Online Business in India that Anyone Can Start

October 19, 2022
Online Business in India

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From no trace of technology to not even a single day without it, the world has witnessed a huge change. Similarly, business ideas too have changed. Combining business with technology, we discovered the new term ‘online business.

Online business in India has gained greater importance in the past few years. The e-commerce market in India is expected to increase by 21.5%. In this article, we will tell you everything about online business in India. Let’s give it a kick start by knowing the importance and benefits of online business.

Benefits of Online Business in India

Online Businesses in India can turn into profitable business venture for people. Whether you want to be a small business owner or start a home based business, you can earn money with these profitable business ideas. Having your own busimess offers several benefits such as:

  • It saves time

Online businesses follow the work-from-home business model. No time is required to invest in the physical selling process. You don’t need to visit your shop and sell products to customers physically.

  • It saves money

When you are at home, it’s pretty easy to save money. No extra expenses such as traveling, office parties, etc, are incurred in an online business. Even if you are ill, you can certainly work by simultaneously doing rest. You can use this money for other necessary purposes or invest for future needs and emergencies.

  • It creates work-life balance

Online business in India is a good medium to concentrate on both work and family equally. Online business allows you to be near to your loved ones as well. You can effectively manage both your business and personal life.

  • It promotes physical and mental wellbeing

The time which you save while working from home can be devoted to your health. You can indulge in morning exercises and meditations. This is very productive in terms of online businesses in India for students as they easily feel stressed.

15 Best Ideas for Online Business in India

There are multiple business ideas to start an online business in India. Online selling is a great business idea for beginners. You can select the best-suited one and start your business online.
We have listed the best 15 ideas for online business in India. Let us discuss them:


Freelancing refers to starting your own business. Freelancing has been one of the most popular online businesses in India in recent years. Anyone can become a freelancer and offer their services for sale online. The main benefit of freelancing is that you become your own boss. The entire business process lies in your hands.
Some of the popular freelancing jobs are freelance writer, blogger, web developer, graphic designer, and more.


If you have a passion for creative writing then blogging can be a great option for you. You can start a blog and initiate your online business in India as a blogger by joining any company or creating your own website. Several companies hire candidates for managing and writing their business content on the company’s website. You can also publish blogs on diverse topics on your own website. You can promote your blog through advertisements, or by sharing them on social media.

Participate in Surveys

Various companies organize surveys for analyzing their services before offering them for sale. They seek a customer point of view on their services. You can participate in these surveys by simply reviewing the company’s services and filling up some online forms. Although this means of online business in India may not fetch you much money, it is a good option for students.

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring tends to be the most convenient online business in India. If you have a good knowledge of certain subjects and have a passion for teaching you can start teaching students online. With the help of the internet, you can reach a large pool of students. You can start your own online tuition classes or can join educational companies which provide online educational services to students.

You can also become a Q&A expert at Chegg. Chegg is one of the well-recognized e-learning platforms offering multiple educational services. Students throughout the world highly acknowledge Chegg for helping them with their studies.

You can earn well by answering questions on various subjects posted by students on the Chegg platform. Subjects include business, economics, math, home science and more. You can choose as per your area of expertise. Sign up now!

Affiliate Marketing

You must have noticed people promoting brands or products and services on social media platforms. This is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has been a popular online business in India in the past two decades. The work in this business is to create brand awareness and promote products and services of various companies on social media handles through posts, stories, videos, etc to attract customers and encourage them to use the brand. You earn as any customer visits the company website through your post and makes an order.

Resell Products Online

Selling products online is one of the sought-after business ideas in India for beginners. With the increasing number of online buyers, online selling has become a thriving online business idea. You can sell new as well as second-hand products on the internet. There are multiple online selling platforms where you can start your online selling business. You can get a wide number of customers on these e-commerce websites.


Dropshipping is a form of retail business model. Dropshipping implies selling products to customers online without maintaining the stock in hand. In simple words, if you start dropshipping, your work is to accept orders from customers and ship them directly to customers by purchasing the products from a third-party vendor. You don’t have to handle the products physically.

