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The two most important aspects of your job application, a good resume, and a well-written cover letter, can undisputedly increase your chances of getting hired. Learn how to make a good first impression and create a resume that summarizes your achievements perfectly.  

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Do you know that 74% of recruiters require candidates to provide a resume and cover letter with their job application?

Your resume and cover letter are the first steps to grab your dream job!  A well-written resume is what grabs the opportunity for a job and increases the chance of getting called for an interview.

What is a Resume? 

A resume is a summary of all the qualifications, skills, experiences, and achievements of a candidate. It is an overview of a candidate’s qualities and potential. The employer evaluates candidates on the basis of their resumes.

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter introduces the candidate to the employer. It acts as a concise copy of the skills and knowledge that a candidate possesses. It states the qualifications and skillset of the candidate in brief.

Role of Resume and Cover Letter

Experts suggest that a resume and cover letter are important elements in one’s career.  It is the first thing that the employer sees when a candidate applies for a job. An enticing resume can intrigue the employer to show his interest in your job application.

  • Resume and Cover letter outline the potential and capabilities of a candidate.
  • It describes a candidate’s appropriateness for a job therefore it must contain all skills and experiences in a well-organized manner.
  • It enables the employer to scrutinize and get an idea of how the candidate can benefit the workplace.
  • The key purpose of the resume and cover letter is to get you an interview. A flawless resume can help you outshine other candidates.

Candidates generally have a notion that a resume with a long list of qualifications can surely get them a job. But quality is what matters. An efficient resume is more likely to get shortlisted than a lengthy resume. The resume and cover letter should be precise but effective. It should be action-oriented, that is it must induce the employer to know more about the candidate.

The resume and cover letter need to be properly formatted. Candidates often make certain errors while resume writing which results in loss of opportunity. Curating the resume in the most effective way is very essential for getting selected.

The common mistakes candidates make in resume writing are:

  • Spelling and grammatical errors
  • Using unprofessional language
  • Poor formatting
  • Missing important details
  • Stuffing unnecessary details
  • Not relating skills with the job
  • Making the resume too lengthy
  • Inserting invalid contact details
  • Not including references

The resume should contain all the requisite details and should tailor to the proposed job role.

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