Best answers for- Why should you be hired for this internship?


If we all know what is an internship is, then this means we surely know how difficult it is to get one. One of the most important and common questions of any job interview, may it be a full-time job or internship is – “Why should you be hired for this internship?”

In this article, I have discussed how to answer, why should you be hired for this Internship ? I have also written 6 of the best answers to this question in this article.

An internship is a short-term job offered to the students in college or after completion of college. Yes, every one of us knows about it and that is the reason for reading this article on why you should be hired for this internship?

So what will you learn once you read the article?

  • How to start answering this question.
  • Making the answer authentic and still job-specific.
  • How long should I take to answer it?
  • What would be the perfect ending?

If you think smartly and confidently, the question “why you should be hired for this internship ?” is an opportunity to make an impression. Now it’s in your hand good or bad, whether you grab the opportunity or let it go without trying your best.

why should you be hired for this internship
January 14, 2022
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Table of Contents

How to start answering on why you should be hired for this internship?

There are some points which you can mug up and say and there are some points which you should know and say confidently.

–    Start with a compliment towards the company.

Now the most important point is interviewer must remain interested in your answer.

How to make the answer authentic and still job-specific.

Talk about what is real and significant and authenticity will follow by itself. So the real question is how to make sure the answer is job-specific.

Everything you have ever learned, ever done or experienced, every knowledge you have just focus on everything with one motive, i.e. how all those things can help me in the job, work I have to do in the intern and answer:

  • Skillset you have which are relevant for the job.
  • Researches, projects, previous work and experiences you have done and can be helpful in the internship.
  • You can also share your accomplishments, achievements or awards if you have ever got.
  • Some strong but simple points about your personality which helps the job you will be doing like hardworking, trainability etc.

Here the most significant point is whatever you speak, you must have a proof for it. May it be related to your technical skills or personality or projects etc.

And here, proofs don’t mean certificates and all. Of course, they have their significance, but what I mean from proofs here are knowledge and experiences.

Everything you say will and can generate a question in interviewer’s mind, which is, in fact, a good sign.

Now you will ask how is that a good sign, how is that, it is helping me in answering the question.

Actually, it is a good sign because, it shows that interviewer is listening and still interested in, what you are saying.

How long should I take to answer it?

Mostly it is suggested that you should not take more than 2min to answer the question, keep it short and smart.

But it also depends on the interest interviewer is taking in your answer, i.e if you feel interviewer is really interested you can go for slightly longer then 2 mins but not more until and unless the interviewer asks you to.

Yes, of course, if he is asking questions related to your answer, answer them precisely and point to point.

Otherwise, try to round up the answer in less than 2 minutes.

What would be the perfect ending?

How to end the answer to the question “why should you be hired for this internship ?” depends on how everything about your answer is going on,

  1. If the interviewer is asking some questions then no special ending is needed. Of course, you have to answer what he has asked.
  2. Otherwise, you should end by telling your worth, i.e. how will you benefit them, what are the profits they will be having by hiring you.
  3. You can also mention how much you love the company and would like to be part of it and work for it.

Pro tips

  1. Keep it professional.
  2. Practice but try not to memorize your full answer.
  3. Go through your resume multiple numbers of times.
  4. Be polite, be confident and keep yourself calm.

Best answers for- Why should you be hired for this internship?


I was and am very eager to join your company as an intern, so I did thorough research about the organization, its working, and about the position, I will be getting if get selected.

I believe I understand the job and has a very good foundation in the skillsets(can mention some of your skills) required. Also, I have written a research paper, during the graduation I worked on a project related to your industry, I was working in a team of 3.

I also like helping the needy and when researching about your website I came to know about your organization’s work in the field of helping the poor. Moreover, I myself have volunteered for many such social work events and even organised one or two.

I am a quick learner and having worked in the project, I have in-depth knowledge. I feel I have all the required skills needed. Along with all that I love your company and would surely like to be part of it.

Example 2:

I will do my best, make my full effort in completing all my tasks. Also, I will learn everything about the industry and use my existing knowledge at its best towards the development of the company.

I am about to finish the final year of my college and have good foundations in all my subjects. Not only I think outside of the box but also I am a quick learner.

I have done several projects and written research papers which sync with the job description.

I would like to use all my gained knowledge throughout the years in the practical work, in the industry under the guidance of supervisors of your companies.

Example 3:

Although, I believe I have good, in-depth knowledge of all the foundational subjects.

But, I think the best way to sharpen what you have learned is to apply the knowledge in the practical work. When I saw the job description of your company for this position I was sure that I would be the perfect match for the internship.

Being a coordinator in many clubs of my college and head in many events, I have good leadership skills and experience, which will help me the internship and also makes me the perfect candidate. Besides, I have also done part-time managerial work.

All of these points make me an ideal candidate for the internship in your company for the position in the Human Resource department.

Example 4:

I have written several articles, essays, and other stuff from my school days. I am very passionate about reading and writing. Also, I maintain my own journal. I have been creating digital contents for websites, blogs etc from my first year in college.

I have good knowledge of SEO optimization and google rankings of web pages and content, as I am doing the content writing work for quite some time now.

In the meantime, I have also done some certifications for improving my SEO optimization skills and writing more engaging content.

I will be able to help your team with all the experience and skills that I got. I would also like to learn new techniques and how the industry works under the guidance of your team.

Example 5:

I am fresher and I would like to start my working career with a company like yours. I have a good foundation of knowledge of all the required subjects. Though I may be a fresher, I am a very quick learner and also I am highly trainable.

These two skills allow me to learn new techniques, skills very fast and they also help me to adjust in quickly.

I have some fresh ideas which might help your company’s development and growth.

If I am hired, I will do my best to benefit the company and add value to it. I would also like to learn and sharpen my skills under the guidance of professionals working with your team.

Example 6

As a disciplined student, I have always believed that whenever you take a task, complete it, do full justice with it. May it be academics, sports, projects or extracurricular activities I have given my best.

I have done several part-time jobs in the different sections of my college like the account section, lab in-charge, etc. Other than I have also volunteered for management work in many events.

Once I start work, I don’t get distracted until I complete it. And I believe this is very essential and positive characteristics of anyone’s personality trait. If I am hired, if I get the opportunity I will use my full strength and knowledge to complete all my tasks and add value to the company. I would also like to learn and seek assistance from the professionals I would be working under.

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Final Thoughts

An internship is an important part of anyone’s career, not everyone is able to get one.

It not only provides you with training but it is also a great way to get an exposure of how the industry works.

The question “Why should anyone hire you for this internship ?” is a very common question and can help you to win the interviewer’s heart, to make the first impression.

Don’t waste this opportunity, prepare well. I have tried to give you some important ways and details that you must mention while preparing for this question.

Use the points I have mentioned and samples I have given but take your time and write your own answer.

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All the best for your interviews guys!

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