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February 2, 2021
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Being a student, one really has the zeal and passion to grow up, work a job, and earn money online in India. They are extremely excited to map their futures and experience work-life. But, they are left wondering, “How to make money online in India for students”. If you are one of these, who is looking for the best way to earn money online in India for students, climb on board.

I have compiled a list of the best ways to make money online in India for students that require no monetary investments from you. What it requires is your determination to explore and your passion to do exciting work.

Why should students do jobs?

Before we begin, let’s talk a little about the necessity and the benefits of finding work during your schooling years itself. Apart from helping your family, working while in school gives you some sort of financial independence for your social activities. There are other benefits of jobs for college students as well:

  1. You learn the value of hard-earned money
  2. Gives important lessons about time-management
  3. Can help you understand the need and importance of budgeting from an early age
  4. Helps build confidence for having scored a job at such a young age

Get on Social Media

Everyone is on social media now. Apps like Instagram and YouTube are stapled apps that exist on all of our devices. However, did you know that social media applications are rising to become the best way to earn money online in India for students who have the skills and the creativity to produce content? There are several different ways one can make money online in India for students:

Start a Youtube Channel


Big names like Bhuvan Bam and Carry Minati started their YouTube careers in their school days. They used their ability to make their friends laugh and took it to the online platform to gain followers. As they garnered more followers, more and more brands started approaching them to use their popularity and advertise their products. So, if you think you can make the world laugh, or even teach some online facts and information about different topics, be sure to check out this way to earn money for students.

Become an Instagram Influencer

earn money for students

Instagram is another platform that is quickly rising to become the best way to earn money online in India for students. Everyone in their school life is trying to best their profiles so they get more people to follow them. Some of them already have over 1,000 followers by the time they finish school, while most get their popularity peak in college. If you are one of the people who like to maintain an online presence, then you can use your platform to talk about a particular topic. These can be tips about make-up, work out, travel, etc. Once you start getting more followers, you get more deals with brands.

Become an Online Tutor

If you are strong with the topics learned in school, you can use the attention you paid in class to understand these topics and turn them into a way to earn money online. You can begin with your society and use your family and friends as contacts to spread the word about your classes.

As you might be aware, there are countless people who surf the web to search for answers to their homework. You can help these people by answering their questions through our platform. Chegg India has a program called Chegg Subject Experts that hires freelancers for their expertise on different subjects like Physics, Maths, etc., and offers them money for every answer they provide to the questions posed by students on their platforms. You can learn more about the Chegg program:

Sell Online Courses

If you are unable to make enough headway with your online tutoring class, the next best way to earn money online in India for students is by selling their courses online. Nowadays, platforms like SkillShare, Udemy, and Vedantu are offering budding teachers to get on their platform and sell their own classes online. Ranging from dance to drawing, to cooking, you can make a course on any skill you have and sell it on Udemy. The more popular the course gets, the more money you receive.

Content Writing

If you are a student who is proud of their writing skills and are able to write compelling pieces that acclaim praise from others, becoming a content writer is the best way to turn that skills and use it to make money online in India for students.

There are different websites you can use to access content writing work:

  1. Internshala
  2. Freelancer
  3. iWriter
  4. UpWork
  5. HireWriters

Once selected, you will be required to write content for Facebook or Instagram posts, company blogs or just matter of the product offerings of the company. You may also be requested to write articles on different topics like health, fitness, etc.

Online Blog

Blogging is rising to become one of the best ways to earn money online for students. As more and more students are understanding the power of blogging, more are penning down their thoughts about a variety of issues and topics onto popular blog making sites like:

  1. Blogger
  2. Tumblr
  3. WordPress
  4. Weebly

It would be good if you spend some time mastering the skills of Search Engine Optimisation. SEO allows your blog to be more visible to the users that search for the content you write and thus helps bring in more advertisements on your page.

Graphic Designer

earning for students

If you are good with online skills of editing photos or using different Adobe applications like Photoshop, becoming a graphic designer is the best way to earn money online in India for students. As everyone from companies to individuals wants cool-looking digital art to use on their websites, social media profiles, and brochures, etc. the need for graphic designers is booming right now.