Online Travel Agency

If you are fond of traveling and adventure, starting an online travel agency can serve as a great option for online business in India. You can create a business website that can serve as an online traveling marketplace. Customers will be able to research travel reviews, and trip fares, and book travel products and services through your website. You can offer services such as online hotel bookings, flights, tours, etc.

Social Media Agency

You can start your own business online by setting up a social media agency. Various business enterprises seek to hire brand promotional services from third-party agencies. You can render marketing and communication services to these firms. You can assist companies in creating effective business plans and executing marketing campaigns to create brand awareness. Advertising and public relations (PR) are the other services that you can include in your social media agency.

Online Boutique

Do you have an interest in fashion? If yes then you can go for starting an online boutique. It is one of the interesting online business ideas. You can sell fashion clothing and various fashion accessories in your online boutique. You can also offer your self-designed garments for sale. Online shopping, especially in the case of fashion is widely preached. Hence, it can be a profitable and successful online business.

Sell Handicrafts

Are you an artist? Do you have creativity in yourself? If the answer is yes, you can go with this online business idea. You can sell your artworks, and handicrafts such as handmade jewelry, showpieces, home decorative items, etc online. There are various websites where you can sell your handicraft products online, or you can also sell your products on social media platforms or websites.

Cloud Kitchen

One of the exciting small business ideas is cloud kitchens. It is also known as virtual kitchen. A cloud kitchen serves as a commercial kitchen space that offers various facilities to food businesses relating to the delivery and takeout of food products. Through your virtual kitchen, you can assist food businesses in the creation and delivery of food products with minimal overheads.

Provide IT Services

Technology has procured a large space in each business activity. With the increasing use of technology in business operations, several business firms look for IT service providers. You can start providing assistance and support to companies regarding various aspects of information technology. You charge a good amount of fees for rendering your services to the prospecting companies.

Counselling Services

If you have good listening and communication skills, you can start providing counselling services online. This is one of the renowned online businesses in India. You can provide advice relating to various matters such as career, personal issues, etc. You have to help your client regarding the matter which he/she discusses with you.

Sell Online Courses

Selling online courses is quite similar to online tutoring. You can record your own lectures and classes and sell them on various educational platforms. You can also conduct live sessions on these platforms and sell your courses online. Besides educational content, you can also sell other courses such as cooking, skincare, gaming, health & fitness, dance, and many more.

In Summary

Online business from home is indeed a stepping stone for you to achieve financial freedom and success. Online businesses cater to all your needs and expectations with surprising benefits. You can not only make exciting earnings from your home but also get the scope to grow more in your career. Now, all you need is a business plan and an estimated startup cost. Then, you can seek various funding options and execute your business idea.

This article has presented some of the best ideas for online business in India. Evaluating your suitability with the options, choose the best-suited option for you. So, what are you waiting for? Gear up your online business and start earning online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which is the best online business in India?

Ans. Freelancing tends to be the best online business. Freelancing means starting your own business. It implies working for yourself. As a freelancer you are your own boss, you don’t need to work under others. You get to enjoy all the profit alone. Freelancing offers a wide choice of job opportunities such as:

  • Freelance Writer
  • Graphic Designing
  • Web Developer
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Digital Marketing, and many more.

Q.2 How can I do online business in India?

Ans. Starting up an online business is a simple process. There are no special requirements for doing an online business. All you need is a good internet connection, a device to manage your business operations, and the products or services that you are going to offer for sale. Online business requires less amount of investment as compared to offline business.

Q.3 What are the top 3 online businesses?

Ans. There are plenty of online business ideas available. However, the options that tend to be the top 3 online businesses are:

  • Freelancing – Freelancing implies running your own business. You can start your own business by identifying your niche and area of interest.
  • Online Tutoring – You can start teaching students online and earn great earnings.
  • Blogging – Writing blogs, articles, etc., is also a great option. You can work for a company or create your blogging website.

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