Make Money on Branded Surveys (Complete Guide)

February 2, 2023
branded surveys

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Everyone likes to earn some extra cash! If one is getting extra money from the comfort of the home, there is no better deal than that! Branded surveys are one such emerging trend that enables everyone and anyone to earn just by answering some common questions. Whether one is a student or a working professional, one can earn easily by filling out these multiple surveys as a respondent. Moreover, branded surveys also partner with various retailers giving the respondents a chance to win lucrative rewards.

What are Branded Surveys?

Since this is an era of knowledge and collaboration, every brand needs to know about consumer preferences, and branded surveys are one such tool that assists brands in getting the ground report of their products and image. Those who give opinions are paid money for giving their valuable opinions, and many people go branded as a means to earn their side income. This is one of the emerging trends to make via brand earn.

Earn via the comfort of your home

Branded surveys help in earning a side income without forcing the respondents to move out of their homes, along with the following added advantages:

  • Save time
  • Give comfortable surroundings
  • Work-life balance
  • Flexible Schedule
  • No Place Rigidity

More accessible income

Branded surveys enable respondents to earn and withdraw more money easily. Respondents can cash out their earnings in cash and in-kind. This implies that respondents can use its gift cards, perks and even direct cash more frequently from multiple genuine websites like I Say Survey Review, etc.

Huge collection of gift cards

Branded surveys offer quite a wide collection of gift cards that the respondent can eventually cash out after reaching the desired limit. Some of these gift cards include:

  • AirBnb
  • Advance Auto Parts
  • Apple
  • Bath & Body Works
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Instacart

How much do you earn on Branded Surveys?

Branded surveys are among the top paying opportunities because of the transparency, easy user interface, and respondents earn without any investment. Moreover, there are plenty of branded surveys that help the respondents to earn.

In branded surveys, 100 points are equivalent to $1. Respondents can cash out the money at a minimum of 1000 points, equivalent to $10. The following illustrations of the survey can help you understand the working of branded surveys, and once you comprehend it, you can use the crack how to make 1000 dollars in a day.

The first is the Sign-Up survey, where respondents will have to mention all relevant details asked in the survey and can earn around 50 points just for giving basic information. Another example of a survey on branded surveys is the type of food one feeds their dogs. In this survey, the respondents are expected to give details about the dog food they use or have used for their dog.

Moreover, many branded surveys consist of polls like are you content with your current salary, which of the following do you prefer the most, etc. These polls are very light in nature, and respondents can earn upto 5 points with the help of these points.

What can you buy with Branded Survey points?

Even if a respondent earns plenty of branded survey points, there remains a question about what to do with these branded survey points. Branded surveys offer respondents a variety of uses for these useful points.

Withdraw money with branded pay

The most common use the respondent can put their money on is to withdraw it. With BPay, they get a choice to get a quick and fast withdrawal. After choosing the bPay option and verifying all the details, the money is deposited within 48 hours in the accounts of the respondents. However, the key to withdrawal is that there should be a minimum of $5 in the dashboard for consumers to withdraw the money.

Free gift cards

If the respondent doesn’t feel like withdrawing their money, they can also cash out for various gift cards. Since branded surveys have partnerships with multiple retailers, they are able to provide great gift card options. These gift cards are available in all categories, from entertainment to travel and even restaurants.


If the respondents wish to give back a bit to society, branded surveys also give them a chance to donate their earnings to various charities. Thus, respondents can support numerous charities by helping them in fundraising.

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8 ways to earn more money on Branded Survey 

Until the respondent doesn’t earn money, they will ponder the question: is the opinion world safe? Whether earning money through branded surveys and Surveyspoints.Com is safe or full of hassles?

Well, various branded surveys review adjudge branding surveys as a completely safe and successful earning platform, including Earndoing.Com reviews. After all, respondents only have to register and make an account, and after creating an account, answer a few of the demographic details and start taking surveys. The more the surveys, the merrier as it will increase the earning potential and helps in earning student’s money. So, once the respondents start earning cash through branded surveys, there is no turning back.

