Top 20 Proven Business Ideas for Women to Work from Home


There are so many businesses that come up every day providing diverse options to every candidate nowadays. With the enhancement of women empowerment, women not only in urban areas but also in rural areas are starting their own businesses. Nowadays, there is no particular condition for females who want to start their own work. Society hasn’t reached absolute neutrality among gender but status quo females have better opportunities than before. The options in small business ideas for women are endless and also help them to achieve their dream life.

With so many options available, some candidates prefer an in-office job, some work from home, and a few starts with their own business ideas. Everyone opts for working options depending on their skills and capability. With a plethora of opportunities in hand, women have the liberty to choose their profession depending on their skill set.

Business Ideas Domain for Women

There is a huge variety of domains like Marketing, Business analyst, and Science. Before starting your own business, you might be wondering what you should always keep in mind. There are a few factors mentioned below

  1. Looking for an idea
    Looking for the best business ideas for women can be challenging and frustrating. You just need to think about the stuff you’re passionate about. Consequently, you might find a few interesting ideas that will be beneficial for you.
  2. Funding
    You need to consider the funding part for your business idea to be executed. There are many small business ideas for women available in this article that require absolutely no funding.
  3. Plan
    You can’t start your business in a day, you need to consider diverse factors and have to work step by step in order to execute it.

If you are passionate about working, below are 20 best business ideas for women that might ease your struggle to find out which business is the best suite for you.

business ideas for women
January 27, 2022
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Table of Contents

SEO expert

With a sudden boom in Indian technology, it becomes necessary for different firms to prioritize their digital presence. At this point, the work of an SEO expert comes into the picture. An SEO expert enhances the quality of visitors and traffic on your website. It an ideal among various business ideas for women, who want to manage their professional life by staying at home. SEO experts find it easy to complete their projects by staying in their houses with just a laptop and a fast internet connection. It is highly convenient to learn SEO techniques from various digital platforms. An average SEO expert makes about 2-3 lakhs per month.

Graphic Design

If you are fond of creativity and designs and looking for the best business ideas for women, then the job of graphic designer might satisfy you. Graphic Designers use computer software for the visual interpretation of data on various platforms. Products made by graphic designers are widely used for marketing purposes.  It is an ideal business for women, who want to apply for work that allows them to work from home. You just need a laptop and a fast internet connection to work as a full-time Graphic Designer. An average graphic designer in India makes about 50k-1 lakh per month. Therefore, it proves to be a fun job.

Social Media Management

With an increase in the utilization of social media platforms by huge masses of people, most of the firms advertise their work on such platforms. For such purposes, one needs social media managers to help them advertise efficiently. This work provides a comfortable and interesting environment for working women. People find it one of the best business ideas for women. A social media marketing expert makes about 1-2 lakhs per month depending upon the number of clients he/she has. Anyone can learn social media marketing on various platforms available nowadays. The information is, therefore, can be extracted easily.

Content Writing

A content writer is required on diverse online platforms like website content, Blogging, travel review, social media, magazines, news portals, and etc. One can polish his/her writing skills and work as a freelance content writer. Therefore, this job is for the ones who are passionate about writing and want to make it a full-time career. Content Writers are often paid according to the number of words they write. They can charge from 30 paise per word to 1 rupee per word.

Content Editing and Proofreading 

If a female is looking for work for which she needs to give as minimum time as possible, Content Editing and Proofreading can prove to be the best among other best small business ideas for women. A proofreading expert accepts a piece of content and looks for errors and scope of improvement in it. The income of an expert depends on the number of clients he/she owns. An average proofreading expert makes around 50-60k per month in India.  This work is flexible and allows you to devote more time to other important things. In other words, it is a good option for working women.

Online Teacher

The field of online teaching is comfortable yet rewarding. An individual can teach from anywhere and up to whatever extent that makes this job comfortable and the best business ideas for women. Nowadays, every student needs access to their academics 24/7 and therefore it becomes necessary to choose an online platform that accomplishes the expectations of both teachers and students. Chegg India is one of the most comfortable online teachings platforms where an online tutor can enroll as a subject matter expert.  At Chegg India, a freelance subject matter expert answers questions asked by students. Experts have the privilege to answer as many questions as they want to and are paid accordingly. The best part is, subject matter experts have the liberty to answer anytime from anywhere depending on their daily schedule. Top experts at Chegg earn 30k-50k months and some even more.

You may start small due to a lack of experience but the quality experience can make online teaching a profitable career.  Moreover, Online teaching helps you to improvise your own concepts therefore it is highly recommended for the students preparing for any competitive exams.

Interior Designing

Traveling places and indulging with creativity on a daily basis, if this is your goal as a lady the interior design might turn out to be an ideal choice among the other business for women. The job of an interior designer is to decorate your house and make it look charming. In addition, an interior designer adds a satisfying aesthetic to the walls of your home. With utmost devotion and practice, an Interior Designer can make a huge amount of money. One can also start his/her own business. Interior designing is on a priority list of small business ideas for women. The income of your own business will solely depend on the number of projects you accomplish per week.  With an average of 4-5 projects a month, you can easily make 3-4 lakhs per month.

