How to Write Profile Summary for Freshers (10+ Examples)

June 27, 2024
profile summary for freshers

Quick Summary

  • A profile summary is a brief introduction of an individual’s professional background, skills, accomplishments, and career objectives.
  • The tips for creating a good summary are to showcase academic achievements, relevant skills, and enthusiasm.
  • In the summary avoid adding buzzwords, be job-specific, check for errors and tailor it according to the job profile.

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Did you know that today 75% of recruiters are using ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and after its short-listing HRs are giving only 7 seconds to a resume to select the candidates? What does it mean for a fresher like you, it means that your competition for that dream job is not just from other candidates, but also from software and time. So, what can be done to win this war? Writing an optimized profile summary for freshers is something, that can make a big difference.

Now you must be wondering what is a profile summary.

And how to write a profile summary for freshers?

What are some profile summary samples for freshers and so much more? Don’t get overwhelmed, you will get answers to all your questions here.

profile summary for freshers

Importance of Profile Summary for Freshers

As freshers, you should mention everything that can get you, your first job. And writing a summary for a fresher resume plays an important in doing so.

Captures Recruiter’s Attention

As mentioned, recruiters don’t have much time to review resumes. Writing an optimized profile summary helps the recruiters know your skills, abilities and career goals in brief. A good profile summary for freshers tells recruiters why you should be hired even when you’re a fresher. 

Highlights Right Skills

Nothing can impress the recruiters like finding a candidate with the right skills for the job. And when you mention your skills on top in the profile summary you increase your chances of getting noticed and your resume being short-listed for the interview. So, mention your technical and soft skills like Excel knowledge or collaboration skills in the summary.

Shows Your Career Goals

As a fresher, you must have career aspirations, and use them to show your dedication. Mentioning your career goals in the profile summary for freshers gives the recruiter an idea of the fresher’s career objectives, which helps them assess whether the job opening is a good fit for the candidate.

Adds Personalization

Every candidate has unique qualities as a fresher, you need to evaluate what qualities can be used professionally too. After you find those qualities, you can create a good resume summary for freshers to mention in your resume. This makes your resume more personalized.

Tips For Good Profile Summary for Freshers

Worried about what to write in your fresher resume summary? Here are some tips to write a great profile summary for your resume.

1. Keep it Concise

Short and simple can go a long way, profile summary is called a summary because it presents the overview of a candidate in a concise manner. So, keep your profile summary brief and to the point. Try to limit it to 2-3 sentences or bullet points, making it easier for the reader to skim it.

2. Mention Academic Achievements

As freshers you don’t have much professional experience, however, you can utilize your education to showcase your competence. So, mention your academic qualifications and any relevant coursework or projects you have completed in your profile summary for freshers.

3. Highlight Relevant Skills

Even if you don’t have professional experience, you can mention some relevant experiences like volunteer work or internships etc. This helps the recruiters to know your abilities and showcasing how you can become a fit for the professional environment.

4. Tailor-Made Summary

Every job has different requirements and if you’re applying for every job without altering your resume, then you’re missing out on opportunities. That’s why customize your profile summary for each job you apply for. Use keywords from the job description to highlight how your skills and qualifications match the requirements of the job.

5. Show Enthusiasm

Sometimes recruiters look for candidates who are ready and have the enthusiasm to do work and show results. So, try to use positive language and show your enthusiasm for the job and the industry in your profile summary for freshers. This will help you to stand out from other candidates.

Don’ts of Profile Summary for Freshers

You have to know what to include in your fresher resume summary, now let’s know what things you need to avoid writing in the summary.

Avoid Buzzwords

Recruiters don’t like over-use of self-praising words like “self-starter” or “go-getter”. These are overused and generic, and will not help you stand out from the crowd.

Too vague

The profile summary for freshers should be specific. Avoid using general statements that could apply to anyone, and be specific with your skills and accomplishments.

Spelling or Grammatical Errors

Proofread your fresher resume summary for spelling and grammatical errors. Mistakes like these can give the impression that you are careless and not professional.

Too long

Keep your summary concise and to the point. Hiring managers don’t read a lengthy summary that doesn’t get to the point quickly.

Irrelevant Information

Profile summary should be tailored to the job they are applying for. Don’t include information that is not relevant to the position, such as hobbies or personal details.

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Profile Summary Sample for Freshers

Confused about how to write a profile summary. Here are some profile summary samples for every profession.

1. Profile Summary for Freshers: Marketing

Seeking an entry-level position in the Marketing domain (name of the specific marketing domain) wherein I can utilize my expertise in the domain which I gained during the Master’s degree. Excellent at performing market research and developing brand awareness initiatives.

2. Profile Summary for Freshers: Accountant

Individual with high attention to detail, eager to assist and contribute to the development of a strong finance team. Proficient in handling balance sheets and audit operations. Possessing relevant skills and knowledge about the major financial and accounting tools.