1. Earn 100 points on the Signup bonus 

Whenever a respondent signs up for the branded survey, they get 50 points for signing up and another 50 for taking your survey. After signing up, the website directs them to navigate towards the dashboard, where they have to complete their first survey. These 100 points are equivalent to the first dollar they earn on branded surveys. To earn more points, one needs to fill plenty of more surveys, be quite proactive with daily polls, partner surveys, and be on top of the leadership boards.

2. Complete Surveys 

With the help of a survey matching engine, branded surveys suggest a wide variety of surveys according to the respondent’s preferences. This survey matching engine eliminates the hassle of searching from numerous listed options. They make it easy for respondents to pick a survey for earning. So, fill out these my points surveys to earn the points and then move towards other surveys to earn more points.

3. Fill out your Profile Surveys

Interestingly, respondents can also earn plenty of points by adequately completing their profile. Completing the surveys based on the profile offers multiple advantages, including better recommendations for future surveys, additional points in the present dashboard, etc. These extra points also make reaching the goal of 500 points easy. A few of the profile surveys are:

  • General Profile
  • Extended Profile
  • Automotive Profile
  • Employment Profile

Filling these profile bonuses can help respondents to earn points ranging from 10 to 50. So, one can make additional money just by filling in their personal, academic, and employment information.

4. Reach a higher level in Branded Elite 

Branded Elite Programme is one of the best programmes through which you can earn various bonuses. In this programme, there are three tiers, namely: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. In the navigation menu, respondents can check their status in the programme, and the points respondents need to move to the next tier. The perks of these programmes are:

CriterionBronze Badge0-599Silver Badge600-2099Gold Badge2100+
Friend earns silver badge for the first time50 points50 points50 points
Complete 12 surveys in 7 days5% Bonus10% Bonus15% Bonus
Complete 20 surveys in 7 days7% Bonus12% Bonus17% Bonus
Complete 30 surveys in 7 days9% Bonus14% Bonus19% Bonus

5. Refer your friends to Branded Surveys 

To earn more points with the help of branded surveys, respondents can also share the referral link. The respondents can get this referral link after successfully creating their account on the website and sharing it with social media followers, their family and especially their friends.

If a person with whom the respondent shared the referral link signs up on branded surveys successfully, they get a wholesome 50 points for the referral. The best part about these referrals is that respondents can give unlimited referrals, and every time someone signs up, they successfully receive these points.

6. Complete the daily polls

There are plenty of daily polls that appear daily on the dashboard of the respondents. These daily polls merely take a fraction of a minute and give respondents five points. If the respondent consistently fills out these daily polls, they can earn around 50 points in just ten days.

The respondents can find these daily polls under the extra earning opportunities in their dashboard. These usually consist of light questions, for instance, what do you prefer the most in the following, what is better to cook with, etc. So, missing out on these daily polls is like missing out on the easiest earning opportunities.

7. Rank highly in the leaderboard 

By ensuring friendly competition among the users, branded surveys attempt to award the leaders. So, the one taking the maximum number of surveys makes it to the top of the scoreboard. Staying on top of the leaderboard will also give respondents two-legged benefits, like:

  • Extra Points

The first benefit it offers is the additional points. These points can go as high as 1000 points which is equivalent to $10.

  • Entry into drawings

It also offers additional entry into drawings. Through these drawings, respondents can secure some extra points for themselves.

8. Fill out Partner Surveys 

Partner surveys are the surveys particularly made by the partners of branded surveys. Filling out these partner surveys lets respondents earn numerous benefits, including access to amazing product deals and offers. This option is available on the left-hand side menu of the branded surveys dashboard and available under the name partner surveys.

It consists of a list stating various partners and the services they offer. Apart from filling the normal surveys under the survey spotlight, these surveys do provide an edge to the respondents. Thus, after completing them, the respondents should definitely not miss out on these partner surveys.

