20 Ways to Get Paid to Travel: Online Jobs for You While You Travel

November 3, 2023
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After the advent of covid-19, people understood one thing – one doesn’t need to go to a workplace to earn physically. As per Hotelier India, 61% of Indians wanted to go and explore domestic destinations, while 25% wanted to go on international trips in 2022. Remote working became the new normal, and the world shifted to an online space. Work transcended all geographical boundaries, and a person sitting in one corner can earn from anywhere in the world, all thanks to remote working. And no, it does not work from home; it’s work from anywhere that delights people. Travel, work and earn became the new trend! But how can one get paid to travel? Well, there is not one but many ways to do so! (Stay tuned till the end for the bonus idea)

Travel While Earning: Top 20 Remote Jobs for Travellers

Here are 20 ways to get paid to travel abroad as well as in India while working online remotely:

Freelance Writing

Freelance content writing is gaining popularity. One only needs a laptop and an internet connection to play with words. Freelance writers are paid handsomely for writing blogs, website landing pages, newsletters etc., for various brands and businesses. Further, one can go ahead to learn copywriting.

Here, the writer needs to deliver texts and copies that the brands can use to promote their products or the brand itself. If the copywriter successfully boosts sales and gets conversions, they are paid well. And the best part is it can be done from anywhere.

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If people can write for others, they should also register for themselves. With many available tools and websites, starting a blog is easy. One needs to find a niche to start his blog. What could be better than a travel blog if he is a traveller? One gets paid to travel here! With each new place, a new blog can be written.

Travel bloggers are becoming popular and earning a good amount of money. Once the blog starts attracting traffic, then Google Adsense can be used to enable website monetisation and start earning. Further, brands reach out to popular blogs with heavy traffic for their brand endorsements. And believe us, they pay handsomely!


Virtual bookkeeping can be rewarding if one loves to play with numbers and understands debit and credit. Small businesses often search for bookkeepers to help them maintain their accounts. One needs to find the clients, understand their needs and concerns and help them keep their books clean, tidy and reconciled.

And being a virtual bookkeeper, it can be done from anywhere – whether from the peak of a mountain or the beaches. Further, to increase among clients, one can do certification courses for different software like QuickBooks, Xero, Wave etc. Seeing the certificate makes the client feel confident while handing over their accounts.

Virtual Assistant

People are overburdened with work. Managing things alone can be pretty tricky. Further, being stuck with petty tasks often reduces productivity. Hiring a full-time assistant or secretary is not possible for everyone. That is where virtual assistants come into the picture. Virtual assistants usually provide administrative services to clients.

They can help people schedule appointments, arrange travel, organise emails, and make phone calls. The key is to manage clients’ routine tasks so they can focus on more productive tasks. Being a virtual job, you need to stay connected to your client and ensure that you meet all his needs promptly.

Tutor Online

Tutoring learners online can be lucrative if a person loves teaching. People often search for good tutors, and location doesn’t matter to them. People often search for some of the best tutors as the world has shifted online. One needs to have the necessary skills and knowledge to become a tutor and mentor students online. It can be related to anything. One can teach drawing, sketching, painting, language, accounts, finance, taxation, etc.

Social Media Management

Social media has replaced traditional modes of advertisement. The world is connected through social media. Brands shifted to social media because that is where their customers are. And interestingly, social media influencers became the new brand ambassadors. What followed is the need for a person who can manage the social media accounts of these brands and influencers. This is what increased the demand for social media managers. A social media manager can find clients and remotely manage all their social media, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

The goal is to increase the brand’s reach, create brand awareness and increase conversions. However, one must thoroughly know different social media platforms and their key features. Another important thing is to have an understanding of how the algorithm of each social media platform works. This is because social media managers might find it difficult to create value addition for their clients without understanding the algorithm.

Affiliate & Destination Marketing

If one has an excellent social media following or is a community influencer, he can collaborate with e-commerce platforms and brands for affiliate marketing. Here, the online retailer or the brand pays the affiliate marketer for external traffic and sales generated through their referrals. Apart from affiliate marketing, one can also go for destination marketing.

While affiliate marketing is for products, destination marketing is for destinations. Here, the marketing approach promotes a particular destination and its benefits for attracting tourism. The idea is to increase awareness about the goal and attract tourism. The catch here is to connect with the customers emotionally such that they feel the destination is worth visiting.

Sell Digital Products

Digital products have great demand. It includes eBooks, online courses, music, audio, NFTs etc. More and more people are creating digital products and want someone to increase their conversions and sales. Selling digital products can help one earn a good commission. If a person has good knowledge, skills, and creativity to market digital products and attract customers, then selling digital products can be a great way to earn revenue online. The commissions can be directly based on the sales revenue the person can generate.

Create Online Courses

If a person has a specific set of skills or knowledge that he feels he can teach to others, then why not create online courses? Online courses are digital assets as it needs to be completed once. Then it can be marketed online on various learning platforms. This typically includes Teachable, Udemy, Skillshare etc.

Once the course becomes widespread, it becomes a great source of income. And the best part is it is a one-time effort (in most cases). One can create an online course on any topic of his interest. The idea is to add value to the learners and help them learn specific skills they desire.