Buy and Sell Domains

Everyone is trying to find an online presence on the internet. As our Instagram and Twitter handles are unique, every business and personal web address is unique too. Thus, buying and selling domain addresses has turned out to be one of the best and most genuine online jobs in India.

And this is an online job that is so easy and time-perfect that students can do it too. The best way to earn money online in India for students is to register yourself with websites like GoDaddy, scroll through the different domain names available, and buy the ones you think are most common. People have managed to buy domain names for less than 1000 rupees and thereafter sold it to third parties for up to 10,000 rupees.

Sell your photos online

If you have a camera and often set out on photo walks to click the natural beauties of the world, you can use your skills in photography and make some cash as its one of the best ways to make money online in India for students

In this, you work online to click and deliver the photos to different websites. You just need your talent for clicking photos. Nowadays, you don’t even need a DSLR to click photos, the power of your phone cameras is enough to give you pristine quality pictures and offer you some much needed earning for students.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is quickly rising to be one of the most sought after jobs to make money online in India for students. As more and more brands are transitioning to find a digital presence, they are increasingly offering ways to earn money for students who can help them in tasks like creating and managing the small marketing efforts of brands, mainly on social media, or different websites.

And learning the skill of digital marketing does not require four years or a college degree. Google Digital Unlocked, a free online course by Google gives students an easy way to understand the basics of digital marketing and use those skills to look for jobs.

PTC Sites

The Internet is full of sites that allow ways to earn money for students by completing simple tasks like filling surveys, watching videos, etc. These are called  PTC (Paid to Click) sites. PTC sites are a type of business model that is quickly rising to gain ground in India. They are money earning sites where you have to fill in some contact information about yourself, and then you are eligible to access the different tasks that offer you some extra pocket money.

Though there are a lot of such PTC sites, there is only a handful of them that are trusted online money making sites, while the internet is flooded with others that are mostly scams. The trusted PTC sites help make money online in India for students who are willing to spend 2-3 hours every day.

The tasks include activities like filling online surveys, watching entertaining ads, referral websites, and apps, or even shopping online and surfing the web. Yes, these activities that you almost do on a regular basis can actually provide an earning for students who are up for the task.

Some of the most trusted PTC sites to make money online in India for students are:

  1. SwagBucks
  2. ySense
  3. NeoBux
  4. InboxDollars
  5. AyuWage

If you want to find more about how you can earn money from each of these PTC sites, you can read my in-depth about the best PTC sites that offer the ability to earn money online for students.

Complete tasks using Fiverr

If you have a lot of free time on your hands and a means to get around the city, (a bike or a car), this method can be a fruitful one and has been used by many to make money online in India for students.

Fiverr is an online platform where different people can post small tasks that are up for bid to be completed by the other users of Fiverr. These tasks depend on different users but generally involve small works like delivering a book here, watering the plants there, completing a written assignment, etc. If you are up for some activity during the day and don’t mind doing little chores in exchange for money, Fiverr is the place for you.

Social Media Manager

The job description of a social media manager is very similar to that of an Instagram influencer and helps greatly in creating brand awareness for the company. They are required to build large communities of followers and promote content about a company’s products or services. They must engage their followers, through likes and comments, about the benefits of the usage of the product. Finally, they are also expected to invoke certain action from their followers, this can be in the form of:

  1. Push materials like blog posts
  2. Sign them up for email newsletters
  3. Encourage them to buy the product

Begin your own company

There is nothing more liberating or nothing better as starting your own company and being your own boss. More and more students are releasing this from an early age. They are using the online platform to create websites to sell products and are earning in big numbers.

Becoming an entrepreneur by definition is creating products that provide solutions to people’s problems. Thus, start here. Identify and understand the needs and wants of your target audience, and accordingly provide them with the products they need.

Final Thought

Having gone through student life, I understand that the pressures of daily work at school also mounts. Keeping this in mind, the above list looks at the easiest ways to earn money online in India for students that you can continue doing in your free time too.

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