Branded SurveysDescriptionPossible Points
Sign-up and first Survey BonusAfter the respondents complete their sign-up and successfully complete the first survey, they earn a certain amount of money.50 points: Signup50 points: Survey
Surveys from the survey spotlightInitially, branded surveys recommend three surveys that are best suited for respondents. Along with them, respondents are also recommended additional surveys to earn extra points.Varies from survey to survey around 5 -250 points
Extra Earning OpportunitiesApart from the spotlight survey, fill in other extra earning opportunities, which include profile questionnaires, partner surveys, and daily polls.Varies from survey to survey around 5-250 points
Notifications sent to respondent’s emailSwitch on the notifications to earn money by reading email wherever you are and that too quickly so that surveys won’t expire within minutes.Varies from Survey to survey around 5-250 points
Branded Elite ProgrammeComplete the given tasks within a time frame to earn more bonus money. Also, try to maintain a survey streak to enjoy additional benefits.The higher the tier the better the rewards.
Refer Your Friend BonusRefer the survey to friends and family for additional points.50 points (after they signed up)
Leadership BonusesStay on top of the leadership list and earn additional bonuses.Upto 1000 points along with a chance to participate for additional points.

Get paid for opinions from the comfort of your home

Branded surveys are quite beneficial for companies as they are able to know their consumer base. Respondents enjoy benefits by filling out these surveys and earning points, which can further be converted into money, gift cards and charities.

These branded surveys consist of plenty of ways to earn, like signing up bonuses, filling surveys, earning through branded elite and bonuses like leadership bonuses. However, to cash out your earnings, one needs to have a minimum amount of $5 in your account.

Earn Online No Investment Required

Whether you are a working professional or a student, earning from the comfort of your home is possible with Chegg. All you need to do is:

  • Sign up via your phone number and email on Chegg India.
  • Choose a subject of your choice.
  • Start answering questions after your credentials are verified.

If you think you are an expert, sign up and start earning with every answer today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is 500 points in branded surveys?

Ans. 500 points in branded surveys are equivalent to $5. These 500 points are earned after filling out various surveys and availing of multiple bonuses. To avail of cash out, the respondents need to have a minimum of 500 points. Also, these 500 points can be used for availing various free gift cards and charities that have partnered with branded surveys.

Q2. How much money does branded surveys pay?

Ans. Branded surveys pay quite a good amount of money, varying from survey to survey. This income ranges from 50 cents to $2. However, this money can also vary based on the kind of survey the respondent is filling out.

Also, various polls and partner surveys pay the respondent quite handsomely. So, by filling out an ample amount of surveys, your income could be good via branded surveys.

Q3. How do I get my money from branded surveys?

Ans. You can use the Branded Pay or bPay to avail of cash out of a minimum $5 through this service. This money will be reflected in just 48 hours in the bank accounts of the respondents.

Apart from cashing out the money, the respondents can also use these points for availing of free gift cards and donating to various charities.

Q4. How can I make $100 a day?

Ans. To make around $100 a day, the respondent needs to fill out around 50 or more surveys. You can also multiply your earnings by constantly filling your surveys, moving slowly up the leaderboard, and availing plenty of promo codes.

Q5. What is the highest-paying survey?

Ans. There is no fixed survey that guarantees you the highest earning. The earnings from the survey are dependent on a variety of factors like the difficulty level of the survey and the time respondents need to fill out the survey, for instance, the Google Rewards survey time is only 10 seconds.

The ones that are usually very difficult to solve and consume a lot of time are paid higher to the respondents. Also, the surveys run by well-off brands are usually paying higher too to get reliable results. A high-paying survey can help you earn around 250-300 points within a single survey.

Q6. How long does it take to make money on branded surveys?

Ans. You can start making money immediately on branded surveys depending on the speed you fill out the survey. However, if you complete the survey without conscious effort, it is usually declined, and no points are credited. Thus, you can start making money immediately on branded surveys by consciously filling out the surveys.

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