Motivational Speaker/Life Coach

To remain consistent with your work and to live your life peacefully, everyone needs a Life Coach. Most of our lives are highly influenced by Motivational Speakers. If you know the exact way to portray things that’ll influence people, Life Coach can be an apt choice among the other business for women. Top-notch motivational speakers earn up to 5-6 per month depending on the content they deliver to the people. To achieve that, you can start a youtube channel or start writing blogs in order to become popular.

Website Designer

As the name suggests, a website designer designs the website to make it look worth spending time on. Being a woman, if you are fond of creativity and designs. Then the job of a website designer can prove to be one of the best business ideas for women. A website designer makes the scope of adding pictures and content to your website in the best suite way.  It is considered to be a highly rewarding full-time job. Moreover, it can help you earn up to 2-3 lakhs per month easily.

Web Development

A web developer is responsible for the coding behind your website. Every web page nowadays you see has complex coding behind it. Women tend to incline towards this work as it allows them to think and judge creatively. If you are good at mathematics then this job will be a comfortable business idea for women.  One can also do an in-office job as a web developer and also can work-from-home. The work of a web developer and web designer goes altogether. Since the work of a web developer is complex and requires efforts, one can earn 4-5 lakhs per month in India.

Restaurant/Bakery owner

If food is the only love of your life, then owning a bakery or restaurant might turn out to be a dream job for you. Not only in India but people around the world are also fond of eating unique and mouth-watering food. Therefore, opening a bakery or restaurant can be a successful small business idea for women. A restaurant business requires full-time efforts with an abundance of creativity. A restaurant or bakery owner can make about 6-7 lakhs per month. Moreover this will include  the salaries of other staff members in the business.

App Developer

Most of us are surrounded by different applications in our mobiles/tablets/laptops. An App developer is responsible for the development of the same. Again,  If you are good at mathematics then this job will be a comfortable business ideas for women. You can even develop apps by just sitting at home.

Data Scientist

With so many internet users nowadays, it is hard for companies to manage the huge amount of data of their users. This is where the job of Data Scientist comes into the picture. This is one of the highest paying jobs among the other business for women. An average Data Scientist, consistent with his/her work makes about 5-6 lakh per month. This job can be an appropriate choice for those who love analytical thinking and logic. Students from a coding background find it flexible and easy. But anyone from any domain can acquire the required skills and become the Data Scientist.

Data Entry

This is one of the easiest and minimal effort jobs in the list of the best business ideas for women. The candidate is provided with raw data and he/she has to convert it into simplistic Data mostly in an Excel sheet. Their main task is to process and manage the data in a simple way. Moreover, this job, will help you to focus on your major skills and provide you a good side income. It proves to be a great small business ideas for women. You don’t need any complex skills to start working in this field, all you need is mild knowledge of computers and Excel. Moreover, you can make 40k-50k per month from this work.

Freelance coder

If you are a coding freak but don’t want to do a tiring in-office job, then freelance coding can turn out to be a promising career for you. This will make you exercise your brain every day. Therefore, it is known to be the best business for women. You just need a laptop and a fast internet connection to become an excellent coder. A freelance Coder makes about 1-2 lakhs per month.


If you have analytical and logical skills with zeal to travel and meet new people, the HR domain won’t disappoint you. The HR team of different firms deals with the hiring process of employees. Also, it deals with the productivity and requirements of every employee in a company. Moreover, HR encounters a huge amount of data every day. This job is the most opted job among the other the best business ideas for women. An HR can fairly make 1-2 lakhs/month in India. Most of the people working in the HR domain opt for an MBA in HR to acquire the relevant skills. Therefore, it is a good option one can look for.

Fashion Designer

If you love experimenting with fashion and lifestyle, then becoming a fashion designer can be your dream job. This is highly suited and one of the best business ideas for women. One can own a boutique or can start working in different fashion companies. An average fashion designer in India can make up to 60-70k per month. There are so many institutes offering degree courses in India. The most popular choice is NIFT, the National Institute of Fashion Technology.

Make-up/Hair Artist

One major branch of fashion is Hair and Make-up. Many makeup artists are in huge demand due to enhancement in the fashion industries. Many women love and prefer this business for women. A hair and makeup artist can even start a blog or become an influencer to showcase their talent and work. One can also start their own small business and earn a huge amount of money.


If you are fond of writing, then share everything with the world that you want to share through blogging. There are so many platforms available nowadays where you can easily learn how to blog. The best example is You can make your blog as creative and entertaining as you want to. This small business idea for women is suitable for those who want to become their own boss. In addition,  an average blogger in India makes about 1-1.5 lakh per month easily.

Event Planner

An event such as conferences, weddings, functions, meetups, etc requires a team of event planners who manage every process that is supposed to happen. Ladies, who hate a 9-6 in-office job, then this job might satisfy them. The job of an event manager is tiring yet interesting. You learn the skills in event management only by gathering on-field experience. The more you are experienced, the more qualitatively you handle the event, the more you are paid.   The salary of an event planner depends upon how many projects he/she completes in a month. In India, an average event planner makes about 1-2 lakhs per month by organizing small events.

Final Thoughts

The above-provided option gives you an abundance of choices to start your own business depending on your set of preferences. To sum up, one can become successful in any field with an apt amount of skills. There is no field better than others, everything depends on your interest and creativity. Therefore, you need to be passionate enough in doing your things, rather than opting for such things you are not interested in. With utmost dedication and hard work, you can achieve heights in every business or work that you initiate. You may also like to give a read to some innovative business ideas for entrepreneurs.

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