List of Top 8 Genuine Websites for Online Surveys to Earn Money

July 12, 2024
online surveys to earn money

Quick Summary

  • The advantages of participating in online surveys include earning extra income, voicing opinions, and accessing rewards and incentives.
  • Some reputable online survey websites such as Toluna, MyLead, and Swagbucks are known for their reliability and opportunities for earning money.
  • The potential drawbacks of online survey jobs include irregular work availability and the risk of encountering scams and fraud.
  • To avoid scams in the online survey industry, including verifying website authenticity, avoiding suspicious requests for personal information, and researching company reputations.

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Are you looking for ways to make money online? While there are many ways to make some quick bucks online, many of the resources take some skills and time before you can start making money. However, an easy way out of this situation is to take online surveys to earn money. Thinking about how you are going to get paid to take surveys? Let us explain it in a little more detail.

We all know that; market research and consumer feedback are essential because brands and businesses need to know how consumers feel about their products or services.

These market research companies offer survey participants some rewards as a gesture of appreciation for participating in research surveys in exchange for their time and genuine opinions about the product or service. This allows the user taking the surveys to earn some quick cash, while in exchange the company gets to hear some honest reviews about their product. Hence, you can easily take online surveys to earn money.

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Benefits of Filling Out Online Surveys

Internet surveys are without a doubt the most efficient option if you’re seeking a quick means to make money. This is because they do not only pay you well but also demand that you work for a short duration of time. This means you can make decent cash by working just 2-3 hours per day on reliable online survey platforms. The following are some advantages of taking online surveys for money:


The best thing online survey jobs have to offer is independence. It removes the dependency on employers for work and income. It makes you your boss. Starting your own business gives you freedom of work. There are no time restrictions. It increases the flexibility of work. It also holds you accountable to only customers. There is no other party to be accountable to. So, it provides full freedom in making decisions. Hence an individual has full freedom while taking online surveys to earn money.

Self-regulated earnings

You earn as per the work you get done. This gives you the control to decide your earnings for the period. Generally, earnings are proportional to the work done. So, online survey jobs are a very good way to earn targeted earnings. It is one of the best ways to earn money. So, if you want to earn pocket money or extra income, then online survey jobs are the best option.

While taking online surveys to earn money, you get paid for your work. Hence, you have control over your earnings. This means that the more work you do, the more you will ultimately be paid. Hence online survey jobs are one of the best ways to earn targeted earnings.

More flexibility

Online product selling helps you to enjoy more flexibility in working. So, it gives flexibility in working hours, decision-making, customer engagement, etc. It also helps in adjusting to other work in life. The only people here to report are the customers. This provides flexibility in methods, processes, and other activities. So, all the schedules are made according to the convenience of the businessperson and customer. No one is going to dictate anything. This not only provides flexibility but also increases responsibility.

No investment

An online survey in India generally does not require any registration fees to start earning. This makes online survey jobs very attractive, especially for those who aim to earn a little extra money. So, these jobs are very good options for students as they do not require any initial investment. It only needs an internet connection and a computer or smartphone.

No specific qualifications

The online survey job does not require specific qualifications like a college degree or another professional degree. These jobs are for everyone interested and have passion and knowledge of specified areas. So, these jobs are abundant in supply as well as demand.

Earn Online with Chegg No Investment Required

Paid Online Survey Jobs in India

We have listed some sectors which offer online survey jobs in India:

Marketing firms

There are many marketing and advertising firms which offer online survey jobs. Marketers generally focus on products and customers. So, the surveys are generally related to the pre-production stage of the product. Also, it provides various information which is very important to stay competitive and profitable.

Consumer behavior

The main focus of every business dealing in the consumer market is the behavior of the consumers their products or services. The consumer is the king of the market. The success of any business depends on its performance in the market. It is the customer who decides the fate of the business. Therefore, data related to consumer expectations, customer experience, product performance, feedback, etc. is required.

This data can be collected by a survey among the consumers and potential customers. Thus, the consumer sector also provides online survey job opportunities. You can provide your expertise, experience, and knowledge about the product to its producers and sellers.

Travel and tourism industry

The travel and tourism industry is currently experiencing very low growth, almost negative, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But this industry is expected to grow again anytime soon. So, the number of jobs related to surveys in this industry is also expected to rise. If you love travelling and have good knowledge related to travel, it is a good part-time job for you. Knowledge related to places, commutes, stays, new places, etc. can be asked in these online surveys.

So, a travelling enthusiast can earn a good amount by answering such online survey jobs. Traveling is a very booming industry and being part of it can open the door for good earnings.

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With the increase in the middle-class section of society, the demand for lifestyle products has increased. All producers of lifestyle-related products require information on the changing needs of consumers. Lifestyle products are largely influenced by the more developed nations.

With the integration of the market all around the world, people’s lives have changed a lot. With the increase in employment, income rises, which leads to rising living standards. Such market conditions give rise to online survey jobs in the lifestyle products industry.

