the client is equipped with a new developer who can take over.

Toptal claims that what sets them apart is its rigorous screening process. Therefore, only the most talented website developers are retained. A benefit of choosing Toptal is that, unlike other websites, they allow you to hire a freelance developer full-time. This can be done under a specific set of conditions.

Clients are invoiced twice a month; however, flexibility can be expected upon discussion with the team.

Find niche developers across niches such as:

–      Algorithm developer

–      Machine learning engineers

–      Big Data Architects

–      Blockchain Developers

–      Adobe Creative Suite Experts

–      Visual Designers

The industries that Toptal caters to include:

–      Healthcare and life sciences

–      Consumer products and services

–      Financial services

–      Industrials

–      Communication and Media entertainment

–      Technology

3. Arc.dev

Initially, Arc.dev[2] was wildly popular as an inventive CodementorX platform for developers. Developers can choose to onboard and seek assistance in improving their existing skills. It is a mentorship program that is excellent for developers. However, such an expansive league of developers also allows firms to hire top-notch freelance developers.

It is a premium website that promotes the quick hiring of competent freelance web developers for website work. Freelance website developers are available at Arc.dev for quick hiring. They offer hourly rates of about $60 for developers, which can go up to $200 for clients.

The extremely intensive vetting process undertaken by them is the reason they are a popular site for freelancers. The mentorship facility is a fairly newer one. However, their experience as software developers for hire is well established.

While the platform is relatively very expensive for the client, it does add up in terms of value for money. This is because of the high-quality web-developers community that the website boasts. Another benefit is that it is free for freelancers and developers.

One of the core reasons to look for freelance web developers at Arc.dev is that niche developers are available. Some of the niche areas include:

–      Game

–      Cloud

–      Blockchain

–      E-commerce

–      CMS

–      Database

4. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff is a free-of-cost network of freelance web developers. It allows clients to find their talent free of cost and choose from some of the best talents globally. Firms can choose to hire talent basis on skills. This includes:

–      Design and Multimedia

–      Developers

–      Marketing and Sales

–      Content and more

While the firm offers a range of freelancers to ease business needs, they also offer top-notch freelancers. Unlike other of the previous websites, there isn’t an extensive work vetting process.

Clients, therefore, have an extensive database of options at their disposal. But there is no prior vetting process in place. It must be assumed that the client needs to undertake their own vetting process when working with Hubstaff’.

Therefore, this is a great platform if a business is looking for more options before choosing the right freelancer. It must be noted that the client may have to undertake their own personal vetting process.

What makes Hubstaff a great choice for business?

–      Filters are available for choosing the right work.

–      Free of cost for both clients as well as freelancers

–      Ideal for small projects

5. Upwork

Upwork is among the most popular freelance websites available. However, they are not categorized into a single category, such as specializing in website development. You can find freelancers across all categories such as:

–      IT industry

–      Developers

–      Designers

–      Sales and marketing

–      Writing & Translation

–      Finance and Accounting

–      Legal

–      Engineering

They do not have their developer-specific vetting process in place. Therefore, the client must undergo a screening procedure before hiring freelance developers. Therefore, firms need to state their requirements in great detail clearly. The niche they require and more.

Why should businesses opt for Upwork?

1. No Cost Until Hiring

Until the hiring process goes into the next stage, the entire process remains free of cost. This gives businesses more freedom to interview clients before narrowing down on the final ones.

2. Database

Their existing database provides an exhaustive library of developers to choose from. Clients can ask for sample work during applications.

3. Safe & Secure Process

Upwork is a trusted agency. Therefore, they offer 24 X 7 support to their clients. The focus remains on the work; data is always protected, and payment getaways are secure.

6. Guru

Guru also offers a holistic database of freelancers firms can choose for their work. They have a network of 800000 employers worldwide which is a testament to their veracity as a freelancing website. The firm offers a wide range of freelancers for companies to opt for. This includes Data Entry, Graphic Design, Ethical Hacking, Logo Design, and Web Developers.

Why Work with Guru?

–      They offer credibility and are a known name in the industry.

–      They are flexible in how they work with clients.

–      They add a high level of security to their communications.

–      They add value to their clients.

–      They offer complete support to clients at all times.

How can employers hire freelance web developers?

–      Just post a job and lay out the requirements in detail

–      The freelancers can offer you quotes and bids

–      Filter down developers that have the desired experience

–      Choose from the bids that meet your requirement

–      Use the secure payment portal to make safe payments

As a firm, one can choose from a range of pricing options. This includes a fixed price on a project basis, hourly pricing, task-based pricing and a recurring payment model.

7. Fiverr

Fiverr ranks among the highest when it comes to picking a freelancer for your job. Digitization has made companies like Fiverr reach the top of the charts. It is an online marketplace that helps businesses and individuals find the right kind of talent for their job. Fiverr represents a host of freelance web developers who offer great websites.