3. Profile Summary for Freshers: Data Analyst

A highly qualified and dedicated person looking for an opportunity to build a career as a Data Analyst. I have been certified with an XYZ University Diploma in Data Analytics and have a strong urge to utilize my skills in professional analytical tools, statistics, and relative methodology.

4. Profile Summary for Freshers: Banking

Enthusiastic finance student looking for an entry-level post at BANK XYZ and passionate about learning business concepts. I’m very keen to support and work in a team, where my skills can be worked to generate the required quality results.

5. Profile Summary for Freshers: Sales

Goal-oriented sales representative seeking to boost the exciting and evolving sales culture at ABC Company by improving product outreach. Possesses the excellent communication and customer service skills required to display a good or service in a formal way to the customers.

6. Profile Summary for Freshers: Social media

Seeking the position of Social Media Manager. Well-informed with the latest digital trends and effective in developing a marketing strategy. Keen to support and get hands-on experience in a team, where my skills can be worked to generate the required quality results.

7. Profile Summary for Freshers: Digital Marketing

A Hardworking professional with exceptional communication and networking skills. Successful in working in a team environment as well as independently. Possesses knowledge of several digital marketing strategies and methodologies and can strive hard to drive sales and increase brand awareness.

8. Profile Summary for Freshers: Project Management

A dedicated and reliable individual looking for an entry-level position in the field of Project Management. Well-versed in the field of data analysis and identification of relevant solutions. Innovative, creative, and willing to contribute ideas and learn new things as per the desired needs.

9. Profile Summary for Freshers: Teacher

Aspiring teacher with a prior experience as a tutor. With my highly refined skill set, I’m seeking an opportunity to serve as a school teacher. Capable of building an open and interactive environment to help students express themselves. Proficient in various forms of teaching styles and methodologies.

10. Profile Summary for Freshers: Software Engineer

Enthusiastic graduate seeking to start a career as an entry-level software engineer with a reputed firm driven by technology. Proficient in programming languages such as C++, HTML 5, JavaScript, and Python. Having a strong set of technical skills. Passionate about implementing and launching new projects.

11. Profile Summary for Freshers: Architecture

Innovative Architect fresher who is passionate about developing advanced construction solutions, generating 3D models and conducting market research. Have a strong focus on energy-efficient designs with a proven track record of success, extraordinary design skills, and the ability to perform well in a team.

12. Profile Summary for Freshers: Journalist

Highly organized and skilled Journalist seeking an entry-level position in a media house that would utilize my creative and professional skills to the best use. Flexible and willing to work in any environment as and when required.

13. Profile Summary for Freshers: Lawyer

A law graduate with a passion for criminal law and decision-making skills. Having the required practical skills to apply my knowledge of the law in court proceedings. Ready to work in a dynamic environment that offers an opportunity to grow and learn the nuances of the law.

14. Profile Summary for Freshers: Public Relations

A highly motivated recent graduate with a degree in Public Relations, passionate about developing and implementing effective communication strategies to promote brands and build strong relationships with stakeholders. I am eager to apply my knowledge and skills to support your organization’s public relations goals.

15. Profile Summary for Freshers: Advertising

A creative and passionate advertising graduate seeking an entry-level position in the industry. With a strong foundation in advertising theory and practical skills in copywriting, digital marketing, and social media management, I am committed to making a positive impact in the advertising world.

Write A Job-Ready Profile Summary

Proving yourself worthy of the job you are applying for, can be tricky sometimes, especially if you are a fresher. However, if you make an attention-grabbing resume and keep your spirits high, you can get your first job positively. And now that you know how to write a good profile summary for freshers, your task becomes much easier to create a job-ready resume. So, make your resume, apply for that job and keep believing in yourself and you’re ready to succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a short profile summary?

A short profile summary is an element of a resume that appears at the top of a resume. Profile summary is a brief description of a candidate’s skills, qualifications and other job-relevant achievements. Don’t confuse a profile summary with a career objective whose motive is to inform the recruiter of your future career plans.

What should be the profile summary for freshers?

A Profile Summary for freshers includes a thorough evaluation of your skills and achievements. This includes the addition of soft talents, achievements, college accreditations or appreciation certificates. And if you have some relevant internship or volunteer experience it can be mentioned too in the profile summary.

What is an example summary statement for a fresher resume?

A summary for a fresher resume differs according to the job role for which candidate is applying. However, a profile summary for freshers should be written in similar way:

Seeking an entry-level position in the Marketing domain (name of the specific marketing domain) wherein I can utilize my expertise in the domain which I gained during the Master’s degree. Excellent at performing market research and developing brand awareness initiatives.

What should I write in the profile summary?

As a fresher, your profile summary for resume should include a description of your education, skills and internships or volunteer work should make up your Profile Summary. Typically, it comprises 2-5 sentences in the form of bulleted checklists or short paragraphs.

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