Social media reviews

Social media is one of the best sources of information these days. There are lots of people using one or another social media platform. It has a great influence on the lives of people. Thus, it is also a platform to conduct online surveys related to various topics or aspects. Many companies are conducting online surveys on social media platforms. You can earn good money by answering and advertising such surveys. You can earn here by answering and making others answer the poll or survey prepared by an organization.

Free Online surveys to earn money in India: Top 7 Online Survey Websites

Now that you know the basics of online survey jobs, let’s take a look at the list of the top 7 paid survey sites in India.

1. Toluna

On the Toluna platform, you can engage in numerous surveys and earn rewards. Toluna Influencers (users who complete the surveys) receive rewards in the form of points, which can then be redeemed for a variety of items including gift cards, entries into contests, or cash. On Toluna, rewards can also be obtained through interacting with other members of the community, taking part in games, and even viewing videos. Hence the platform can be used by everyone and is one of the best online surveys to earn money.

2. MyLead

One of the most flexible options for making extra money online is MyLead. This platform allows users to earn by filling out forms and promoting affiliate offers. It helps users by offering them guides, tutorials and excellent client service. You can always count on support when you have technical issues. Here you can find a long list of paid surveys. Remember that the number of forms available varies depending on the experience and credibility of the user. What is also worth mentioning is the fact that you decide about the time and way of payment. The only condition is earning a minimum of 20 dollars.

3. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is an online platform in which users can easily earn money by taking part in surveys, reviewing ads or using test products. It’s certainly one of the best platforms for online surveys to earn money as it boasts more than 3 million users. Users can redeem their rewards on various famous outlets like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

4. IPanelOnline

iPanelOnline is certainly one of the best online surveys to earn money and works fairly easily. A reputed online sample collection business for market surveys, iPanel Online gives its users the chance to earn prizes by merely taking part in their operations. There are particular panels for distinct nations (more about which countries later)

5. Swagbucks

Consider signing up with Swagbucks if you want to earn gift cards by performing tasks you already perform online. By watching movies, conducting web searches, taking surveys, and finding exceptional deals, you can earn points on the platform. With those points, you may buy gift cards from well-known merchants like Amazon and Walmart or even get cash back through PayPal. It is certainly one of the best platforms for online surveys to earn money.

6. LifePoints

LifePoints is a large community of more than 5000 people. It consists of participants from all around the world. LifePoints is a premium company in the field of market surveys. It held online surveys of many known brands with new products and innovations. It offers a free subscription in India. So, it is a place where you can earn by sharing your knowledge without investing any money. You have to complete your profile, and then collect points by taking surveys. These points are converted into cash and remitted through online platforms. Thus, LifePoints is one of the most recommended platforms for online surveys to earn money.

7. YouGov

YouGov is one of the highest-paying online survey sites in India. This platform has many different sector surveys. It is not focused on the specific domain. Here online surveys are generally related to politics, sports, policies, TV, shopping, etc. It is beneficial as you can answer from different aspects and earn good money for it. In MyGov India also the points are given after completing a particular online survey. The points then can be converted into cash. Money is paid via platforms like Paytm etc. It is one of the best options for online surveys to earn money in India.

8. Telly Pulse

Telly Pulse is the survey site that mainly focuses on television shows related to drama, sports, etc. Tellypulse consists of a large panel from all over India. It mainly consists of the survey of shown broadcasting on star channels. It is generally conducted through Hotstar and the Star Sports networks. You can earn very good money while not compromising with your TV addiction. You can also redeem these points on shopping sites. Hence, this makes it one of the best online surveys to earn money.

How do Online Survey Websites Work?

When big companies launch a new product in the market, they are in great need of public feedback on it. For this, they try many measures to get public opinions on the working and efficiency of the product. Above all, they hire online survey agencies who can get this feedback from their target audience. This not only helps them to improve the product but also get an idea about its performance in the market. Regardless of the product sales, they spend bags of money on doing the market research of their product.

These MNCs pay millions and billions of dollars to online survey websites. These, in return, get them public feedback in bulk. After making the agreement, these online survey websites send invitations via e-mail to their members to fill out online surveys to earn money.

How to make maximum profits by filling out online surveys?

By now, you must have understood that online surveys are one of the best ways to convert time into money. Thus, there are many websites on which you can register to start filling out online surveys. But despite the endless ocean of opportunities, there are still certain factors that will help you make more money than others from online surveys.

Here are a few tips that can help you use online surveys to earn money without investing in the highest amount.

Complete the registration details with utmost sincerity

In the light of online surveys, companies will only pay you when they are sure that you are a genuine reviewer with an honest opinion. That is why for your feedback to be valuable and worthy of their money, you need to make an accurate profile on the surveying website. In addition to that, if you are signing up for multiple online survey websites, make sure to customize your profile accordingly.

Do not fill out the surveys mindlessly

Read every question carefully and then fill in the answer honestly. Although some surveys can take time, and you will be tempted to fill in the details randomly, it will not get you any money if your response does not appear to be genuine and honest.

