How to Write a Resume Headline that Speaks Out


Students often get worried about their future, about their future jobs related. They try to make their future more beautiful and fulfil all their dreams. So they are very determined for getting a good job. Not only students but everyone wants a good job to secure a future, to live more gracefully. So finding a good job is very important. Many of you also find it difficult and often confused about finding a good job and getting selected. All these queries come to students’ minds. Study and hard work are the most important factors, but one should know some important factors and details to increase the chances of selection. As everyone knows, for getting a job, an Interview and a Resume are important. But to make a good resume, the importance of a resume headline is very few students know. So to increase your chances of selection, one should make an eye-catchy resume headline that speaks out the whole resume.

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January 20, 2022
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What is a resume headline? 

A resume headline is something that you can use to make your resume more attractive. It will display above your resume summary. Your resume headline should tell about your skills and experience. It should be highlighted at the top of your resume. It will tell what type of job you are looking for. So to write an impressive resume headline is very important as it will highlight your resume. And make different yours from others. Many students don’t know the advantage of putting a good heading in a resume. So if you know this and try to add it, you can make it better.

Why should one to use a resume headline? 

It is a good question. It may come to your mind why should I use a resume headline. I can make a resume without a headline also. Yes, you can make a resume without a headline also. There is no rule for putting a headline. But the main important factor is that if you use a good resume headline, you can make yours more impressive than others. The recruiters have very little time to see every resume in brief. They only shortlisted candidates based on their resumes. How impressive it was. So if you put an eye-catching headline that seeks the recruiter’s attention, only then they will read your full resume. So a resume headline has to be attractive so that it allows the recruiter to read the full resume and to think that you are the perfect candidate for the job. It should contain about you and your skills shortly.

How to write a good resume headline? 

You need to remember a few points to write a good headline for your resume.

Make it short- 

It is the most important thing. You are writing only a headline, not a summary, so it should be short. It has to be in such a way that it catches the eye. Then the recruiter will surely read your resume in brief also. But if they don’t find it catchy at first, they will immediately reject it, and you will lose your chance.

Use keywords to make impressive resume headlines-  

One needs to do a little research before writing the headline. Before writing, review the job description, read about the company and your job role then finds some keywords. It would be best to find out what they want for the company what responsibilities they are looking for. Then mark those keywords which relate to your strength and your career and skill. Adding these keywords to your headline will make it more relevant. And the recruiter will also find it impressive at first see. Using the relevant keywords will make your resume better as it will highlight you are the perfect candidate for this job.

Make it simple- 

Heading should be short and simple. Don’t make it complex. If you use such keywords and sentences, it will look more complex. It must have to be in such a way so that the recruiter understands it easily because they will not put effort to understand it. If they find it difficult to understand, it will be rejected. So try to make it simple just using your skills and other specialities. Also, if you put a short and simple title, it will take less time to read, and the recruiter can also remember your headline content.

The resume headline should be at the top- 

Your heading must be at the top of your resume to highlight first. Then you can tell about all details briefly in your summary.

Be specific- 

Someone needs to be very clear and specific when writing your headline. Choose specific keywords, and then try to relate those keywords in your sentence. Hence you can make a perfect resume headline. Don’t write so many unrelated things.

Highlight your skills-  

It is a very important point where you can make it more effective. In the headline, someone must include the skills and qualities they have because your skills are the first thing that will highlight the whole resume and make it countable. So you must put your skills, any specialities related to the job and make you the perfect candidate.

Add experiences- 

This is a plus point for those who have experience cause you can mention your experience, specific work domain, any specific work role, or any experienced work. So it’s a great chance to write about your previous work specification, which matches the job role you are applying for. And it will be an eye-catching headline for the recruiter also.

Add many- 

So here comes a plus point, you can make many headlines for several jobs. While applying for a different job role, different companies can make different headlines according to their keywords. By doing this, you will feel more confident about your resume cause you made it according to their job description and your skills related. So you don’t need to worry about applying to other companies or for jobs also, you can make a resume headline according to that. It will build confidence in you and will make your resumes better.

Resume headline examples for freshers 

Here are some examples of resume headlines for freshers. 

  • Expert in all programming knowledge as a Software Developer
  • Innovative IT manager to submit works before deadline
  • A personable sales representative who consistently achieve goals within a given period.
  • Innovative content writer
  • Have good subject knowledge in Electrical Engineering
  • Having good communication skills and good typing skills
  • Web developer and Machine learning expert and having great software skills.
  • You can write it according to your skills, your interesting work domain, your specification related.

