Top 10 Best Subject for Sending Resume in India


Nowadays, applying for a job has become easier than days when the internet was a luxury. In the past, job vacancies were posted in newspapers and articles in a small section. Then, the applicants were to visit the office and submit their resumes. On the other hand, things are very simplified and easier nowadays. Now, one can post their resume on multiple sites or companies comfortably sitting at home. But everything comes with its sets of merits and demerits. Although, you can post your resume sitting at home. But there is a huge mass of people doing the same thing. So, in this article, we will discuss how you can catch the recruiter’s eye by writing the best subject for sending a resume via email or similar portals. 

Emailing your resume directly to the recruiter or the hiring manager is one the most effective ways to land a job. However, it would be best if you did this professionally. The subject of your resume can either help your resume get noticed or ignored with the bulk. Nearly 33% of the email recipients decide whether or not they will open an email based on the subject line. 

You don’t have to panic thinking about all these because you are in the right place. Stick to the end of this article, and you will be surprised to see how you can write the perfect subject for sending a resume. 

Subject Line for sending resume
January 15, 2022
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Why is the subject line for sending a resume important? 

Imagine receiving hundreds of messages forwards each day on a social media group chat. Would you go through every text message? Or would you avoid it? However, you will scroll down the chatbox if a text or something is written differently. For instance, in bold or italics or it has some pictures added. It may grab your attention, and you may invest time to go through it. Now you got it! This is what recruiters go through each day. They receive tons of resumes and emails each day. So to grab their attention, you have to make sure that you do it differently. 

Most recruiters only read those resumes which have an eye-catching subject line. But what is an eye-catching subject for a resume? It is a normal subject line you mention for sending a resume. All you have to do is write it more professionally and smartly. 

How to write the perfect subject for sending a resume via email?

As mentioned above, you have to be professional and smart while writing the subject for sending a resume. Here are the points to keep in mind before writing a subject for sending a resume via email. 

The primary purpose of sending the email 

Always mention the reason behind sending the email in the subject line. In this case, you are applying for a job. Then it would be best if you wrote the primary purpose of sending the email on the subject line like ‘Applying for Job’, ‘Job Application’ or ‘Job Inquiry’. 

However, if the instructions about the job application are not mentioned in the job post, and you don’t have a referral, then the best subject for sending a resume via email is given below: 

  • The purpose of writing the email 
  • Position title 
  • Position location (if provided) 
  • and, Position ID (if provided) 
  • Your name 

For example: 

Applying for Customer Sales Executive, Delhi, Job ID 20 – Arjun Singh 

Application for Job – Marketing Manager, Noida, Job ID – Priti Gupta 

Say you are not applying for a specific job; instead, you want to inquire about job vacancies, then you can write the following as the subject line: 

  • The purpose for writing the email 

  • Your name 

For example: 

Job Inquiry – Arjun Singh, 5+ Experience in Sales 

Inquiry about Job Vacancies – Anjali Gupta, Proficient in Video Editing 

Major qualifications 

If you possess any degree, certification or qualification that may add value to your job application, include them in the subject for sending a resume. 

For example: 

Applying for Finance Assistant, Delhi, Job ID 20 – Arjun Singh, CMA Qualified 

Application for Job – Mathematics Lecturer, Noida, Job ID – Priti Gupta, CSIR NET Qualified 

Tips on subject line for sending resume 

Keep it short and brief 

Your subject line for your resume must be short and to the point. It should not include irrelevant details. Adding a very long phrase may get cut off in the subject line, especially on smaller devices. Hubspot reported that 46% of emails were opened on mobile devices in 2020. This may result in your resume being ignored. Choose it wisely so that it easily fits on a phone screen. Generally, a sound subject line should be less than 50 characters. 

Choose a professional email address 

This is one of the most common mistakes that job-seekers make. They use their casual email address to apply for a job. Hiring managers usually reject an email if it sounds unprofessional. A professional email address includes a first name and the last name. You can use numbers like your date of birth or year of birth but don’t overdo it. Avoid using email addresses like or, and so on. Instead, use a professional email address like or and so on. 