Write eBooks

eBooks, like online courses, are digital assets. One can write ebooks sitting anywhere. While on a journey, why not pen down your thoughts and create a magnificent piece of writing? After completing the ebook, it can be sold through e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Flipkart. It is also a one-time effort; if the author gets popular, then subsequent editions will be a hit in no time. As there are no geographical restrictions, authors can write in any genre.

House Sitting

Many often want someone to look after their house while away. This could be due to many reasons like fear of robbery, valuable belongings in the house, or it is just that the owners are away for most days. House sitting involves taking care of the home while the owner is away. It is babysitting the home till the time owners arrive. House sitting can be a great way to earn side income. It is stressless and straightforward.

Dog Sitter

Dog lovers often search for people to take care of their dogs. This is especially when dog owners are away for a few hours or even days. It involves feeding dogs, taking them for a walk, bathing them and playing with them etc. One can become a dog sitter if one loves dogs and wants to earn money. It is a fun way of making a good amount while spending time with some of the most loving animals.

Travel Photography

If one is searching for how to get paid to travel, here’s an exciting opportunity; people often take many photos while travelling. Seldom do they know that it can be a fantastic earning opportunity. Travel photography is gaining momentum; it requires a good camera, knowledge about photography, and creativity.

One can tie up with a brand or provide independent travel photography services. Further, photos can also be sold to stock agencies and travel magazines for their publications. Travel photographers can also participate in national and international competitions and win lucrative prizes.

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Teach English Online

English is a predominant language in developed countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia etc., and it opens the doors to many opportunities. If one knows English well, he can connect well with English-speaking nations or even become a writer. Thus, one can find many people who want to learn English. Therefore, teaching English online can be a great source of earning revenue. And one can do so by travelling! One needs to book slots for students and teach them English during those slots.

Get Paid to Help Students Across the World - Earn With Chegg

Teach English Overseas

Why restrict teaching English within national borders when one can conduct it globally? Finding overseas students who want to learn English can be difficult at first. But it certainly is rewarding because, in any case, payments in foreign currencies like Dollars or Pounds have a considerable multiplier effect after getting converted to INR. One can find students online through freelancing platforms or create a course (as discussed above).

Cruise Ship Employee

People love travelling on cruise ships. They are like 5-star hotels on the seas. If one sincerely loves travelling, one can become a cruise ship employee. A cruise ship has various positions and job openings. Working onboard a cruise ship can be unique. It’s a guaranteed way to travel in style. Working on cruise ships can take a person to some of the most breathtaking places. You can be a great chef, attendant, crew member etc., on a cruise ship. Here, one can get paid to travel to India and abroad.

Flight Attendant

Well, if one doesn’t like the sea, then how about the skies? Becoming a flight attendant is another lucrative way to travel and earn. Flight attendants greet the passengers as they onboard the aircraft, navigate them to their seats and assist them with anything they require during their journey. Flight attendants also demonstrate to the passengers how to use the safety equipment. All this while travelling to different places and locations and earning a reasonable sum.

Work on Yachts

Suppose one is thinking about how to travel the world for free and get paid. In that case, working on yachts attracts another lucrative earning opportunity, allowing a person to travel and explore new horizons. While it demands specific skills, learning them is not a mammoth task. Once the person acquires the necessary skills and knowledge, he is set to begin his career in yachting.

In a yacht, a person can be a captain, first officer, second officer, chief flight attendant, second or third stewardess, purser, chief engineer etc. Many roles, many responsibilities! However, one thing is sure – one gets the opportunity to explore the world and travel to distant places.

Public Speaker

One can be a great public speaker if one has the art of speaking and subject matter expertise. Public speaking involves communicating what you know to a set of audience. One can speak in workshops for corporates and brands, different organisations etc. And the best part is that one gets many opportunities to travel and deliver his speech.

Companies and educational institutions often call public speakers to address their employees, students and other stakeholders and impart valuable lessons and their journey. This is what makes public speaking a great career opportunity.

Travel/Tour Guide

Travel and tour guides are the most sought-after people, especially at places with historical importance. They possess detailed knowledge about the history of the famous monuments and sites that attract many visitors. Suppose one has a keen interest in knowing the secrets behind some of the most monumental places and imparting that knowledge to a group of people. In that case, becoming a tour or travel guide can be an excellent earning opportunity. Tour guides can often travel to different places, gain knowledge and start guiding people throughout. This is one of the best gets paid to travel jobs. ‘Travel, learn and earn’ is their mantra!

In a Nutshell

If one is how to get paid to travel, there are numerous opportunities through which people can earn a decent amount of money. Working from anywhere has allowed people to fulfil their dreams of travelling abroad without hampering their professional life. The above were some of the most exciting jobs where you get paid to travel and enjoy while allowing you to earn decently through your passion.

But wait! It’s not over yet! Here’s the Bonus Idea!

Chegg offers a lucrative way to earn by working from anywhere. One can become a Chegg Q&A Expert to get paid handsomely for solving students’ queries. If sharing knowledge is something you enjoy, why not make a career out of it? Chegg pays the Chegg Experts a lucrative sum for each answer they solve correctly. Further, it also provides a platform to create a worldwide professional network by meeting experts from different arenas across the globe. You gain global academic exposure while working from anywhere, anytime. So you can earn, share and improve your knowledge and network with some of the best minds – all while travelling! It’s time to get paid to tour India and abroad.

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