Resume headline examples for experienced 

If you are an experienced person then you have greater opportunities to present it in a good way. 

  • If you work in the accounting field, you may write like a diligent controller with more than three years of substantially reducing errors.
  • If someone belongs to an Engineering background, they can write as an analytics civil engineer focusing on electrical power lines.
  • Two years’ experience in System Development and have great programming knowledge.
  • If you worked in customer service, then you can write, Bilingual customer service representative with a high customer satisfaction rate.
  • As a Project Manager, you can write Senior project manager with three years focused on Construction Scheduling.
  • It would be best to write it according to your work experience, previous work role, and related skills.

Mistakes to avoid while writing a resume headline 

Typing or Grammatical error– While writing a resume headline, please make sure all the words and sentences you use are grammatically ok. Because if any mistake you made it will make a bad impression.

Don’t make it too long– Don’t make the headline too long or too short.

Leaving important information– Remember all the relevant keywords that match your criteria should be included in the headline.

Tips for an enticing Headline for LinkedIn Profile

Know Your Audience

The first and foremost rule of capturing someone’s attention is to know where their interests lie. One should be well informed about the kind of audience the profile is catering to. You should not be using confusing terms as it may turn off prospects. Since you are promoting yourself, you should use the designations that are easily recognized. Proper utilization of keywords will help you fetch the right kind of audience, for instance, you can write Communication Officer if you deal in corporate communication.

Also, if you are a recruiter and looking for a specific role, mention the role clearly using commonly used terms that can easily be tracked down instead of using not so common designations.

Using Uncomplicated Language

Well, using fancy language can up your game in some situations but certainly not here when you are trying to gain attention in a very short span of your time. Most people who use the platform are basically just skimming through your profile to gauge your capabilities by looking at your skills and education. Hence you have to use simple yet enticing language while writing the headline for LinkedIn. Do not fall into the trap of trying too hard to impress as even if the headline stands out by using compelling words it will not serve the purpose if the prospects fail to understand it. Complicated jargon will discourage visitors from engaging with you.

To understand which words are commonly used in your industry, it’s a good idea to look at the profiles of some prominent names in your industry for some insight.

Simplicity Should Not Mean Ordinary, Creativity Is The Key

Be simple yet creative. One can use humor and wit to put across the information and spice things up. You can creatively mention your hobbies too alongside the professional stuff that will be a great way to showcase different sides of your personality and will also portray multiple skills apart from your core skill which may add up to your overall impression.

For examples for catchy headlines:

Content writer: Selling your ideas through my words

Social Media Manager: I will help you promote yourself on social media. Oh, and you’ll make money off it too!

Highlight Your USP

As already mentioned, the headline for LinkedIn is like an advertisement for selling your profile. Hence it should be able to exhibit not only what you can do but also how well can you do it. Your unique selling proposition is the difference between you and a million other competitors, and it will be the reason why the visitor will remember you.

To highlight the USP you can use terms like “we help”; it’s that one extra thing that you are doing differently from others that makes you stand apart and the headline should be focusing on that as well. For instance, a content writer who can also do graphics for the content should be able to club the two to exhibit his/her USP.

You can also read our article on how to use LinkedIn for Jobs.

Don’t be Pompous

There is nothing more discouraging than someone blowing their own trumpet. Do not brag about yourself by using words like expert, hardworking, best, superior, dedicated, smart, efficient, gifted, etc. instead highlight your achievements by using facts and figures in very few words and follow the rule of actions speak louder than words.

Highlighting your achievements and past experiences is the most genuine way to hold the attention of the visitor and also speaks volumes about your credibility. For example, Instead of writing dedicated, you can point out that you helped in revenue generation for your company by 40 percent.

Following is the example of a headline for LinkedIn with a very specific promise that makes it appealing and clickable:

Highlight The Bigger Picture

Instead of telling about the process you can also tell about the outcome and grab some eyeballs. For instance, if you are somebody working in the social sector you can introduce yourself as someone who is working for the greater good of society. Similarly, if you are the recruiter, you can focus on the larger picture of creating good teams where people look forward to working in a promising environment, for example, the following profile;

Nashla Fadile Contreras Rello, a senior global business recruiter at Google, writes that she wants to “Build the teams that shape Google’s future.”

