20 Job Interview Etiquette Tips for Successful Interview

June 7, 2024
Interview etiquette

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  • An interviewer may judge a person by their poise, social skills, communication, & attitude even before they get to the actual interview questions.
  • Some important interview etiquette tips include: always being on time, researching the interviewer, keeping a few questions prepared and many more.

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Interviews are a crucial part of one’s life. Irrespective of their profession, almost everyone has had to give some sort of interview in their life. And being successful in these interviews can be a challenging task. This is where good interview etiquette can help you.

The first impression is a very important etiquette for all interviews. An interviewer may judge a person by their poise, social skills, communication and attitude even before they get to the actual interview questions. Thus, one must be confident and have a mutual exchange of ideas with the interviewer.

There are many other interview etiquettes that one must follow to ensure success. This article covers the top 20 job interview etiquette to help you nail your next interview.

Important Interview Etiquette Tips

1. Always be on Time

The first important interview tip is to always stay on time. One must aim to report at least 10 – 15 minutes before the interview. This way, one can prepare oneself and battle any anxiety one may experience.

2. Research about the Interviewer

Knowing an interviewer’s name is a crucial interview preparation tip such as is their spelling and pronunciation. It hints at the keenness and sincerity of the candidate about the interview.

3. Keep a few Questions Prepared for the Interview

A popular job interview tip is to keep a short list of questions prepared in advance. It tells the interviewer about your interest in the job and the company. However, do not prepare any basic questions that reflect a lack of research.

4. Keep Copies of a Resume

One must carry 2-3 copies of one’s resume and cover letter to an interview. Sometimes, one may even be required to submit one’s resume to multiple people. Thus, one must carry copies of resumes and documents in an organised manner.

5. Carry a Notepad and Pen

It is one of the tips for job interviews that helps prepare for the future. It would help if you carried a notepad and pen to jot down your thoughts after the interview. You must write down everything you remember and your impression of the interview.

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6. Greet Properly

Greetings are a crucial interview etiquette point. It would help if you greeted the interviewer with a smile and a handshake. You must also maintain eye contact and try not to stare. It reflects confidence and is one of many successful interview tips.

7. Begin with Generic Topics

Generic topics bring life to the interview. One must never jump right into business but try to ease into it. You can start by asking generic questions to build rapport. In case of confusion, you may simply follow the interviewer’s lead.

8. If Nervous, Say it

One may try to avoid nervousness, but that is bad interview etiquette. You can inform the interviewer of your nervousness mid-conversation. It relieves stress and helps ease the interview.

9. Focus

Focusing on oneself during an interview is the best interview practice. During interviews, focus on skills, willingness to learn, and attributes. Never apologise for lacking experience, and focus on what you can offer.

10. Only Speak Truth

Lies and exaggeration may seem like a great way to crack an interview, but they are not. Instead, one should try to be as truthful as possible. It is one of the crucial interview tips and tricks.

11. Listen

Listening to your interviewer is a very important part of interview etiquette. One can also ask for clarification, restatements, and answers if required. However, always stick to the topic.

12. Never Disregard Anyone

Disregarding anyone in an interview is bad interview etiquette. Ensure that you listen to everyone on the panel.

13. Grammer Matters

Interviewers are interested in candidates who can be expressive. Irrespective of whether they are slow or correct themselves. If they are grammatically fluent, they reflect better interview etiquette.

14. Prepare for Personal Questions

Personal questions may not be a part of the interview, but they still get asked. However, in such situations, one must handle the question without losing composure. It is another successful interview tip to keep in mind.

15. Never ask for Benefits or Salary for the Job

One must never ask for the benefits or salary of a job. It reflects lousy interview etiquette and a lack of research. Instead, refer to the salary and career websites to get a rough idea.

16. First Interviews are Rarely Successful

One must never expect a job offer after the first interview. Often, companies tend to conduct several interviews before sealing the deal.

17. Close with Enthusiasm and Positivity

One must close an interview with a smile and an enthusiastic attitude. Ask about the next step, thank the interviewer and show interest in the job. It reflects courteousness and kindness.

18. Always Follow up with a Thank-you Note

A thank-you note to the interviewer is a must after an interview. Irrespective of whether it was good or bad, one must always express gratitude. This part of the interview can reflect good interview etiquette and make a difference.

19. Be confident

Confidence is vital in all interviews. Whether it is a job interview or an interview for college admissions, anyone will pick a confident candidate over others. Thus, one must always be self-confident and optimistic during interviews.

20. Dress the Part

It is an underrated interviewing tip, but a good outfit can make a huge difference. It reflects a candidate’s confidence and effort put into the interview. Proper dressing helps them stand out from others and crack the interview easily.

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Key Takeaways

Interviews are a whole process in themselves. But with good interview etiquette, anyone can crack an interview. Thus, one must carefully read the successful interview tips and implement them. You can also practice interviews to increase confidence. So, don’t wait to get started!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 do’s and 5 don’ts during an interview?

The top 5 do’s for an interview are:
1) Dress the part
2) Be confident
3) Greet with a smile and handshake
4) Speak the Truth
5) Listen

The top 5 don’ts for an interview are:
1) Never ask for salary details upfront
2) Asking for job benefits
3) Never disregard anyone
4) Don’t hide your nervousness
5) Being over smart

What are the golden rules of interview?

Interview tips are a crucial part of all interviews. The Crucial 5 golden rules of an interview1are:
1) Dress the part
2) Be confident
3) Greet with a smile and handshake
4) Speak the Truth
5) Listen

What are three things you should do as proper interview etiquette?

Proper interview etiquette plays a major role in getting a job. If one represents good etiquette, they may be considered irrespective of their experience. Thus, the top 3 things one should do as proper interview etiquette are:
– Speak the truth
– Listen
– Close with gratitude

What are the 5 C’s of interviewing?

The 5C’s of interviewing are:
1) Competence
2) Confidence
3) Communication
4) Compatibility
5) Character

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