Quality, not quantity

Here are two different situations:

Two people complete online surveys (Rs.500 per survey job) to make some extra money. Mr. A and Mr. B.

  1. Mr. A completed 20 surveys in a day but could only earn Rs.2000 from them.
  2. On the other hand, Mr. B completed just 6 surveys and made Rs. 3000 from it.

Mr. A was in a hurry to make as much money as he could. That is why he filled out all the surveys without giving a second thought to the questions and their answers. As a result, more than half of his responses were rejected and he did not get paid for them. Mr. B on the other side filled out only 6 surveys but gave customized answers for each question. All of these were accepted and rewarded.

Cons of Online Survey Jobs

Though online survey jobs have lots of advantages, It also has some drawbacks. It is one of the very attractive and interesting opportunities to earn money. Following are a few disadvantages of the online survey jobs:

No regular work

The jobs do not have a regular frequency of work. You may end up with no work for even a few days. This is due to the restricted demand for surveys. Surveys are not frequently required or conducted. It depends on the organization requiring information. So it is not the option of continuous and steady earnings. There may be no work at the time you need one.

Less pay scale

The payment scale is lower than compared to other job options available to job seekers. Survey jobs do not require any specific set of skills. So, the payment is relatively less than other skill-related jobs. Therefore, if your aim is to earn more and consent income, this is not an option for you. The online survey option of earning extra, not more.

Effort investment

Though online surveys do not require any skill set, it does require effort. There are no financial investments in terms of money. But you have to invest in terms of time, effort, and assets like the computer, internet connection, etc. So, technically, it is not free from investment, and you might not earn as much effort as you put in.

Scams and frauds

The introduction of online things has given rise to the frauds and scams happening online. This makes you more susceptible to fraud and related losses. Many survey jobs are frauds or scams. So, you need to be extra cautious to take up any such jobs. Thus, there are chances of fraud, which makes them less attractive.

Earn Money with Chegg

Chegg India provides a great opportunity to earn more by joining as an expert. As a Q&A expert, you earn money for each correct answer. There are various subjects available like Chemistry, Psychology, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, etc. Benefits include flexible working hours, networking opportunities and an extra source of income.

To become a subject matter expert at Chegg, you just have to sign up on the website.

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Fraud-Proof Tips to Avoid Scams

So far, we have discussed the requirements, the websites, and the best methods to do online surveys to earn money. While it is important to follow the basics, the more important thing is to keep yourself safe from fraud and scams.
Hence, here is a list of tips to help with online surveys.

1. Do not overshare

Some online surveys ask for more detailed information. Never share more than the required personal details when filling these. Besides, sometimes you think you are taking an online survey when in reality you are just giving your details to a data mining site.

2. Keep your profile updated

This is the best way to get more survey invitations. When you have your profile updated from time to time, then it shows that you are an active member. This boosts your earnings as an outcome. So, whenever you change jobs, location, etc it is best to have that added to your profile. Moreover, it also makes you qualify better for upcoming surveys.

3. Never pay to join a survey site

The most genuine and honest survey sites only need your basic details. They never ask you to pay anything in advance to make you eligible for taking surveys. Thus, if you come across sites asking you to pay a subscription fee then refrain from joining them. It is probably a scam and you won’t get anything in return.

4. Stay away from quick bonuses

Many fraudulent websites guarantee big rewards for short surveys. These are the ones that do nothing but waste your time by promising big rewards. Most commonly, these have taglines like –

• Answer the survey and win a car,
• Take this survey to win 1 Lakh cash, etc.

Stay away from such scams and never trust any online surveys that promise huge amounts of money for short or illegal surveys.

Time to start earning money

In conclusion, if you want to make quick and easy money then online surveys are one of the best methods in which you can do so. You get paid for your voicing your opinions and in addition to that, you don’t even need any kind of prior experience, educational qualifications, or special skills to get started. Just use your mobile phone or laptop, fill in the registration details, and start making money. Online survey platforms are simple to use and don’t require extensive registration details. You can easily start today by logging into the mentioned online surveys to earn money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a student in India earn money?

There are various ways a student can earn money. One of the easiest ways is to fill up online surveys to earn money. These platforms are simple to use and can easily earn you a side income. Most of the platforms ask for basic details for registration and once done, you can start answering questions in the survey and get paid for voicing your opinions.

How can a student under 18 earn money in India?

A student can turn to various opportunities to earn money in India. One of the easiest ways is to register on the Chegg India platform where you can solve the doubts of students by registering yourself as a subject matter expert and earning money. Chegg India offers flexible schedules and the comfort of working from home and hence is very helpful.

How do part-time jobs help students?

A part-time job helps students in multiple ways. A student gains valuable experience in the field of his/her choice, is able to supplement is own income, and becomes self-independent. You can always look out for various opportunities online. One of the best part-time jobs for students is to register as an SME on Chegg India and get paid for answering questions based on a flexible working schedule.

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