LinkedIn Headline for Entry-level Individuals

If you are a fresh graduate with little or zilch formal work experience you might get intimidated by the professionals out there. Yet again each of us has something unique to bring to the table. Identify that and march on.

For people who have just entered the job market, it’s not necessary to have a long list of work experience to fetch the attention. In the profile headline one can highlight the things that he/she has actively done in college, be it internships, scholarly articles, publications, society memberships, extra-curricular activities, etc.

A few examples are:

  • Psychology Major with Finance & Economics | Student Coordinator, Placements.’
  • ‘Fashion enthusiast interned with haute couture magazines.’
  • ‘MBA from Northwestern University, majoring in Information Technology.’

Do Away With The Obsolete LinkedIn Headline

One should be careful enough to update the headline as the situation demands. The skills that you had at the beginning of your career may not be the same ones that you possess now, as you acquire new skills and become a professional in them, remember to update them so as to come across as more current.

Examples of Some Click-Worthy LinkedIn Headlines

Sam Feldotto is head of sales at Pipestry. The headline is short and peppy and he made it rhyme with his company. The cover photo also has the logo of his company showcasing his affinity towards his work.

Another example showcases how the user speaks about her talent in a not so obvious way while highlighting the fact that she has the ability to draw attention towards her work discreetly and garnering interest in her product as well.

Laura Belgrey has conveyed that newsletters are no more stylish, yet, she knows how to convince readers to engage in them.

LinkedIn Headline Examples for Job Seekers

While most job seekers tend to ignore the headline aspect and instead try to impress with the resume but a headline if done right can do wonders for the prospects.

A lot of job seekers state the obvious when it comes to looking for employment and end up using terms like “unemployed”, “looking for the right opportunity”, etc. well not many recruiters will be interested to know the obvious, rather what may do the trick is stating about your accomplishments, qualification, critical skills, and experience.

For instance, the following examples can help serve the purpose:

  • ‘Seasoned B2B Sales Executive | Sold $1.2 million in 2018.’
  • ‘social media manager / Generated $12 million sales pipeline for manufacturing companies.’
  • ‘Digital Media Manager & Content Writer | Written 500k words in 2018.’
  • ‘Digital marketing veteran open to opportunities in Media & Advertising

Resume for freshers 

We are talking about Resume headlines, but many students don’t have a proper idea of resumes. A resume is a one-two-page document that will mention your skills and academics. If you are applying for any job, you can write a resume that will only highlight the main points you want to tell or your academics about your skills. If you are applying for jobs, a resume is used in most cases. In your resume, you can write about your skills your academic details. If you have any experience or certificate, you can mention all these here. But one thing keeps in mind. A resume has to be a short maximum of 2 pages, not more than that. Depending on your resume, you may be shortlisted for the job and find your dream job. So it is very important to write an eye-catchy resume headline and then make the full resume impressive.

Career objective for freshers 

In a resume writing a career objective properly is also a difficult task. Cause it can be a deciding factor. Recruiters may take their decision after seeing it, how determined you are to achieve your goal, and about your personal growth. So here are some guides you may follow to write a career objective properly.

  • In the career objective part, one needs to mention their skills specific specialization or tell how determined you are to get the job.
  • You need to mention your goals here, you need to be specific about why this job is for you only, and you are the perfect candidate for the role, and all the job description matches your criteria.
  • Here you can also mention your subject domain and why are you interested in this job.
  • Write that you are a perfect candidate to fulfill companies long-term goals. 


  • “I’m looking for opportunities to increase my skills and training and help the company grow. So I’m looking for such a job role that will help me to realize my potential by exploring the various aspects of this field.”
  • “I’m looking for opportunities where I can prove myself and showcase my determination towards work. Also, I’m willing to explore a variety of opportunities that can help me to gain perspective.”
  • “As a fresher, I have only theoretical knowledge, but I don’t have any practical knowledge, so I want to use my theoretical skills in work and wish to gain experience. So that I can enhance my knowledge gain experience as well”. Someone can add these types of career objectives to their resumes.

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In this article, we try to help students by providing proper guidance on writing a good resume headline and improving your resume about all these. I hope it will help the students and others make their resumes better and get selected for the job. In conclusion, I would like to mention that hard work and proper study are the main key to success, but someone needs to know some small details about these. By applying this, you can make your work more effective. By applying a good resume headline in your resume, you can attract the recruiters and make yours different from others. If you write the headline to speak out about your whole resume and your skills, you will increase your chances of selection.


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