Fiverr remains the top choice for various firms looking for freelancers because of the variety of talent available. Freelancing has become among the most popular businesses now. Companies can choose a wide range of ‘Sellers’ or freelancers available on the portal. The pricing, experience and options are varied across the platform. You can find people for less than $10 per hour to $995 per hour.

Why choose Fiverr?

–      A vast pool of freelance developers for websites

–      Economical Options available

–      Easy to use and navigate

–      Prompt customer service

The major con here is that there is no vetting process in place for freelancers. Therefore, client vetting has to take place before choosing the right service.

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How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Business?

1. Short and cost-constrained project

To make the most out of freelancing websites, one must know the right way to pick a freelance web developer. This involves first creating short projects. Then, work projects could be divided into sections and outsourced for trial.

One way to work around this is to offer 2-3 separate trial projects to freelancers. These could be short, concise projects that give maximum insight into the quality of work. Firms then have the option to pick the most competent freelance website developers.

Very small projects act as the perfect pilot test run for a big project. This gives an insight into the knowledge of a website developer freelancer and the time taken to deliver. The whole project can then be outsourced entirely to the freelancer that offers the most value on the project.

While looking for a web developer freelancer for small projects, using a bidding website is preferred. They cost lesser, add more value, and the process is seamless.

2. Longer and more affordable projects

When a business is looking at reducing costs, doing a bulk project in one go is advisable. But how does one hire freelancers for big projects? The client looks at freelancing sites for web developers and picks a freelancer that fits the bill. It’s important to access skill, pricing and overall competence.

Once the freelance web developer is chosen, the client can begin by giving a trial sample. Once approved, the whole project can then be outsourced. However, some websites that allow order-based work offer more economical offers.

Going for longer, more bulk projects can allow clients to have more subsidized pricing. It also offers the benefit of working with one freelancer for a long-term project. However, unlike smaller projects, the clients need to vet well before finalizing.

For such projects, choosing vetted talent websites is more advisable. This includes Flexiple and Toptal, among others. Additionally, on such websites, the support team is more involved. Hence there is better administration in navigating the project. If firms are looking for a more direct approach to hiring freelance web developers, then vetting internally becomes a must.

3. Quality is everything

Hiring a good freelancer web developer is more than just a cost-based decision. It involves trusting freelancers with the project, openly communicating, setting expectations, etc. Therefore, choosing the right freelance developer for a firm is important. Choosing quality over quantity in services becomes essential.

Firms can opt for freelancing sites for web developers based only on quality. This usually happens in the case of websites that have their very own internal vetting systems. Instead, look for freelance hiring websites with their own screening and filtering process.

Generally, this includes:

–      Filling in general details

–      Showcasing skills as proof, such as education

–      Providing work samples

–      Passing an internal screening test

–      Passing personality-based test

–      Interview-style questioning

Vetting websites undertake all the above tasks so the firm has to do minimal work in this case.

All You Need to Know About Websites for Web Developers

To conclude, having the right candidates for business growth is fundamental. Firms must not compromise on the quality of web developers they invest in, even if they are freelancers.

Picking an individual with the subject matter expertise is, therefore, the most important decision.

For firms looking to hire freelance website developers, one can choose between bid-based hiring, vetted talent-based, and order-based hiring. Pick quick and easy freelancing sites for web developers to get started on website development needs.

Limitless learning. Limitless Earning with Chegg

Similarly, do you want to make the most of your skills as a web developer? Besides the common freelancing website, you can opt to become a Chegg Q&A expert. A Chegg Q&A expert is a subject matter expert that answers and earns. They are supposed to answer skill questions in niche categories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a freelance web developer?

A freelance web developer is a professional individual with experience and expertise in writing codes and developing websites and applications on the world wide web. Companies can hire freelancer web developers on a project basis for short-term, and long-term basis internal needs. Various freelance websites for web developers are active for firms and freelancers to post and work on.

Can a web developer work as a freelancer?

Freelancing implies working on own terms and representing oneself instead of representing a firm. Individuals have the right to decide their pay, timelines, policies and rules. The individual does not enjoy a company’s perks, such as fixed pay. This could also be positive because, based on skill, the freelancer can charge as per their skills, which could be way higher.

How much do web developers and freelancers make?

The pay for web freelancers varies widely. If they work with premium websites such as Arc.dev, the hourly rates could start at $60. However, bidding websites could start at $10. The general range for web developer freelancers in India could be around 2 LPA to 10 LPA. This depends on multiple factors and variables.

How do I start freelancing?

Once equipped with the basics of web development, you can register yourself on any free bid website. You can then bid lower than experienced individuals. This can help you bag a few initial projects that will give you practical experience. Always ask clients to rate your work and submission or portal with feedback to attract more clients.

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