Include referral information: a subject for sending a resume 

Many companies offer their employee’s referral programs. If you were referred for a position by an employee of the company, including his name while writing the subject for sending a resume in the email. This is a good practice and may increase the chances of getting hired. For example: 

Application for Job – Marketing Manager, Noida, Job ID – Priti Gupta 

Always read the instruction properly 

Before you apply for any job, read the job description and carefully apply for the job. If it is said to include position name, position location, and your name, include only that. 

10 best examples: a subject for sending a resume 

Here we have ten best subject lines that you can use while sending your resume via email. 

Job Application: Your Name, Position of Application 

This is a basic format that you can use when you do have not much to mention in the subject line. For example: 

Job Application: Rahul Gupta, Software Developer 

Job Application: Your Name, Certification or Awards 

You could use this if you received honourable awards or certificates during your education or career journey. This highlights your email from the rest. For example: 

Job Application: Anjali Gupta, Award Winning Editor at Hindustan Times 

Job Application: Name of the Referrer – Your Name 

In this case, the name of the referrer will highlight your email. You may also include the name of the position you are applying for. Example: 

Job Application: Referred by Anjali Gupta – Rahul Sharma, Software Developer 

Job Application: Your Name, Years of work experience 

The company always seeks experienced candidates. If you possess years of experience, include that in the subject line. For example: 

Job application: Rahul Sharma, Senior Marketing Manager – 10 years of experience 

Job Application: Your Name, Your Degree (subject for sending resume) 

If there is any degree or educational qualifications that can increase your hiring chances. Then the best place to boast about it is in the subject line. Also, if the job description mentions a particular degree for the vacancy and you possess it. Then include it in the subject line for sending resume via email. For example: 

Job Application: Rahul Sharma, Master’s in Microbiology 

Job Application: Job Role – Your Name 

This will help to sort your profile based on your job role. For example: 

Job Application: Software Developer – Arjun Das 

Job Application: Your Name following up on your job position 

Introduce yourself directly with the post of application. For example: 

Job Application: Arjun Das Following Up on Lead Content Developer 

Job Application: Recommended by ‘His Name’ and ‘His Position’ and the role you are applying for. 

A recommendation by some senior employee of a company is something that the recruiters never miss. For example: 

Job Application: Recommended by Mr Arjun Singh, CEO Green Crafts Technologies for the post of Software Developer. 

Job Application: Job post, Posting Number and Degree (subject for sending resume) 

If you are contacting me after referring from a posting number of an advertisement, including the posting number. For example: 

Job Application: Team Lead, Posting No. TL00145, B. Tech 

Job Application: Job Posting Number, ‘Your Name’ is interested 

Straightaway linking the posting number and recruiting manager. For example: 

Job Application: Job Posting No. TL00145, Anjali Singh is interested 

Best resume formats for freshers and experienced candidates 

Building a strong resume is the most important part of getting a job. The hiring is based on your qualifications and skills. Here is an overview of the best resume for both freshers and experienced candidates. There are three main types of resume formats: 

Reverse-chronological format 

This is the basic and the most widely used format. The most recent experience will be written at the top while the oldest at the bottom. Hence, it is named as a reverse-chronological format. 

The build-up for this format is like below: 

  • Your full name preferably in capital letters 
  • Title of your profession. For instance: lecturer, software developer, etc. 
  • Personal information such as contact number, location and email address 
  • Work experience 

  • Educational qualifications in reverse order 
  • Any skills relevant for the job. For instance: Knowledge of Microsoft Office, programming languages or video editing. 

Functional format 

This is the second type of format. It is skill-based since it emphasizes more skills than the applicant’s employment history. 

The build-up for this type of resume format is as follows: 

  • Your full name 
  • Professional title 
  • Contact details 
  • A short and brief resume headline should be mentioned below your name 
  • Skills: This must occupy the majority of space. Mention all of the skills in detail. 

  • Then mention your experience and employment history. 
  • Educational qualification 

Hybrid or combination format 

Finally, we have the combination type format. As the name suggests, it is a combination of both the reverse-chronological format and the functional format. 

The build-up is as follows: 

  • Your name in capital letters 
  • Contact details 
  • Employment history 
  • Educational background 

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Final thoughts

So in this article, we understood how important the subject line is for sending a resume via email. Keep in mind the tips given above to figure out the perfect subject line for your job application. However, the subject line helps to grab the recruiter’s attention. You still have to build a strong resume to land the job. 

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